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Washington Cannot Reveal Evidence Of ‘Russian Hacking’ Because It’s ‘Secret’

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Washington Cannot Reveal Evidence Of 'Russian Hacking' Because It's 'Secret'

At least some evidence is avaliable

US intelligence agencies are not able to reveal evidence of their claims that Russia interfered in US elections because it’s secret, according to spokesman for the US State Department, John Kirby.

RT reported:

“Most American people understand that they have the responsibility to protect their sources and methods,” Kirby said, adding it would be “irresponsible” to do otherwise. It is up to the agencies to decide which information they share with the public.

“We rely on them to make that determination for themselves,” the State Department spokesman said at Monday’s press briefing.

Kirby emphasized that US intelligence keep evidence secret in order to protect their sources and there is no reason to not believe to the report.

However, even the actual report describes itself as just an “analytic assessment drafted and coordinated among The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and The National Security Agency (NSA)” and does not pretend to include some evidence of ‘Russian hacking’.

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John Whitehot

lol, after all, the intelligence claims are so insignificant, changing the outcome of an election is something having the same weight as stealing some cookies in their view.. I mean, if you don’t present evidence about a flawed presidential election, on what are you going to do it? They claim that their democracy has been subverted, which should be the worst ever thing to happen to the USA, yet it’s not important enough to turn over any proof as it would be irresponsible? I just hope these fucking clowns will go down without causing any more damage

chris chuba

It was a funny report.
1. It didn’t even mention the type of evidence it had.

2. Really, they couldn’t even divulge that they captured NW trace information because that is top secret? Wow, patents pending.


Lol the photo!


Why would a government that is so strongly backed by congress and the media ever produce evidence? It would set a totally unnecessary precedent.


I don’t get the issue. Even if Russia did what they say it did then so what? Meddling in national elections is practically a tradition for the US. They don’t even try to hide it. And the NSA is hacking even Merkel’s mail. If hacking is a declaration of war then the US has already declared war on the whole world.
“The website USAspending.gov provides three entries concerning grants to Russian NGOs in 2016 of $1 million each. Two of them were made on August 29 while the third one dates back to September 1.”

John Whitehot

the problem is also that most people born more than two days ago notice that the US “intelligence agencies” are shifting the discussion over alleged russian interference, so that public opinion instead does not indulge into Clintons and DNC crimes. Some time ago I was reading a Democratic party blog where folks were all discussing about what action should be taken against Russia. I wrote a comment like “Consider this hypothetical scenario: US intelligence agencies present solid proof that Russian hackers uncovered unrefutable evidence that Hillary shoots up heroin and kills children. You would be here discussing what action to take on Russia”. Of course there were no replies.


Kirby? The creature from that SNES game is the State Dpt representative? Explains a lot!

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