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Watch: National Guard Troops Arrive In Multiple US Cities Ahead Of Election Night Chaos

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

In preparation for any emergencies, including widespread social unrest following election results on Tuesday night, the National Guard has been deployed in several states.

Fears of election night chaos have gripped state governments for the last month, forcing Gov. Charlie Baker of Massachusetts on Monday to “activate” 1,000 Massachusetts National Guard members.

And in Oregon, Gov. Kate Brown, for the second time in two months, declared a state of emergency for the Portland metro area, citing potential social unrest surrounding the election.

Governors have also mobilized Guard forces in Texas, Alabama, and Arizona to major cities in their respective states in anticipation of violence.

Last week, the Pennsylvania National Guard was deployed to the Philadelphia metro area amid a couple of nights of social unrest following the police killing of a black man. Guard troops have been since positioned to handle potential unrest come Tuesday night.

According to NBC sources, at the White House, beginning tomorrow, a “non-scalable” fence will be erected around the complex with 250 Guard troops on standby.

As of Monday afternoon, Guard troops have been spotted in several cities, preparing for Tuesday night.

Guard troops were spotted at a Best Buy in South Philadelphia.

Guard troops spotted outside of Philadelphia City Hall.

Guard soldiers spotted outside a retail complex in West Philadelphia.

Guard troops in a Humvee outside a Target in Philadelphia.

Watch: National Guard Troops Arrive In Multiple US Cities Ahead Of Election Night Chaos

Guard troops at “Park West Town Center shopping plaza. Looters have targeted this place in May/June and last week,” said one Twitter user.

No location was confirmed on this Guard deployment. Check out what could be special forces UTVs.

Watch: National Guard Troops Arrive In Multiple US Cities Ahead Of Election Night Chaos

Retailers have been boarding up their brick and mortar stores from coast to coast in anticipation of looting.

Guard arrives in Chicago.

Convoy of Guard troops spotted on a highway heading towards Chicago.

National Guard on standby in Massachusetts.

Guess what’s back on city street corners – piles of bricks (read here & here for what this could suggest).

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viktor ziv

Democracy in action… sad…


There was 200 person protest march in Seattle on Capitol Hill followed by 50 bicycle cops at 10pm Saturday night this weekend.

Tommy Jensen

1 man can take the whole Empire down if he is a real man. comment image

Concrete Mike

Why in the fuck is there only 1 side by side quad on that truck?

The thing can easily haul 16 tons!!
Itncould haul 20 of them, fuck i can haul the side by side with my honda CRV ffs!!

johnny rotten

Like all things that concern Americans, this also seems more smoke in the eyes, in America there is a lot of despair but zero organization on the part of those who should revolt, with drugs, TV and junk food the oligarchies have solved all the problems, for now it is easier to see post-1929 scenes than anything that resembles a mass revolt, that they would brutally crush in a few hours.


Americans don’t organize, they follow orders and grumble. I feel your pain!

Daniel Ramos

Hello there friend. Have you had a minute to remind a Trump supporter that Trump was defeated soundly?

Антон С

comment image?itok=YMpx-n9Q

What is this? Armored golf-cars for Trump’s residence in Florida? I see a palm on the photo.

AM Hants

Would not surprise me if $oro$ and friends have sent teams of snipers in, to kick-start US Maidan, using the Ukraine model.


The CIA color revolution and regime change have finally returned to haunt back US. Karma is a bitch

AM Hants

RT, have an interesting article and video. Jimmy Dores is being interviewed, for a RT show. He makes a lot of sense, when comparing the actions of Biden, who has never voted against any war, in his 47 year, political career.

How many wars has Biden been involved with compared to Trump?

Who funds and sponsors Biden and who funds and sponsors Trump?

Who doubles down on worse case scenario?

Who has caged the most children, from immigrant refugees? Biden or Trump?

List goes on and Jimmy Dore is not a Trump Supporter. Just wants a world without war and people treated humanely.

Tommy Jensen

How can you compare two rats? Two rats are two rats yes?

AM Hants

Jimmy did a good job. Like the domestic Trump, but, not the international stage Trump. Cannot stand Biden in any form.


Still one can compare whether the bandit is less evil than the robber, or rapist vs paedophile. That will help US voters to select the less evil.


comment image

Tommy Jensen

Lots of tanks and machineguns ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta …………………………………..LOL.


This is what Americans want the the world to admire and emulate for a perfect democracy & free country.

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