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JUNE 2020

Washington Prepares Regime Change Plan For Iran


Washington Prepares Regime Change Plan For Iran

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani (top center) reviews army troops marching during the 37th anniversary of Iraq’s 1980 invasion of Iran, just outside Tehran, Iran on Friday. (source: AP photo)

On May 10, the Washington Free Beacon website obtained an alleged copy of Trump’s administration plan to reimpose strong economic sanctions that would change the Iranian regime.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, the document was being discussed among US National Security Council officials and was authored by the national security think-tank Security Studies Group (SSG).

The plan stands against the US military intervention, focusing on a series of measures to embolden the Iranians allegedly angered with the ruling regime.

“The ordinary people of Iran are suffering under economic stagnation, while the regime ships its wealth abroad to fight its expansionist wars and to pad the bank accounts of the Mullahs and the IRGC command,” the paper of the SSG reads. “U.S. policy toward Iran currently does not publicly articulate two components vital to success: That a new birth of liberty based in self-determination for the Iranian people should be official policy; and that military action should be anticipated if other measures fail.”

The SSG’s president Jim Hanson told the Washington Free Beacon that Washington has no intention to the US military intervention in Iran, but it is focused on changing the ruling regime of Iran:

“The Trump administration has no desire to roll tanks in an effort to directly topple the Iranian regime,” Hanson said. “But they would be much happier dealing with a post-Mullah government. That is the most likely path to a nuclear weapons-free and less dangerous Iran.”

An official from the US National Security Council refused to comment on the report, but affirmed that the White House is seeking to “change the Iranian regime’s behavior,” according to the Washington Free Beacon:

“Our stated policy is to change the Iranian regime’s behavior of continuous destabilizing regional acts and support of terrorism,” the official said. “The National Security Council is in receipt of reams of policy papers and reports, some are read with interest, others are not. Receipt of a policy paper in no way means that we are going to adopt the position of that paper.”

Another source close to the White House also stressed a need of the change in “the Iranian regime”:

“Team Bolton has spent years creating Plans B, C, and D for dealing with that problem. President Trump hired him knowing all of that. The administration will now start aggressively moving to deal with the root cause of chaos and violence in the region in a clear-eyed way.”

On May 21, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo threatened Iran with “the strongest sanctions in history” if Tehran refuses to comply 12 “basic requirements” of a new nuclear agreement that could permit Iran to avoid sanctions.

Washington Prepares Regime Change Plan For Iran

According to these demands Iran must “stop enrichment” of uranium and permit “unqualified access to all sites throughout the country” to international inspectors.

On May 8, US President Donald announced the US withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal. This deal demanded Teheran to maintain a peaceful nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief. After the US withdrawal, Trump ordered to impose new economic sanctions against Iran. This measure wasn’t welcomed by other sides of the deal: China, Germany, France, Russia and the UK.



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  • Russie Unie

    If only Ahmadinejad could be back. Rohani is too weak on my opinion.

    • MH370

      the regime change will not happen untill during presidential election after the effects of new sanction already take place

    • Sina

      Yes Rohani is stupid :|



    • Omega

      Washington is the military arm of the real bosses in Britain.

    • Rodger

      They can want whatever. The US has long ago killed off almost all business it had with Iran. The US can target the $2 billion in trade it does with Iran but for more (any really) financial pressure they would need the support of nations actually doing trade with Iran. Why would those countries want to shoot themselves in their own feet just to please Trump? For the EU the US also wants them to hurt their own wallet by trade restrictions with Russia and China. The US offers nothing but threats in return. I very much doubt even our spineless EU politicians and bureaucrats are going to go for it.

      • Joe

        Non US countries should form a group to sanction American companies from doing business in all the participating countries from Russia to China. Then US will know what it is like…

  • hoss

    Merci southfront !

  • Serious

    Is it strange that USA is blaming Iran for what USA did, does and will do ??? XD.

    • Barba_Papa

      It’s natural for people to always blame others for their own failings. That’s both easy and comforting. Self analysis on the other hand is hard. You might not like what you find instead.

      • Serious

        It’s typical of the american administrations. USA doesn’t want others to do what they are doing.

        • TiredOfBsToo

          Yes they do but only against those that they want to target; Syria is a current case in point.

    • Feudalism Victory

      He cries out in pain as he strikes you

    • TiredOfBsToo

      “The administration will now start aggressively moving to deal with the root cause of chaos and violence in the region”

      How exactly are they going to deal with themselves?

      • Serious

        XD. Always reversed what it is said. Otherwise, you will understand nothing !!!

    • Turbofan

      Look up definition of a psychopath. Thats what they do. Would explain who runs the US

  • Barba_Papa

    >>“Team Bolton has spent years creating Plans B, C, and D for dealing with
    that problem. President Trump hired him knowing all of that. The
    administration will now start aggressively moving to deal with the root
    cause of chaos and violence in the region in a clear-eyed way.”<<

    The same team that seriously fucked up Iraq? And he thinks this time he will do better? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    • TrumanSparks

      Ha. “Team Bolton”.

      Plan B,C,D?? More like plan T,U,V. I’m sure they will end well. Insanity, indeed.

  • Garga

    Yeah, bring it on)

    How lucky we are that now Pompeo is our advocate. Nothing can stop us and I am very much thinking the “Mullah” regime held us back by limiting our enrichment level and missile range and by fighting ISIS. Without them, perhaps we had a 10,000km ICBM with a beautiful pointy nuclear, chemical, biological tip and befriend with ISIS.

    I’d like to announce here that I have no idea what the hell is an “IJ” and how can I stop supporting it? Better ask my advocate, Mr. Pompous!

  • Smrda

    I hope you will finally break your teeth on Iran, nazi exceptionalist supremacist scum…

  • Serious

    Beware of kurds, sunnis, feminists, “human right activists”, ….

  • Michał Hunicz

    Stay Strong Iran!

    • Hisham Saber

      Iran is very strong, otherwise they would have attacked it many years ago. When U.S. military commanders have war games involving Iran, the results are always too horrible to fathom, with loses way too unexpectable. Also, Iran is a pivotal, crucial ally of China and an integral part of the massive, gargantuan OBOR initiative. China will help Iran whether any form of sanctions. I for one, no longer count on Russia, as Russia has/is subverted by international Jews, but I have faith in God Almighty and China.

      • Merijn

        The U.S. & NATO only have a Looting Force…. Spread out to it’s Maximum allover the World…it will never be their Desired Shock & Awe if they ever Attack…They don’t know how to Fight a Real Opponent… Even with Iraq… they weakened the Country first a decade long, before invading it for a Second time… just like a Shark that Bites his Prey and let it bleed to Death before eating it…the West have become weaklings that don’t like to Die…

      • Ivan Freely

        Abandoning Russia already? They’ve saved Syria from total destruction.

        • Joe Dirt

          Never trust Mudslime carpet kissers….funny though Mussy hates the jews but love China? China does not give a shit about Iran…

          A former inmate at one of the ‘re-education camps’ in China has alleged that Muslims detained in the facilities by the Chinese authorities were forced to drink alcohol and eat pork….


          • Ivan Freely

            Muzzies don’t love China. They only want to use them for their own agenda; counter the Zio empire. This is called realpolitik. Understand what that is and you just might get through the semester. LOL

          • Joe Dirt

            China is not trying counter anyone, lol maybe should should go back to the academy before you try and spout China’s geopolitical narrative.

          • Ivan Freely

            If China wasn’t trying to counter anyone they wouldn’t have introduced the PetroYuan, invoking the wrath of the US, and providing diplomatic support to Russia. Sheesh…pay attention when in class.

          • Joe Dirt

            Oh WOW you think that because they introduced the “PertoYuan” that the it invoked wrath of the US…LOL

            Why The Petro-Dollar Is A Myth, And The Petro-Yuan Mere Fantasy


            Go back to Economics 101 you stupid fuck lol

            And despite the fanfare over the last few years, the yuan still comprises a tiny share of foreign exchange reserves held globally. Indeed, at 1.1% of the total, the yuan is significantly behind both the Australian and Canadian dollars, meaning that–with pound sterling–Queen Elizabeth II’s head appears on 7.5 times more foreign currency reserves than Mao’s. If China wants to change that, it will need to open up its economy, liberate its capital account and start living up to, rather than repudiating, its reform promises. Shanghai-traded oil futures in themselves have nothing to do with it.

          • Ivan Freely

            Forbes? You’re slipping using MSM garbage. Insert 3 quarters to play again.

          • Joe Dirt

            MSM?….game over bitch! you lost! LOL

            Douglas Bulloch – I taught Masters students in International Relations Theory and International Politics at the London School of Economics, before moving to China in 2011. Prior to that I worked on the commercial and financial side of Enterprise Oil Plc based in London which was taken over by Royal Dutch Shell in 2002. I have a PhD in International Relations from the LSE, an MA in International Relations, and a BA in Economics and Middle Eastern History from SOAS in London. I have been writing about the political economy of China since 2014 for CKGSB Knowledge, published in Beijing. I live in Hong Kong and take an interest in both international politics and the business and economic questions that put it in perspective.

          • Ivan Freely

            Riiigghht. While you’re at it, you should have claimed that your President Xi’s personal economic advisor; or better yet, Lord Rothschild. ROFL You do realize that Forbes is considered part of MSM, don’t you? Just like that rag, The Economist. Insert 3 quarters to play again?

          • Joe

            Do not be stupid .

            China will prove to Iran far more important than Russia . Russia did not supply Iran with even the stupid S300 for so long just to please their western colleagues/partners .

            China will first provide the money and second the markets for iran . Yes, China is more important than Russia as an ally . Russia is not dependable proven so far.

          • Joe Dirt

            A former inmate at one of the ‘re-education camps’ in China has alleged that Muslims detained in the facilities by the Chinese authorities were forced to drink alcohol and eat pork….

            Are you not reading the China’s geopolitical strategies? lol

        • Joe

          You are wrong to say Russia saved Syria. Syria saved Russia from huge economic ruin and thanks to Syrian soldiers who died .. that pipeline did not materialise or today there would not be any Nord stream , Turkish stream but Qatar to EU stream .

          To say that Russia saved Syria is very wrong … Syrians died for nothing . Yet Russia cannot protect Syrians and Iranians from Israeli attacks but looked on .

          Not a good ally

  • Serious

    Start planning plan A, B, C and D to counter the american arguments.

    It’s very easy.

  • Smaug

    Why does SF say that people are ‘allegedly’ angry at the Iranian government? There are flippin’ insurgent groups working agains Tehran, there.
    Everyone seems to focus on the overt actions of this conflict but there will surely be just as many covert actions. Assassination, sabotage, arming of dissidents, intrigues with lesser Iranian officials, etc.

  • KennyB

    What would Iran be like today if the UK and USA had not imposed the Shar on them in 1953? A thriving secular democracy? The hypocracy of the Americans is noted. The rest of the world is not as stupid as you think, you wankers. We know which nations are destabilising the Middle East.

    • Gregory Casey

      And not alone Iran but also, probably, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon & Turkey with the Saudis, Emiratis and Gulf Kingdoms remaining the sole standard-bearers for dictatorship although, I suspect that ordinary Saudis might never have followed the example of their leadership if they simply looked across the Gulf at the example being given by Citizens of Persia. Then again, Murica would never have allowed ordinary Saudis to share in the wealth generated by Oil beneath the sands.

    • Omega

      Both Mosadegh and the Shah were removed when they went solo and wanted to make of Iran a strong nation.

      The British Empire (which morphed to the Anglo-American Empire) follows the instructions of Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations where targeted nations must be kept backwards culturally and economically compared to Britain.

      The Muslim Brotherhood itself is a British creation to keep Muslim nations in that desires state of backwardness: https://bit.ly/2J06YDO

      Let’s also remember how Britain unleashed war (via Henry Churchill) on Egyptian leader, Mohammed Ali (who had made allies all the way up to Syria and who has secured the technologies that has made Europe an advanced continent) for wanting to take the Middle East out of its centuries-long stagnant condition. Ali threatened Britain’s East-India Levant Company and their two-centuries-long hegemony in the region.

    • Richards

      Zionism the masters of the unverseunverse!!!

      • Pacificnorthwest

        Zionism is a crime against humanity

      • Zionism = EVIL

        Zionism is pure EVIL.

  • MH370

    while iran will be busy tackling regime change
    US and friends will try another syrian regime change simultaneously

  • Bob

    How is Pompeo in any way qualified to, ‘…3. Advocate for Iranian people…’? Presumably that actually means a handful of long term exiles in Washington, that are the would be vassals in waiting.

    • chris chuba

      It’s for the children.

      I like the part where if the Iranians aren’t smart enough to rise up against their own govt, we will use military force anyway. How is this not going to piss off the Iranian people that we claim to love so much?

    • Serious

      Of course. He says Iranians to give up their sovereignty. XD. But, I can tell you that a lot of Iranians will stand with USA !!!! You will never be surprised by people stupidity.

  • Serious

    Let USA make sanctions to every country. Then USA will be isolated by her own policy.

  • potcracker2588

    versaille treaty 2018……………war is unavoidable

  • Serious

    USA has declared war to Iran.

  • Derapage

    It’s strange this “new birth of liberty based in self-determination” does not happen in Saudi Barbarian, a country with a worse dictatorial regime that “ships its wealth abroad to fight its expansionist wars in Lebanon, Yemen, Syria.

    • Serious

      You are wrong. iranians are free to obey USA. XD.

      • Zionism = EVIL

        Good luck with another moronic US/Zionist fantasy of “regime change” in Iran. The Zionist coward Nutter Yahoo is hiding in a bunker now :)

  • potcracker2588

    said it all along…its the jewish plan since the beginning……..A one world government with jerusalem as its capital.
    not my words now….but just think for a minute about what I´m going to quote, and what the meaning is for all people that believe and live by it.
    Jewish Holly book The Talmud and I quote
    The jews were always the enemy of mankind.Why does one think they got banned from great britain for 300 years, or spain for 250 years etc…
    The jew has satan arihman as his father, thats the one they prey to, just as jesus said.
    And they will get their nuclear war…they will make east fight against west.They want a nuclear war in the northern hemisphere, to rule the world.Thats their only possibility.Either make Israel bigger or the world smaller.The world smaller, with the countries of the northern hemisphere devastated, which includes, USA,Europe,Russia,China just to mention the big ones.
    make fun of me.curse me.dont change a dam thing no more.
    There is no way out no more.Too little , too late.Everything is interconnected, so that no one person,may it be trump or macron or may or merkel or for that sakes even netannayu could change a thing.Decades ago we still had a minor chance…one of those humans that decided to go against the jewish agenda was John F.Kennedy.kennedy was the biggest opposer of the state of israel, he knew about the interconnections to his country, in the military industrial complex, banking, organized crime etc.. His final push against Dimona was his death certificate.

    • Serious

      I think it’s normal that jews will rule the world as 4 billions people believe in Abraham garbages and so believe that jews are the “chosen people”.

      If you look at, christians and muslims are dying for israel.


    • Hisham Saber

      Yes, you are correct. Jews are the ‘chosen people’, but chosen by Satan (Lucifer, Shaitan).

      ‘ Even the best of the Goyim must be killed’ , the Talmud.

      Jews are incompatible with the rest of humanity, and world history confirms this in that they have been exiled or expelled 109 times, from 84 different countries and/or provinces since 250 A.D. Carthage, up until 1948 Arab countries. Jews are a clear, and direct threat to the whole world.

      They believe that once they build their ‘third temple’ in Jerusalem, on the site of the Dome of the Rock Mosque (the third most holiest site in Islam) , their Messiah will come and rule the Earth with an ‘iron fist’. Their Messiah is undoubtedly the Anti-God. But their plans and plots will come to nothing, as God Almighty is the best of planners. Their diabolical plans always get squashed by God Almighty. Jesus (pbuh), in his second coming, will rally and lead the forces of righteousness and defeat these diabolical Jews and their lord, the unholy one, Lucifer/ Shaitan.


  • pet

    The whole trouble with Islamic fanaticism in the world
    started 1979 with Khomeini and so called Islamic revolution, which, in the
    course of next 40 years, caused the most cruel and unspeakable deaths of
    millions of people by the hand of Muslim savages. Great deal of them were
    Christians. Iran was always in the forefront of the support to all Muslim terrorists around
    the planet (both Shiite and Sunni) as is required by its Constitution. During 1990is they
    shipped, in full cooperation with the Americans and the West, planeloads of weaponry
    as well as jihadis to Bosnia to fight Christian Serbs. Today again, along with their allies
    for the cause (the Americans and the West), they support Rohingya terrorists (ISIS) in
    Myanmar never condemning their crimes or revealing whose proxies they are. It
    should be clear that Iranians are not friends of Russian people or any other
    Christian nation. Hopefully, their longstanding cooperation with the Empire
    against other countries will finally catch up with them just like it did with
    Saddam Hussein. So, I shed no tears for islamic Iran

    • Serious

      Wow. An american, who lived in the Natives lands, stole the Native lands and genocide them come and speak about …. human rights and war crimes. XD.

    • Hisham Saber

      What a bunch of BS. Let me guess, your either a miserable Jew, or a simple minded bootlicker to Jews.

      • I am Jaziel

        look at his name… pet, witch lapdog is this ;)

    • AJ

      This is just nonsense – Iran has never supported Sunni extremists like Isis or Al Queda, these are creations of US foreign policy as Brzezinski acknowledges with the birth of islamic militancy in Afghanistan in the late 70s. Where do you think Isis came from?? – yeah the mess the US created in Iraq. Who is fighting these death crazed cults in Syria – yeah Iran. The US & Saudis have done more to spread jihadi crazies all over the world. 9/11 had nothing to do with iran did it. Who has been killing people all over Europe – Isis inspired militants not Iran shia groups.

  • Serious

    Do you believe that people who genocided 90% of the Natives and stole their lands are the advocate of human rights and war crimes !!!!

    And most people eat that shit !!!!

  • Serious

    I think it’s fucking easy to counter USA : speak about their history whenever they try to give you a moral or human right lesson.

    Whatever they blame you, they did 1 million worst.

    It’s so easy.

  • Tudor Miron

    It may sound weird for now but all we’re witnessing is a farce aimed to disguise what
    is really happening – transfer of center of power concentration from UK/US to
    China and guess who? Yes, Iran.

    This will take more time – as of now China is not ready and Iran is far from being ready.

    Don’t be fooled by hostility between current center of governing and those that are
    coming – US country level elites are not happy loosing their world policeman
    bonuses. Very few Iranians actually realize what’s going on :)

    Anyway – new world dominated (according to plan) by China and Iran will be ruled by same parasite that is ruling most of the world through UK/US now.

    Guess who will be sacrificed in the process? Yes, they do it themselves – actively participating
    in building their own slaughter.

    • Merijn

      This is the theory I always Kept in the back of my mind…Always Follow the Money..Gold is Flowing like a River towards Chinese Vaults…..I did not forget the Organ trading of Falung Gong Members (With IsraHell involved). Now China Wants A Social Credit System…which is the New World Order’s Wet Dream…just don’t let anyone Fool ya must be our device…

      • Ivan Freely

        I don’t believe the Social Credit system will work; maybe to some but in the end it’ll fail.

        • Merijn

          Good… I’m at -376.956 Credit Points at the moment….

      • Tudor Miron

        “Always Follow the Money.”(c) thats a reliable one.

    • Ivan Freely

      Both China and Iran are too proud to allow themselves to be ruled by a foreign power. The Chinese still remember the century of shame? (I forgot what they call it). I can’t see it happening.

      Now, with that out of the way, the Chinese will not fight, and die, for some far away foreign nation like Syria. It’s simply due to cultural similarities; the greater the difference, the lesser chance of them fighting for you. North Korea, and Vietnam is a different case as those two societies are very similar to Chinese societies (regardless of what their respective nationalists say). Hell, there’s a greater chance of the Chinese fighting for Japan than for some middle eastern nation.

      • Tudor Miron

        Let’s wait and see.

  • Serious

    When we were talking about the palestinian massacre in Gaza last time, someone tell me “the strong eat the weak”.

    I didn’t understand but now, I think I understand. Human mindset is to kill, to rob, steal and enslave.

    Humans have no other goals than to dominate others, to kill them, to rob them, …. That’s the real goal of humans.

    They find strategies to do so. That’s why mindking is design to be doomed.

  • rudy

    While in fact the regimechange(a real U-turn) is needed in the US !

    • TiredOfBsToo

      Aimed at the unelected Deep State which makes a mockery of the 3 branches of government as envisioned by those who sacrificed to gain independence from the British Empire.

  • so

    Regime change my butt. We’ll see how my countrymen like $15.00 per gallon gas at the filling station.
    Living in a society built around the automobile. Watch the US economy collapse like a deck of cards.
    Sounds like more noise from the idiots.

  • Nuno Cardoso da Silva

    While Americans think they are super-heroes, they are in fact well below average in all fields of human activity. Even their military is below standard. Eventually they will find out how mediocre they are, but meanwhile they are a deadly danger to the world.

    • Serious

      It’s the opposite. USA is the temple of what really humans are : murders, thieves, sinners, …..

      • Dr. Pro Liv

        You are full of shit as usual “Serious”;
        you are probably talking about yourself only

        • Merijn

          I thought he was bettering his Life… it almost looks like he saw “the Light”

    • Merijn

      The World becomes a more Dangerous place for them as Well….

  • Serious

    I think I solved the contradiction : “why most people love USA while USA have done and is doing the most disgusting things”. It’s because, the real mindset of humans is to to dominate others, to kill them, to rob them, … Most people love USA because they see the real behaviour of humans.

    Case closed.

    • Empire’s Frontiers

      Jealousy turned to admiration.

      Interesting observation.

      • Ivan Freely

        More like respect than admiration.

    • gustavo

      Most USA people think that outside people are jealous of their country because it is a superpower. They are wrong, most of the people outside USA are terrify about what USA can do to them, if they do not follow its international rules (policy), and they know that USA control the drug (production, transportation, and distribution) in the World.

  • Hrky75

    Neocons are betting on the fact that Iranian population is too young to remember what US imposed “democratic” regime looks like. What they miss is the fact that non US education systems in general and Iranian in particular – teach history – from coup against Mosasdegh to the Gulf war no.1. And Iranians are, according to western statistics – the most well educated young population in the Middle east. Which is one of the biggest reasons why both Saudis – with inbred under educated population depending on government handouts and Israelis – that are losing their scientific and education edge in the region, want to orchestrate a US shooting war with Iran ASAP…

    • TrumanSparks

      I’ve learned that whatever the Neocons are “betting on” will by definition fail.

      Iran should be glad for our latest nonsense. Somehow they’ll be the winners in the end. Neocons would screw up a wet dream.

  • Turbofan

    Note how military intervention is not advocated. just as I thought. The US only attacks weak defenseless nations

  • Empire’s Frontiers

    Interesting remarks about the birth of new liberty seeing as how the Islamist occupation of the Persian territory came about because the US couldn’t tolerate Iranian liberty in the last century, and instigated the murder and imprisonment of the intellectual class.

    Trade in your history for a VCR, slaves.

  • georgeking

    Just change words “Iran” for “America” and you have it!

    >>“The ordinary people of Iran (America) are suffering under economic stagnation, while the regime (US government) ships its wealth abroad to fight its expansionist wars and to pad the bank accounts of the Mullahs (War industries and Wallstreet) and the IRGC command (US Military Brass),” <<

  • Lena Jones

    First and foremost, Americans want regime change in DC.

    Secondly, Americans wants israel, the global center for terrorism and usury, to be deleted from the map of the world and flushed down the toilet of history. Regime change there is simply not enough.

    Thirdly, Americans want regime change in the UK, France, Germany and all the other ex-colonialist countries turned globalist nations.
    Fourthly, Americans want regime change in ALL the Arab oil monarchies – no more fucking monarchies!!!

    Why do Americans want all the above? Because they reject the occupation of America by the jews and their european and Arab globalist agents.

    Americans want their fucking FREEDOM back!

    And when they have their freedom back, we can talk Iran and shmiran.

  • Gregory Casey

    This is the BiBi-Bolton-NeoCon “Regime-Change” Plan For Iran previously rejected by Dubya ‘tho supported by the War-Criminals, Cheney & Rumsfeld. If Trump is stupid enough to agree very many Thousands of Americans will die, as will Iranians, Iraqis, Saudis and assorted others and the Gulf will ship no Oil or Gas for very many years leading to a worldwide economic depression the likes of which has not been seen since 1929

  • RichardD

    Where there needs to be regime change is Shebaa Farms, the occupied Golan, West Bank and east Jerusalem. By removing the occupation forces in a UNSC Chapter 6 military clearing operation using Resolution 2334 and others, and replacing Israeli forces and government with the restoration of and strengthening the Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian governments. It should probably include securing Gaza, and plans for disarming and disbanding the IDF, Mossad and Shin Bet on an as needed basis.

    In my opinion this would best be done by an international military coalition comprising Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt. Supported by the Syrian government coalition including Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, Iraq, and possibly others, including Turkey.

    This isn’t a simple operation and will take a lot of work in the planning and preparation stages so that it proceeds with a minimum of problems, and doesn’t go nuclear or draw in NATO.

  • Blondebomber

    The Iranian people have tried to free themselves several times. Sorry it has to be this way.

    • SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

      Apparently the only “Iranians” you know are Americans or Israelis.

  • Merijn

    The U.S. Is not going to war with Iran anyway… with what Army? And as Soon As the first 20.000 Bodybags arrive Back home… perhaps they will realise their Empire is truly done…it is over U.S…go home…

    • Ivan Freely

      Too soon to tell. IIRC, the US is slowly gathering forces in Afghanistan and Northern Syria. If true, then they’re going to hit Iran from both their Western and Eastern border. The success of the Eastern front will greatly depend on Pakistan’s involvement. And, as I understand, Pakistan is an ally to Saudi Arabia and strangely to China. Interesting times ahead.

      • Merijn

        Great Opportunities…for change…I see the U.S. as nothing more then a Loudmouthed Bully…their Mercenaries that should have done the Job in Iran are Almost driven to Extinction…Let America Send Boots on the Ground…Boots on the Ground will also mean Boots Under the Ground…let’s see how many uneducated Fools they can round up for their Looting Party this time…

  • Blas de Lezo

    They couldn’t even get Assad after 7 years.Trump’s regime is in more trouble and likely to be impeached.

  • Ivan Freely

    Dropping the USD will “change the US regime’s behavior.”

  • World_Eye

    Anything else you missed Mr. Trump and Mr. Pompeo, anything else?

  • Tommy Jensen

    The human rights are also lacking. Plus Iran´s many violent regime changes in the region and the world.
    Plus Irans controle over the financial bank systems in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, North Korea, Grenada, Nigeria and Panama.
    This has to stop. The world and ordinary people wants peace, freedom and cheese burgers. Not financial world domination from Ayatollahs.

    • Sinbad2

      Wow man, you do some weird drugs.

    • Noel Ignatiev


  • delbertino


  • Sinbad2

    If Iran could increase its oil production, and sell oil at under US $55 in either other currencies, or gold, it would break the US and Saudi economies.
    The main problem for Iranian oil exports, apart from old infrastructure is the US barring them from getting insurance.

  • RichardD

    There’s another group of Americans besides the America Firsters like myself who put Trump in office, only to watch him sell out to the evil Jews and their collaborators. Who would be overjoyed to see the end of Israel and Jews. And that’s Americans in government, including the military and security services, who’ve watched 911 and the endless wars that our legislature has given the Jews on a silver platter from the inside. Knowing that it wasn’t right, but there wasn’t anything that they could do about it.

    • Sinbad2

      It was obvious that Trump could not stand alone against the whole American political apparatus.
      If Americans really want change, they have to do it with all American politicians. As long as Americans choose to vote for Congressmen and Senators who openly get rich from the bribes they take, America will remain an oligarchy.
      Americans vote for which ever politician offers the biggest bribe, that is also how it works here in Oz.
      A politician offers a tax cut, and people vote for him, the fact that schools will close to fund that tax cut does not concern most voters, they are only interested in their own wealth.

      Karl Marx did an amazing rave on how democracies are doomed, because politicians buy votes, and voters sell their votes.
      Eventually when the American people can no longer feed their children, they will rise up, kill the politicians and those who employ the politicians(big business banks etc) and the whole process will start again.

      Watch the movie “gangs of New York”, it’s a caricature of American society.

      • RichardD

        I agree that Trump was up against almost impossible odds.

        Some democracies are run better than others. The primary problem with ours is Jews. Which is why we need to get rid of them by outlawing their evil cult like the Chinese and numerous others have done for thousands of years. To get them out of government and society to create a Jew free world that will be much better for others.

        • Sinbad2

          All Americans have to do to get rid of the Jews, is to stop voting for them.
          You, and I are a minority, millions of Americans elect Jews who owe their loyalty to Israel and the dollar, time and time again.
          That’s why Marx said democracy will always fail.
          Have you ever wondered why Marx is so universally hated in the west?
          People who have never read a single word of Das Kapital hate him, why?

          The reason Marx is hated, is because he spoke the truth.

          • RichardD

            There are 2 republican Jews in the federal legislature, there are dozens of Jew democrats. It’s a democrat problem, the same one’s who’re trying to take away our guns and turn us into a Jew slave state, not a US voter problem. The same people who put Trump in office and provided republican majorities in the house and senate, are the one’s who refuse to vote for Jews.

            – Almost 6% of Congress now Jewish — 28 Democrats and 2 Republicans –


          • Sinbad2

            Yes, but those Republican politicians work for the Jews. John McCain is a perfect example, he was always talking up defense, who do you think owns Lockheed Martin?

          • RichardD

            I agree completely. But it’s primarily a government problem, not a voter problem. Most people are limited in their depth of knowledge of the Jew problem like you and I have. Though fortunately more are getting up to speed on the topic. And sites and comment boards like this are helping with that.

            Jews are a parasitical disease, and have been for thousands of years. They’re highly developed in their methods. But it usually doesn’t turn out well for them in the end. As their history shows. They don’t belong as part of our civilization.

          • Sinbad2

            Really it’s about education, for democracy to be truly effective it needs a small educated voter base.
            Back in the 1960’s Americans complained very loudly about the Vietnam war, they forced the US Government to obey them.

            The US Government responded by reducing education standards and arranging for the “right” kind of people to take over the media.

            Countries like Iceland, Finland etc have excellent democracies because they are highly educated with small populations. India, the name Gandhi is all you need, or the promise of free food.

          • RichardD

            The internet is the new mass media and school room for life. People like us and millions of others are the talking heads and teachers. People have an opportunity to seek what resonates with them that they didn’t have before.

            I’m experiencing similar lessons and opportunities with my ET contact and innernet work. And am looking forward to taking it to a higher level to the extent that it’s safe to do so. Money for security and research is the biggest constraint that I’m trying to get past.

          • RichardD

            As you probably know, Goldman Sachs is a Wall Street Jew bank:


            – Goldman Sachs dominates the league –


          • AssKicker47

            Isn’t Marx Jewish?

          • Sinbad2

            Born Jewish but an atheist.

  • Joe Dirt

    The Iranian people will force regime change…

    • Sinbad2

      Yes the Iranian people will force regime change, upon Israel and the USA.

      Not by them destroying economies(USA) or assassins(Israel) but by simply defying the axis of evil.
      Because when all the other enslaved countries see that you can be free of US/Israel domination they too will rise up against those who have enslaved them.

  • Sinbad2

    Notice how the price of oil has increased since the US stopped Venezuela selling oil?
    Now if the US plan with Iran succeeds expect $120 a barrel oil.

    So who benefits from increasing oil prices?
    Well it’s certainly not your average American buying fuel for the car.
    Chevron etc shareholders however will love it?

    Follow the money trail, all wars are about money.

    • goingbrokes

      And the money trail ends up in the international banking system.

      • Sinbad2

        Which is the USA.
        The USA is like a leech, it sucks every dollar from every country.
        Children die of starvation so America can live its debauched life.
        At 67 years of age, I finally realize why Iranians chant death to America, America is the heart of evil, it must be destroyed.

  • Trovak

    There will be no peace on our planet, until the regime of the talmudic khazars are dealt with decisivly.

  • antoun

    uhuh phantasm american from 1979!! usa is lost!!

  • John Whitehot

    “The ordinary people of Iran are suffering under economic stagnation, while the regime ships its wealth abroad to fight its expansionist wars and to pad the bank accounts of the Mullahs and the IRGC command,”

    Funny that this comes from people that have admitted having “lost” (their word is “unaccounted”) 21 TRILLIONS of Dollars in 17 years.

  • gustavo

    Of course,, USA always work on plan to make regimen changes all over the World.