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Washington Allows Kiev to Have Its Cake and Eat It Too

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Written by Alex Gorka; Originally appeared on strategic-culture.org

Washington is concerned about Ukraine’s shipments of aircraft engines to China. Since Ukraine is obeying the letter of the international law, targeting Kiev in the ongoing war of sanctions cannot be officially justified, yet the US still feels betrayed. Washington might change its attitude toward Ukraine. Given the country’s dependence on America, Kiev is playing with fire.

Washington Allows Kiev to Have Its Cake and Eat It Too

JSF-135; Engine; Ceremony; Tour; December, 2005. Photo: sharknews

China’s naval pilots use JL-10 trainers to hone their aircraft-carrier landing skills. According to the Washington Times, the aircraft are powered by engines supplied by Ukraine. The source reports, “Critics say the Trump administration should pressure Ukraine to halt the engine sales along with other military transfers to China.” William C. Triplett, a former counsel to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, believes Ukraine is stabbing the US in the back. It should be noted that the military cooperation between Ukraine and China goes much further than just those aircraft engines that the Washington Times wrote about. Any American military technology that is shared with Ukraine will most certainly get into China’s hands. And that problem is bigger than just China.

To provide some context, let’s look back at the report on the North Korean missile program issued by a UN panel of experts in March that linked Ukraine to that program in Pyongyang. Those intercontinental ballistic missiles used engines (Soviet-era RD-250s) of Ukrainian origin. A New York Times report and other US sources also confirmed the story. According to Dmitry Kiku, a Ukrainian member of the UN team on N. Korean sanctions, Kiev has confirmed that it is very probable that Ukrainian-manufactured components are being used by North Korean ballistic-missile engineers.

In 2002, the US accused Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma of authorizing the illegal $100 million sale of four Kolchuga radar stations to Iraq in violation of UN sanctions. Last year, the international journalism organization known as the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) claimed that Ukraine was involved in a network that is illegally re-exporting arms from EU countries to Africa and the Middle East. That same year, the Amnesty International human-rights group issued a report on Ukrainian arms sales to South Sudan in violation of the United Nations embargo. All this can be added to the fact that Ukraine itself has become a supermarket for illegal weapons.

The US 2019 NDAA that was signed into law just a few days ago authorizes $250 million in security assistance for Ukraine. In April, Washington delivered Javelin antitank missile systems to Kiev. As one can plainly see, the United States continues to sell weapons to countries with dubious human-rights records that are involved in conflicts Americans know little about. The fact that the weapons might be used for other purposes than the ones they were supplied for or might end up in the wrong hands does not stop those deliveries. The New York Times has published an extensive report on corruption in the ranks of Ukraine’s military.  The US had a painful experience in Iraq when the weapons it sent to the Iraqi military ended up in the hands of Islamic State terrorists. Hundreds of US, British, Canadian, and Lithuanian military instructors are training Ukrainian military personnel at the Yavorov firing range. Who knows how many of the trainees will turn up in Syria, Iraq, or somewhere else to fight Americans? Today, Islamic State militants are finding their way to Ukraine. They feel safe there.

In April, the US State Department published its annual report on human-rights practices in Ukraine. The paper mentions torture, arbitrary detention, and enforced disappearances, among other crimes committed by government security forces there. The report claims that such human-rights violations seem to have become somewhat routine occurrences. Media outlets are facing censorship and websites are routinely blocked. The perpetrators of violence against journalists go unpunished.  The UN human-rights commissioner’s March report  on Ukraine is filled with stories about human-rights abuses, violations of fundamental freedoms, and other crimes.

Nor can it be disregarded that Ukraine’s commitment to democracy is open to question, given the number of tycoons who hold power in that country. It is no secret that a kleptocracy flourishes there. The nation’s ruling elite make a mockery of the Western support that comes in, which is often pocketed. According to US State Department data, US foreign assistance contributed to Ukraine’s seizure of roughly $1.3 billion in cash, with the discovery of more than $3.24 billion in stolen public funds. Ukraine is the 130s least corruption nation out of 180 countries, according to the 2017 Corruption Perceptions Index reported by Transparency International. The country topped the 2017 fraud survey conducted at the direction of Ernst & Young.

Nationalist movements are a force to be reckoned with and they are gaining strength. Who knows where all this is heading?

That said, can Ukraine — a fragile state involved in an internal conflict with a dismal record of human-rights abuses and a high level of corruption — be considered a safe bet for US arms sales? Hardly.  It’s really difficult to understand how military assistance to Kiev could enhance American national security, but it’s easy to see how it could undermine it.

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Tudor Miron

Betraying is a national sport of ukro elites.


The corrupt Ukos will sell anything to anybody Tudor.

Prince Teutonic

They will sell those Javelins even to the Russians directly…


Probably some are missing from inventory all ready. :D


This is why I wasn’t worried about them being delivered to the Ukraine. It’s a failed state with a corrupt government and army. Its developed a culture of seeking short term profit at any cost, even the future. Just training some of their troops and giving them new toys, the usual tool the West likes to use again and again, will not change a thing if Ukrainian culture stays the same.

Ivan Freely

“China’s naval pilots use JL-10 trainers to hone their aircraft-carrier landing skills.”

I don’t recall seeing any JL-10 with a tail hook. I would love to see the photos and or videos of them.


a long time ago, the US was trying to sell its aircraft Carrier technology and experience, mid 70’s to about 2010 ish. The Chinese, when they get their hands on something they don’t let go. Right now they are playing around, toying with these aircraft carriers… I don’t know Why.
With the way technology is moving… aircraft carriers as we know them are obsolete…
What exactly is China working on, that is an interesting Question.
a Large Drone Carrier? no… What are they up to?

Ivan Freely

Carriers are not entirely obsolete. The power projection still cannot be ignored. As for China, carriers are useful for them to push past the 2nd Island chain ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Island_Chain_Strategy ) which is related to the issue of Taiwan. Second, there is their Maritime Silk Road, part of the Belt Road Initiative. Third, China have investments all over Africa and there is a brewing competition between China and other countries in Africa.

Ivan Freely

“Nor can it be disregarded that Ukraine’s commitment to democracy is open to question, given the number of tycoons who hold power in that country. It is no secret that a kleptocracy flourishes there. The nation’s ruling elite make a mockery of the Western support that comes in, which is often pocketed.”

Is Alex Gorka confusing Ukraine for the US?

Brad Isherwood

comment image

Russia has capable Aircraft production line.
China is the ???
Russia learned that Su 57 is useless Low RCS…
Get out of that program! …..good for Russia.
F 35 is fail. …Israhell wants new F 15x.

F 35 was failed attempt to learn AI.
Su 57 was learn you can’t have Stealth in physical build.

Russia’s Mig 31 Sat interlink with streaming upload guidance to partner aircraft where multiple targeting is sent real time.

If Russia has fire forget 360 degree with read IFF, ….and….the BVR missiles that hunt US/NATO
Airtankers, ELINT/AWACS…

It’s Game over !

US sanctions on Russia/China
Both have capable Aviation build programs which includes taking extant airframes like Su 27
And market mid life upgrade level with capable radars and missiles which US/NATO would kick chairs accross the room.


The Russian new generation fighter is a great design. That is UAV with nuclear powered jet engine.

Brad Isherwood

China is throwing the $$$ at Photonic Computers, AI,aero elastic composit,
Russia has to Ace their 6th gen aircraft program. …or China will be ahead .
Yes…China hacks/steals technology…
They produce a knock off F 22 in like less than 10 years.

Russia has combat experience where as China has next to none.

Posted here on Su 30 that China could jump in and builder Syrian Aviation with Russia give Syria older Su 27…
China can bring these beyond mid life upgrade level.
Both Syria and China can experiment on radars,360 fire forget and BVR technology.

China needs an arena to test it’s military /MIC…
If US and Euro/Saudi trash are going to illegally occupy Syria,

I’d step aside /Putin….and let China torment the US.
Iran can benefit too.
Put its Bavar 373 in Syria. …..let IAF just try : )


Ukrainians are no longer free to trade, they are slaves of the US and Jews like Kolomoisky who keep the Nazis in power.


US itself buying engines from Russia. LOL
Russia should be sanctioned that why they selling engines to US NASA and cooperating with these child butchers. Ukraine should not be sanctioned because they are cooperating with good countries like China.

Gary Sellars

As much as I despise the accused Banderite orcs, why shouldn’t they be able to sell jet engines to China? Who the fuck to the Seppos think they are to tell them they cannot?


Engines… The US is concerned about Engines… I see. the Ukrops who went against their own Slavic Blood are selling China Old RD rocket engines that they have in stock… Well… There goes the Last ounch of pride Ukraine had remaining…
With the way technology is moving, artificial Wombs and all, I wounder How much will a Ukrainian sell his mother for?


I just have a small objection to the statement that Islamic State’s acquisition of weapons from the Iraqis was some painful experience the U.S. suffered. I whole-heartedly believe that particular event unfolded more or less according to plan. It may not have been the plan when we first supplied the Iraqis with the weapons but we had a whole terrorist proxy army to supply. Necessity being the mother of invention and all…. I don’t have much more than circumstances, a gut feeling, and the U.S.’ modus operandi to base that on but I do feel pretty strongly about it. Mighty convenient the country next door has a leader the U.S. is desperate to overthrow and that is where the majority of the seized weapons showed up. No I must be crazy. It was all just some “fortunate coincidence.” We probably just failed to see what was unfolding…just like we were helpless against the huge convoys of white Toyota Hiluxes driving around the goddamn desert. Equally as helpless against the tanker convoys of stolen oil heading to Turkey. Pilots complained they were told not to fire, just concern for the environment I’m sure.

How all this can be dismissed as “conspiracy theories” and the official story seen as legitimate (“it must all be coincidence”) baffles the ever-loving shit out of me. Hallelujah! Holy shit! Where’s the Tylenol?

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