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JUNE 2021

Washington Helped ISIS In Attempt To Gain Control Of Syrian Oil Resources – Syrian Military

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Washington Helped ISIS In Attempt To Gain Control Of Syrian Oil Resources - Syrian Military


The US has “decided to invent various pretexts to justify keeping the illegal presence of their bases and troops on Syrian soil in order to establish control and domination over the oil fields in order to separate Syria,” Syrian Deputy Defense Minister Mahmoud al-Shawa said at the Moscow Conference on International Security.

The Syrian deputy defense minister added that the US had assisted ISIS to justify own actions.

“This was accompanied by US-Israeli aggression, a gross violation of international humanitarian law in order to support terrorist groups,” al-Shawa said.

He also said that the US had increased its presence in northern Syria after the forces of Russia and Iran “contributed to the end of the war of attrition.”

During the same conference, Russian President Putin declared that ISIS in Syria had been completely defeated.

“Despite its military defeat, this terrorist group [ISIS] retains its significant destructive potential, it can change its tactics and launch attacks in different countries and regions in the world,” Putin saiid in a statement addressed to participants of the conference adding that other extremist groups also pose a big threat to the world.

The president stressed that it is now necessary to think about new forms of “multilateral cooperation” that would allow the parties “to consolidate the success” achieved in the fight against terrorism. It’s needed “to prevent the further spread of this threat,” Putin added.

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Bjorn Metaal

Who controlled a great part of the border with a prominent ISIS oil client (Jordan)? The US who control of their borders with Jordan in 2016? ISIS. the isis oil was still making money how? It went though Al Tanf!


Everyone involved on AngloZioNazi Side is to Blame….they all were Grave Robbers and shared in the Loot



Israhell & Wahhabism have been the Brit/Rothschild plan for global domination since 1710, & goes back earlier to Lord Cromwell..

John Doran.

Nowadays Rothschild lets the dumb Yankers, Israhellis & Wahhabis do the fighting while he & his pals count the profits.


They are in Big Trouble….they had it Comin’


Putin, Erdogan launch Turkey’s first nuclear power plant with a capacity of 4,800 megawatts in Turkey (Akkuyu).

Turkey had also signed similar nuclear projects with Zionest led Washington, France and Japan but those were never materialized. Never trust Zionist led Washington and EU.

This project is a begin of jointly development of nuclear power plants in Turkey. Soon Turkey will produce its own nuclear power plants.

Tayyab Erdogan said that we will become nuclear power if somebody is happy with our this decision or not. We will not accept anybody pressure against our development in the field of nuclear power. Now we will progress in the field of nuclear power. We have no need to take permission from anybody to become nuclear power. We know that some will be not happy with our this decision but this is our basic right from which nobody can deprive us. His indication was obvious towards Zionist led Washington and Zionist led UK and EU countries. He said that Pakistan is the only our brother Muslim country in the world which is a nuclear power. Pakistan have achieved this success in a very short time.

Erdogan have insisted to increase deal with Russia over US$100 billion and visa free travel between Russia and Turkey.



This is absolutely true. I love the Putin efforts and Moscow Conference.


The U.S. Sucks in Exterminating Headchoppers…Instead they are already training New Ones to invade & Loot other Countries…Warning to the World if you notice Satanic Headchoppers Anywhere in the World just Call Putin….He’ll solve this problem in a matter of time for you…


Of course this is true.


It would be better for Erdogan to shut down Bosphorus, Dardanelles sea gates and Incirlike military base for all Zionist led Washington and their EU allies in protest against slaughtering 1400 Palestinians on 29th March 2018 and occupying Palestinian, Syrian, Iraqi and Afghani lands. This is a wakeup call for Erdogan to not cooperate with terrorist Zionist led states.

Brad Isherwood

Erdogan is a Snake just like the Snake worship Kabbalist crazies.
Say anything for public consumption. …deceive to Advance Agenda.
I still think Erdogan is funding and arming the Takfiri crazies in Syria.
Just not on the open level of years ago.
Turk military in Syria means They can roll in the weapons in plain sight.
Erdogan meets with Putin ….and calls Assad a Terrorist.

It’s pure Evil. …the way of the World, …the way of History.
This planets just crazy insane for ways of culling populations and Genocide.
By the way….Mythology globally has stories of Giants migrating and decimating the
Smaller humans…
Active Cannibalism.
This planet is scary place…

There’s probably a Satellite transponder message at the Outskirts of this Solar system warning of dangers if you visit 3rd planet from the Sun : )


Sir, Assad has no problem with Erdogan because both are brother Muslim countries but Assad has big problem with Zionist led Washington and Zionist led EU member states that butchering nations on the pretext of fighting against own terrorists that they have created and managing.

Brad Isherwood

WTF!…..Assad has no problem ISUS steal Syrian oil and Kurds drive it to Turkey where Erdogan Family gets $$$ cut while Rothschilds get the rest.? ??

At Least Putin was bombing the shit outta that. …then it stopped.

comment image


Turkey was a little bit tired of waiting to be approved (OK) and become EU member since 1987…and they didn’t really like the U.S. & Israhell anymore. Putin made him an offer he Couldn’t refuse… Kicked NATO from Incirlik…is Fighting Kurds to give them Ears to Listen….soon there can be a Powerful New Alliance in the Middle East to take care of some Extremist Funding Rogue States…. like Wahhabistan and get rid of U.S. & Israhell interference…


Tip of the day:
If you by any chance happen to be, or have plans to become, a Cannibal in the near Future:
Do not eat the Brains… gets you Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease (CJD) is a universally fatal brain disorder. Early symptoms include memory problems, behavioral changes, poor coordination, and visual disturbances. Later dementia, involuntary movements, blindness, weakness, and coma occur. About 90% of people die within a year of diagnosis.


China does not allow Zionist states ships near Spratly Islands in the South China sea because once they entered then who gonna fight with them to take out these terrorists.

Fred Dozer

Despite all of Trumps talk ,the MIC runs the show. I believe Trump wants out of Syria. He said it at every news cast, and wants to be friends with Russia. I think he is starting to sound like JFK , bucking the system. If he is sincere, he is living in dangerous times.


Trump can be on either side that’s true…by way of Deception thou Shalt do war….still applies to Him, Military and Intel (the other %)…

Fred Dozer

I am aware he said a little longer today. (gun to his head)
His comments are driving the neocons crazy. They are unrehearsed for sure. Last night.

He claimed that the United States had spent $7 trillion on the global war on terrorism declared after 9/11, including invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. That figure appears to be roughly double more conventional estimates.

“We have nothing, nothing except death and destruction. It’s a horrible thing,” he said. “So it’s time. It’s time. We were very successful against ISIS. We’ll be successful against anybody militarily. But sometimes it’s time to come back home, and we’re thinking about that very seriously.”


Trump is always going all over the place…telling things he shouldn’t… or embarrassing his Host….Playin’ the Clown can save your life….and in the meantime others have the time to finish their preperations…sssttt don’t tell anyone…

Eskandar Black

It is interesting that the advanced US force that moved hundreds of miles in a day has allowed an ISIS pocket to fester between Syria and Iraq by threatening iraqi forces from going into syria, and down right attacking Syrian forces that attempt to pursue ISIS. Once Syria is done dealing with problems around the capitol, they will have to address these issues. Also, there should be a lawsuit against the US/British/French for the crime of aggression in Syria, these countries should be forced to repay damages for destruction of Raqqa, and indiscriminate killing of hundreds of thousands of people.


And now is the time to launch that lawsuit, while Trump is talking about leaving Syria.
Give them a real reason to leave, the only one they understand, money.


I want to point out something that it seems to me important. When SAA-Russia-Hezbolah-Iran forces arrive to Deir Ezzor, they have plenty of time, power, people and force to stop SDF going to south-east (Omar oil fields), and they did NOTHING to stop kurds (USA-puppets), the same happened at Al-MAyadim, and again at Al-Bukamal. So, the statement of this news is missleading, it was Syria-Russia themselves that allowed kurds (USA-puppets) to get north part of Euphrates river, the evidences are there. Thus, either Russia-Syria made a stupid tactic movement (which I do not believe), or there was already an agreement of SYria partition between USA-Russia.

Fred Dozer

USA air lifted their troops to oil rich areas. Good criminals, know the ropes.
SAA was fighting terrorist on the way, thus the delay.
But all along Americans said: Where here to fight terrorist and their well be no “land grab”. Just ask a American Native Indian, (If you could find one ) how much US government words mean.

Brad Isherwood

Global Oligarchy /Deep State with Numerous Nations Military Industrial Complex compete with
Energy Corporations. ..
Both want Their Profit agendas.
This is the since 1700s Masonic British East India company, …or Masonic Lord Palmerston gunboat China in Opium wars Racket.
Gen Smedley Butler – War is a Racket *

Then there is Global Narcotics racket. ..
The Elites try to get All of it**…. up and running in these regional conflicts spun up under the
Fake War on Terror scam**

It’s as if Nations are Forced to play.
If so….Jump in and cut deals .

Ya its Evil. …yet it’s probably ballpark what’s going down.
Putin/Russia not free of BIS/Rothschilds grip and Snake worship Kabbalist suggest cut deal is occuring.

Empires F’ing Insane……They will go after Russia and China
Both know they are buying for time vs the Crazy Occult ones.


Or Russia thought they had a Deal with the Kurds…& the Kurds later smelled the Dollar$$$ and were quickly Persuaded….they thought Uncle Sam was better than Papa Assad…

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