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Washington Postponed Additional Military Aid To Kiev – Report

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Washington Postponed Additional Military Aid To Kiev - Report

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The Biden administration held off on delivering the additional military assistance for Ukraine, while a $200 million aid package was prepared. This was reported by NBC News on December 11, citing sources familiar with the matter.

The U.S. is already providing important military assistance to Ukraine on a regular basis. The U.S. has delivered about $400 million in 2021 only. It is already the largest sum provided in a year since 2014. And more aid packages are supposed.

The most recently, the $200 million aid package reportedly “has been on the president’s desk for roughly three to four weeks.” It was expected to be approved a week ago; but the decision was finally postponed by the White House.

The exact composition of this aid package was not unceiled. In its turn, Kiev asks for military equipment like more Javelin anti-tank and anti-ship missiles, ADS, advanced radar systems and various other munitions.

Despite the delay in sending this exact $200 million package, there are still other options to support the Kiev regime, including other larger military supplies that are previewed.

Amid the ongoing hysteria on the alleged Russian invasion of Ukraine, Washington claims that it is ready to impose new tough sanctions on Moscow and to send more military aid to Ukraine. Thus, according to the sources, another much larger package of aid still may be approved in Washington in the event of further incursion by Russia.

“We would provide additional defensive materiel to the Ukrainians above and beyond that which we are already providing,” National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said, recounting Biden’s conversation with Putin.

The decision of the Biden administration to delay one smaller shipment, was likely a tactic move aimed to give a room for diplomatic steps following the recent virtual summit between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin. At the same time, Washington continues to inflate the story of the alleged Russian invasion of Ukraine, trying to maintain leverage on Moscow.


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A Fellow

I would support a nuclear Ukraine for there to finally be peace between the two countries. It’s a shame Bush Sr. talked them out of keeping their stake of the old Soviet arsenal.


Jewish oligarchs and US staged a coup and are still in control of Ukraine. Ukraine is a failed state and just not viable.

Last edited 1 month ago by Bangkok

Russia wanted to invade Ukraine in 2014. Problem of Putin who stopped it.


It is entirely conceivable that Putin will get Donbas and a guarantee of no NATO expansion into Ukraine without firing another shot, or invading other parts of Ukraine. NS 2 has been green lighted. Putin will click up another notch on the Peter the Great scale If Biden goes that way, Putin must give great benefit back in some form. Blinken may seek to secure a benefit for Israel in exchange for concessions on Ukraine. Bad news for Iran, but that’s not really news. Russia is already an Israel ally. With US leaving ME, Israel needs a new best friend. So in the future we see Russia getting closer to Israel and to Germany, which will serve to pull Russia westward. Not a bad long term result.

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