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Washington Establishment Prepares Military Intervention In Russia



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Washington Establishment Prepares Military Intervention In Russia

(U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Nathan C. Berry/released)

The US military is regrouping its forces in Europe, moving them closer to Russia, US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper told Fox News.

“We will redeploy more troops to the east, closer to the border with Russia,” Mark Esper said commenting on the withdrawal of personnel from Germany.

According to the US military chief, Washington will reduce its forces in Germany from 36,000 to 24,000. 6,400 troops will return to the United States, while 5,600 will be redeployed to other European countries. The deployment of troops further to the east was explained by the need to ‘contain Russia’ and to protect US allies.

At the same time, the US is increasing the number of troops permanently deployed in Poland, which has been for a long time a foothold for the NATO/US military efforts against Russia.

Poland currently hosts a rotating contingent of over 4,000 US troops. A permanent presence will now number at least 5,500 troops. Statements by Polish and US officials indicate that this number may grow even more in the nearest future.

The active redeployment of US forces closer to the borders of Russia, together with a war-like anti-Russian rhetoric, of a large part of the US Democratic/neo-liberal establishment (often called by Trump supporters the Deep State) raises concern that these actions are a part of the wider preparations for an aggression against Russia. There are little doubts that if Joe Biden and the part of the elites represented by him win the upcoming presidential election, the US-Russian relations will escalate almost immediately.

The neo-liberal bloc will likely try to fuel the conflict in Ukraine in order to sabotage any kind of its peaceful solution and destabilize the situation on the Russian border ahead of the Russian legislative election in 2021.

One of the opportunities is that Washington will just give the Kiev regime a green card for a further internal terror of people, first of all Russian-speaking Ukrainian citizens, on the basis of their ethnicity and religious views.

The current regime in Kiev has been for years persecuting ethnic Russians denying their right to speak and receive information on their main language and pressure any organizations, including religious ones, that do not support the discrimination and political persecutions.

HINT: An overwhelming majority of Ukrainians in fact speak Russian as the main language. However, the current political regime sees this fact as a thereat to its power based on the support of neo-Nazi-like groups, radical nationalists and just criminals. The Ukrainian government not only illegally detain people, deny their constitutional rights and censor media, but even widely exploits the concept of thought crimes by persecuting people that visit churches of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchy) or try to express their critical position towards the current situation in Ukraine publicly.

The escalation of the US-backed campaign against ethnic Russians in Ukraine will have all chances to lead to an attempt of Kiev to once again use force in the region of Donbass. This expected attempt to eliminate the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (LPR/DPR) and just ‘neutralize’ the ‘wrong’ part of the population by Kiev will lead to the resumption of full-scale clashes there.

Another opportunity of the Washington establishment to destabilize Russia is to assist coup attempts in Belarus. The current governance system led by President Alexander Lukashenko is far from effective and the country is experiencing particular social and economic problems. However, as the wide experience of various ‘coups for democracy’ around the world demonstrates, the situation will deteriorate even further, including the increase of violence, ethnic and religious tensions, if the coup succeeds. A deep crisis and chaos in Belarus could and will likely have negative impact on the political stability in Russia.

HINT: Russia and Belarus have been a part of the union state (originally named the Commonwealth of Belarus and Russia) since 1996, and their societies have very deep links.

All these factors may create conditions in which the Washington establishment will decide to make a bet on an attempt of destabilization of its key ‘geopolitical enemy’ and the further ‘humanitarian intervention’ there under slogans of the defense of ‘human rights’ and ‘democracy’. Depending on the success of these aggressive actions, this scenario may lead to a new big war in Europe.




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