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Watch: US-Bound Migrant Caravan Overwhelms Mexico’s National Guard

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Watch: US-Bound Migrant Caravan Overwhelms Mexico's National Guard

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Originally published on ZeroHedge

Stunning videos of a migrant caravan in Mexico’s southern state of Chiapas surfaced on social media Thursday, showing a violent clash between migrants and National Guard members.

Videos show migrants clashing with guardsmen, throwing rocks and hitting them with sticks. Guardsmen were sent to Chiapas days ago to prevent the caravan from moving north to Mexico City.

Another video shows guardsmen in retreat as the caravan of crazed migrants overwhelmed them.

Caravan organizers Luis Rey García Villagrán and Irineo Mújica told Reuters earlier this week they were at least 4,000 strong with more than 400 children between the ages 7-18 and 100 babies under the age of one.

Migrants told local Mexican news outlet Animal Político that clashes were sparked when guardsmen detained women and children in the caravan.

The reports of at least one caravan, possibly more, ultimately heading to the US-Mexico border has put US Republican governors and lawmakers on alert for what’s to come as the Biden administration’s decision to halt the border wall construction and reinstitute Obama’s catch-and-release policy has ignited a border crisis.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott this week began to construct a makeshift wall out of shipping containers with US National Guard and Department of Public Safety troopers stationed behind the containers preparing for the caravans.

Democrats are seemingly ignoring the border crisis. Suppose this week’s gubernatorial elections in Virginia and New Jersey isn’t a wake-up call for Dems. In that case, the party will have serious issues come midterms next year as it appears they are out of touch with the American populace.


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This is an outrage! Latino and Latina lives matter! Maybe this is the beginning of a new political, economic and social movement. The Mexican government should allow these highly-trained and highly-educated people to continue their journey towards the greatest country in the world according to the incredibly ridiculous US propaganda/opinion/entertainment companies. They will make great Americans!

Peppe il Sicario

Yeah, people are needed to fill out the daily police logs and the poverty pimps over at the local Medicaid offices are always looking for new clients.


i almost believe you talk seriously, good joke


this happens when a goverment is weak, the mexican goverment have done many foolish actions against its own people because goverment loves money and power, not working because is lazy, we the mexicans are doomed

camera obscura

In last two decades Mexican government sold out country to cartels – cartel corruption money is now integrated into the highest levels across the governing system, and in the streets cartel rank and file often out-gun the security forces. Mexico is now all but an undeclared narco-state.

Last edited 1 month ago by camera obscura
camera obscura

Biden has incentivized this – and is now talking of money payments to previously separated illegals – this is basically buying new electoral supporters, and a broader Democrat attempt to alter the voting demographics across US states via mass illegal migration. Rather like the same strategy Blair and Straw did in UK in early 2000’s – trying to bring in new masses of third world immigrants to be new electoral supporters beholden to their party through welfare allegiance. It is an attempt to rig the voting game and give their party an electoral advantage through mass migration, though the US Democrats are blatantly using illegal immigration for their ends.

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