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JUNE 2021

Wave Of Assassinations Continues In Syria’s Idlib Governorate

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Wave Of Assassinations Continues In Syria's Idlib Governorate

HTS security forces vehicle after the IED attack

On May 13, a fighter of Jaysh al-Nassir was killed and another one was injured when an IED hit their vehicle around the town of Maarrat Misrin in the northeastern Idlib countryside, according to Syrian opposition sources.

The Syrian pro-opposition news outlet Enab Baladi reported that a second IED had hit a vehicle of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sahm (HTS) security forces near the town of Ariha in northwestern Idlib. Several HTS security forces members were injured in the attack, according to Enab Baladi.

These two attacks came only one day after a VBIED had exploded near a prison of HTS in the city of Idlib killing 10 militants and civilians and injuring 26 others. According to local observers, this attack marked the beginning of a new assassination wave in Idlib governorate.

Idlib witnessed a similar wave in the period between April 26 and 30, in which more than 20 militants and civilians were killed, most of them were commanders and supporters of HTS.

On May 10, Hussain al-Shami, a security commander of HTS, claimed that his group had captured three intelligence cells of the Syrian Military Intelligence and the Russian intelligence, which were behind several assassinations in Idlib governorate. However, al-Shami didn’t present any evidence to back his claims.

With HTS and its allies unable to put an end to these attacks, local observers believe that the security situation in Idlib governorate is heading to a new crisis.

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SAA always make sure there are enough Explosives & Cars in Idlib Province to build VBIEDs…so Headchoppers can Continue to Blow Eachother Up…


These sunnis will never understand. How will you survive when your only policy is killing ???


As always, sunnis uprise and, at the end, they got …. nothing. Always the same thing. They can’t understand. When you have nothing to offer, don’t uprise. When you have nothing to build, don’t uprise. When you are pathetic murders, don’t uprise. When you are pathetic corrupted and violent scumbags, don’t uprise. When you don’t love your country nor your people, don’t uprise. When you don’t know the fuck what your are doing don’t uprise. When you see that sunnis are loosers everywhere, don’t uprise. When you have no future for your people, don’t uprise.

Khalid peer

I am a sunni from South Africa and i totally agree with you on this one.


Sunni countries are very weak because what make them weak are sunnis. You can assassinate sunnis leaders, assassinate sunnis presidents, …. there is nothing. Tomorrow, ypou can see the king of Saudi arabia dead killed by CIA, who the fuck will care ???

Pave Way IV

Sunnis are no different than anyone else. When they feel like their government (legitimate or otherwise) is screwing them over or ignoring them, they get pissed off. The only difference you’re seeing in Syria is that the US and Saudi Arabia focused all their effort on the poorest, most disenfranchised Sunni and exploited their misery and dissatisfaction with the Syrian government in order to create future rebels for regime change. The Saudis encouraged their radicalization early on by planting the seeds of their death-cult – Saudi Wahhabism – through the usual routes: mosques and madrasa. The US State Department and CIA provided the necessary arms, training, organization and propaganda capabilities. Israel cheered from the sidelines because Sunni and Shia killing each other saves Israel the job when they show up to steal the land.

Suggesting that all Sunnis are all stupid, short-sighted incompetent rebels is just utter bullshit. The stupid, short-sighted and incompetent part is the natural result of any US-led effort at regime change. That’s the effect it has on people prodded less-than-willingly to overthrow their existing government for a better one (= one the US prefers).

Don’t blame the Sunnis. When the US shows up to fuck with your government, a good portion of your country’s citizens are going to die – guaranteed. It doesn’t matter how it turns out.

K Pomeroy

The US terrorized and ultimately dehumanized the Sunnis in Iraq with America’s shock and awe bombing campaign and the subsequent assassination of Saddam Hussein, who for all his faults, was the secular leader of a successful sovereign nation. How much can people suffer before they become demons? How could the US have inflicted more suffering than they did on the ruling Iraqi Sunnis? The Sunnis are the last people I would blame for what they have become. George W. Bush and his deep state masters created this catastrophe.


I place the blame squarely at the feet of the AmeriKKKans and the Saudi primitive camel fuckers. Forgive the bad language but my anger is boiling over.

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