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Washington Is Struggling To Get Support From Allies To Stay In Syria: WSJ

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Washington Is Struggling To Get Support From Allies To Stay In Syria: WSJ

US forces are in the outskirts of the Syrian town of ManbijSyria

Washington has reached out to least 21 of its allies for support to maintain military presence in northeastern Syria, the Wall Street Journal reported on April 23, citing U.S. and foreign officials. However, according to the report, about a half of them has declined while others have agreed to provide only nominal support.

According to the officials, Trump administration held two rounds of meetings to ask its allies to support its Syria plan. The first round was held in January in the capitals of 7 European allies, while the second round was held in the spring and covered 14 other countries.

“The US has asked those allies to provide support in areas where the US falls short, including air logistics, training, and financial support for stabilization efforts … Some countries have declined to participate in the military campaign but have pledged humanitarian assistance and stabilization assistance,” the New York-based newspaper said.

Last December President Donald Trump made a decision to withdraw all U.S. forces from Syria. The decision provoked much criticism from European countries, which are apparently not ready to risk sending their own soldiers to the war-torn country.

WSJ said that acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan and Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff were both involved in the efforts to mass support for the new U.S. plan.

“We continue to consult with multiple partners and allies to identify areas where they might best contribute to the enduring defeat of ISIS and remain confident that coalition nations will provide the necessary support in Syria,” Dunford’s spokesman, Col. Patrick Ryder, told the newspaper.

Despite facing much rejection from their allies, U.S. officials told WJS they are convinced that enough allies will support the new plan for Syria.

Earlier this month, assistant secretary of defense for international security affairs, Kathryn Wheelbarger, told the Washington Times that the U.S. is working to maintain its “international coalition” in order to prevent ISIS from reemerging in Syria and Iraq.

“We expect the threat to evolve, [and] the importance of the coalition is our priority,” Wheelbarger said in the interview that was released on April 9.

Washington’s plan to keep troops in Syria for the long terms is not going as planned. However, Trump’s administration is apparently determined to achieve this goal, even that it completely contradicts with the withdrawal decision.

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Without support the US is chicken shit.




Even with support the US military is shit.

Lukas Arines



Really, those that call the shots in DC aren’t afraid of anything…they’re safe at home under their beds. The real reason (my take) is that the economic condition is far worse than Trump will admit. The BS we are hearing on the MSM that the economy is roaring is complete and total horse shit. All these calls for help from allies and Trumps demand for more NATO spending, coupled with the increased (coerced) sales of a plane that can barely fly at prices that are more than exorbitant says that things are not at all rosy. It is also beginning to look like Venezuela is definitely part of this equation. Should they actually cut off or drastically reduce Iranian and Venezuelan oil sales, which will impact European supply and run the price of oil up…which in turn will kill any sort of recovery from this 10 year long recession…there will be an absolute need for a replacement supply, as KSA can no longer step-up and cover such a drop in supply. Look at Libya, the US is now abandoning any pretenses and showing open support for Haftar, with Trump openly slavering over the oil in a personal call to Haftar, poking the (pro-GNA) EU/UN in the eye. For this reason, I would now not be surprised if the US did try a military option in Venezuela, as it appears time is running out. I think we are seeing desperation rearing it’s ugly head and dangerous options are becoming possible. Within the next 2 years, likely sooner, I believe we will be seeing a economic disaster like the world has never seen before. The scary thing to me is two questions…is this a disaster in the making that they will try to avoid?…or is that the goal in the first place. Are all these monumental mistakes…or a plan?


Good point. Most people would be concerned if the financial crisis happens if they still have to pay their mortgage; be a financial disaster for the banks but a win for the people.


they’re basically incompetent and can’t devise such scheming plans so it’s just a development they have no control over. they being the corrupt and criminally insane neo-nazi morons in washington dc.

Lukas Arines

Well the economy is roaring for the globalists and global corporate


Senility, the last phase of the iankee imperialism. Keep on going, Mad Rat Bolton and Pompeius Pomponius!


One of these days we’ll read about a US senator who identifies as a horse.


Of course they expect the threat to evolve, they’re doing everything they can to make it happen. Who knows how many sleeper cells they have scattered everywhere that they can call on to create havoc? Without this threat, they have no reason to be there…but to keep the US public buffaloed, there must be a threat, even if it is fake.


Your comment is exactly what I was thinking :)
Well done.


Thanks! I have my moments.


The US forces have not encountered enough IED’s yet. [They feel a bit to tough riding around in those Strikers].


Yes, an IED campaign to strike US personnel all over the world would be karma indeed :)

The US is almost universally despised, even by her vassals. If fact , even more so by her vassals, as noone likes to be a slave. Especially to a moron with money.


The time frame for the NATO-Gulf State regime operation is Syria is expired. The project failed. But the US, or at least the Pentagon, seeks to remain in occupation as a spoiler force in Syria – to disrupt the Syrian state from resuming full sovereignty over territory and assets. For other NATO-Gulf States, following suite is largely a pointless exercise in wasting resources on a lost war – as they have no remaining viable strategic means to impact change upon Damascus. The US is far more petulant, and its leadership is quite willing to fund the spoiler-occupation costs through accruing yet more debt – future generations will pay for all this. Yet the fact the US has no real interests at stake in Syria illustrates that the US foreign policy is Neo-Con dominated and driven – an ongoing US spoiler military role in Syria doesn’t defend US vital interests or the US mainland, rather it largely benefits distant Israel’s regional security concerns.


Nearly time to evacuate like those last days in Saigon. How embarassing!

Jens Holm

You are a frog in a wheel chair ?


Ouch, truth hurts. Maybe I am.
But, with all due respect, I ask if you are a bum-head?

Jens Holm

Compared to Saigon Syria hardly is a hobby.


It’s another humiliating defeat for US, having failed to destroy the government.
Their conspirators will not all be given a ride on the helicopter.


Murican Logic:
Allies: No we’re not paying
Allies: No
conclusion: America is a bunch of low-IQ morons with a strong military, they get their way by dropping bombs or ruining economies, their favorite technique is the bomb way


Support from allies ?… or force to allies ?


Priority is to prevent the arising of ISIS again, yeah right!
Dear State Department, the best way to prevent a new Daesh is to allow Syrian government simply to get on with its business of caring for its own people and territories. US is simply not needed or required, or wanted.

Jens Holm

Syria has no Goverment as well as Governess.

Its like any other despote dictator crime state just as old Kremlin: Some few named as Baahtist run the whole business as owners based on guns an fear as corrupt mafiosas.

You belowed friends were dead and gone long time ago, if they were not helped by others.

Woen should take over in Syria. Men has had too many chances and spoiled that part of the world keeping that part of the population down well.

Facts say so and not only 434 in the Choran.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

LOL, everyone thinks the US is lying about the threat of Isis making a comeback, but that’s only because they don’t know who the new co-leader of Isis is, but they should, he talks like Isis, he acts like Isis, and he thinks like Isis.
Erdogan was expected to pull his forces out of Syria sometime after July last year [straight after Assad and the SAA won the Daraa/Quneitra campaign], but he didn’t. If he had of removed his forces back then, the US, Iran and Hezbollah, would have also pulled out all their forces too, but because Erdogan didn’t, neither did they.
The Russians not so long ago, were showing us footage of Isis trucks filled with Iraqi and Syrian oil, all heading over the border to Turkey, where the oil was being delivered and sold very cheaply to Erdogan’s son. Eventually the Russians made us all aware of the fact that Erdogan was in effect bankrolling Isis, and also pointed out that the US and it’s coalition partners must have also been fully aware of the fact. The Russians then started bombing those Isis convoys and gave us all some wonderful footage of the oil trucks burning [the Russians at least fired warning shots before they turned the trucks into candles].
So in other words, both the Russians and the US know just how culpable Erdogan is of cooperating with Isis at the highest levels of Authority.
So now when the Kurds keep claiming that the Isis cells they discover always seem to be linked back to Erdogan in some way, most of us discount their allegations and believe it’s just part of their usual anti Turkish rhetoric, but I think that’s a mistake, I think they’re telling us all the truth.
Isis was used as a tool by the US initially, but that’s not the case anymore, Arab league intervention has put a stop to any Arab league countries or the US and Israel continuing any sort of support for Isis, and none of them have since late 2017 or early 2018.
But Erdogan still supports them, he’s the one using them as a tool now, no one else, and he thinks they’ll be the perfect excuse he needs to invade more of Syria than he already has, and now he’s being empowered by Putin, a man who knows better than anyone else, just how culpable Erdogan is of cooperating with Isis.

Isis still is a major threat, but only if it has the backing of a major country like Turkey, alone they’re a spent force in both Syria and Iraq, but a border controlled by Turkey would be a disaster for not just the Kurds, but all of Syria, and a windfall for Isis.

So many of us falsely believe the US deep state can somehow change the directive for US forces to leave Syria, they think it’s just up to either Trump or the deep state to decide whether they stay or go, but that’s just Russian and US propaganda, that’s not the case at all.
The US have to leave Syria eventually whether they like it or not, they were given a directive by the Arab League they just simply have to comply to, there is no alternative, the Arab league won’t let them stay, but they also don’t want them to leave while Erdogan’s forces are still in Syria, so until Erdogan’s forces have been forced to leave, the US can’t leave either.
Facts check.
Erdogan hasn’t been able to convince Trump that a buffer zone in US held Syrian territory controlled by the Turks would be acceptable in any way, instead Trump proposed alternate option involving coalition country forces.
Putin’s capitulated to Erdogan in every single Asatana agreement they made, and worse still, hasn’t forced Erdogan to abide by any of the deals they made anyway, which Erdogan hasn’t.
Putin even let the old pre war agreement that Turkey had had with Syria be be rejuvenated, the Adana agreement that had become defunct, at least it was until Putin breathed life back into it.
Then we had joint Turkish/Russian patrols, but only after the Kurds and US let the Russian move into areas around Al Arimah near Manbij.
And the most recent interesting event, US aircraft intercepting Turkish aircraft that were attempting to fly into airspace controlled by the US over Al Hasakah, meanwhile Erdogan’s aircraft are flying all over Idlib and Aleppo dodging Russian and Syrian aircraft in the process, is that called cooperating or coordinating?.
But the icing on the cake is resolution 2254, which the Russians and Iranians have both agreed to, that’s just a death sentence for Assad, and I’m not joking about a ‘death sentence’. This resolution states that at the end of hostilities in Syria, free and fair election must be held, which sounds really good but it isn’t, the resolution also states, that all the terrorist organizations that Assad has been fighting, that aren’t specifically on any official world terror lists, will now be included as opposition parties. When the Syrians held their last elections back in 2014 those groups were not included in the elections, but they will be this time, and they’ll have all the backing that the US and other anti Assad countries can supply them with. Free and fair my arse, shame on Russia, and shame on Iran too, they know what will most likely happen. Bye bye Assad, you served your country well and this is your reward.

Why is it that Erdogan’s forces are allowed to remain in Syria when everyone supposedly wants him to leave.
And why do we all keep wondering why the US troops are still there, when the Arab League have told them not go until Erdogan’s forces are out, and if they did leave, what would happen to the Kurds, the Russian would protect them would they, like they did the citizens of Idlib, or even Ar raqqah and Al Hasakah when Isis invaded, mmm, I don’t think so, not anymore.

I used to blame Erdogan and the deep state of the US for this continuation of hostilities, but I was wrong, it’s Putin that’s been at the centre of everything since at least June last year, he’s the only one left to blame now.
This war suits Putin now even if it didn’t when it first started. Things have changed since the war began, and everything’s gone Putin’s way not the US’s. And Putin stands to gain even more from this changing of established allegiances, but he makes nothing from it ending, he still has an Iranian pipeline to the EU to help build when the war is over, one that will take precious export revenue away from his countries coffers, and he’d much prefer the Chinese to buy that Iranian oil and gas instead of the Europeans.
The war in Syria won’t end until the Turks are out, the Kurds are protected, and we have a deal between Iran and Israel, as well as a deal between Iran and the US, and I think the only person that can make all those things achievable is Putin, and I think he will, but just in his own time and when it suits him.

Erdogan is the only entity backing Isis now, no one else, not the Saudis, not the US, not anyone else, just Erdogan, and Putin backs Erdogan, so in a way, it’s Putin that’s defacto backing Isis too now, something I’d never have believed possible. But for me at least it’s all there in black and white, that’s the picture I get when I join all the dots, Putin’s portrait in the centre smiling slyly back at me. He is a genius, I’ve always said that, but sometimes you can be too smart for your own good.


You need to have an intermission half way through, so people can get something to eat and take an aspirin.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

You didn’t even read it and yet you bother to make a comment. that’s a bit woeful, you must just like trolling.
How’s all the Russian sponsored Iranian pipelines coming along, and the non existent Saudi gas they don’t really have any of, LOL.
You should just stick to trolling since your good at that, as well as copy and pasting useless bits of irrelevant and defunct info.
Besides, it wasn’t written for people like you with short attention spans anyway, I don’t expect people like you to even bother reading it, especially when there’s more than 3 lines to read, no wonder you need an aspirin, just avoid reading my stuff all together, I won’t be held responsible for being cruel to dumb animals, I’m a vegetarian.

Astrid Watanabe

Don’t mind Sinbad, you must admit his comment is funny. So is your last sentence, so even you are lightening up. This whole thing is so un-mitigating depressing, and nothing we can do about it.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I’m afraid I never find anything Sinbad2 says either funny or accurate, he’s just a bully and a troll and I treat him as such, he doesn’t like people expressing an opinion contrary to his own and always tries to shut them up, so I can’t help but to do the opposite of what he wants.
Don’t you think that simple conversations like we’re having on forums like this make a difference to world politics, I think they do Astrid, otherwise countries that can and do shut them down regularly wouldn’t do so, free speech is the enemy of all tyrants and oppressors, and we can freely speak on this platform and exchange opinions and theories, as well as offer facts and conjecture, unless people like Sinbad2 try to shut us up that is.
Even SF don’t shut down anti Putin rhetoric, so why Sinbad2 feels the need to I have no idea, I actually suspect he has posters of a shirtless Putin plastered all over his walls.
Ps, his comment was funny, but don’t tell him I told you so.

S Melanson

Sinbad can sometimes come across badly but he is not a troll and I have found him to respond very intelligently when I engage him on issues – but engagement needs to be done respectfully or you will get an earful … ;-)

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I agree about being respectful, but how do you respond to comments like this,
“Your alleged truths are just BS”
“You need to have an intermission half way through, so people can get something to eat and take an aspirin”
And there have been many more uncalled for rude comments by ‘Sinfully bad 2’ to me and others.
Over the years I’ve come across so many people that would like to make comments on forums like this, but they’re too afraid of bullies like Sinbad, so they don’t. But I’m not afraid of bullies like Sinbad, I think he’s not very bright at all, and very badly informed, so I’ll give him a fight every time he wants one, and hopefully some of those other people who have something they’d also like to contribute to these forums, but are too afraid to because of bullies like Sinbad2, might start doing so.
We need more intelligent conversations on the SF forums, not just “the Jews did it”, “down with the USA”, and “Putin is God”, and the very worst, “If you can’t provide a link it’s BS”. I want to talk to smart people who disagree with me, not rude people who call me names, and I’m not the only one who feels that way.
And I disagree with you, Sinbad2 is the worst sort of troll.
Also, I am ‘never ever’ rude to anyone in my responses to comments, no matter how strongly I disagree with them, but the gloves come off after they start by being rude to me. Cheers.

S Melanson

I agree he acts like a troll and shuts people down and I have called him out on that a few times. But what I do is I usually ignore the insults and strong language and focus on issues and facts. At first I am respectful even if they are not.

What I found were some ‘trolls’ eventually engaged me in kind and I have had some very good exchanges. Sinbad is one such person. The other type is the true troll as they repeat their vitriol regardless and just keep repeating. Those I come to ignore as they are a waste of time.

I also agree about the often narrow and highly repetitive frames of discussion. I do not know how familiar you are with my posts but I have challenged these repetitive themes regarding USA evil and Russia can do no wrong.

I am particularly concerned about claims the Jews control everything and are the root of all problems – they are not. For example, the claim Russia is a Jewish vessel and Putin a puppet of Israel. I challenged this claim a year ago and used evidence to back it up – well since the IL-20 incident, I do not see this claim much anymore, for reasons that are obvious. Nor are Jews all the same and yet it is common to read that all Jews are deserving to be annihilated – which is collective punishment, a crime.

I have hired a firm to build my website where I will post articles and offer SouthFront to publish on there website as well. I hope to shake up the narrative that has become somewhat stale.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

We seem to agree on the appropriate way forums like this should be used, but not too many others seem to have the same standard I’m afraid, and I think posters like Sinbad2, RichardD and others are partly responsible. Perhaps you should be less tolerant of trolls behaviour and do what I do, try to shut them up when they start, maybe then a few others would feel less intimidated about joining discussions on this forum, especially the ones that held a contrary view to the rest of us, I’d still like to know what they think, and even more importantly, EVERYONE has a right to an opinion.
Yes I agree that the “the Jews did everything”, “the US is evil” and the “Putin is God” monologue has become very annoying, but worse than that it gets in the way of serious discussion, which is even more unforgivable, death to the trolls I say, LOL.
Good luck with your website, let us all know when it’s up and running, I’d like to check it out, cheers.

S Melanson

Reposted as replied to wrong comment

There is a lot of debate on how to handle oneself when posting and replying to other posters in online forums. When my website goes live, I will set up a discussion of this topic to assist in setting guidelines for posting. It is a complex question that is in need of a rigorous debate.

Below I see your exchanges with Sinbad. They are actually moving positively towards real exchange of ideas despite how Sinbad ended his last post – whether for the best or not, my approach would be to ignore the negative aspects of his posts and focus on issues – he already conceded an error on his part and I have noticed he has conceded mistakes in the past – you can work with a person like that.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Yes but he’s apologised for something he has no need to apologize for, and more importantly, didn’t apologize for the thing he should have, that shows a total lack of understanding on his part, I don’t mind human error, we all make mistakes, it’s just the rude intimidating aspect of his comments I have any issue with.
Hopefully Sinbad2 will have a look at your comment guideline page when it’s up and running, and also learns something from it. Cheers.

S Melanson


Lukas Arines

Actually that is not true. We could do anything we wanted to if we put our mind to it.

But we like our convenient lives so no one will start the fight with the capitalist globalists. You like typing on a screen.. ( I am guessing this of course not assuming and not trying to be an ass ) But let us get real for a moment. IF WE ALL STOPPED WORKING TOMORROW AND HALTED THE MATRIX… What would happen? Really? Nothing. If we got organized into smaller communities the world would continue. We would just not have entertainment, fashion, stupid shit we would eventually not miss anyway.. 10,000 different types of beers, pharmaceutical drugs, police pulling us over for no reason..

I mean what would you really you miss if the matrix stopped? Your favorite pizza? I am not being a smart ass, I am curious what would you miss from the fake imaged life we are all living? I would not miss a fucking thing.. NADA


“and the non existent Saudi gas they don’t really have any of, LOL.”

It’s these kind of misleading statements that get my attention.
I never suggested KSA had no gas, I stated that KSA was not proposing to sell its gas to Europe via a pipeline as you claimed.
If your claim that KSA was going to start exporting gas is a fact, post a link to confirm your assertion.

You post your beliefs, which is fine, but don’t try and assert that your beliefs are facts, unless they are facts.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Didn’t you, then why do I have this in my discus record of comments,

Sinbad2 6 days ago
“but I can tell you right now there weren’t 2 offers on the table at all
as you stated, the Saudi offer long preceded the Iranian offer,”

I can’t find a source for the date of your Saudi pipeline but it was reported in august 2009 that Qatar made a proposal https://www.thenational.ae/
The Wall Street journal reported in July 2011 that Syria Iraq and Iran had signed a deal, and given the complexity of this type of negotiation 2 years would seem modest. Saudi Arabia has no gas.

“the Iranian counter proposal was devised by the Russians as an alternative,
but only long after the Saudi proposal was made”
The Russians did not get involved in Syria until 2015.

Your alleged truths are just BS

Reply View in discussion

Reread it carefully. “Saudi Arabia has no gas”.
I say your full of BS, and rude as well.


“Saudi Arabia has no gas.”
My apologies in my haste I forgot to add SPARE.
As you know KSA has a huge petrochemical industry and all it’s gas is used to produce methanol plastics and for domestic use. The idea that KSA would shutter the factories it has spent billions on, to value add and dump the many thousands of people employed in the industry, plus break contracts with the other companies it partners with to take less money selling raw gas is laughable is laughable.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

It has heaps of spare gas, more than even the Iranians or the Qataris have, the gas field the Qataris and Iranians jointly own may be a bit bigger than the Saudi gas fields, but they only get half each, but the Saudis don’t have to share theirs with anyone. The Saudis have the most gas to spare simpleton, you’re still inaccurate with your comment. And they still may have undiscovered reserves.
Why would they have to shut down their petrochemical industry, don’t you think they have enough to sell as well as keep enough for their own domestic needs, yes they can, and they could do it for another hundred years without draining their reserves, another thing you’re totally confused about, talk about spreading misinformation.

“plus break contracts with the other companies it partners with to take less money selling raw gas is laughable is laughable”

That comment is laughable, why would you even assert that the Saudis would do anything like that, they can chew gum and talk at the same time you know, they don’t have to do one or the other. The Saudis have enough gas to make their plastic products for another 500 years, and you think they can’t spare a drop to sell to the EU, LOL, you can believe the Saudis when they said they weren’t intending on selling their own gas, but I think you’re just very naive and gullible, I know they would have sold their own gas, and that’s without ever reading even one article also making that assertion, I know how the Saudis operate, we all do, they over produce and underprice, but you say they wouldn’t with that gas, and that’s because they told us all they wouldn’t, you are just so naive it hurts me.
But it’s all irrelevant now, the Russians and Saudis are about to reshape the world, and you don’t even see it coming, no Saudi pipe will ever harm Russian interests ever again.

“You are a troll, your ambition is to dominate the blog with your verbose ramblings that are not based on facts but on your beliefs. Your like a Jehovah’s witness you just go on and on and on saying fkn nothing”.

This is what’s at the heart of the matter isn’t it. Do you really think I’m trying to dominate the forums do you, how the hell can I do that, by using free speech and my own beliefs and opinions as a tool, you give me way too much credit. My long posts, along with their assertions and conjecture [and hopefully factual information most of the time], are no threat to anyone else having an opinion, and they’re not stopping anyone else expressing an opinion either, so how exactly am I able to dominate this forum, just by using free speech and conjecture, even if I wrote a thousand pages.
I can’t you know, it’s impossible, and even if you don’t believe this, I DON’T WANT TO.
I’ll tell you what I think you are, just an LGBTQI troll, and a very jealous one at that, go toss off and have a cry because I no longer care what you say.
And sure I believe you when you say, you accidently left out that one word, sure I do. SPARE, LOL, SPARE.
And I don’t accept your apology because you apologized for the wrong thing, you’re apologizing for something you don’t need to and failed to apologize for the thing you should have.
I’ll make another assertion based on conjecture, you’re a diagnosed sociopath that has no understanding of morality and very little empathy for others, am I right or wrong. Don’t bother replying, I won’t believe you if you say you aren’t anyway.
Dominate the forums with free speech and conjecture, LOL, I’ve always thought that being rude and intimidating to other commenters was the tool most people use to dominate a forum, something you do regularly, but you’re telling me my opinion and conjecture is my tool for dominating this forum.
The truth is I’d be very happy to see people like you leave the forum, very happy indeed, I’ll also make another assertion, if people like you who swear and intimidate people on your very first post reply, were not on the forums, a lot more people would post, and not only that, a lot more would post their honest opinions, instead of holding back, due to a fear of some form of retribution from a dominating pig like you.
Go F–k yourself, I don’t turn the other cheek, I’ll just hit you back even harder every time.


Lets get back to your original claim, that Saudi Arabia proposed to pipe gas through Syria and Assad refused.
I replied that there never was a Saudi proposal, and that it was a US proposal and the gas came from Qatar.
I even supplied sources.

How about you supply a source for your claim?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

No let’s not get back to it, it’s been irrelevant since long before June last year, and it will never ever be relevant again, so don’t waste my time any more, no more replies after this one no matter what, I’ll just send you endless pages of my previous posts to read, so keep up your unintelligent trolling as long as you like. This is the fourth comment of yours today I’ve had to respond to, 4 comments, if that not what a troll does to dominate the forums I don’t know what is, and you accused me of wanting to dominate the forums, mirror time buddy.
And how stupid are you really, you say you hate my posts and agree with nothing I say, and call it all BS, especially my conjecture, and yet you’ve just read four of my long winded bibles from top to bottom, just so you can pick them apart. Well I replied to all the others even if I haven’t this one, but it wasn’t for your benefit either, it was only in case anyone else might have been interested and following, and they could make up their own minds. Bye bye troll.


hogwash from start to end – take a vacation.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Hogwash from start to end you say, what a retard you are.
I dare you to show me anything in my fact check I got wrong you retard, just one thing.
Pay attention to what section 4 of resolution 2254 says you simpleton.


You have some good points…or at least guesses at why things are progressing they way they are. You are not the only one with these thoughts. I do disagree however that the Arabs are refusing to back these terrorists, public statements to the contrary. As for elections, Syria is not a western country with Zionists controllers. I doubt the west will be able to influence elections in the way they do in the west, so I don’t prescribe to the notion that Assad is gone. The citizens that back Assad far outnumber the terror orgs. Your thoughts on Erdogan are harder to argue against, as he is guilty of every rotten thing you mentioned. The strategy Russia is pursuing in regard to Erdo is confusing at best. However, I have yet to see Assad or any Syrians complaining. Yes, the Turks being in N west Syria and the US/Kurd presence there and elsewhere is convoluted and actual positions of these factions are very troubling no doubt. Unfortunately, I think we will have to wait and see what happens. What happens in Iran, Venezuela and Libya will probably impact the situation in Syria as well.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Thanks, some things are guesses for the most part, but hopefully well informed guesses.
The Arab League except for Qatar are not backing the terrorists any longer, it’s only Qatar along with Turkey backing the rebels now, so only one Arab League country is backing Isis now.
The Arab League are also totally opposed to Isis as well, and the reason they do oppose them now is this, Egypt and Jordan were both getting close to having their own outbreaks of Isis way back in early 2017, Egypt especially, this was the initial cause for the end of Arab League resolve to follow US/ Israeli directives concerning Isis. King Abdullah was elected as the representative of the Arab League, and he negotiated a peace settlement with the US and Israel that not only allowed Assad to remain in power, but organized for the expulsion of Isis and all rebel groups from the whole region, not just Syria. They also have another big demand which hasn’t been met yet, get Erdogan out of Syria, they’re screaming that out at the top of their lungs but no one seems to be listening, and all these negotiations about Isis and Assad were finalized before June last year, just before the green light was given to Assad to attack the FSA and HTS in Daraa and Quneitra.

As to Assad remaining in power after the elections, and the Syrian people deciding their own future, I’ll link the resolution and another article for you to read and see if you still feel the same way.

This is how the constitution will be rewritten, this part is especially worrying,
“The 150-member body would be split equally between representatives chosen by the Syrian government, the Syrian opposition and Syrian civil society, with 50-members each”.


This is the new resolution that is coming into effect, pay attention to article 4 but read the whole thing if you have time.
They’re going to allow the Syrians to decide their own fate and draft a new constitution, but only one that follows UN protocol, and they’re going to let the murderers be part of the drafting committee. Free and Fair elections aren’t fair when someone else makes the rules for you, not in my books anyway.


Also who does Assad complain about the most, the US or Turkey, lately the only complaint he seems to be making about the US, are about the sanctions the US have in effect concerning the rebuilding phase of Syria, as to the northern US occupation barely a peep lately, but just read what he keeps saying about Erdogan, and you’ll be left in no doubt who Assad sees as the biggest threat now. Cheers.

Xoli Xoli

Russia should never enter any nuclear deal with.USA unless all nuclear states, France, Britain Germany, Australia, Israel is included.Currently USA hide nuclear weapons in under ground bunkers.It also hide nuclear bombs and missiles in Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Japan. USA and all nuclear Nuclear states weapons are exceeding both Russia and 0
stockpiles.Putin must stop thinking his doing great favor for Trump or Erdogan. His simply grating destruction for Russia and other states through quick unplanned decisions.Histiry shows all the countries who abandoned missiles and nuclear weapons are dead.If not by Trump next President of USA will attacked north Korea after it abandone nuclear ambitions. Deal must USA abandone nuclear weapons.If Israel is reserved to keep nuclear weapons for its safety so shall other nuclear starters also do.

Jens Holm

USA already has a deal with Russia. You might update Your crap knowledge level some.

The nukes were and are a specific kind. The future says several others will have and already has them such as china, north korea, India and Iran.

I see it as how many can use that and other triggers. Is it really a good idea many more can – “To defend themselves”.

I see no improved peace, where everybody are armed included USA, ME of Afghanistan. Most people people die by their own family or closed related, because of the many easy triggers. Its like other crimes in the world 2/3 is by family and related – and only 1/3 is outside that.

Lowering agression is a matter of lowering the temper in the countries – incl. Leaders – so think more and make low agressive solutions.


The EU would like to diversify its gas supplies, and buy gas from Iran, but the US will not allow Iran to build a pipeline through Syria.
So then the US asks the EU to pay to get butt fkd, and can’t understand why the EU isn’t interested.

Xoli Xoli

Looking for support to kill Syrians.


it took the neo-nazi morons all of 18 years to realize that afghanistan was a lost cause and now, trillion of $$ later, have decided to call it a day. this tardiness, costly as it is, will play out again in Syria and you might see them neo-nazis hanging about in Syria for a long time, spending money as if there were no tomorrow (hard work in the printing room at the fed) and if the more realistic so called allies are hard to convince of the necessity of staying, the neo-nazis will stay if for no other reason than to protect the most evil group of people ever, the squatters on occupied palestinian land. the squatters need to be kicked to kingdom come asap.

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