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JUNE 2023

Washington Pushes Kiev On Risky Counter-Offensive

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Washington Pushes Kiev On Risky Counter-Offensive

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Washington Pushes Kiev On Risky Counter-Offensive
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Washington Pushes Kiev On Risky Counter-Offensive

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While the leaders of European countries are stingily collecting weapons and ammunition for the Ukrainian Army, the head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrel, is trying his best to motivate them with loud statements about the unity of the West and Ukraine.

He has already called the European Union the army of Ukraine, intimidating his colleagues and the European population with the alleged “existential threat to European security” from Russia.

In its turn, Washington assesses the unwillingness of European countries to enter the war with Russia and pushes the Kiev regime to launch a counteroffensive on the fronts as soon as possible. Zelensky’s regime is ordered to prepare for the offensive right now, while there is still some assistance from the United States and Europe, for fear that support from European countries may become even more limited soon.

However, the price of any large-scale counter-offensive operation of the Ukrainian military would be measured in thousands of soldiers’ lives, and the success of such operations is still doubtful.

Meanwhile, on the front lines, the Russian army retains the initiative in almost all regions. Despite some local counteroffensive attempts, the Ukrainian military is still forced to maintain defensive positions, and on some battlefields, they continue to retreat.

In the Kupyansk region, Russian forces took control of the village of Gryanikovka located to the north of Kupyansk. Ukrainian forces attempted to launch a counterattack with artillery and aviation, but were pushed back to their original positions.

In the area of Bakhmut, Wagner fighters broke through the Ukrainian defenses in Berkhovka.

Assault groups wedged between Berkhovka and the rear of the Ukrainian defense in Yagodnoe. The roads for the Ukrainian retreat to Bakhmut from Berkhovka and Dubovo-Vasilyevka were cut off.

Fierce fighting is going on in the Berkhovka itself. According to preliminary reports, Russian fighters took control of the northern part of the village. The village is a transit point for the supply of the Bakhmut garrison, so the Ukrainian military is fiercely resisting in this area.

In addition, Wagner fighters expanded the control zone in the area of the Stupky district and improved their tactical positions on the northern outskirts of Bakhmut.

On the eastern outskirts of Bakhmut, heavy fighting broke out in the area of the champagne factory. On the southern and south-western outskirts of the city, Wagner fighters knocked out the Ukrainian units from their positions near Radyansky Lane and expanded the control zone in the area of the Mariupol cemetery.

To the southwest of Bakhmut, Ukrainian forces pushed back Wagner units from the Bakhmut – Konstantinovka highway. Fighting continues on the approaches to the road.

The front lines in other regions remain unchanged and inflamed by heavy positional battles.

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William White

That’s old!


Derp and derp again.

Captain Hohol

Long term Norway will not prosper from prostituting itself out to the United States.


My opinion is this is the last try of USA to counterattack. If Ukraine shows that it is able to regain land the war is going on with help of the USA.

But if Russia can sustain with no loses USA will stop the support and the main victory for Russia is inevitable.


Usa will not stop. If counteroffensive fails, Ukraine will be simple divided. Like Korea. With prosperous Western Ukraine and poverty stricken Russian Ukraine.


Western Ukraine is just fields and farms, eastern Ukraine is established industry and masses of mineral resources.

Field Marshal Z

I’m not sure if they’ll stop the support but it certainly would spell the end for any hopes of a Ukrainian victory. Any continued fighting afterwards would just have the purpose of trying to make Russia bleed. But in the end it’ll be Ukrainians who bleed the most by far, it’s too bad they chose an ally who doesn’t give a shit about them.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Ph.D, GOP

Paul Gosar is a member of the US House of Representatives from Arizona:

Biden’s spending priorities: Ukraine: More than $100,000,000,000. And Ohio: $0

Last edited 3 months ago by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Ph.D, GOP

Which one is the dog, and which one is the pony?

Son of the Kingdom

Putins mistake not taking out that Jewish actor piece of shit from the start. Take him out now before international Satanists talmud ruin your country again. Learn from your old mistakes.

Joseph Day

Why? he’s doing a great job helping Russia denazify Ukraine. Sending them to their deaths

Son of the Kingdom

I understand that, there are other-ways of dealing with that. Bolchevisme whats to get back what it lost


Putin is going to do an annual speech to the Russian government today, and Biden is also going to do a speech aimed at Russia.


He is sparing the nazis and sending the conscripts to the deaths. The nazis are kept behing the lines to shoot at the conscripts if they try to retreat bolshevic style.

So Putin is helping the banderists and the oligarchs to get rid of normal ukrainians who would be able to live peacfuly with russians.


What a stupid comment.

Vitamin Protein

Ukraine is losing one by one, it is just matter of time when the Kiev regime will fall, Russia has destroyed Ukrainazis to the core. Why is the west still investing in this war?


Well they don’t want to spend taxpayer dollars on the taxpayers, since the U.S. Govt has to threaten their population with homelessness and starvation to get them into their shitty jobs.

The U.S. is a poster child for the endgame of crisis capitalism, and the disastrous consequences of such a system.


Dollars spent abroad has nothing to do with American taxpayers. USA can print as much dollars as they want… russian rubel meanwhile is as worthless as it was during cold war time…


They want the Ukros all killed off so Poland can take the place over.


Because the west is afraid to be the next target for Putin. First Ukraine and who is next?


When will the second wave start for Russia? Why has Kremlin stopped the supply of Ammunition to Wagner PMC in Bachmut? Is there a internal conflict between Wagner and the Russian officials? Also the recrutment of prisoner has been stopped to Wagner? How will Wagner now be able to secure and close roads to Bachmut without resupply of ammunition…..??


From here it sure looks like the russians are giving them the business and it is very one-sided with russia the eventual winner. Zelensky belongs in a russian courtroom in handcuffs with his formal surrender paperwork in the table, ready to present.


I plan to move to villa and offend Italians


West made mistake in 2014. After invasion of Crimea, russia should be removed from the West as it is today. Back than stasi Merkel, defended putin and stopped any attempt to punish russia.

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