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Washington Working To Achieve Common US, Turkish Interests In Syria

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Washington Working To Achieve Common US, Turkish Interests In Syria

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Submitted by Khaled Iskef.

Spokesman for the US State Department Ned Price said that his country has common interests with Turkey in the Syrian issue.

Price added during a press conference that the United States exchanged interest with Turkey on many issues, foremost of which is the Syrian file, stressing that the American administration will continue to work constructively with the Turkish government to achieve common Turkish and American interests in Syria in the future.

During his speech, Price hinted that the Biden administration could cooperate with Turkey regarding the situation in Idlib, without explaining the nature of this cooperation and how to balance US relations between Turkey on the one hand and the SDF on the other.

According to an informed diplomatic source, the Biden administration may tend to reduce tension in its relations with Turkey, in contrast to Trump’s policies. It was indicated that the American cooperation with Turkey will focus mainly on practicing more pressure on the Syrian state, especially in the north, by supporting the armed organizations there to prevent the Syrian army from recapture these areas.

On the other hand, the source pointed out that Biden’s administration has not taken a clear position yet on its relations with the SDF, but diplomatic talks in Washington recently indicated the futility of continuing to support the SDF and relying on it, because it has proven its weakness and its endless need for help and direct support, as it has not been able to achieve any kind of stability in the areas of the Syrian Jazeera that are still attacked by ISIS cells on a regular basis.

It is noteworthy that the US relations with Turkey became strained years ago due to Ankara’s purchase of the Russian S-400 missile system, after Washington refused to sell it its advanced Patriot system.


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Peter Moy

This is just utter verbal nonsense coming from the little, lying, diabolical worms in the US State Department. The only common interests that the US and Turkey have in Syria is the continued death, destruction, misery, terror of the Syrian people and the theft of land and oil. Never trust these rats.

Just Me

Very astute comment and 100% factual. US, Turkey and Zionists want continued chaos in the Arab world. The Arabs have the lowest HDI and educational levels now, with generations of headchopper terrorists killing each other and their populations pushed to extreme poverty. Yemen alone has over 40 million facing famine, Syria has lost 8 million dead, maimed, refugees and internally displaced. The Turks have even changed the history books and curriculum in the areas annexed by them.

Jens Holm

Almost all is 100% wrong. How many fingers and toes are You counting with:)

All history books and curriculums are news nationalistic barking mad creations made by Your of leaders, where You internal as well as external excluse each other as much as possible.

Yopu write it Yourself: Even 30% in Syria in are or were not arabs its named as an arabic country. Turkmen and Kurds never asked to be with You. Their areas was not traditional Syria at all. Syria in the past was Jordan and in Israel of today the westbank and a little more. It also didnt include any coastline – not even in Aqaba.

People looking from the Marslander see more of the Region then You ever will. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/06f893f79681c7e59b5ebb0abb9728020ba588bc62c55050a077570ca6aa2edb.jpg

Jens Holm

You are right. They for good reasons dont care half a rotten banan for, what You think, if You think…

But for both of them it could make sense Turks retreated some against the SDFs. By that Turks could focus on Assads and the SDF and USA could focus on ISIS.

There is no theft of land as well as oil. Both was taken by Assads in Damäskus as their own property. ISIS took it from the Bad Artists in Damaskus and SDF by Americans finally reach the owners, which live there. They of course export it and the income is used for military and civile purposes among the most poor ones in Syria.

For very good reasons they dont like Your kind of grabbers, which just liek here, tell lies about not even themself but also of the SDF intensions and almost anything else.

Trap Is Not Gay

Turkey is controlled opposition.

The real Muslims are like Iran.

Turkey is neither Muslim nor European (or anything).

Turkey is like India, nothing of substance.

Jens Holm

Thats only oppinions. They dont make sense. You have no patent.

As a start You should divide the world into good, bad and in the middle people.

Those many ME incidents are not even about religion. You and others use religion as a confirmation for good and bad attitudes only.

They all say: God is on Your side. So how many Gods are there.

Trap Is Not Gay



“Common interests” means “fighting a common enemy” I.e. Syrian government. So far the SAA is the only faction not to have lost ground since 2015, so my money’s on them ultimately winning this war.

USA and Turkey will never be able to reconcile over the Kurds, so they’ll never be true allies in Syria.


well put…….

Just Me

The common goal is division of Syria and continuation of chaos in the Arab world as per Zionist agenda. Erdogan has already annexed the best agricultural lands of Syria and northern Iraq. The Arabs are mere bystanders as their tribal states are Balkanized by foreign powers. This is far more dangerous with horrendous ramifications for their dark future.


yeah for a mumbai parsi sitting alone in the dark……it must be pretty fukkin dark no? Even the Iranians don’t pay you guys much attention because of dubious loyalties. I’ve discredited this ID of yours, now go on…..make a new one……lol…..harumzade

John Brown

Biden was ordered by his bosses and put in charge of sending death sqauds to kill Erdogan. If Erdogan trusts Biden’s bosses now Erdogan will soon be killed along with his family, all his friends etc.

The Objective

Erdogan has all but eliminated U.S agents in Turkey. Another coup is a lot less likely to succeed than the last one attempted. Again, assassinating Erdogan cannot solve the problem. It’s the system and leadership that needs to be removed. And only the military can do that. But right now, they are largely pro-Islamic officers in the military.

John Brown

The Zio empire was running Turkey for over 80 years. I don;t think anyone can say how many agents or how many have been brainwashed to follow the empire. Erdogan has done his best to get ride of them yes but they still run the opposition parties. I think it will take at least 10 years to get ride of them and there will always be the danger of the empire bribing top generals etc. politicians to overthrow Erdogan until the empire collapses.

Jens Holm

As usual the propagandized 11 sheep deny USA as well as Kurds never has expected anything like that.

Even so – as usual – it is taken by selfcreated fact and next they and we are condemmed for it.

Maybee its a kind of like this:) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/13dd70f84c9c8f469ab998f5f528047a26e26661594bbc9950c0c31497b6207d.jpg

The Objective

“USA and Turkey will never be able to reconcile over the Kurds, so they’ll never be true allies in Syria” Yeah, maybe you’re right. But at least they can cooperate long enough to depose Assad.


The NATO Ziocorporate terrorists/Turks have their little Ziowahhabi mini-caliphate buffer zone in Idlib, and the US, ISIS/SDF and allies will at the very least maintain their level of control over the oil-producing regions of Syria.


Sure they can try that,satan laughs at the corner ‘he,he,i will get erdo then i will execute him and his family then i will send all the world broke just for brussels and the 4th reicht new world order,ha,ha,ha,suckerrs’

Like I said,let them try,that’s freedom reicht?


here we go again…..but it will not last,…. US is a power in decline, trying to preserve her international importance that is about to dwindle….

Sylvain Jeuland

Yes, on usdebtclock.org : Debt per citizen : 84843 USD. Debt per taxpayer : 223892 USD.

Servet-i Funun Literature

Spokesman for the US State Department Ned Price said that his country has common interests with Turkey in the Syrian issue.

Aha..10 days ago you started to sanction Mk-41 Vls(vital) which doesnt fit to our national interests now somehow you want joint-venture in Syria because there is ”common interests discovered all of a sudden” .You have to offer exclusive,unigue gift bro and history tells us that you are not so humble,trustworthy.Go play with your Kurdozoids.


Bring fekn gulen to turkey no more fekn footsies with soros n brussels,fk the cia p00fters!

johnny rotten

Bullshit, two cripples do not make one healthy, both turkeys and Yankees have no legal title to be in Syria, then they must not forget that together with the SAA on Idlib there are also the Russians, the Iranians and Hetzbollah, what would the yankee fools, start WWIII, to defend a bunch of terrorist junk? let’s be serious.

Jaime Galarza

Unfortunately, the US is not there just for the sake of some criminal terrorists. They are there above all because of Israel, and for the sake of their master, I”m afraid the US is willing to start WWIII.

Jens Holm

Very good excuse for doing so much wrong. Syria is no state. It never was. People there are totally incompetent to rule anything about emirate, sultanate, oblask level.

They not even liberated themself. And since then the whole area has been like a henfarm but instead of hens at least laying eggs, the deciding inhabitants are pathetic little roosters and the most sensible parts of its inhabibitants not even in the country.

They even raise half of the population for sale and keep them more stupid then themself.

Boyes are raised to be honored and respected because they are boys. Its not like that here. We becomes honored and respected,if we do things and by that deserve it.

Jaime Galarza

“They even raise half of the population for sale and keep them more stupid then themself.”If you are an example of the education provided in your country, Syria is in much better shape. Something is really rotten in Denmark.

Jens Holm



The only common interest that those two corrupt regimes are is to get out of Syria and compensate for the destruction, damages and repatriate the stolen assets. Once that is done then both presidents should do the honourable thing and commit suicide..

Jens Holm

Very optimistic. You can ask:)

Rhodium 10

Both play in the same team…NATO.

Jens Holm

Thats no comment.

None of them are in Nato Regi according Syria.

Lazy Gamer

It means whatever battle plans the SAA and Russia had over Idlib will remain just that because the US is ready to backstab in Idlib.


I beg to differ here……biden will try to bring down the house upon turdo. A coup is a real possibility, again!

Jens Holm

Thats madness of the worst. As I see it Erdogans are declining themself well.

And for foreign policy it will make no change or only a marginel change for Syria as well as Iraq if fx the Kemalists should take over.


Shallow thinking doc……how about we dismantle turkey, who cares about kemalists or Al-Qaeda AKP…….both are terrorists.

Jens Holm

Im not like that. I give a weatherrapport.

cechas vodobenikov

they have 1 common interest theft of Syrian oil and imperialism…

Blas de Lezo

I’m sure they will agree on keeping Idlib out of Assad’s hands but the Kurds will never be allowed to have autonomy. As soon as US troops leave Rojava is gone.

Jens Holm

Autonomy has to be defined much more in detail to cover, what they wish for.


Biden if the lifetime cia agent,whoms deep state department are the #1 enemys of all economies: Why on earth would turkey after all the recent sucess of resisting their muder plot to murder him and his family be taken like a grain of sand,It simply doesn’r make any sense,infact USA WILL PAY!

Jens Holm

Thats Your version.


Fair to say thus all agree the deep state department puny coksukn cia agent is a smackey:

Jens Holm

You create the deep dark state Yourself by systematic insisting in no learning things You can find on internet and puiblic libraries right here, where I live.

“All agree” is populisme of the worst. You dont speak for billions of people. Most of us learn during life and dont keep us systematic stupid understanding less and less.

chris chuba

Keep Syria weak and divided for the benefit of Israel. Turkey taking a bite out of N. Syria helps with that goal, a small number of Kurds will die along with the rest of Syria, the U.S. doesn’t care and the Kurds are too dumb to see through the charade.


Usa failed to legitimise land in northern iraq for the kurds whom fought for this, how is it so damn obvious,yet so incredibly ignored by the kurds,dumb kunts indeed, Turkey was almost nearly as dumb,seriously who ever thought of this is dumber than dumb! Goes to show how the biden/deep state department,are getting more desperate than ever!

Jens Holm

There we go again. USA has never promised to legitimize norther Ira for Kurds.

You stupidist copycat a completly false accusation and even blame both of them for it.

I dont see Biden as You do. The deep state is there because You deny to use the totally open information about most things, because You are forbidden or dont hads that skill.


Huh? Syria means nothing to the USA

Putin can have it for what it’s worth

Jens Holm

Kurds see things very well. The rest seemes to be as I agree.


Syria fought wars against Israel and LOST territory … in 1973 the IDF was within miles of Damascus … hello?

Syria is a failed state today … lol

It’ll take decades to recover … if they even make it … fugetaboutit

Good riddance …

Jens Holm

HA HA : Look at the winners. The only ones in peace are the dead ones. If people want peace, then kill them… HA HA

Icarus Tanović

Today is exactly a year since turkish blackmail, via America.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Poor old Putin will be sweating buckets now, he knows exactly what Biden and Erdogan are discussing, the elevation of Turkey at the expense of Russia. And Biden will be doing the same thing with the Iranians too.

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