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Washington And Paris Ask Russia To Clarify For Them Turkish Role In Karabakh

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Washington And Paris Ask Russia To Clarify For Them Turkish Role In Karabakh

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NATO member states, the United States and France, have asked Russia to clarify the role of another NATO member state, Turkey, in the Nagorno-Karabakh region.

“They talked about Nagorno-Karabakh extensively.  As two co-chairs, they shared the same view that we are – we remain committed to our role as co-chairs in the Minsk Group process, that that’s where it is, recognizing the actions that Russia took which has led to a ceasefire that’s actually held now for about a week, but also acknowledging that there were still a lot of questions that needed clarity from the Russians as to the parameters of that agreement, and that included the role of the Turks.

And so more to be learned from that.  They both noted that the Russians have invited the co-chairs to Moscow for more clarity, and as you probably have seen in the wires, there have been phone calls between and among the co-chairs.  Foreign Minister Le Drian noted that he had spoken to Lavrov, who acknowledged that they were trying to take action to stop what was really an emergency humanitarian situation, but there do remain questions to be discussed about that.

So a lot of talk about Nagorno-Karabakh, the Caucasus, and then broadly also about Turkey and the various areas where we’re – we have some concerns and differences with the Turks – various theaters across the region from the Eastern Med, Libya, Syria, and other parts.  Obviously, the Secretary was on his way here.  And they spoke too about security in Baghdad, keeping in close touch on the issues that we’ve raised there, Foreign Minister Le Drian noting that the French have also done their part to urge the Iraqis to take the appropriate steps necessary to provide security in the Green Zone.  I’ll leave it there,” a State Department official told media speaking about the recent negotiations between Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian.

In response to these comments, the Kremlin said that it is ready to clarify the role of Turkey in Nagorno-Karabah for France and the United States.

“There is no doubt that if our co-chairmanship partners in the Minsk Group (USA and France) need clarification, these explanations will be presented,” Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov told reporters answering a relevant question. “Moreover, there is regular contact through our diplomatic departments on Karabakh affairs.”

Therefore, it seems that NATO member states needs the help of Russia to understand what another NATO member state is doing in the South Caucasus. This situation is a visual demonstration of the lack of unity in the military alliance. NATO is in fact a no more united force. It is a group of small alliances and actors with own interests working under the same brand. This explains regular mantras of the NATO leadership about some ‘foreign forces’ that want to create division within the alliance. However, the sad reality (for the NATO leadership) is that these ‘foreign forces’ are in fact NATO members.


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Servet Köseoğlu

Therefore, it seems that NATO member states needs the help of Russia to understand what another NATO member state is doing in the South Caucasus

Because these cheeky solipsists knows what our answer will be:
comment image


NATO is a joke, a criminal joke. It is really absurd that they need to ask Russia to know what Turkey ( a NATO member ) has in mind.

Also, who the hell are they to ask? Where they were during the war? Where there were the armies of Soros? Too busy looting Chicago, Seattle, Minneapolis?

Servet Köseoğlu

They are the ones generally who pulls the strings but in caucaus it doesnt work and it will never work…They are too busy with arming their champs now. Fyi:The UAE is arguably the only country in the world that can buy ballistic missiles from North Korea and bankroll the Russian military in Libya and still be allowed to buy F-35 stealth fighters, while other countries(Turkey) get sanctions slapped on them for buying weaponry from Russia.On top of that this country(uae) is preparing for his debut in east-med…ehhhh Nato-otan…

catalin zt

This is to keep murica and mossad in those monkeys “countries”!

catalin zt

Cannot wait now for an mistake against Russians by the monkeys of the paedo “profet’ for the muslim mongolian tribe to be deleted from the shithole! :)

Mark M. Nobelman

Turkish Parliament approves deployment of troops to Karabakh

Turkey has defense treaty with Azerbaijan it would obviously secure it’s security by all means from any future out-falls and this is what most people failed to understand. It was simple to understand and it was always there but they somehow tried to by pass it


Why not ask, why not answer? They are all a bunch of PARTNERS. After all Putin and Russia were always extremely forthcoming whenever asked to help out. It didn’t matter much to them whom they will be screwing. It fed their vanities, everything else was secondary.


AM Hants

There is an interesting article on Stalker Zone, with regards the same subject and well worth reading, if you need a laugh. NATO is seriously cheesed off, as Russia has created a ‘No Fly Zone’ over the area and NATO have absolutely no access, whatsoever, with regards snooping and causing mischief. No wonder they want Turkey to have access. Meanwhile, Russia carries on as normal. Nice one.


Thanks to Iran….they will provide an air corridor of final resort even if other avenues get blocked in future.



AM Hants

I was just reading the President Putin speech about it all. Must admit, to having a very soft spot for the wisdom, logic, intelligence and humour of both President Putin and Sergei Lavrov. Leaves one feeling there is still some sanity in this very strange world.

Mark M. Nobelman

Turkey has access to NK-Azerbaijan area and the turkish parliament has given green light to deploy in Nk so all this bragging is in all honesty pointless and pre-mature as Turkey has defense treaty with Azerbaijan

AM Hants

I like the article over on Stalker Zone, that talks about the ‘No-Fly Zone’ Russia has set up, which keeps NATO out of it all and stops the and ‘NATO Peeking Toms’ from snooping.


Whenever putin uses the word “it is not clear how..
In this case russian peacekeepers will not be in the intrest of armenia..

He already knows the reason. Its pashinyan soros anti russia mindset at work.
Putin is classic!

AM Hants

Didn’t he set Pashinyan up? Owing to him taking the $oro$ silver, working against Russia and then when the usual $oro$ SHTF, he went begging to Russia? Russia, said no and then when he had nowhere to go and fully exposed, Russia went to their aid, with conditions. Shut down airspace, set up defence systems and negotiated to keep Turkey out as well.

‘Oooooops he did it again – The Putin Way’.

Funny, how whatever $oro$ tries to get unto lately, in his own covert way, it all comes crashing down.

S Melanson

Greetings, just a heads up, I published Part 4 out of a 5 part series on SouthFront and this is the link:

Any feedback appreciated SJM

AM Hants

Cheers, just going to have a peek.

AM Hants

Enjoyed the article and have commented.

I like what you had to say about the vacuum that would be left, if peace had a chance, where the defence industry is strong. It was a seriously good point, as you have many skilled people and to take their employment away, would leave one heck of a vacuum. However, what industry would their skills be compatible with?

Plus, growing up during the Cold War, it gave us peace in Europe, where NATO had to work in a bi-polar partnership. Then NATO went rogue, and where you once had leaders, both in NATO and nations involved, who had respect for mutually assured destruction, which was the main factor to keeping the peace. Once NATO went rogue and embraced uni-polar, totalitarian offensive, the leaders came from non-nuclear nations or were peace campaigners, in their early adulthood. Having absolutely no knowledge or respect for MAD, which is so noticeable today.

Thanks for an interesting and very informative article. There was so much to digest, that I will have to go back and read it.

Ryan Glantz

only the TDS’rs have Russiaphobia. The true patriots love fellow patriots, regardless of nationality.

Lazy Gamer

Permissible acts being asked. lol


Whatevet goes around comes around?

Arman Melkonyan

Turkey = Russia
Erdogan = Putin
Turks = Jews (Khazars) = Russians

Jason Tribolini

Arman Melkonyan = Retard

Random Dude

He is still on the anger stage of grief. In few months he might reach acceptance stage.

thomas malthaus

So as not to think South Front’s pieces aren’t propaganda, it would be nice to see a byline printed, however false the name may be.

I don’t think Washington and Paris are entitled to much from Russia, including this request. Or did South Front create this on the fly?

Ishyrion Av

Washington and Paris are collecting evidence and reasons to exert pressure against Turkey when the time is needed. And when the time comes, Turkey will be disbanded by Russia, with help from US, Germany and France.

cechas vodobenikov

they cannot trust their own NATO ally?

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