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JUNE 2020

Watch: SpaceX’s Latest Starship Test Vehicle Implodes, Crumbles To The Ground, During Cryogenic Testing


Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Yet another SpaceX experiment has gone “up in smoke”.

Just a month after the company’s SN1 Starship had an unplanned “incident” on the launch pad during testing, the company’s SN3 Starship test vehicle was seen crumbling like a cardboard paper towel roll wrapped in aluminum foil on the launch pad in Boca Chica, Texas yesterday.

Watch: SpaceX's Latest Starship Test Vehicle Implodes, Crumbles To The Ground, During Cryogenic Testing

The Starship was planned to undergo a series of tests on the ground and in flight, but it failed its cryogenic proof testing. The test includes filling the vehicle with liquid nitrogen at cryogenic temperatures and and flight pressures. SN3 “failed” during the end of the test, NASA Space Flight reported, although to the untrained rocket scientist eye, it looks to us that it simply just crumbled to the ground.

Elon Musk said on Twitter: “We will see what data review says in the morning, but this may have been a test configuration mistake.”

Yeah, we would say so. You can watch HD video of the Starship’s “structural failure” here:

Also recall, we pointed out at the beginning of March that SpaceX’s first “Starship” SN1 also bit the dust during testing. We are starting to notice a pattern, as is the general public.

As one person on social media asked: “What’s with the grain silos not holding pressure?”

Back in early March, another product of Elon Musk innovation wound up blowing up on the launch pad at the company’s South Texas facility, also after being tested for pressure with inert liquid nitrogen. The photographs from the morning after show the extent of the damage on the rocket, which we’re certain will not be reused. 

Watch: SpaceX's Latest Starship Test Vehicle Implodes, Crumbles To The Ground, During Cryogenic Testing

Reports claimed that the tank suffered a structural failure during pressurization and information about injuries and the extent of the damage was not readily available from SpaceX at the time. The protoype ship was designed only for an “initial round of tests”, according to Yahoo News, who said that future prototypes would be used for more ambitious tests.

Watch: SpaceX's Latest Starship Test Vehicle Implodes, Crumbles To The Ground, During Cryogenic Testing

To stupidity, and beyond!



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  • rightiswrong rightiswrong

    Another couple of billion dollars of US taxpayers spent on a grain shed covered in aluminium foil, lol.

    Fair dues to Musk, and his buddies in the MIC, for getting away with this shit year after year.

    • Hasbara Hunter

      What if it was only a dummy…a decoy…deception? That would make it a pretty good Heist…just like that 5 Trillion Dollar Cold War Hoax…

      • rightiswrong rightiswrong

        They filmed that in Idaho, Spielberg did the background effects, Amazon provided the mock-ups, while Musk provides the laughter.

        US Deep State working hand in hand.

        • Hasbara Hunter
          • rightiswrong rightiswrong

            Tears in my eyes, fucking hilarious!

            Mel Brooks quality film! lol

          • rightiswrong rightiswrong

            Ismail at the end of the clip, he sounds like Terry Jones, RIP, from the scene in Life of Brian, as Brians Mother!

            Hilarious video. Can’t stop watching it. lol

          • Hasbara Hunter

            The pleasure is mine…:)

        • Jens Holm

          The deep state mainly is Yourself as systematic no learners censuring Yourself or being used to be forced to by the Leaders, You never voted for.

          You can see it here at Internet, You can order it here for free as well as a lot can be borrowed for free at our libraries.

          Now go back to the deep dark state of Your own. When I write things here, I often is named as liar, when I bring facts. By that You ner get fatcs, learn and support Your own depp dark state.

          Thats how it is.

          I see the same for the Covid viruz. Facts are ignored and have the same rank as any new invented no fact and even believed.

          I can too. If You took a cigar and some whisky a day, all musims would behave and feel better…

          Or: We all are born naked, so why use clothe when the weather is fine and we dont need it. We would save a lot of money as well as the climate fanatis would like us more.

          • rightiswrong rightiswrong

            Adolf, had only one small ball,
            Himmler, had none of them at all,
            Goerring, was something similar,
            But Merkel’s, were biggest, of all.

          • AM Hants

            Lol, will go to sleep, with the song seranading me all night.

          • rightiswrong rightiswrong


          • Jens Holm

            I hope You dont do Your best.

          • Hasbara Hunter

            Do you know what you should learn?

            English, writing & spelling….’cause at the moment it really sucks…Complete abracadabra & Jibberish…makes you look a bit silly…more like a Schyzophrenic Psychopath or sumthin’

          • Jens Holm

            Typical cmment. No substance.

          • Hasbara Hunter


            Typical Cement? Jens you are a cunt…

          • rightiswrong rightiswrong

            Teutonic irony, lol.

            No substance, with no o in cmment, hilarious.

          • Jens Holm

            Congratulations. 5 days with no diaper and rape. How much did You pay.

          • rightiswrong rightiswrong

            He’s a hard man.

            That’s what my Jens translator spouted out. lol

          • Concrete Mike

            That would be called a GU cement.


          • AM Hants

            Trying to get my head around what naked Muslims have to do with Elon Musk and his exploding silos?

            Is it a Hollywood Script for a remake of ‘Dr Strangelove’?

          • rightiswrong rightiswrong

            He’s the poster AM?

            I never go beyond a line or two of his scrawls, but I see what you mean now. lol

          • Jens Holm

            I see the same for the Covid viruz. Facts are ignored and have the same rank as any new invented no fact and even believed…

          • AM Hants

            Try reading, but, with the image of Peter Sellers, 21st century version and Dr Strangelove character. Comedy genius and could not stop laughing.

            I sm still seriously confused with how he put the naked Muslims into the story of Xilo X. Together with WHY.

            Still having nightmares of the ‘liver eating, head choppets’, running away from the Russians, wearing lipstick, mascara, NATO stock stilletos and frocks. Whilst unshaven. Now he has added naked to the equation. So need therapy to handle the image, but, in short supply, owing to Corona Virus haha.

          • rightiswrong rightiswrong

            I think Jens may have a predilection for looking at young Muslim girls and fantasising about them naked.

            My Jens translator does make mistakes of course, and he could be saying he collects clothes for Muslim charities, hard to tell.

            Kubrick must have met Jens before. Probably guarded him at a POW camp after WW2.

          • AM Hants

            Lol. Well I was truly snookered last night. Eyes Wide Shut, whilst being seranaded by ‘Hitler, has only got one ball’. That was without being on the wine. You never know where the comments section will take you, haha.

          • rightiswrong rightiswrong

            I relaxed with a tea and smoke evening, first all week.
            Ended up posting, listening to Trumps address, as I am right now, as the press bait him every question, really are, and then playing online risk until bringing my eldest daughter to work at 8am.

            He’s going crazy right now!

          • AM Hants

            Bet it is entertaining?

          • rightiswrong rightiswrong

            Tedious, apart from the journalists baiting him, every question. He rambles on, as he knows the next stupid, repetitive and snide question is waiting for him. He then freaks out every few questions, and erupts!
            Same last night, I’m not really watching, it’s on next to me. But then you hear the arguing, and the journalists are incessant in their cringing attempts to just ask impossible questions, repeatedly for 2 hours.
            It’s over a while ago, and straight away CNN ran that Trump attacked the media!
            I watched/listened to it on CNN after AJ got fed up.

            Dontc’ha just love freedumb and dumbockery AM!

          • AM Hants

            Yep, love freedumb and dumbockery, haha.

            God knows how you handle the media over there. Find I need I/V anti-depressant, to enable me to go anywhere near our Propaganda agents, posing as Disney trained journalists. The amount of news they ignore, keeps the audience dumbed down.

          • rightiswrong rightiswrong

            I never usually watch that blah, blah, just puts it on to hear the Donald roasting. Same with my own channels, BBC, ITV etc. I have RT, AJ, F24, CGTN on sat, that I watch.

            I first watched Maidan 2014 on BBC/ITVC4, but after a day or two of hearing them tell me it was a peaceful protest, along with the pictures, it couldn’t make sense.
            I had PressTV then also, since removed. That’s when I decided that the old enemy, told more truths than our fair and free press, lol.
            After all, they would have been removed if they were lying!

            My family in England, proud Brits being born and reared there, ex Marines, Navy, surprised me since Brexit, which they mostly supported, and that they watched AJ.

            I never tought they would not believe the BBC, they certainly swallowed it all up to the 90s.

            Like the Soviets found out, the plebs soon get fed up of being told they are doing great, when the patently aren’t.

          • AM Hants

            Glad to hear your English relatives do not believe the media. Many in Essex are old school East Enders, who grew up in the days of the Krays and London bombing, from WWII. Strong characters. Maggie was meant to have won the election courtesy Mondeo Man. Based on the Dagenham car workers, haha.

            I came across Ukraine, when we were gearing up for the European Elections. I have always been for BREXIT and found myself commenting in The Telegraph, when Nigel Farage was gearing up for the EU elections. There were comments with regards Ukraine and The Maidan, which made me curious.

            Could not believe what was happening, owing to looking at how the alternative media were covering things. I looked at both sides of the story and Psycho Billy and Yarosh, there actions convinced me the UK media were batting for the wrong team. Plus, why were we supporting the Nazi Party.?
            Then looking at Crimea, how it was sorted before the EU managed an emergency meeting, with no loss of blood. There were so many massacres, ignored by the MSM.

            I started finding out more, starting with reading a biography on President Putin. It was by Christopher Hutchens, I believe and left me in awe of the man. His personal history and character. Then you had the Odessa Trade Union Massacre, which I watched unfold, on the live videos. I seriously could not believe our Governments could support such evil. A pregnant cleaner, whose only crime was to turn up for her cleaning shift. Who was raped, strangled, then burnt alive. If her baby had been born the day before, although premature, it might have survived. She is the reason I am vocal. The kids, set on fire, by use of an accelerant, jumping from the building, ablaze, to be trampled on when they landed. My maternal instincts kicked in. Allegedly 300 died, but, the Media and Western leaders said nought. I can no longer vote. As I just associate it with supporting genocide and ethnic cleansing.

            Must admit, have learnt a lot from following it all,. Where history and the same old patterns, being used are concerned. Have so much respect for the people of Ukraine and the sanity of Russia.

          • rightiswrong rightiswrong

            They all voted Thatcher in the 80’s, despite hating her. A bit like the Russians, with Stalin. haha.

            Loadsa money, lol.

          • AM Hants

            Voted for her as well. Could not stand Kinnoch. Funny, no doubt both of them were run by same crowd. EU Commission aire Kinnock and didn’t his family do well? EU Commission aire Petten.

            Kinnoch allegedly supporting the miners, with 3 homes Scargill, the Union Leader who gave up nought. Which brings Timothy Bell, back into the equation. Together with his brother, who founded Common Purpose. So reliant on hate and divide.

          • rightiswrong rightiswrong

            The greatest Labour leader I ever saw was Harry Perkins!

            If only he was real though.
            Did you see that, A Very British Coup?
            Ray McNally, excellent show. House of Cards, UK version also excellent.

            John Smith’s passing helped Bliar take over.

            David Kelly’s passing helped Bliar take over, Iraq!

          • AM Hants

            No, did not see the programme. Never watched ‘Yes Prime Minister’, till it stopped airing. So apt.

            John Smith and his conveniently timed heart attack. Providing Blair, Brown and yet more Common Purpose Prime Ministers, together with a Scottish dominated cabinet, of like minded folk. Wonder what Robin Cook did, to turn his back on them? As the John Smith style of death claimed Cook. After he refused to go along with the official Iraq Fairy tale. Not long after the death of David Kelly. How many who are contemplating suicide, who do not agree with the political spin of the day, take their dogs for a walk, with their weapon of choice?

            New Labour Leader is another Soros sponsored Common Purpose Member. REMOANER and wants to stuff his shadow cabinet with Blair supporters. Will end up the Hilary Clinton of Westminster. Lies, lies, more lies. Then the Head of the Media Standards Committee and Common Purpose Founder, will get his media to keep repeating the lies. Giving those who started the lie, more reason to repeat it. I forget what Nancy Pelosi called it. When bragging about the trick they love to use.

            I wonder who will be his Campbell/Mandelson style, special advisers?

          • rightiswrong rightiswrong

            Classic 80s film, you should see it. House of Cards is a Tory tale, very different, but also brilliant. 4 parts to the original House, followed up by a second series. Not as good, same main characters, but still watchable. That was late 80s, early 90’s.

            So much for Momentum!

          • AM Hants

            Owing to having a seriously lazy day, hence on the site, I have decided to watch House of Cards, starting with Episode 1. Always meant to watch it, together with needing a refresher in ‘Yes Prime Minister’ comedy factor.

            Have just written a novello in a comment, with regards and interesting article on Stalker Zone. The article might interest you:

            The Too “Savvy” Coronavirus… https://www.stalkerzone.org/the-too-savvy-coronavirus/

          • rightiswrong rightiswrong

            Once it’s not Spacey’s US version.

            They turned that into a mini series, typical US over drawn drama. lol

            I’ll check that Stalker article out.

          • AM Hants

            I was watching Spacey’s version, finding I liked the character of his wife. Think I saw the old English version, written by Michael Dobbs, years ago. So need to visit it again. Think Dobbs was a Conservative MP, as well as novelist and actually enjoyed reading a few of his books. Including one that was all about Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt meeting in Yalta. Forgot to look for the English version. Did enjoy the an afternoon with the Spacey version running in the background.

            As in isolation, will check out the Michael Dobbs version tomorrow, whilst doing the ironing haha. Don’t think I can handle 6 series of Spacey.

          • rightiswrong rightiswrong

            Sir Francis Urqhart is the main character in British, much older classic. Set during the Yuppie era, loadsa money characters, and Urqart is a right Machiavellian git, with a great stiff upper lip. Plus, just 4 parts to the first series, same for the second I think.
            I watched the US version, it’s too long, and gets forgettable the longer it went on.

            You will need to pay to watch A Very British Coup. I tried to watch it a while back, and surprised to find no free online copy of it about. They really do not like people watching that show. Thatcher hated it, which explains why it has got so little viewing in the nation who paid and made the film.

          • AM Hants

            Will spend tomorrow watching Sir Frances Urqhart, plus, looking for A Very British Coup. Sounds interesting.

          • rightiswrong rightiswrong

            It will be worth it.
            The very British coup caused a stink at the time, due to it’s portrayal of a deep state within British power circles.

            Corbyn and Harry Perkins had a lot in common, an eye opener, 40 years ago.

          • AM Hants

            Watched it last night and thoroughly enjoyed it.

            Reminded me of Harold Wilson, who I never liked, owing to cloth caps and being a child.

            Richard Cottrel wrote a book, Operation Gladio, Pentagon, NATO, Mafia, Axis of Evil. The section on Harold Wilson, defying the odds against him and the actions of Bush Senior, who came to see him, when he was Director of the CIA, is very similar to the film’s script.

            Thanks for recommending the film. Well worth watching.

          • rightiswrong rightiswrong

            The book was supposedly based on Wilsons government, but it applies across all eras really.
            Chris Mullen book.

            Glad you enjoyed.

          • rightiswrong rightiswrong

            Do you think Corbyn read the book? lol

          • AM Hants

            Seriously good book. Think I might have got the title slightly wrong, but, most of it there, even if wrong order.

            Actually, quite fancy reading it again. It was packed full of informative information.

          • rightiswrong rightiswrong

            Chris Mullen book, based on Wilsons government.

            Corbyn put up with the same loyal party members.

          • rightiswrong rightiswrong

            See what you mean. I have been keeping up with those type of stories recently. If you look at the DM, the same type of stories are all over it. Articles blaming China, talking about holding China to a reckoning, have also been mouthed off by Gove, among others. There is a pattern to the articles. Go straight to the comment sections of these stories, and the upvoting is 10000 to 1 for blaming them for all ills, or asking for boycotts of Chinese goods.
            Seeing that Chinese workers are right now working round the clock to finish orders for PPE from the West, and our governments sent our factories over there, isn’t it a bit much to be blaming them for our governments failure to stockpile any products at all for an emergency.

            The just in time corporate model for an economy, was a load of bollox.
            And they knew that, the whole time.

            Now they have been caught with their pants down, they shout “look at China, it was all their fault’.

          • AM Hants

            Must admit, the ones coming out against China, scream purchased. Gove like Johnson, were both Bullington Boys, together with Cameron and Osborne. Together with Nat Rothschild. Cameron was working in the media, before politics. Osborne is now Editor of the Evening Standard and Gove and Boris journalists. Bearing in mind Common Purpose Founder David Bell, is also Head of the Media Standards Committee and Cambridge University Press. Cameron and Osborne are Common Purpose Members. Gove was for out of the EU and Boris. We’ll despite being born in New York, educated in Brussels, winning a scholarship to Eton, before graduating at Oxford. His family are very loyal to the EU. Gove, Scottish, but, Conservative, when Scotland was not a safe place for Conservative supporters.

            Boris has been keen to work with China, but, believe he is more Make Israel Great Again, than UK loyal. Owing to his great grandfather and great grandmother. Go back to Turkey and North Caucus and was it battle of Gallipoli. Where Murdoch’s father was a war correspondent, together with Churchill. Leading to Balfour Declaration. Murdoch’s mother was Scottish, just like Trump’s mother. Why does Highlands Forum and Scottish Freemason come to mind?

            BREXIT allegedly was allowed to happen, owing to keeping City of London out of the reach of the EU. Also, the City, got the contract for the Clearing House, that would deal with China’s Yuan, which is also a reserve currency.

            So why is Gove, aligning with Jeremy Hunt, to turn on China? Labour will be anti-China, owing to Soros candidate, being promoted to leader. Many journalists come through the MI5/6 programme. Not forgetting Senior Cabinet positions are vetted. Which is why Boris was an appalling Foreign Secretary, who is not a lover of Russia.

            Sitting back and munching on popcorn, to see what happens next. Will we team up with the US, with regards allowing the US bill access to the ICC?

          • rightiswrong rightiswrong

            I would imagine that the powers that be in Britain, were looking to the day when the printing presses could work no more, which is why Britain will not be chained to the sinking EU. Just in time for the coming disasters.

            I can see the Euro being ditched soon, and nation states defaulting on Euro debts. It could be the start of new blocks within Europe, as the GermanicNordic states have already isolated themselves from their Southern European neighbours financially and morally. The Poles and Hungarians have a different beef, and the Balkans, well they are the Balkans.

            It can all be traced back to the asset stripping, deregulation and de-industrialisation programs of the 70s, 80s and 90’s.

            Who would have thought, eh!

          • AM Hants

            Seriously hope so. Be nice if the asset stripping brigade goes full circle. Public humiliation and punishment, when it all comes down.

          • Jens Holm

            I see the same for the Covid viruz. Facts are ignored and have the same rank as any new invented no fact and even believed.

          • AM Hants

            Naked Muslims, Corona Virus, newly invented facts???? Seriously having difficulty with what you mean.

      • PZIVJ

        This is an experiment you can try at home Hasbara.
        And it will not break your budget. :)

        • Hasbara Hunter

          Amazing Experiment….now that all Operation Paperclip-Scientists are between six boards…American Science seems to have some problems with development here & there….

        • FlorianGeyer


      • Jens Holm

        In writing like that for the whole world is no secret. If You want to, You can copu here at the internet and create Your own.

      • Hishamsbr

        Man, they own the private Federal Reserve Bank, which then through the Treasury, which is always run by one of them, term after term since its inception.

        They don’t bother themselves with heists like these.

        Right now, they are preoccupied with how fast, and when China will leave their decrepit global system in histories dustbin.

        Damnit, the Chinese were supposed to crumble from within with the unleashing of Covid 19 in Wuhan. But China, which is very seriously organised, pulled through looking like a 🏆. Having reached out and assisted 59 countries and counting so far.

        Instead of China collapsing in death, sickness and chaos, Covid jumped the Han race genome sequencing and mutated itself to infect everybody.

        Spectacular fail of epic proportions, just like Elon Musks Pepsi can being stepped on.

        Btw, ever wonder why Italy and Spain got hit the hardest from Covid 19 ?
        Would it have anything to do with the fact that both countries, having not really benefited from the European Union and it’s German- French controlled Central Bank, actually signed on to the gargantuan Chinese OBR initiative, which was a cardinal sin in Brussels and Washington’s eyes.

        So they will be made to see he’ll now.

    • Jens Holm

      As I reacll it, thats bery private and not financed by any taxpayers.

      • rightiswrong rightiswrong

        I’m EU you Aryan muppet, aren’t we all in this together!

        Or is that your natural Aryan bravado?
        The Russkies will spank you again, especially when the rest of the ‘EU” tell you to go fuck yourself.

        Start by paying back for your WW1, WW2 debts.

        • Jens Holm

          A bill from before I was born haha.

          If You are an European, Your certainly dont pay tax in USA as well.

          • rightiswrong rightiswrong

            Why would you pay tax in the USA?

            Is it because you are a different type of EU citizen?

            Exceptional maybe, lol.
            Just because they use your lot as a base, won’t stop them bailing out on you.

          • Jens Holm

            I just tell he dont use taxpayers money and not mine.

            So You should decide the color of my T-shirt and I should pay money to people makig wars before I was born.

            You keep Your low level well.

          • rightiswrong rightiswrong

            You Muppet, Musk is funded by DoD to build their space force, grow up.

            Granted, a bit of that funding is by the MIC, by selling cocaine from Colombia, and heroin from Afghanistan.

            About 1%.

          • Jens Holm

            You forgot wine and cigars from Rotchild and Zoros.

          • AM Hants

            Darling, Google translate, seems to be giving you problems.

          • Jens Holm

            I have no problems. You are the complainer.

          • rightiswrong rightiswrong

            The whole site tells you, ffs, constantly.

            Seriously, why don’t you get the translator, it might make you sound less, well, moronic.

            You may even be legible enough to be considered only as mildly retarded.

          • Jaime Galarza


          • AM Hants

            I thank you for providing me with Friday Night Comedy. So needed during the lock down.

    • AM Hants

      Silo X, has a nice ring to it. Especially on the comedy circuit.

  • René Artois


  • Jens Holm

    Well try again or stop. Nitrogen is highly flammable and makes boom booms not handled perfect.

    • PZIVJ

      You may be thinking of Nitrates or Hydrogen?
      Liquid Nitrogen is just very cold N2, the same thing you are inhaling right now and is extremely inert. This was a pressure test to vastly cool down the inside and see if the outside pressure would collapse the structure.

      • Jens Holm

        Thank You for informing me.

        I thought it was nitrogene cooled very much down and out of hand, because thats very difficult.

        • rightiswrong rightiswrong

          You thought!

          You’re a cracker Jens. lol

          • Jens Holm
          • rightiswrong rightiswrong

            God loves a trier.

            But Queen Margrethe will birth a full size Boar before I would look at your child porn sites Jens.

          • Jens Holm

            Margrethe is 80 yeras old and already has grandchildren.

            Now go back to Your many black tents, where You dont know what You get and dont care as well as long Your father shows, he loves You.

          • rightiswrong rightiswrong


            You need an Irony transplant, it’s the way you tell them, lol.

          • Jens Holm

            comic ali was funny.

          • rightiswrong rightiswrong

            Again with the irony, doh.

            Comical Ali was not funny himself Jens.

            It was his statements that were funny.

            He wouldn’t be getting a gig at Edinburgh or anything like that.

            You sound like the Gestapo officer, Strich I believe, in Allo Allo.


    Fake x,got the cash make it look real,keep the developments going,keep pumping them stocks,
    bring hope to freemasons genocide for the masses,destroy our world,musk will save us for mars,
    too easy,if life on earth cannot be dealt with,why not try mars,corona weaponised support,stocks urrp!

    • Jens Holm

      Yerhh, never leave the balcony…

  • Squeeth

    Hmmm, I rather enjoyed that. ;O)

  • Ooga Booga

    Elon Musk is a genious so I don’t understand why people are hating on him.

    • rightiswrong rightiswrong

      Because he is not.

      If you can’t spell the fucking word genius, then there is no chance you would know who one is.

      • Ooga Booga

        How’s your communist life nowadays?

        • rightiswrong rightiswrong

          Try a gay site for a date weirdo.

          • Ooga Booga

            Lenin is your idea of a genius?

          • rightiswrong rightiswrong

            Try your usual gay dating site.

  • Assad must stay

    What a scam this spacex is and elon scam, nasa would be better off partnering with roscosmos or something instead of these scam conmen