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JUNE 2021

Washington Is Concerned About ‘Ceasefire’ In Eastern Ghouta As Terrorists’ Defense Collapses There

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As the terrorists’ defense collapses in the Syrian region of Eastern Ghouta, Washington has increased its diplomatic acivity blaiming and shaming the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance for combating terrorist groups [Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra), Ahrar al-Sham and others] in the area.

White House Spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said on March 4 that Moscow had ingored the terms of the UN resolution on a ceasefire in Syria causing deaths among civilians in Eastern Ghouta. However, Sanders forgot to mention that Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other militant groups linked to it and cooperating with it closely are exlcuded from the terms of the ceasefire.

Leonid Slutsky, a chairman of the Russian Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, said that Sanders’ statement “is another unproven lie not backed by any facts.”

“The US takes advantage of the principle of Joseph Goebbels, a German Nazi politician and propaganda minister of the Third Reich, who said that if a lie is big enough, people will eventually come to believe it,” the politician said, according to the Russian state-run media outlet TASS. “The true US goal in this situation is shaking off its own responsibility for the deaths among the civilian population killed by terrorists of the Islamic State (outlawed in Russia), and the US played a role in its creation.”

As the situation in Syria remains tense both sides, the US-led block and the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance, continue accusing each others in causing a humanitarian crisis in the war-torn country. Nonetheless, the main cause of the tensions is that the US has lost almost all its influence in the country besides the areas controlled by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces in northeastern Syria.

Washington Is Concerned About 'Ceasefire' In Eastern Ghouta As Terrorists' Defense Collapses There

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Feudalism Victory

Just like aleppo. Its crying children and russia blaming on the tv here when they talk about it. Must be hitting a nerve.

Al kuffar

Once ghouta will be liberated , It will be forgotten Like aleppo today.


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Ariel Cohen



USA trying to save the sunnis uselful idiots. XD.


Poeple in east Ghouta must uprise and start killing those terrorists if they want to be saved.

Look at Mandjib. People fled to Turkey to escape from ISIS. Now, they can’t return back because kurds and americans have taken their homes.

That’s why sunnism is very bad for sunnis.

Daniel Castro

“Poeple in east Ghouta must uprise and start killing those terrorists if they want to be saved.”

Easier said than done.


People have done that south of Damascus. People have expelled the terrorists before their home are being destroyed.

Daniel Castro

With what? Sticks and stones? Or perhaps they had weapons and fighters…

Different circumstances are different.


Fearness is a terrorist weapon. If enough people uprise, terrorists can do nothing.

It’s like insurances. Insurances rely on fearness to rob you.

Daniel Castro

You are deluded.

These people are brutish psycopaths, they don’t care if you are fearless, they will kill you, they will kill all the civilians withot a flinching.


They can’t kill 10 times more civilians than themselfs.

Terrorists understand only force.

Daniel Castro

A man armed with an AK-47 and enough ammo can keep hundreds of unnarmed civilians at bay, provided he has the terrain on his advantage, which of course is the case here.


Not if civilians want to expell him. A man can’t kill 100 people running at him.

People are blocked by fearness. that’s why people tells you that Assad must not attack SDF and Russia is collaborating with uSA. It’s because of fearness.

Daniel Castro

“A man can’t kill 100 people running at him.”

Yes, he can, if he has the strategic position he can, and of course we’re talking about military units, so they can kill tens of thousands of civilizans with machinegun, mortars, etc. And the civilians we are talking are children, women and elderly people, men able to fight are all conscripted by the terrorists or dead.


Terrorists are busy fighting SAA. Of course, the better is to expell them early so that they can’t build strongholds. But, sunnism make them following the terrorists and then they are trapped by their own desilusion. That’s why never believe in fairytales.

Daniel Castro

Exactly, if they couldn’t expel the terrorists in the begininng they won’t be able now, and of course east ghouta was where they had the most success stablishing fortified positions.

The people was fooled by promises an religious fanaticism, now they pay the price. But I think this might be the start for greater awareness ammong the sunni.


I don’t thgink sunnis will ever understand something. they are too stupid. They believe in sunnism and they believe also in the west human riught and democracy bullshit.

They are stupids. I told it since the first time. They understand shit. They are brainless.

Daniel Castro

I don’t think so, there are sunni fighting for SAA.


Sunnis are stupid. Don’t waste your time with them. they know shit. They understand shit. They always make shit and cry after.

Rakean Jaya

Start it again ‘generalization’ , Tell this to SAA or even to NDF.
Saudi, Qatar, UAE just 20% of Sunni. I’m not going to blame your parent for having a stupid child, I’ll focus to you, why you didn’t learn hard enough to be a clever kid, if i blame your parent, your brother, your uncle, your grand parent etc, then I’m doing stupid thing as yours.


Sunni boss are the Saudis. Sunnis never say something against Saudi Arabia. It’s like they want to become as stupid and useless as Saudis. XD.

Rakean Jaya

Saudis is self declared sunni bos, actually there is no sunnis alliances, look egypt, pakistan or southeast asia muslim countries. Saudis have a dream to create muslim NATO(sunnis NATO actually) but have failed miserably. Outside this stupid kingdom and its minion, no single sunni country want war with Iran, or Shia.


The Muslim Brotherhood were called terrorists by saudi arabia and SA allows Sissi to kill MB. The fact is that these stupid MB love so much Saudi Arabia and USA. Now, they get some back fire of their own stupidity.

Saudis don’t dream to dreate muslim NATO, saudis are just very weak US puppets. US puppets dream to create a sunnis alliance (that have sunni just the worl, rather an alliance of sunni vassal states) to defeat Iran. But, sunnis are so shit that they can do nothing and fail everytime because of their stupidity.

That’s why USA doesn’t chose to ally with sunnis but rather to use them as useful idiots. Never waste your time with weak and stupid allies.

Daniel Castro

“Saudis have a dream to create muslim NATO(sunnis NATO actually) but have failed miserably. ”

I would call it fake-sunni/anglo-kazhar-fake-jews terrorist alliance.


That’s where ur confused..! Saudi boss is/are not sunnies.. they’re wahbabism.. an ideology mixed with Islam.. Read and learn about it.. or ask any sunnies or Shiite whether wahbabism is apart of the 5 sects accepted by the the World’s Muslim Ummah..? Killing innocents are one of the biggest sins in every religions..! and those Isis scums killed and slaughtered innocents regardless of their faiths even babies were not spared.. Don’t that reminds you of the other scums who killed and slaughtered innocents..? There ar ethe huge squatters colony in the land of Palestine now.. who embraced Talmud hand written by some psychopath rabai instead of Torah sent to Moses by God..


Sunnies are not stupid if you’re talking about faith or belief..!
I believed you misunderstood between a sect and an ideology..! Sunni is a sect(mazhab) just like hundreds of sects in other religions.. And Wahbabism is an ideology just like many of them alike.. nazism, communism.. and so on..!
Whatever their sects are has nothing to do with the situations there..! There are lots of comments above which makes sense if you want to really observes it and try putting urself on the those civilians trapped shoes.. or else you may sounds like the zios and neos MSMs BS that war in Syria was started by sects..!


Resistance movement is a key! It’s work against any force. Diversion actions, executions, mining, burning…

Daniel Castro

Women, children, elderly… there won’t be any resitance movement when there is no opposition, all men able to fight were murdered there a long time ago.

Ariel Cohen

Those are pretty simplistic statements. To explain it away as fear is not an accurate assumption . . .


Its very easy to do that . The Israeli Defence Forces murder civilians all the time.


” Ibrahim Abu Thurayeh, 29, was taken to al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City after being shot by troops but was later pronounced dead ” Daily Mail.

You can call me Al

But they have already. It was either on here or AMN, anyway, I have a feeling they maybe learning Russian !!!!.


Trump have left their buddies terrorists deserted. This will not fulfill Zionist evil agenda.


The pro Trump terrorists are not so many in East Ghouta as many they were in Aleppo city before. In East Ghouta they are so weak. Now this is the time for pro Trump terrorists to either negotiate with SAA or lay down their weapons. If the pro Trump terrorists are really wise then definitely they all will lay down weapons to save their own lives.

Alex Alexandrewitsch

Usa the mother of all terrorists worldwide

leon mc pilibin

JewSA the main sponsor, along with its little bully brother israhell, of Terrorism in the world just cant accept the fact that their regime change agenda has been stopped in its tracks by the axis of resistance.

If they have any sense they will pack up and go home freely,OR be thrown out on their ears.NO JEW WORLD ORDER:

tony ebanks

Well said and give them a taste of their own medicine


The ‘west’ isn’t crying for the children and their families, they’re crying over losing their assets in Ghouta…. all of those weapons, training and financing for those head-chopping pedophiles…. wasted.


Spot on.

You can call me Al

Most people in the US have never heard of Syria, the dumb fcks, but the elites knew.

As with Saddam, Gadhafi duck –comment image&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fkeeptonyblairforpm.wordpress.com%2Fcategory%2Fmiddle-east-countriesissues%2Fsyria-middle-east-countriesissues%2F&docid=-5L9SFU4TuwcDM&tbnid=3XWlcgeVG7ZlJM%3A&vet=10ahUKEwjoi__Yj9bZAhVDbVAKHd39By4QMwg6KAEwAQ..i&w=640&h=360&bih=570&biw=1280&q=jpeg%20picture%20of%20the%20Queen%20meeting%20Assad&ved=0ahUKEwjoi__Yj9bZAhVDbVAKHd39By4QMwg6KAEwAQ&iact=mrc&uact=8


“Most people in..”

Or if they have, they understand that it’s a dictator run country killing it’s own people and backed by the evil Putin.


It’ll be most interesting to see what happens with the western assets in E Ghouta. In Aleppo they captured many, and sold them back to their owners for good money. I wonder if that will happen here. I think that after the attack on the Russian military contractors the Russkies may feel that it is best if no one returns home from E Ghouta. A one hundred percent loss to the western agencies will be a bitter pill to swallow. A total loss of investment. And we know that intel officers are hundred times more valuable than independent military contractors (mostly anyway). The cost of attacking Russian asset may yet be much higher than they expected, and many will live to regret that decision. I feel this is likely.


I concur, also, Putin has stated in the past that it’s best to get rid of terrorists in Syria, rather than having them return home.


Finish tricks of USA,with ceasefire and replacing islamists and supply weapons.Everywhere crying children,especially in Irak,1.3 mil.civilians was killed!!Where was OSN ltd USA? USA are killers and burglars without permision moved in Syria.USA need preventive nuclear attack,should people of this fucking country know,what is war !


Human right activits never complain about american crimes. So they are owned by USA and useless. That’s why, they need to be outlawed.


If the US really cared about the children of East Ghouta they should let the syrian army go on as they please.
but that’s not going to happen. The U.S knows the truth, it just won’t admit it in fears of rebellion by its own citizens and losing its superpower status,


The US has certainly lost her ‘Super Intelligence Status ” and the ‘ Super power status ‘ is in rapid decline, which is a good thing for all of mankind.

Trump is now declaring a War on Trade which will end as badly as the other US ‘Wars on ~~~~~~’

If the US had not literally ‘blown up’ trillions of dollars in her continual wars , the money could have developed the US infrastructure and manufacturing production facilities to counter cheaper labour in other countries.

In the beginning ,wars were about plunder.
In the middle , wars were about trade.
Today the US wars are all about plunder again.

I Generalise somewhat but it is the underlying pattern of wars in my opinion.

Daniel Castro

“The US has certainly lost her ‘Super Intelligence Status ”

I would say this status has always been kind of questionable… and I would also say the US has also lost her “average intelligence” status…


When US spokespeople start bitching and moaning about “poor little civilians” and “UN resolutions ignored” or “humanitarian disasters” – we know that terrorist rule is nearing it’s end. And the day Sarah Sanders announces “the death of last clown in Ghouta” then we’ll now that victory is mere hours away…


America is preparing to act, as all the recent activity by Trump’s team proves. Daily US government propaganda attacks on Assad and Putin. Sanctions on Russia extended. Fully bloodied support for turkish butchers as they invade Syria and hunt down and murder all significant kurdish alphas.

The turkish invasion is KEY. By sitting on his hands and doing nothing about it (Putin’s favorite position), Putin gives a greenlight to other foreign powers to invade Syria on their own pretexts. And this means Israel and America. You see, Russia’s aquiesence sets a PRECEDENT that others can follow.

The FAKE ‘coup’ in Turkey was arranged by the Deep State (like 9/11) to lure simple-minded Putin into a trap. Erdogan played the role of the “wounded suitor” and Putin rushed in to “comfort” his regime. Before the FAKE coup, Putin refused to allow Turkey to invade Syria. After, Putin became Erdogan’s bestie (this is how thick Putin is), and thus gifted Turkey the right to hunt kurds in Syria.

But if Turkey can do this, so can the USA and Israel- this is how International Law treats PRECEDENT. The Great Game pays attention to the rules the Great Powers apply to a region.

It is no coincidence that for PROPAGANDA reasons Putin finally gave Assad the greenlight to clean out the East Ghouta region- which prior to Putin’s approval of the turkish invasion, Russia tolerated quite happily, even when KSA’s wahhabi ‘warriors’ shelled the Russian embassy in Damascus.

The analysis here is always Kremlin approved, which means a zionist narrative since Putin’s inner circle are all zionist extremists. The are many Russians who are anti-zionist, and are horrified by Putin’s close ties to Israel and Saudi Arabia. But they have witnessed a post-Soviet Russia led by Putin’s predecessors, and know how much better Putin has been as a leader than all who came before him.

It is always a dilemma when a leader arises who is clearly superior, but then proves to have some very particular and very worrisome flaws.

People here are fooled by the East Ghouta propaganda, for indeed it is a GOOD thing that this pocket of wahhabi horrors is finally cleansed, and the ordinary people there saved. But Putin uses East Ghouta to force you to take your eye off the ball- which presages far worse things to come in Syria in the near future.

The depraved jews of Israel are planning to INVADE Syria under the same pretext as used by Turkey- the usual method the demonic jews use to ‘extend’ ‘Greater Israel’. The jews now have a significant land grab in mind, growing Israel way beyond the Golan Heights. The invasion will not happen without a major USA attack on Syria- but they assume the attack will correspond to Trump’s moving of the US embassy to Jerusalem- when there will be an explosion of grassroots anger across the muslim world creating the perfect cover.

Putin has messed up so badly in Syria, it is beyond all comprehension. But he has briefed his senior military leaders in advance, to ‘explain’ that Russia’s ONLY goal in Syria was to TRAIN Russian military forces, and that the political future of Syria was never Putin’s concern. So when Syria (literally) falls to pieces in the near future, Putin considers his excuses are in place.

PS the unprecedented PROVACATION of the American embassy move is perfect cover for another 9/11 sized false-flag that finally provides the excuse to begin the war on Iran. People have to believe the OFFICIAL conspiracy theory. The official, BBC-promoted’, narrative that ‘explains’ the false-flag. The embassy move is for this purpose.

Israel is ready and waiting to exploit the next major American war in the region. Israel will LEVEL Gaza and Lebanon, and invade Syria. Israel has been boasting in the Israeli press across the last FOUR years of its readiness to fight simultaneously on THREE fronts- and this is what they meant.

Ariel Cohen

Too many sweeping assumptions here. There is much more to the situation than just simply Putin’s weakness and mistakes. Putin is a chess player and a good chess player never sacrifices strategic plans for short to medium term tactical gains. The Russians have a saying: “He who tries to defend everything, loses everything”. An Israeli invasion of Syria? They couldn’t take the resultant casualties. A large scale missile / air attack quite possible . . .

bernie garland

The Yids aint got the men for boots on the ground in Syria,door too door fighting,theyed cower and run away,not battle hardened whatsoever,only used to unarmed folk, stone chuckers, women and children,funny how they took out half the air defenses,strange not been back for the other half lol


USA is looking more and more like “The GReat Wizzard of Ozz”!


Finish the job once and for all or there would be perceptual wars and bombardments .
Who really cares what the US says nowadays after so many childish claims and want to occupy Syria.

US should get their terrorists to stop bombing civilians and allow them to leave freely if US is so concerned about the civilians and shed/cry crocodile tears.

Finish Ghouta , next Idlib then North East Syria.

Floyd Hazzard

Why even care what they think when they are doing everything in their power to destroy you? Ask any western government if they would allow a terrorist enclave right on top of their Capital City, or anywhere in their country for that matter. These people are shameless.


It’s just laughable that Russia is trying so hard here but nevertheless falls short in all it’s effort trying to project a fake image.

The world sees them as the savages they are. What fighting HTS. There is barely HTS in that besieged area but what they did instead is gas and kill civilians like there is no tomorrow and still trying hard after all that.

I honestly don’t understand anyone who have any sort of human value in them support Russia in this ugly genocide on civilians from another country

Ariel Cohen

Aren’t you late for the bar mitzvah Shlomo? It started an hour ago . .

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