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Washington Sees No Difference Between Turkish Ministers And Terrorists: Interior Minister

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Washington Sees No Difference Between Turkish Ministers And Terrorists: Interior Minister

Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu

On November 12, Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu slammed the US “doublefaced policy” towards Turkey saying that the expulsion of two Turkish ministers from the US sanctions list is not enough to buy the “[Turkish] nation’s heart”.

The US removed two Turkish ministers from the sanction list and added three leaders of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) to the sanction list, he said adding that thus, “Washington sees no difference between terrorists and Turkish ministers”.

The Interior Minister went further recalling the US support to the “Syrian branch” of the PKK – the People’s Protection Units (YPG). He also said that the US gets 20% of the YPG revenue from the oil fields seized in Syria.

The PKK is recognized terrorist group in multiple states around the world, including Turkey and the US. Ankara considers the YPG, which is a major part of US-backed forces in Syria, as a terrorist group. The US support to the YPG is among the main points of tensions between Ankara and Washington.

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I do not see it either. Big difference between the largely secular cabinet from the 90’s and early 2000 and the one running the country for the past 15 years. The current cabinet and the new sultan in town(
Bulgaria watch your ass, as you are first in line to be occupied yet again by the expansionist Osman!! Do not count on Americans to come save you. They will throw you under the bus before you know it. And Russians are now the declared enemy of the Bulgarian people. Such an ungrateful nation deserves a harsh lesson.

Brother Ma

Bulgaria made a big mistake as did Greece and Montenegro. Fake Macedonia and Albania will gain from this so are dogs who lick any master’s feet.

Bulgaria,Greece and Montenegro should never fight with the Russians. Fools and their govs ,traitors!

Brother Ma

Hah! who is this dog – faced Turk trying to fool?All the ministers there in erdogan party are terrorists as are grey wolves and kemalists. Some of us still remember that it was Turkey that allowed all the ISIs to go into syria,trained them ,hospitalised them etc. We also remember they stole whole factories from Syria,chopped off heads from little boys and babies and turkish secret service is involved everywhere.erdogan’s bully boys also bashed people in amerika and ameristanis were so weak they did….nothing. what a disgrace!

God take strength from me and give it to Putin and Assad. They are the only ones protecting normal moslems and Christians.


Is anyone else laughing as hard as I am? Erdos bunch of liars have as much nerve as the Israeli liars. There is no difference between terrorists and the Turkish government because they are one and the same. Just as there is no difference between terrorists and US/Israeli governments, they also are one and the same. The transparency of their collusion was easily seen when they did nothing about transferring not only weapons (illegal chemicals and arms) to terrorists in Syria, but also their blindness to the stealing of oil and wholesale theft of entire factories in Aleppo. How many journalists have been disappeared? Then their support for outfits like Al Zinki (worst of the worst) and TIP pretty much shows what they are. But Erdo plays a dangerous game. Playing the west against the middle-east/Russia can backfire in a big way…as the moron found out when Putin squeezed Erdo balls til he crawled. Still, a fool rarely learns quickly, instead they tend to die young. Erdo is past his due date and needs to realize that.

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