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JUNE 2023

Washington Is Taking Steps To Politically Recognize SDF Authorities In Eastern Syria – Report

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Washington Is Taking Steps To Politically Recognize SDF Authorities In Eastern Syria - Report

Members of the US Special Operations Forces alongside with SDF members are in Syria Source: AFP

An unnamed official told the UK-based Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper on January 7 that the US is taking steps to officially recognize the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) as the legitimate authority in eastern Syria.

According to the report, some of the US steps are empowering local councils, backing reconstruction efforts, assisting in training of government agency workers, improving public services and infrastructure. All of these steps are a route to a diplomatic recognition of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), the political wing of the SDF.

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis had said on December 29 that he expects to see a larger US civilian presence in Syria, including contractors and diplomats after defeating ISIS, according to Reuters.

In the military side, the US will increase its support to the SDF according to the western official. This is opposite to the promise US President Donald Trump made to Turkey on November 25, 2017. The US military support to the SDF will include protecting SDF areas, engaging in the upkeep of military bases and even turning the SDF into a regular army.

Some of these steps are already underway as on December 24, Siyabend Welat, a commander of the Northern Syria Defense Forces (NSDF), revealed that the US-led coalition SDF are forming a new military force in the SDF-held area named the Northern Syrian Army (NSA).

Also on January 7, some SDC officials claimed that the US is going to recognize the SDC as an alternative to the Syrian government and to recognize the SDF as the national army of the SDF-held area.

Some observers doubted that the US could take such step because it will be opposed by the majority of its allies in the area including Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Egypt. However, Trump’s administration has already proven that it’s ready to make high risk moves in the Middle East, like recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

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Cheryl Brandon

This would not work cause, they will have 34 hostile neighbours which could cripple them economicically. U$A can only provide WAR AND DESTRUCTION.


Even before that they were at odds with FSA that’s just invited into Washington. I just couldn’t see it works with racist Kurdish at the helm.


From what airbase will bring supplies to the US backed proxy mercenaries? From Iraq? From Turkey?The Turks or Iraqis might just shoot an illicit US plane that that operates illegally over sovereign Turkish, Iraqi and or Syrian territory.


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From Israel.


Turkey cannot shoot planes of its Nato allies. It would at the minimum mean having them booted out of Nato and it would immediately make most of Turkish army non operational. No more spare parts for any Nato arms, which includes all of its airforce, missiles, smart bombs, radarstations, heavy tanks etc.

So will not happen.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Just a warning they can shoot planes of any country whether the be of NATO or any nation it’s their sovereign airspace and they only have mutual defense plans. How come you don’t understand NATO and are yet so close to it , seems you lack the understanding of the treaty. Turkey has not been receiving any of the NATO parts as it stands so no surprise there, and have been adapting their equipment to use and built their own military equipment and parts to be work as replacement parts. Seems as if you know even less again about what is going on than you assume others do.

Cheryl Brandon

If, $2,000,000 stuffed in paper on a campaign train is the answer. What do you think is the question? That is the amount of money which 2 JEWISH PIMPS gave their American Whore Harry Truman- the 1947 POTUS to recognize Israhell as a “state”. Abe Steinberg and ED Kaufmann did the honours of playing the pimps. Plus the the millions in arms which Czechoslovakia donated to them for HARD CURRENCY. Never mind the Palestinians whom they found living there. Israhell=Sadistic/violent/vile/brutal RACISTKleptocracy


Trump must take written consent or authority from Syrian government to chop up Syria. At the moment Trump have no written consent or authority document from Syrian government to chop up Syria. If Trump do then this will be a biggest blunder in US and in UN history…


I would say that the the report is spot on in terms of what’s being planned in both Washington and Tel Aviv with a me to chorus in some NATO capitols. And that quite a bit of it is already in the implementation stages to see how much that they can get away with before they run into a lot of resistance.


What wealth there is will be bled dry by US contractors as they did in Iraq.


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AM Hants

The secret agreement with Trump and his mates in Israel, that was signed on 12 December, concerning Iran and no doubt Syria. They are so desperate to get those natural resources, to kee the Great Israel Project on schedule. Don’t think they are going to make it though, thankfully.


Shipping oil by plane will be quite prohibitive. Attempting to take it through Iraq will subject it to the same problems the terrorists had once Russia and allies took up the fight.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Trump is a fat jew what do you expected from him.

AM Hants

A lot more than he has provided. Believe Clinton would have been far worse. So you seriously have my sympathies.

Jim Martin

The plan may make more sense than some realize

The Syrian Regime has long since lost any credibility to represent the Syrian people, have repeatedly triggered R2P that the International community has blindly ignored (shame on us all),. They belong clearly and soundly at the ICC in the Hague along with the Iranian Regime also complicit in these ICC war crimes to support their Syria and Lebanese proxies in a long list of foreign misadventures that are leading Iranians away from the Iranian regime which rapidly loses more credibility in Iran’ locked in the past of 1979 at the expense of the Iranian people

Turkey under the Erdogan regime while offering some relief to refugees, abuse the generosity and good will of the Turkish people to bully and kill members the SDF/YPG/YPG which arguably, with their inclusive governance structures, may be the only significant group who represent the aspirations of the 23 million Syrian people and their future (The Syrian regime will not be toppled, it will dissolve around Assad to this better vision) . Erdogan being focused on holding on to and gaining more dictatorial power in Turkey and the Region at the expense of the Turkish and Syrian people and the next election and extremist vote in Turkey as he oppresses his own people. He would have declared himself a PKK commander, an Orthodox priest or a Jewish Rabbit if it could achieve more Mugabe like dictatorial power which is tragically where Turkey us heading

Then there is Russia who clearly has blood on their hands also as above , and the only saving grace here is that they finally see the writing on the wall that the Assad regime will embroiled them in endless unsupportable conflict and include them in Syrian regime war crimes, including overt starvation as a WMD and mass destruction mass carnage. Their only saving grace is that some Russians (smarter than your average bear!) realize that the SDF/YPG/YPJ with their inclusive governance structures may also be their own credible exit strategy from Syria, from Assad with any hope of maintaining a relationship with the Syrian people via those inclusive governance structures of the SDF/YPG/YPJ. On this they are on the same waveband as the Americans (The military, as much of the political structure has not cought up with the military folks who are far more engaged and progressive or they are not saying)

On top of that both the Americans, Russians and NATO are silent to Erdogan’s ruthless excesses in order to sit on our hands and hope for the best in our case as we damage NATO in the process with our silence, or in the Kremlin’s case to gain advantage (its hard to blame them in thus case as we ourselves let the Turkish people suffer in silence under Erdogan also). Shame on us in NATO & the International community for this

The sooner this as seen this vision and reality as the way out if the mess for all concerned,the sooner what I outline will finally become policy and treaty. The Question is how much more blood sweat and tears before we all also see what is obvious; Where gravity lies for the future of Syria and the Syrian people. Really it’s the only credible practical solution that one can see clearly


You’re a real moron and lying Zionist shill. There wouldn’t be a war if your Jew buddies and their collaborators didn’t start and support it in blatant violation of numerous international laws and treaties. Assad is a secular nationalist with a pluralistic mandate who won the election and would win another. The Syrian government coalition are the ones supporting and enforcing international law. Not your scofflaw Zionist crime states and their illegal regime change partners with their sock puppet Hegelian terrorists. Who have brought non stop and highly illegal fabricated war, terrorism, death, injury and destruction to humanity. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-19If49TLF38/Vomc1GpTwGI/AAAAAAAAl64/QtHqW3z_xHQ/w477-h464-n/israeli_trolls.gif

Jim Martin

Do you have regime troll competitions? Another Joseph Goebbels, the Syrian edition and regime mouthpiece again

And of course its all the fault of the U.S., Israel and Saudi Arabia also?

More Blah, Blah, Blah


You haven’t disproven anything that I’ve written. But what you’ve written is disproven by articles on this site and elsewhere every day.

Jim Martin

Correction. In your parallel universe


The evidence is prima facia, your rejection of it shows that your lying.

Jim Martin

drivel over substance. Predicable


More evasion from a Zio troll who can’t back up his lies, because they’re lies.

Jim Martin

No substance from you, not even any style


“Do you have regime troll competitions? Another Joseph Goebbels, the Syrian edition and regime mouthpiece again

And of course its all the fault of the U.S., Israel and Saudi Arabia also?

More Blah, Blah, Blah”

Your lies are blatant and have no credibility in the face of irrefutable evidence:

“The Syrian Train and Equip Program is an ongoing $500 million United States-led military operation that identifies and trains selected Syrian opposition forces inside Syria as well as in Turkey and other US-allied states who will then return to Syria to fight”

– Syrian Train and Equip Program –



“In declassified documents, the CIA has admitted its role in overthrowing the Iranian government. The overthrow pattern is always the same. Washington hires protesters, then introduces violence, controls the explanation, and unseats the government.”



US unilateral recognition of this non-entity is no different then Russia recognizing the many breakaway republics in Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova. Or Turkey recognizing Northern Cyprus Now if the rest of the Western world were to follow, that might mean something, *cough* Kosovo *cough, but overall you need recognition by a majority of the world’s countries in order to become a country.

It could be fun to watch though, the West’s hypocrisy in recognizing this Syrian Kurdistan, while condemning Russia for recognizing the ‘People’s Republics’ (I can’t say those names without breaking out in laughter) in the Ukraine. I guess its only a bad thing if the other guy does it. Do as I say, not as I do!


There isn’t a population of ethnic Americans east of the river in Syria.


Details, my friend, just details. That didn’t stop the West from recognizing Kosovo now did it?


Most Americans don’t care about the Kurds, the same can’t be said for most of what you’ve listed for the Russians.


There are a few thousand ISIS/Americans :)


First paragraph is like my comment yesterday. So totally correct.

As for the second paragraph, as I read the article, its was recognising a federal state within Syria, so not as an independent state outside of Syria.

I can reverse the comment also. Why would most of the commenters here condemm here what is viewed as an US action while agreeing with Russia on Ukraine break away small enclaves. Hypocrisy too imo. Works two ways.


In a way you’re right. Legally there is no difference and internationally and either the US or Russia are basically liar liar, pants on fire.

But as others have said, the 2 breakaway republics in the Ukraine are made up from ethnic Russians, who happen to live in a country outside Russia. That does create a different dynamic then US politicians who want to support a breakaway republic on the other side of the world with whom they share no ties of blood or culture whatsoever, who don’t even share the same political views. Quite the contrary in fact because whatever political views the Kurds have, its LIGHTYEARS to the left of the US political establishment. The US and the Kurds share nothing together. The only reason they do support this is can by summed up with one word, *cue spooky soundeffects* IRAN! *end spooky soundeffects*

There is another difference, although of even less moral justification. Russia views those breakaway republics as vital to its national security. As the last thing they want is yet another NATO country with NATO bases and NATO troops on its western border. Whatever the fuck happens in Syria is of no national security threat to the US. Only to Israel. Which as you might know has some considerable influence on The Hill.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Well all the countries in the world see that what the US did in Kosovo was all nothing but lies in getting them to give it legitimacy, and realize it has caused more instability than settling any.

Why are you antisemitic to the Arab people you and Dutchnational both clothe it in civility but its still there.

The AIPAC crew has a choice to not to bite off more than can chew or become recognized as the foreign entity manipulating the elections in the US. This would be something they would need to deal with as they continue to expose themselves , this should be interesting year in US politics.


NATO expansion is a direct and deliberate threat to Russian security. The Maiden was funded by the CIA. Completely different.


Trump must take written consent or authority from Syrian government to chop up Syria. At the moment Trump have no written consent or authority document from Syrian government to chop up Syria. If Trump do then this will be a biggest blunder in US and in UN history.


‘The enemy of my enemny is not necessacerly my friend, but they can be useful.’ Kurds should remember the Hmung tribe abandoned by the US when they left the Vietnam war.


It’s not going to happen as it would be mayhem in ME ! It is like US turning a complete defeat to a complete victory !

From then on they can even set up air bases etc in the middle of ME out of defeat?

No it is against the GREAT interests of Russia , Turkey ,Syria, Iran , and even Iraq to allow such to materialise. No not going to happen , just watch . Russia and the rests have spent too much to allow a lame US to just establish a country 3 times the size of Lebanon out of nothing . SDF is not even strong enough to face SAA not to say all those countries combined.

So far US has no real success to fight ISIS even other than plain bombing and destroy .

As explained , if the attack starts , SDF would be suicidal to their own future and existance to fight the forces combined.

No country is insane to allow such to happen when they are winning …


Strange some yesterday here denied my comment about this and reading confirmation here the next day.

John Mason

Explains why Turkey is increasing there presence and ready to confront the SDF. SDF is on the secondary problem, US is the one that needs to be booted out.

Nigel Maund

The US chicanery is so damned predicatble!

AM Hants

Nothing to do with Washington, as Syria is a sovereign nation and the US and NATO have not been invited to stick their noses into Syrian domestic issues. Meanwhile Washington DC is moving their CIA funded terrorist friends around, changing names from day to day. Whatever Washington and friends suggest, make sure you work on the opposite of their suggestions.


The problem, as I see it, in the mideast, is that everything is getting talked to death and nothing is ever achieved as no party there is able or willing to compromise on anything.

One just has to look at the Israeli conflict, at Syria, at Iraq, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Lybia etc etc.

Nothing is ever solved, nothing at all.

It seems like the culture in the region forbids solving problems between communities, they all want to fight it out. And then they do, over and over.


The problem, as I see it, in the mideast, is Jews like you.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

That is very true in the US illegally controlled region, arrests are common place in the camps and the releasing of ISIS to go to the US training bases is nothing new. Seems you are forgetting the Majority Arabs in the region, this would be the camel that broke both the UN and NATO’s back and right now the US needs allies not to alienate them.

Looks as this little experiment in Apoism will come to naught even with these rotten Jewish and NATO backed Think Tanks weighing in. The world is changing and just not the way the US and EU ,Atlantic alliance would think, which is sad for these nations as they will be forced to play catch up in world that will surpass them.

Keep dreaming dutchnational you are making me laugh anyways.

Solomon Krupacek

Thanks Putin!

Igor Dano

If Jewish puppet in WH will recognize Kurds, then there is sure a will on the planet to recognize Palestinians and kick Jews out of ME, back to Turkmenistan.

Solomon Krupacek

death to israel!

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