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Wave Of UAE-Sponsored High-Profile Assassinations And Targeted Killings In Yemen

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Wave Of UAE-Sponsored High-Profile Assassinations And Targeted Killings In Yemen


Two international civil society organizations for human rights have denounced the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for hiring thousands of mercenaries to carry out high-profile assassinations and targeted killings in the southern part of Yemen.

The International Institute for Rights and Development and the Rights Radar Foundation said in a statement, read during the 45th session of the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council in Geneva, that they “are deeply concerned about the escalation of assassination cases in Yemen by the mercenaries.”

The statement explained that the assassinations appear to be part of a deliberate strategy to weaken political institutions and leadership in the country, which has been subjected to a devastating combination of an almost total blockade, prolonged bombardment and invasion by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, with the assistance of other countries that have joined the ‘Saudi-led coalition’ against Yemen.

“The UAE hired American mercenaries to carry out high-profile assassinations in Yemen. They conducted several operations in Aden and several cities, resulting in the assassinations of dozens of politicians and public figures during the past five years of conflict in Yemen.”

“Over 80 percent of Yemeni politicians, lawmakers and media professionals have been displaced locally or globally, seeking safety as they become potential targets for assassination.”

In 2018 following a detailed investigation Buzzfeed reported:

Cradling an AK-47 and sucking a lollipop, the former American Green Beret bumped along in the back of an armored SUV as it wound through the darkened streets of Aden. Two other commandos on the mission were former Navy SEALs. As elite US special operations fighters, they had years of specialized training by the US military to protect America. But now they were working for a different master: a private US company that had been hired by the United Arab Emirates, a tiny desert monarchy on the Persian Gulf.

On that night, December 29, 2015, their job was to carry out an assassination.

Their armed attack, described to BuzzFeed News by two of its participants and corroborated by drone surveillance footage, was the first operation in a startling for-profit venture. For months in war-torn Yemen, some of America’s most highly trained soldiers worked on a mercenary mission of murky legality to kill prominent clerics and Islamist political figures.

Their target that night: Anssaf Ali Mayo, the local leader of the Islamist political party Al-Islah. The UAE considers Al-Islah to be the Yemeni branch of the worldwide Muslim Brotherhood, which the UAE calls a terrorist organization. Many experts insist that Al-Islah, one of whose members won the Nobel Peace Prize, is no terror group. They say it’s a legitimate political party that threatens the UAE not through violence but by speaking out against its ambitions in Yemen.

The operation against Mayo — which was reported at the time but until now was not known to have been carried out by American mercenaries — marked a pivot point in the war in Yemen, a brutal conflict that has seen children starved, villages bombed, and epidemics of cholera roll through the civilian population. The bombing was the first salvo in a string of unsolved assassinations that killed more than two dozen of the group’s leaders.

The company that hired the soldiers and carried out the attack is Spear Operations Group, incorporated in Delaware and founded by Abraham Golan, a charismatic Hungarian Israeli security contractor who lives outside of Pittsburgh. He led the team’s strike against Mayo.

“There was a targeted assassination program in Yemen,” he told BuzzFeed News. “I was running it. We did it. It was sanctioned by the UAE within the coalition.”

… The press office of the UAE’s US Embassy, as well as its US public affairs company, Harbour Group, did not respond to multiple phone calls and emails…

The human rights groups informed the UN agency that the UAE has recruited approximately 30,000 mercenaries from four Latin American states, of whom at least 450 mercenaries have been deployed to Yemen after having received training by US trainers.

They also stated to the UN agency that the UAE and its proxy groups are taking advantage of the UN’s lack of action with respect to their persistent and ongoing human rights abuses in Yemen to continue their crimes confident that they will never be punished.

The rights groups warned that “the right to life in Yemen is in extreme danger,” emphasizing that the people of Yemen “needs the UN to offer effective action not just kind words. Enough is enough.”

Aden and other cities in the south of Yemen are controlled by Saudi- or UAE-backed militant groups, which have been engaged in conflicts among themselves for control over communities, territory and resources in the areas that have been invaded and occupied by the ‘Saudi-led coalition’.

Abu Dhabi and Riyadh have repeatedly been denounced for running secret prison facilities in southern Yemen, where grave human rights violations, including torture and sexual abuse of the captives, has been documented and reported on multiple occasions by prominent civil rights organizations.

Militants backed by the UAE have repeatedly been accused of kidnapping people and transferring them to the notorious Abu Dhabi-run jails in southern Yemen under the pretext of detaining people suspected of being associated with al-Qaeda-linked elements.

Following the normalization deal between the UAE and Israel, the two countries are making preparations to establish an Israeli intelligence station on Yemen’s Socotra Island. LINK


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Potato Man

UAE best friends of Zion state and US+EU LMFAO. They are the same shit like each others.
“your friends say alot about you”. :)

Jens Holm

No, they are not. They are unfriends to Iran, Assads and Hesbollah.

Rosevelt, Stalin and Churchill did well againt Adolf.

Now go and unite all Your belowed arabs.

Potato Man

“Now go and unite all Your belowed arabs.”
LMFAO it is easy as long as you remove Wahhabi States. Btw they are Iraq, Syria, Lebanon are all friends and against Wahabi and Zion states.
Go on and save your face bud, it is ugly. Yet again you might be a Zion or Wahhabi Sunni.

Jens Holm

I wonder why Assad made ISIL as well as entered Lebanon and had to leave again.

Looking at Your proposals I see Your succesrate very well. Mabee You should accet they are not You and You are not them.

Even the most poor Saudis has a higher living standard.

cechas vodobenikov

u r an idiot tammy—USA and the danish slaves support ISIS; USA created al Qaeda/ISIS….your lies and stupidity r priceless

Potato Man

“Even the most poor Saudis has a higher living standard.”
1. How long ago?
2. How is that fat fuk (Mohammad Bin Salman) plans for KSA future LMFAO.

To be fair YES, they are rich to kill 2,996 people and get away with it LMFAO.

-American Airlines Flight 11
1. Abdul Aziz al Omari – Saudi Arabia
2. Wail al Shehri – Saudi Arabia
3. Waleed al Shehri – Saudi Arabia
4. Satam al Suqami – Saudi Arabia

United Airlines Flight 175
5. Ahmed al Ghamdi – Saudi Arabia
6. Hamza al Ghamdi – Saudi Arabia
7. Mohand al Shehri – Saudi Arabia

American Airlines Flight 77
8. Hani Hanjour – Saudi Arabia, pilot
9. Nawaf al Hazmi – Saudi Arabia
10. Salem al Hazmi – Saudi Arabia
11. Khalid al Mihdhar – Saudi Arabia
12. Majed Moqed – Saudi Arabia

United Airlines Flight 93
13. Saeed al Ghamdi – Saudi Arabia
14. Ahmad al Haznawi – Saudi Arabia
15. Ahmed al Nami – Saudi Arabia

15/19 of 9/11 attacker were from KSA, ALL WAHHABI.
“Even the most poor Saudis has a higher living standard.” LMFAO HAHAHAHHA YEAH THEY DO.

BTW the West made Wahhabi Sunnis rich and they were lucky to find oil.
In ME there is a saying – “Wahhabi can’t put their pants up”.

Okay…I can say you’re not Zion btw LMFAO

Icarus Tanović

95% lives in such despicable powerty.
Guess how many are illiterate. But there are many Muslims there in the east and west that are not Wahhabis, so they live without water, electricity, gas.
I will say this once again loud and clear: Wahhabis are NOT Muslims.

Potato Man

And I will say this once again to you bruhhhhh, (True, they (Wahhabi) claim they are “Sunnis”).

Icarus Tanović

And I will say to you that they’re not Muslims at all.

Potato Man

I don’t disagree with you bud, but how many people in the world even know what is “Wahhabism”.
They claim they are Sunnis -> and act like Sunnis -> which is why people call them (Wahhabi Sunni).
I think you don’t like me to call them Wahhabi “Sunnis”, but just Wahhabi. The problem with that is people wouldn’t understand it.

I most of time used to call them Salafi but again the problem with that is people don’t know or care to look it up. To us they are not Muslims but trying to tell that to others is like writing a story.

I’m not gonna argue with you about the name or if they are Muslims or not. We both are in the same page, I used Wahhabi Sunnis as a references to Wahhabi States and the fat fuks.

Icarus Tanović

That’s right, but people must know who Wahhabis are. What they do, who they work for. And they are definitely not Muslims, people should know that. I know, Zionists or Wahhabis will try to blur the picture by sayin for example that ‘Isis is as Islamic as it gets.’ But there are people who doesn’t want to listen that idiotism called ‘Islamic terrorism’. Purposely they have bound those two words together in msm, such are fox, cnn so now there are many people who automatically get confused and conected those two. As I said, there are people who kinda feels that something is very different behind the amoke screen. In short: People have enough. There is more to the fact and more to the stack, but I’m out of time.
For example, bet you know that Ksa printed millions of fake Qur’ans and distributed it all over the world to people who don’t know what Islam is.
I’m tired and I’m out.
See you.

cechas vodobenikov

u stupid fascit—ISIS, al qaeda HTS created funded by USA, now also turkey in Syria, Libya

Icarus Tanović

That’s right, but Wahhabis aren’t Sunnis or Muslims at all. Read Al Azhars statements on that issue.

Potato Man

True, they (Wahhabi) claim they are “Sunnis”.

Kenny Jones ™


Kenny Jones ™

Emiratis and Saudis killing each other, not our problem

cechas vodobenikov

while they have competing interests in Yemen they rarely kill each other. in Syria, UAE supports the govt, Qatar, turkey…previously SA funded ISIS….not sure if this is true today

UAE only does this for their own interest, they’re the snake of the ME and they shouldn’t be trusted, just because they’re anti Turkey

Icarus Tanović

That is so true.

cechas vodobenikov

in amerika the idiot antifa, etc r executing each other—amerikans r primitive incompetent bullies

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