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Watch Jimmy Dore Dismantle NYT Journo After Failed Tulsi Gabbard Hit-Job

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

For those who missed it, Joe Rogan had Bari Weiss on “The Joe Rogan Experience” two weeks ago – where he took the New York Times’ journalist to task in real time as she fumbled over facts, figures, and using a word without knowing what it means.

Watch Jimmy Dore Dismantle NYT Journo After Failed Tulsi Gabbard Hit-Job

Weiss, a vocal critic of Donald Trump, was attempting to smear Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), who is quite possibly the largest threat to establishment Democrats in 2020 for her staunch “anti-interventionist” foreign policy agenda and populist views on the economy.

Watch Jimmy Dore Dismantle NYT Journo After Failed Tulsi Gabbard Hit-Job

Gabbard, an Iraq war veteran, took heat over a January 2017 trip to Syria, where she met with President Bashar al-Assad in what she said was an unplanned trip approved by the House Ethics Committee. For this, Gabbard has been mercilessly smeared by the establishment media – which has published blatant propaganda painting her as a Kremlin stooge.

When Weiss attempted to smear Gabbard by calling her an “Assad Toady,” Rogan didn’t toe the line – asking her “what does that mean?” in reference to the word “Toady.”

Watch Jimmy Dore Dismantle NYT Journo After Failed Tulsi Gabbard Hit-Job

Weiss, perhaps used to milquetoast NPR hosts, wasn’t prepared for the pushback – fumbling around for an explanation of what a “Toady” is – even spelling it wrong in the process.

No, I think it’s like, uh… T-O-A-D-I-E. I think it means what I think it means…” stammered the New York Times journalist.

Rogan informs Weiss that a Toady is a “sycophant,” and then asks her what qualifies Gabbard as a “sycophant”? To which Weiss replies: “I don’t remember the details.” 

Enter Jimmy Dore

While Rogan’s pushback of Weiss was indeed devastating – progressive populist comedian and political commentator Jimmy Dore absolutely dismantled her on Monday’s edition of The Jimmy Dore Show. Yes, this is all a bit meta – but it’s worth watching Dore and his guests perform a brutal dissection of Weiss’s appearance that’s worth 18 minutes of your time.

Dore – who criticised NBC News over an anti-Gabbard report which relied on a discredited Democrat-run firm, has come under fire himself for criticizing the obvious propaganda.

After Dore called out Russiagater Caroline Orr for her criticism of Gabbard, Orr tweeted “I wouldn’t doubt it if Jimmy Dore was a Russian asset.”

Apparently anyone who doesn’t conform to pro-war establishment narratives is a Russian stooge.

Watch Jimmy Dore Dismantle NYT Journo After Failed Tulsi Gabbard Hit-Job

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Concrete Mike

Save us Joe Rogen!!!!!

Concrete Mike

Also Lol that last photo is hillarious!!!

Nick Sobkowiak

Oh jeez I hope this is sarcasm. Joe gave this zionist shill a platform to spew her garbage for hours, and it would be very generous to say he “pushed back”

Concrete Mike

Im quoting an old futurama episode, during Joe’s fear factor days.

Concrete Mike

Besides, i like joe, his knowledge is broader and vaster than one thinks.

al quaida

A platform to destroy herself.
Joe was polite and asked her to clarify, that was all the push back required.

Carlos Correia

this sis-gender person is a true definition of puppet, this person look for the handler every time there is a question… pathetic easy to spot easy to….


The fact that she works for the NY Times is all that you need to know. She’s also heavily supportive of the neo-con faction of the zionist government in Israel and the United States.

Promitheas Apollonious

well if you search this new messiah want to be political new puppet of the system, for example back in 2000 she was a crusader in her fathers organization against LGBT how ever they call this abominations on earth. Now days she apologized to them and declared her full support to them and their life style. This is simple example of whores who change their price according to the size. In this case price is votes.

al quaida

It’s called evolving.
Something clearly beyond you.

Promitheas Apollonious

and what you evolved from slug?


The more they push on with this circus the more they help Russia.


Its more deception until you have to go to the hospital for emergency surgery and realize that your going to go bankrupt again. Anything to distract the masses from the reality of life and the worthlessness of their government.


That’s a good thing in my opinion. Russian diplomats are the adults in the room.

If the Russian leadership was as childishly insane as those in the US , WW3 would be over by now and the US would be an ash heap, with the world in chaos.


This is about journalists which is a lot different problem than diplomats. However you nailed it with the diplomats – since Russia is weak and America is strong, Russian diplomats have to struggle to survive while Americans look like they totally gave up diplomacy.

Speaking of childish journalism and ww3 stuff here is a little gem for you: “American tanks are floating down the Rhine once again, en route to Eastern Europe as part of ‘Atlantic Resolve,’ a NATO push to force Russia into submission.” from RT of course https://www.rt.com/news/450734-tanks-rhine-atlantic-resolve/

AM Hants

LOL Russia weak?

Compare the market:

Putin handles corruption LIKE A BOSS…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=co8s0egftsc

Teleprompter Hell: Obama Communication Disaster Compilation…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XuItt6iuMc&t=45s

Trump’s most awkward moments of 2018… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlxmiFF85yU

Theresa May dances on to the stage at the Tory party conference… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbCDFNRA-Wo

President Putin working meeting with Lavrov and Shoigu regarding INF Treaty (text)…http://ooduarere.com/news-from-nigeria/world-news/president-putin-working-meeting-with-lavrov-and-shoigu-regarding-inf-treaty/

Just in Case… Putin, Lavrov and Shoigu Agree on Rapid Deployment of Kalibr Missiles Aimed at Europe (video)… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjSZv8zE2Gw

Putin agrees to let German, French specialists in Kerch Strait – Lavrov… https://en.interfax.com.ua/news/general/559732.html


I wish Australia had a Putin, a real leader here in Australia the politicians work for the corporations not the people.

AM Hants

Ditto, but, a clone of President Putin, and his team, in Westminster.


Don’t speak about the market in the presence of people that use Ruble, it hurts their feelings.


Perhaps you could contact the US military and advise them the Eastern Europe has a shortage of deserts for the tanks to play in.
There are a few beaches and sand quarries though.

If you sell the US Military some green and brown paint ai would appreciate a 10% commission.


Most likely they will be used for training for the NATO countries then sold to their armies and painted by themselves according to their own standards. However you missed the point, Russians love ww3 propaganda more than the US citizens, because they are more hungry.


It helps Russia, but keeping the American monkey’s in line is more important to the Plutocracy.


Gabbard / Rogan 2020


It Just Doesn’t Matter 2020

Brother Thomas

It has been rather a longer time since I picked up a copy of the NYT. Now I know why.


Joe Reagan is just another (j)ewish shill.

Alt-Right Cringe Fest (controlled opposition): https://renegadevids.com/?s=Cringe

Greatest Ally: https://renegadevids.com/?s=Greatest+Ally

You can call me Al

A seriously sick nation; nothing more to be said.



R PLobo

These presstitute clowns believe NOTHING. They are money whores who will say anything and do whatever their zionist manager pimp masters want. Handmaiden douche vegan crack whore Bari Weiss is a typical example of what now passes off as propagandist mouth pieces.
Unable to even maintain a coherent discussion without resorting to insults and an immediate mantra of neo-liberal zionist trigger words.
I find these videos unwatchable simply because in 2019 there are no longer any proper villans – just fat-ass hose bags spewing the most base of identity politics BS. Welcome to the world of twattler and fuckbook.
The only real response to any of these vassals is war in the streets againsts the police state and their weaponized presstitute whores. Put on a yellow vest, lots of rope and string them up from the lamp posts. Anything else is just talk.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Weiss for those of you who don’t know is Jewish. It is not a conspiracy. Jews work together against all non-Jews. They have done this for 3,500 years. Jews promote almost all wars. They love war. They do regime changes to always push for a more pro-Jewish dictator. The worked hard to create the first world war which led to the second one as well.comment imagecomment image

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