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Was The Joint Investigation Team’s Work On The MH17 Tragedy Adequate At All?

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Was The Joint Investigation Team's Work On The MH17 Tragedy Adequate At All?

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Dutch Military intelligence has been completely incapable of finding any Buk air defense systems that could bring down the Malaysian Boeing that crashed near Donetsk in 2014.

This was covered in an article titled “WAS MH17 NOT PROPERLY INVESTIGATED?” by investigative journalist and the author of the documentary regarding the crash Max van der Werff.

The most recent piece covered unpublished MH17 Joint Investigation Team documents, concerning directly the MH17 investigation and is analyzed by Max van der Werff on behalf of Bonanza Media.

The documents published by van der Werff include a a letter dated September 21, 2016 from the Department of Legal Affairs of the Netherlands Military Intelligence Service (MIVD) addressed to the state prosecutor’s office, according to which the MIVD checked whether the Buk system could be involved in the MH17 crash.

One of the documents is a ‘Record Of Interview’ (ROI) between an officer of the Australian Federal Police and German journalist Billy Six, which can be read in its entirety. [pdf]

In the interview Billy Six spoke of specifically where the alleged Buk missiles needed to be located, as well as other people involved as witnesses.

He also said that he had seen images of Ukrainian military planes, thus this was evidence that the people were “very well settled” they had technology to take adequate photographs. So it was puzzling that there was no Buk vapour trail or no footage of the launching of any Buk missile.

Was The Joint Investigation Team's Work On The MH17 Tragedy Adequate At All?

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Separately, the text speaks of 11 points where in June and July 2014, when the tragedy occurred, the Ukrainian Buk missile systems (eight locations) and the Russian (three locations) were located. According to intelligence, all 11 complexes were at least 66 kilometers from the crash site, and three identified Russian complexes were in Russia.

9K37M1 Buk-M1 Air Defence Systems present in the region (range 42km).

1.       Ukraine No 67 km
2.       Ukraine 48°36’38.00″N 39°14’00.00″E No 66 km
3.       Ukraine 48°5’58.00″N 37°45’13.00″E No 135 km
4.       Ukraine 47° 6’25.00″N 37°28’28.00″E June + July 515 km
5.       Ukraine 49° 0’34.00″N 37°18’42.00″E June + July 137 km
6.       Ukraine 48°42’23.00″N 37°38’1.00″E June + July 98 km
7.       Ukraine 48°13’14.00″N 36° 1’20.00″E June + July 191 km
8.       Ukraine 47°58’12.00″N 36°34’26.00″E  June + July 154 km
9.       Russia 48°44’14.00″N 40° 1’36.00″E 11 – 19 July 122 km
10.   Russia 48°38’54.00″N 39°50’18.00″E From July 18 106 km
11.   Russia 48°17’51.00″N 40° 4’42.00″E From July 20 108 km
Was The Joint Investigation Team's Work On The MH17 Tragedy Adequate At All?

Click to see full-size image

Was The Joint Investigation Team's Work On The MH17 Tragedy Adequate At All?

Locations of the Buk missile systems. Yellow pin – Ukrainian, Blue Pin – Russian, Green pin – the village of Grabovo, where the Boeing 777 crashed. Click to see full-size image

From the table it becomes apparent that flight MH17 was flying beyond the range of all identified and operational Ukrainian and Russian locations where 9K37M1 Buk M1 systems were deployed.

“In view of the locations of the systems identified and the speed with which these can be moved, as well as the nature, development and conflict and border zone of the fight against the separatists on July 2014 it is unlikely that a 9A310M1 launch vehicle originating from the Ukrainian armed forces could have been moved in time for flight MH17 to come within its range and be hit,” van der Werff concluded.

Furthermore, the author asked the question of how credible it is that Ukraine kept almost all its Buk systems at their bases and did not at any moment during the ‘Anti Terrorist Operation'(ATO) move its air defense assets to mobile locations outside their bases?

“How likely is that, knowing 12 July 2014 Ukrainian air defense forces have been put on full combat alert?”

The documents further state that the intelligence “examined other ground-based air defense systems present in the region in July 2014 and which, in terms of operational deployability, technical specifications and location, could have shot down the MH17 aircraft.” According to the document, this relates to Ukrainian air defense systems S-300PS Volkhov M-6, as well as the S-300PM2 Favorit system, which is in service with Russia.

Regarding that, the journalist concluded the following:

“All operational Ukrainian S-300PS Volkov-M6 identified were at least 250 kms away from the point were MH17 was hit. The S-300PS Volkov-M6 system has a maximum range of 75kms. On this basis MIVD draws the conclusion that S-300PS Volkhov-M6 system was not used for the downing of flight MH17.”

The document further notes that the only identified complex “having a wide enough range” to bring down this aircraft is two S-300PM2 Favorit systems of the Russian Armed Forces, located near Rostov-on-Don.

MIVD does have (partner) information that would indicate the use of the 36N85 (referred to as TOMB STONE by NATO) fire control radar for the guidance of and/or launch of a surface-to-air missile from the 48NS series (referred to as GARGOYLE by NATO) on 17 July 2014.

These locations are in the immediate vicinity of large population centres and the launch of a missile would most likely have led to messages on social media or other public media. MIVD is not aware of such publications.

Van der Werff himself, analyzing the above facts, concluded the following:

“The Dutch Military Intelligence and Security Service on 21 September 2016 (ONE WEEK before the JIT press-conference on 28th September 2016!) had no information from any reliable source that any Russian Buk-M1 had crossed the border with Ukraine during any time during the conflict.”

And it all returns to the question in the title:

“Coming back to the question raised at the beginning of this article: was MH17 properly investigated?

From the analyses I conducted over the years I have substantiated doubts and the content of the freshly leaked information from these four documents only makes my doubts stronger.”

The investigation by van der Werff leads to three key takeaways from the entire “investigative work” carried out by the Dutch-led team:

1. The documents are highly likely hiding the positions of the Ukrainian Buk systems, since there are numerous photographs and footage showing such systems at the front line.

2. If there is a list of the precise document locations of Donetsk, Luhansk and Russian Buk systems, why did the investigation team not publish them, and show that, in fact, there was no way for any of the systems to take out the Boeing 777?

3. Most importantly, it appears that as the evidence piles up, it becomes clearer that there is no interest in an objective and factual investigation into the tragedy.


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JIT is a cover up. MH17 was downed by a jetfighter.

Louis IX

Thoses innocent people were sacrifice for american imperialism, and it will happen again, again and again. Why would they stop ? It works perfectly, the truth has no effect today ! A well documented investigation with reliable sources and witnesses will be ignored by the mass, if it doesnt fit in their ideology. I keep faith in God, the ones responsible for this will meet divine justice, in the afterlife.

“Most certainly I tell you, you shall by no means get out of there, until you have paid the last penny.”

AM Hants

Brilliant, do like the work of Max Van Der Werff. Article so needs sharing.

A couple of weeks ago, following the Iranian strike on the US base, there was an article regards the DSB, again being discredited, owing to their investigation of another airline, false flag, I believe in the 90s.

Plus a recent article with regards the Swiss registered, pipe laying ship, which turned it’s back on Nord Stream 2. Although registered in Switzerland, it was actually Dutch.

The Dutch Government must be so proud of it’s independence, when it comes to showing itself up on the world stage.

Is it 20th March, when they plan to go to court with the MH17 false flag?


It appears that the Dutch are as inept at fabricating and distorting evidence as the UK and US are. Fools rarely make accomplished liers :)

AM Hants

Same crowd behind them all.

I remember, back in the 80s, working for a Government funded institution. It was common knowledge that management always promoted the weakest and thickest candidate, so they would not be a threat to the top layer. Over 30 years ago and the same idiots move up the ladder.

Then you have the easy to blackmail, owing to lifestyle choices, or coerce, politicians, with no work experience, who are happy to be funded by Sorass and his Common Purpose mates.

Not forgetting the heavily sponsored and publicly funded ‘Think tanks’, who use academics who have never spent anytime out of the classroom, but, being highly schooled, with limited intelligence, believe they know it all.

Funny how so much of the work of the US, UK and Dutch ‘overseas aid budget’ is publicly funded, but, never audited?


Just as the EU has not completed an audit for decades.

We seem to lurch from one mess to the next, until the mess explodes. The criminal cabal then starts the process again.

Meanwhile, the lot of the populace as a whole changes little unless they have been prudent enough in their working lives, so as to be able to sit back and watch as all around them are in a collective hysteria about the ‘sins du jour’.

AM Hants

Good reminder. Why won’t the Globalists support audits?


“History is indeed little more than the register of the crimes, follies and misfortunes of mankind.”

Edward Gibbon (1737-1794), From: “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”

Things rarely change ,AM.

AM Hants

Sadly, but, can live in hope.


‘Hope springs eternal ‘, AM.

My main hope at the moment is that it stops bloody raining. Hans agrees as well.

AM Hants

Harry storms. Tell Hans, once they stop playing games, Spring will be here. Is he affected by Season Associated Depression, haha?


He is a bit as I am :) He is losing his winter coat which is a good sign. I exercise him in dry spells on the menage most days which benefits me as well. :)

AM Hants

You forget about how weather affects the animals.


I left a small bed of hay in one of the stables during the wet period from December and late one night I noticed a fox bedding down with an image intensifier I have. :) I knew some sort of animal was but not what sort.

I have a few small deer roaming round as well They eat all the rotten apples during the winter. Crab apples as well.

AM Hants

Sounds bliss and so relaxing. Was the fox fairly chilled out or had he just dined on the Chickens?


Chickens can be a nuisance . There were chicken sheds and a pigsty here. I knocked them down and built stables.

AM Hants

Harry should be Harrpy. If I had put Megan in same article, would know I would be in dire need of medication, haha.

Have you heard Queenie has banned the Royal Sussex brand? Must admit, did put a smile on my face.


I had not. Your news instantly bought a smile to my face.


Just thought of a new brand name for the Sussex’s.

‘Harpy and Harry Inc’.

AM Hants

Perfect. Why does Harpic loo cleaner come to mind haha?

Harpic Mega Formula, reaches the S bends of the Palace, unlike other brands.


Looks to be another Annus Horribilis for HRH, I suspect, AM.

AM Hants

The last one, I wonder what lessons they wanted her to learn? Same with this one. Do believe the lawyers are rubbing their hands, whilst smiling with ‘Joker’ grins.


The lawyers will be salivating :)


It’s all Common Purpose.




You’re correct. The Russians are way better at it.

Bruno Giordano

Discredited? You are referring to alleged pressure from Boeing to influence the DSB report about the crash of a Turkish plane near Schiphol in 2009. Then chairman of the DSB, Van Vollenhove, denies the influence had any effect on the report. The company that is (was) involved in Nord Stream 2, Allseas, is a Swiss-Dutch company, just like Shell and Unilver are British-Dutch companies. Allseas stopped their project after pressure from the US. So? Speaking of discrediting, what makes “couch potato” Van der Werff more credible than the “couch potato” for whom you expressed your disdain so frequently? The case in court begins March 9.

AM Hants

So love the work of Max Van Der Werff and wish him all the best.

How much substantiated evidence will the defence have at their disposal, when the Dutch prosecution goes ahead? Isn’t it 20th March? So looking forward to following the defence present all those unanswered questions. Including, why no forensic analysis on the shrapnel fragments of the exit and entry holes? Now why was that?

Bruno Giordano

No it isn’t. March 9th, hants. 10 am, Netherlands time. It will still be going on on the 20th, perhaps unless Russia decided to go the “Iranian way” in the mean time…

AM Hants

Brilliant. With substantative facts and evidence to support the defence. Bring it on, but, in an independent court with an independent judge.


theres too much political armwrestling going on the believe any evidence from my own dutch government, let alone the russian or the ukraine…

Damien C

A lie can be half-way round the world before the truth has its boots on


Is that part of Putz Putin’s Greater Russia policy that he is copying from the Soviets, his alma mater?

Bruno Giordano

I saw that the sky was overcast. Between the clouds I saw something falling down … A couple of minutes before the fall, I saw a fighter jet in the sky, which circled over the town

Interesting. The sky was overcast. Good to see that confirmation again. So if this “witness” really had seen a fighter jet, it would have been under the clouds – say 2000 meters altitude. The SU-25 has a climb rate of 58 meters/second max, meaning it would have taken 2 – 3 minutes to climb to the level of the Boeing (if at all possible…), and in that time span the Boeing would have advanced by at least 30 kilometers. Ie, (if the fighter jet had even been able to come near the airliner) the airliner would have been hit and downed much closer to the Russian border.

This photograph that served as evidence of the missile is erroneous, since the photograph showed different weather conditions. Because at that time the sky was rather heavily overcast…..

Again the conformation for the overcast sky. But no, that photograph is not “erroneous”. The “blue-ish” sky is due to over exposure. The other photo of the missile’s trail clearly shows that overcast sky.

In addition, MIVD looked into the other ground based air defence systems present in the region in July 2014 and that were, as far as operational deployability, specifications, performance and location goes, capable of hitting flight MH17.

The MIVD had inventarised the (operational) BUK systems in the area in that period. They have not investigated what was smuggled over the border shortly before the 17th. So this list hardly provides additional information to what they already provided in their report that was in the appendices of the DSB report. It proves nothing.


At least the Islamist Iranians are honest about downing an airliner. Not Putz Putin the Poisoner. But look on the bright side. These wonderful Russian missiles all over the place can actually shoot down airplanes. Someday they may actually move beyond civilian airliners and Russian spy planes. But don’t hold your breath.


Well, they did shot down 1000s of american airplanes in Vietnam alone. Go to hell and ask John McCain, he is an expert in destroying US airplanes lol

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