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JUNE 2023

Night Wolves interview: ‘Better a close neighbor than a distant relative'”

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Night Wolves interview: 'Better a close neighbor than a distant relative'"

Original interview by Agnieszka Piwar published by konserwatyzm.pl; translation by J.Hawk

Western policies are aimed at weakening and destroying our shared history and mutual respect. I believe this is being done for economic and political reasons, says Andrey Bobrovskiy, the director of the “Path to Victory” motorcycle journey from Moscow to Berlin.

–On April 29, you will depart from Moscow to head to Berlin. Your motorcycle raid, like those held in preceding years, is dedicated to the Victory Day which is celebrated in Russia to commemorate the ending of World War II. What is the main purpose of your trip?

–Yes, indeed, April 29 will see the beginning of the annual “Roads to Victory” motorcycle raid, with Berlin being the destination, in order to commemorate the 71st anniversary of the defeat of the fascist hydra by Soviet forces. The price of that victory was enormous–27 million victims. By comparison, the entire population of Poland in 1939 was 35 million. Therefore I believe we have the right to discharge our sacred duty to honor the memory of our ancestors anywhere, at any time–that is our main objective.

I also want to note that our project aims at developing healthy, brotherly ties with all neighbors and countries whose territory we will cross. Those who doubt our good intentions, not just the bikers, will be able to meet us in person and ask any questions they want. We must remember and honor our shared history and work on our relations in the future.

–Last year, the 70th anniversary, you were not allowed into the EU  at the Belarus-Poland border crossing even though you had valid visas. The matter ended up in court. You lodged a suit against German authorities’ cancellation of visas for the Russian bikers. And you sued Polish Border Guard for not letting you into the country. What was the outcome of these cases?

–That is correct, last year we were deprived of the opportunity to visit the burial grounds of our ancestors. That was both absurd and vile–even during the war, the enemies didn’t shoot at each other when carrying the fallen off the battlefield. We expected this, though we hoped to the end the authorities would prove reasonable. Every participant was banned. That was not very pleasant, but we also suffered financial losses, all the hotels and events were paid for by individual participants. We won the case against the German authorities. Our lawyers also appealed the Polish Border Guards’ decision, but that case is still ongoing. We are not angry at the Polish people–we realize you are being held hostage by your government, but we have issues with the preceding government, its absurd actions. We hope this situation will not be repeated now that Poland has a new president.

–You have been very popular in Poland since then. The Poles are divided on this issue. Some believe that Poland embarrassed itself by not allowing you in. Others disagree. They don’t like Night Wolves photographing themselves with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. What do you think of that charge?

–We are not seeking that kind of publicity. The Roads to Victory raid has been held before, and the political intrigues have given us extra publicity. It also helped us unite all people who share our views on the territory of entire Europe. Those who support us have also gained in stature. We are not politicians or historians. The Night Wolves are a motorcycle club which has a specific point of view and a stance regarding its own country.

Vladimir Putin is at the moment the unquestioned leader of Russia, an astute politician and a strong personality on the international stage. For the first time in 50 years we have seen a politician under whose leadership the country had begun to revive, and the people now have hope they will be able to live in a strong and  prosperous state. There is always a need for an individual who will take the responsibility and govern–be it in the family, the workplace, a city, a country. And if the individual chosen for that spot not only hasn’t disappointed our expectations but exceeded them, why should we avoid him? We are proud of having such a president. We are happy that we can be friends with an intelligent, powerful man who is a patriot of his country. Criticism that’s leveled at him is usually the product of ignorance or lack of understanding of what we are doing. Which is what the Western politicians are trying to achieve.

–I heard many opinions critical of Night Wolves’ participation in the annexation of Crimea. Could you explain what happened in Crimea and your role in it?

–I invited our Polish biker friends to Crimea so that they could draw their own conclusions. But returning to your question–when the people of Crimea saw what was happening in Kiev and saw how the junta was destroying the country, they held a vote to return the peninsula to Russia. From the historical point of view, Crimea never was Ukrainian. I experienced a pleasant surprise there when in 2008 I was going through Kharkov to the Sevastopol Bike Show. I stopped in Melitopol and, standing in line at a pharmacy, I overheard a conversation by two elderly people, veterans. They said they were betrayed and abandoned to Ukraine, and they said it with such a sense of disappointment and pain…That story left a deep impression on me, so when I entered Crimea and saw a Russian flag on every house as a harbinger of change, it made a profound impression on me.

There existed a Night Wolves chapter in Crimea even during the Ukrainian era. When the Crimeans opted for a referendum, it was clear that the Kiev junta would attempt to carry out provocations in order to forestall the vote. Our guys simply prevented violence from breaking out and ensured the citizens were from a threat of violence. They also helped Crimea’s authorities maintain order, in accordance with the law. Now the people of Crimea are content, anyone can find this out for themselves and enjoy a Crimean vacation at the same time. Last year, we have anyone who wanted to the opportunity to travel with us through Northern Caucasus and experience the joys of Crimea for themselves.

–There is one more charge, perhaps one that provokes the greatest emotions. It concerns Night Wolves’ photographs showing club members with Soviet symbols and portraits of Stalin. Many Poles are afraid that you’d cross Poland under such banners. It’s a controversy because to some Poles’ the presence of the Red Army on Polish soil was not a liberation. Naturally, nobody is denying that USSR played the decisive role in defeating the III Reich criminals, but according to some 1945 was not a year of liberation. Are you aware of this historic controversy?

–History does not tolerate one-sided stances, and we leave the assessment of historic events to professional historians. We don’t use Soviet symbols, Communist flags, or other political symbols during our raids. We honor the Banner of Victory, which was covered with blood for the same of many countries’ freedom. We bear it with pride. It is under that banner that 27 million Soviet citizens perished. And we don’t have the right to criticize Stalin, but I know that his era saw the most brutal and bloodiest war of all history. I know that he left behind him a great country. I also know that, in the wake of Yalta and Potsdam conferences, it was Stalin who gave Poland a sizable portion of German territory. It was the Soviet soldiers who liberated concentration camps in which the Germans were mercilessly exterminating the Poles. He also destroyed the Banderite scum who carried out a genocide on the Poles in 1943 in Volhyn.

The Poles can sleep in peace for as long as we are your neighbors. We wish you peace and freedom, and that you govern well the country you inherited. Because now it turns out that you lived in slavery during the Soviet era, but now you are placing the American leash on your own neck with joy–that makes no sense. Russians are not vengeful, we have even preserved the German cemeteries and we understand that not all the Germans were eager to go to Russia to fight–it was a tragedy for many of them. I believe that every country should have its own history, its own traditions and own path. Then everything will turn out all right.

–Our two nations have a painful historic past. The ever-present propaganda is presenting the Russians as Poland’s greatest historic foes. Why do you think they are trying to make us quarrel? Who is behind it?

–We have a saying in Russia: “Better a close neighbor than a distant relative.” Western policies aim at weakening and destroying our common history and mutual respect. I think there are both economic and political reasons at work. In order to make us quarrel and to break the centuries-long ties, one first has to alter history by destroying all the symbols reminding of the great past. Destroying the mutual respect by daily media provocations. Transform small European countries into puppets. But the truth is difficult to conceal and we will do everything to keep it alive. I myself have Polish roots. I can’t imagine us living in enmity, in fear of one another. I have many friends in Poland, they are wonderful people who don’t share the views of Poland’s current rulers’ concerning Russia. Nothing will prevent us from remaining friends.

–I’ll return to the motorcycle club you represent. Media propaganda portrays Night Wolves as bandits, Putin’s gang, communists, etc. But when I checked your web page, I learned you have great respect for Christian values and the Orthodox Church. I think that if the Polish public were to see you up close, many of them would leave with a positive impression. Much of our society is conservative, and is increasingly rejecting the West’s rotten anti-values. Do you see any chance that the Poles and Russians will be able to build something in common on the basis of conservative values?

–The West’s vile propaganda machine exists to manipulate facts, make black seem white, give the most advantageous political spin to current events. Everything that is said about us in the media is aimed at promoting hatred toward us. The Night Wolves are as open as our country. We don’t discriminate on the basis of religion, skin color, or other characteristics. We have friends and foes. We are making every possible effort to close the gap with our neighbors, our home is always open to you. and I am sure we will be able to pursue joint projects. The first will take place this summer. It’s too soon to reveal the details, but I can say one thing–it will be called the Slavic World, with the aim of strengthening the fundamental ties among all the Slavic nations. Naturally, you are all invited to the Bike Show in the Russian Sevastopol this August.
–Would you like to say anything else to the Polish audience?
–As the hero of the Russian cartoon series Leopold the Cat once said–guys, let’s be friends!

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Ole C G Olesen

I understand national Pride in a hard won Victory , which cost Millions of Lives . But I do NOT understand historical falsifications or deliberate omissions of truth in order to make such a Victory ” feel Good ” . TRUTH should be stated ! Truth is that the Bolshevik Revolution cost many more Russian lives than all Lives lost combined during the War . Lenin , Trotsky and Stalin were ruthless Killers and Massmurderers . Every Russian and everyone else KNOW this . Truth is that the Bolschevik take over of Easteuropean Countries (and Russia ) was undertaken in a bloody genocidal and sadistic manner costing millions of Lives , alienating populations against Russia for a long time to come . Everyone incl Russians who have not been brainwashed know this. Truth is Stalin ordered the Mass-extermination of Civilan Russians in Zones along Battlefronts whilst putting the blame on German Soldiers Truth is the Sovjet Armies behaved overall in such a despicable manner towards civilian Populations that there are few similar examples of atrocities in modern History . 20.000 Polish Officers were executed , blame was put on Germans. 2 Million German Woman were raped and Millions of defenceless German Civilians were killed in the most brutal manner. Everyone including Russians know this. Truth is that Countless Uprisings in occupied Countries in the postwar time period occurred. Subdued by Stalin and other Sovjet Communist SCUM in the harshest possible manner. Do I need to say the words Ukraine , Hungary , Czechoslovakia , Poland ..and and and. Everyone incl educated Russians KNOW this.. It is therefore COUNTERPRODUCTIVE for the UNDERSTANDING , COOPERATION and PEACE we ALL want in our part of the World .. to OMIT these wellknown FACTS . After a BOXING MATCH the Opponents do NOT denigrate each other because PUNCHES were delivered. The Victor has the right to be PROUD .. but he does not HUMILIATE the man he BEAT !

I think a much better approach would be to make a BIKER TOUR based on a Statement .. that WAR is TERRIBLE between People who are NEIGHBOURS , That ALL participants have done EVIL and MORALLY indefensable Actions in the encounter … because that is the Nature of War. An APOLOGY should be offered for such Actions which have VIOLATED all accepted Humanitarian Standards and which NO HUMAN can or should accept .

Such Attitude and Action does NOT diminish a Victory .. On the Contrary it CROWNS the Victor !


well done. now if you want to share with us the whole truth you must analize the us foreign policy all this years. including us backed atrocities in Cyprus exYugoslavia Iraq Syria Vietnam Libya Ukraine Granada almost the whole world. Dont forget germany with victims whole EU and most of all the bigest victim Greece. P.S dont forget Take off the german goggles


you are wrong. check the american sources of demography of the russia and soviet union. you will see, you read wrong data.

of course, the bolsheviks were tyrans. but! the mensheviks also and the white gardist detto. the polish wrangler destroyed hundreds of villages, was a mass murderer. between 1917 and 22 the both sides (yes, also the democratic!!!) killed an equal amount of people.

otherwisw, if you compare in %, the bolsheviks were not worse then the big french revolution from 1789 until napoleon. and napoleon killed in % more french people than stalin russans.

in capitalism daily die 85 000 peaople due tu hunger, this is the most evil system in the history of menkind. the nationalism caused 2 WWs. much worse then communistic ideas. christianity detto. in % the gringos were bigger mass murderer (indians) then the soviets. the gringo democracy exticted 1 race and the 2nd one put in slavery. when stalin ruled, the indiands died in KZs caller reservatum. in that time the democratic brits, french belgians massacred million in africa, india.

who are you, that you dare point on 1 tyran and does not tell about dozens from the west?!

Ole C G Olesen

to Fairplay : Stick to the Subject and dont try to talk away from it .. !

I did not discuss Colonialism but the Recent History between Sovjet and the remaining Europe as THAT was the subject of the Article .

But I could discuss Colonialism and am sure this would be equally depressing reading seen from the Vantage point of the conquered by Russia just as for other colonialist Countries. Remember Russia is the ONLY country which have kept ALL their Colonial Land-grabs ! …

I think that as a RUSSIAN Patriot this is an avenue You should NOT go down …

Regarding Numbers of dead I suggest You read Solzenitsyns GULAG .. but i anticipate that is too much to ask of a person of Your intelectual Level .

Therefore I inform You that Numbers estimated by different Learned and informed People vary between 40 and 100 million Killed due to the Bolshevik Coup and Terror….. No other European Country can show that scale of DEAD !

You are right to mention the French Revolution. The perpetraders of that were the SAME who undertook the Bolshevik Coup.

There goes a direct line from the French Revolution to the Bolshevik Massacre.

The Ideology and the Spirit of the Fanatics involved in both Situations as well as their Financial Backers ..are … THE SAME !

The financial backers You can identify by studying WHO financed the Japanese War against Czar Russia …

They are the SAME who financed the Bolshevik COUP in Russia.. a financial support without which the communist COUP in Russia would NEVER have succeeded.

Because You mention these events It is interesting to know that the same FINANCIAL Entities also were the Owners of British East Indian Company ( who owned and profitted of India ) , the private owners of Bank of England , the people who incited the BOER Wars for GOLD and DIAMONDS , the People who were the Principal Traders in the Transatlantic Slave Trade ,( they also were the prime slave traders of Slavic People in Crimea.. the Slave trading metropolis of East Europe from which Millions of Slavic People were sent to Death and Subjugation into Muslim Countries ) the People who profitted from the Opium War and Trade on China …and the same People who own the US Federal Reserve .. and also the same People who incited WW 1 and later WW 2.

I can whisper to You it was NOT the Germans !

It is the same people who overturned the Ottoman Empire and later Stole a MIDDLE EAST land from its rightfull population.

To day the same people murder Millions in the Middle East again FINANCED by their tribal Billionaire Brothers in Western Countries. Thanks to Russia and President Putin there is finally a competent Countermove against these genocidal and megalomaniac People !

And it was the SAME People who attempted to Steal the Recources from the Russian People when the Sovjet State finally collapsed. They almost succeeded .. and still today are the most dangerous and ruthless enemies of Your great Country : Russia . I hope Russia will prevail in the current WAR against Your Country by these People !

I leave it to Your personal investigative efforts to Identify whom I speak of …

Finally .. because You ask .. I dare to point .. because I contrary to You have studied History and NOT am some brainwashed ignorant Idiot to whom one can sell a bunch of Propaganda Lies ..

Ole C G Olesen

To okohellas I did NOT discuss recent History or Politics . I talked about those HISTORICAL WOUNDS which pester Peace and Unity in OUR part of the World and which need to be adressed so we finally can put these issues BEHIND us. Regarding current political events .. I think I could mention many more Events and Political Actions by FOREIGN Nations than mentioned by You aimed at sowing DISCORD and DESTABILISATION in OUR part of the World. And those destructive Attempts are exactely the reason why we here MUST put our Differencies BEHIND us . And THAT can ONLY be done ..in HONESTY !

Real Anti-Racist Action

The biggest Jew lead Empires in the world, the USSR UK and USSA teamed up against one little tiny nation state. Wow, in fact, it was impossible mathematically for the Zionist-Marxist not to win. The war was an attempt to liberate the good Russian people from the evil clutches of middle eastern Jews who conquered Russia and genocided 45,000,000 good Russian and Ukrainian people during the Holodomor. In the end the nationalist lost, and the Zio-global-imperials won. That is why we are in the predicament we are in today. https://holodomorinfo.com/

Ole C G Olesen

Excllent .. as spoken of my …INFORMED ..Mouth ! Please note my Reply to some poor brainwashed Sucker ..a bit below ! … and with this : All Success to Putin and current Russia… they are all we have left against these megalomaniac genocidal Blood-Suckers !

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