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“We Are Hungry” – Violent Protests Erupt As Lebanon ‘Hyperinflation’ Accelerates

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Despite the government’s attempt to crack down on illicit trading, Lebanon’s currency collapse has accelerated and with it the economy and people’s living standards. It appears the Lebanese people have had enough, and widespread protests pose the biggest threat to the nation’s stability since the 1975-1990 civil war…

"We Are Hungry" - Violent Protests Erupt As Lebanon 'Hyperinflation' Accelerates

Lebanon is heavily reliant on imports, particularly of commodities and consumer goods, and recent price surges have worsened the situation for an already beleaguered population, now living under the specter of potential widespread hunger.

“We are hungry. It is that simple. That is why we are taking part here,” said one protester

Additionally, as RT reports, Lebanese Energy Minister Raymond Ghajar said that cash to fund power generation was running out, warning that the country may be plunged into darkness by April.

"We Are Hungry" - Violent Protests Erupt As Lebanon 'Hyperinflation' Accelerates

As the currency crashed, bank runs began…

"We Are Hungry" - Violent Protests Erupt As Lebanon 'Hyperinflation' Accelerates

And as the961.com reports, President Michel Aoun and attended by senior officials, several decisions were taken to combat the exchange rate issues. Aoun has tasked security forces with arresting everyone who violates the provisions of the Currency and Credit Law and the law regulating the money exchange profession, including both licensed and unlicensed money changers who practice speculation.

“Illegal and suspicious practices” have led to the loss of cash deposits, the statement continued, adding that people’s money should not be wasted through “illegal speculation” and “suspicious transfers abroad.”

He has also tasked them to continue closing local illegal electronic platforms and groups that determine the prices of the U.S. dollar against the Lebanese pound.

But the Lebanese Pound – nicknamed ‘Lira’ now – has continued collapsing. Despite the official rate of 1,500 pounds to the USDollar, the ‘lira’ is trading hands on the black market at over 12,500 to the USDollar – erasing over 85% of its purchasing power in a year…

"We Are Hungry" - Violent Protests Erupt As Lebanon 'Hyperinflation' Accelerates

Source: LiraRate.com

Lebanon’s precarious economic situation was greatly exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic, with the massive explosion at the Beirut port facility in August 2020 adding further insult to injury, marking a significant tragedy for the country and compounding a lack of confidence in the government.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, who has led international efforts to bring the country back from the brink, gave a stark assessment of the reality facing its population. “I do believe that it is still not too late, but we’re running out of time before total collapse.”


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Frankly, Lebanon is a historic part of Syria like Ukraine is Russian territory. Lebanon was a bastard child of the Sykes-Picot imperialist carve up post the collapse of the moth eaten Ottoman empire. Lebanon simply can not be patched up together as the demographics have totally changed and power lies with the overwhelming Shia majority and Hezbollah. The little midget Goldman Sachs employee Macron tried to play king maker in Lebanon, but was quickly put in his odd place by Hezbollah.


Lebanon has not had an official census since the US-French invasion of 1958 and all evidence suggests that the Shia now constitute over 70% of the population and the failed and unsustainable country should merge with its Syria where it belonged since eternity.


Another recent problem has been the Wahhabi rule by the corrupt Hariri family. They have looted Lebanon dry and most Christians just immigrated. The country simply fell apart after the US and Zionist created civil-war of the 70’s waged to destroy the PLO, but instead gave rise to Amal and subsequently Hezbollah.


the deluded lebanese people don’t realize that the hardship is caused by the disunited states of morons and the jews in palestine – it’s not only about hezbollah, it’s more about the gas pipeline the jews can’t build unless they have access to lebanon’s seabed something the lebaneses government has denied the jews. and thus the two criminals are strangling lebanon and its people to get the right of way they demand.



the pipeline goes to Cyprus then onto Greece … Lebanon has nothing to do with it

Peter Moy

In Washington, DC Uncle Shmuel and his corporate banker rapists are counting the days until they intervene and own Lebanon at the expense of the misery of the Lebanese. Next door is that ZioNazi NutsAndBoltsawitz salivating in his matzo ball soup.


Just say what’s on your mind?



YOU imply Israel has influence over the people of Lebanon? lol

Hezbollah and Lebanon are finished in any conflict with Israel …

I don’t pity them … f/k the Lebanese who say: We are ALL Hezbollah


Since 2006 …

• electricity is still in shortage
• rebuild hasn’t happened
• Port Bombing destroyed much w/$15 BILLION USD estimated to rebuild

Lebanon is a failed state … IRGC works better on carrion since they’re vultures … eh?

The Future is About to Land …


A thinking man … I like that

Africans are tribal / clannish too

They’re still evolving and will prey on each other for the next century at least

AI … is the future … control will be centralized … and NOT BY AFRICANS


You’re watching too many TV commercials … black/Africans are having their moment

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