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Warsaw Considered The Possibility Of Dividing Ukraine In February 2022

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Warsaw Considered The Possibility Of Dividing Ukraine In February 2022

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On January 23, former Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski revealed that Warsaw considered the option of dividing Ukraine in the initial stage of Russia’s special military operation.

The Polish official did not provide any other details. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has already attempted to refute Sikorski’s words.

“I think there was a moment of hesitation in the first ten days of the war, when we all did not know how it would go, and perhaps Ukraine would collapse,” the former minister said in his interview on the air of radio station Zet.

Morawiecki called Sikorski’s statements “Russian propaganda” and called on the opposition to abandon them. Any claims that reveal the real essence of the Kiev regime or Western policy are blamed as Russian propaganda.

“Radoslav Sikorsky’s statement is no different from Russian propaganda. The former foreign minister must weigh his words. I expect these shameful statements to be withdrawn. I call on the opposition to reject Radoslaw Sikorski’s statement,” Morawiecki wrote on Twitter.

As a result, a conflict broke out between the Polish officials. The former Polish Foreign Minister did not renounce his claims and blamed the Prime Minister of proposal to send troops to the west of Ukraine.  Sikorsky also claimed that “no one in Poland is plotting actions against Ukraine.”

“We rejected the hints of Putin and proposal of Zhirinovsky. But you and Kaczynski (the leader of the currently ruling Law and Justice Party in Poland) announced, in contrast to the position of NATO, a proposal to send troops to the west of Ukraine, which Zelensky categorically rejected. And it was you who gave a breeding ground to Russian propaganda,” Sikorsky wrote.

At the end of November last year, the head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), Sergei Naryshkin, said that the Polish authorities had begun preparing materials that could substantiate Warsaw’s rights to annex territory in western Ukraine. As the head of the SVR explained, Poland intends to focus on the Volyn massacre, which occurred in 1943. This episode will be used to accuse Ukrainian nationalists of the genocide of Poles. After that, Warsaw will put forward its compensation claims to Kiev.

This is  how Polish President Duda was welcomed in Ukrainian city of Lviv:



Meanwhile, Polish media bet on the day of Poland’s invasion in western Ukraine. In December, Niezależny Dziennik Polityczny reported that the Polish leadership would invade Western Ukraine and hold a referendum there in May.

“Dictator Kaczynski has been preparing for Hour B for a long time, that is, for the moment when it will be possible to return the Eastern Kresy (parts of Galicia and Western Ukraine). The result of the first stage of this plan was that Warsaw already fully controls the Kiev government politically and financially. The second stage is the preparation of Poles for combat operations,” the author believes.

The Polish authorities have already created special military training camps, where mobilized person will acquire basic skills of warfare. In addition, Warsaw intends to increase the size of the army by 17 thousand people in 2023 and conduct major military exercises involving 250 thousand military personnel. LINK

According to the Polish media, future maneuvers of the Armed Forces will not be of offensive nature. Amid the accelerated purchases of the advanced military equipment to the Polish amry, these facts indirectly confirm Warsaw’s aggressive intentions, the journalist noted.

“Kaczynski has already chosen the start date of the “liberation march” to Kiev: May 4. <…> Due to the heavy losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in May, Ukrainian units will completely lose their combat potential. Therefore, they will not be able to fight on two fronts at the same time <…>,” the observer claims.

After the seizure of part of Ukraine, Warsaw will reportedly announce a referendum on July 11. The date is of symbolic importance, because on this day in 1943, the massacre of the Polish population of Volhynia, organized by Ukrainian nationalists, reached its apogee.


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1 poseidon nuke enough to tsunamize the whole UK

Considered ??? Let me fix this for you: Poland STILL considers taking HALF of the Ukraine.

T. M.Wallgren

This utter nonsense has been spread by several pro Russia “experts” based nothing by Kremlin counter propaganda. Try something much better.

Mexican Beaner 🇲🇽

All Eastern European shitholes like Pooland, Rumania, Bulgaria, Czechia, Slovakia, Lituania, Estonia, Latvia all dream of plundering Russia. But they expect US to do the work. While US also plans to plunder Russia, but they expect the shitholes of Eastern Europe to do that. So many chiefs and no indians.


This rumour of Poland annexing Western Ukraine has been going around since at least 2015, perhaps even 2014, with a number of “new maps” such as the one with Novorossya, Malorussia and a Greater Poland.

But to be fair, this is completely taboo in Poland, as we can see here.

Details are given only by Russian sources. One example is the famous economist Mikhail Khazin who said after Trump’s victory in 2016, that US-led globalization would be replaced by “spheres of influence”, and Eastern Europe would return into Russia’s. His personal plan was to cut Ukraine into three parts : the Russian-speaking regions would be annexed, the central regions turned into an agrarian zone, and the rebellious Western part would be “given” to Poland, *even if* Poland doesn’t want it, “to ensure the loyalty of Poland”, “so they can have something to do for 200 years”, he said with a grin.

see: https://youtube.com/watch?v=Vq5Fzkr9Tec


Nice cherry picking utopia run by Russian counter propaganda.

jens holm

You dont get it. Some minority oppinions dont run Poland.

They also are bound by agreements by EU as well as Nato. Very impressing someone can name Poland with no help should annex Galizia or whatever name it has/had.

Its classic Russian propaganda to take some far opposition and make it into the majority rule.

We see it fx for USA as well. Apart from the vey few of course being the ELITE the rest are poor naked hardly having umbreals against the hurricanes there. Its also never mentioned that half of their population is doing much better then the very limnited Russian middleclass. Its not mentioned that USA actually do have some thing wellfare and many of the poor are not that poor and do a good life.

jens holm

Thats no roumor. It has been going on since Stalin arrived to Rustica and they as the only ones lost WW1 three times.

By that You are right. It got fertlizers and upgrades as You write.

I dont agree in that dividing but the Ukraine is a fatal error made by Stalin and Krustjov now even attacked by Russia.

My private opinion is, that the 2 Russian added only Russian Regions should have been voted back to Russia right away. They only was added as an excuse to save the rest from us.

We did that at the new danish border between Denmark and Germany. We didnt try to amputae old danish land back but only took the real danish parts back.

Ever since we have had very good relations with the Germans. Very much is semilar in those 2 landscapes and both cross the borders and help each other being effective doing well.

That would be nice relations for Ukriane/Russia too.


But they really exist?


Sure. And pigs can fly! 😆😆😆

Shit country makes shit military

Russia has been scared of how EU era made Poles more wealthy than Russians can only dream about and certainly Ukrainians want the same. Even before 2014 they preferred EU, not Russian oligarchy and inequality. Last 10 years in Russia has not been great at all and last 3 years free down fall.


Wow that was the most incoherent paragraph I’ve ever read online. Do yourself a favor, take remedial English writing courses and come back in six months if you want to play with the big boys. For now go back to your special ed reddit forum.

jens holm

He represent common knowledge where I live and do it well no matter spelling. Poland is a memeber of us and we live here. It seemes Yoiu hardly know where it is and dont care.

Your focus seemes to be wrong writing infantile unqualified timewasters of the worst kind worst kind.

None here will try to understand You unless they are a doctor and need a job.

Poland mainly has joined EU very well even they still has too much nationalisme. Changes in that to a more calm level takes time.

Very much as You are in USSR Yourself.


The Russians live under sanctions imposed by the most powerful empire in history. But you Banderite creeps would suck a dog’s cock if you thought there were two easy dollars to be had. Or get your sister to suck the dog off and give her twenty-five cents.

jens holm

Thats incorrect. The santions are much wider then USA. You can take gas on that.

It goes for helping Ukriane as well. You seemes very blindfolded or having lack in acces to Our part of the world.



You stupid arrogant cunt, what do you think the word “empire” means? In the name of all that is holy, please, step in front of a bus. You owe it to yourself to do it.


To be honest, Poland send to Ukraine so much military hardware that it’s half-defenceless. So we don’t even have chances to carry offensive operations at the moment. In maybe five years we will regain lost potential.

jens holm

It makes no sense to be able to make offensive oprations if You are not atatcked and dont have those intensions Yourself.

Very much as Russia are busy somewhere else. I have seen no chinese in the streets or Taliban for that matter.


All Western independent media and commentators are adamant that Polands only intrest in Ukraine is to Size Western territory from Ukraine that Poland sees as rightfully theirs! Do Not trust the poles …….

jens holm

Its so funny reading those Russian versions being no part of the real world.

Better versions might be sold as science fiction here.


I don‘t understand the references to „Russian propaganda“ here. Anyway, sure, Lwów is largely a Polish city (historically). They must only make sure not to take over all of Ukraine bc they‘d have to pay its debt then. Poland will certainly then return Breslau, Danzig, Stettin etc. to Germany.



I understand what you’re saying. Yes, in fact that’s true. I agree with what you say. Indeed such a shame this so-called “Special Military operation” is to all of mankind. And although I not always agree with what you say, but in this case I do. Ukraine territory must be returned to Ukrauine and in the long run the german territory must be returned to Germany, and polish territory (now occupied by Russia) need to be returned to Poland.

Lviv real name is Lemberg, and – like Breslau, Danzig, Stettin etc.- its an old german town too – but these things can be talked another day, as the russian madness of attacking Ukraine is the main focus now.

Anyway. Why are we not getting real and start talking about the other facts too ? US will not invade Russia, that’s just bullshit media fake-news, and we all know it !! As neighter official side is truely interested in winning the war, nor in pushing for sincere peace-talks, then why can t we, the people here, start doing it (discussing peace – resp. ending this war) on our own ? Wouldn t that be better than talking about how to more effeciently kill each other ?

What most here still not realize is that it is not Russia who is targeted by the so-called Ukraine War. It is Europe !!!

Would the USA (which is a fully jewish controlled entity) indeed want to fight Russia ( which too is a completely jewish controlled entitiy) then the USA would of course do it with effective means and gear.

Remember that in 1944, with the Normandy D-Day operation, USA was landing onto the beaches 40.000 US soldiers every single day into Europe against the National-Socialist German Wehrmacht.

Whereas now USA has trained an “unbelievable dangerous” number of 500 Ukrainian troops in Germany Grafenwöhr US base to fight in Ukraine. UK announced having trained 20.000 Ukraine troops, over the past 6-8 month, which will be ready tfor combat within the next weeks. This all knowing that Russia has just drawn in 300,000 (!) conscripts and thrown them to the front.

So for all who have at least 1 functioning braincell left, it should be absolutely clear, that USA isn t fighting Russia, and Russia isn t fighting the USA. They didn t do in World War 1, they didn t do in World War 2, and of course they do not do in World War 3 eighter ! Instead they, like always, work hand-in-hand in order to destroy those who are not accepting jewish supremacy !

Btw. Europe too is already jew controlled but fell to them only in 1945, and the western civilization stemming from Europe, and the anti-jewish knowledge is so deeply routed inside its culture that the jews are very afraid that – especially now after the vaccine-jab-genocide, which the jews commited, the europeans will wake up to who did this to them, and again start rising and fighting the jews to the death !!! That’s why the jews want to eradicate Europe first !!!

See, for example, if USA was truely wanting to prepare Europe for fight with Russia, then USA of course would do the following:

For example: Pushing for nationalism in whole of Europe in order to create a militant maximum anti-russian sentiment inside Europe, and get the populations of the different nations as menly, tough, war-ready and battle-hardened as possible. Get the men to become men again, istead of pussies. Train the armies of that nations intensively, and enlarge their size by a factor of at least 20 !

But what is the reality ? USA pushes for sanctions of Russia which are by design only hitting Europe, not Russia, USA forbids EU to buy russian gas and oil, but USA itself buys and imports large amounts of russian gas and oil and is even expanding it. Moreover USA pushes for homo-globo agenda, degeneration, poisoning of European food, want from 24th Jan. 2023 the europeans to eat vermin, which are mixed into the powdered grain products, bread, potato-mixes etc. etc. Nationalists are hunted down, incarcerated, murdered etc. in Europe (The same direction, btw. is happening even inside the USA)

So here we see it clearly that the USA does the direct oppossite of preparing Europeans for war with Russia. Instead they are weakening Europe and its people in every possible way, in order to make them easy prey, and destroy them completely.

And still you people here not realize that they are in cahoots? Can t you see from all these facts, that they are both working together !???

Why is all that, you ask ? Because both USA and RU are controlled by Jews, which want to first eradicate Europe, then the USA and Japan, then that little bit what s left of fake-christian Russia, then Islam, and finally all none-jews apart from 500 mio, who will be needed as servile slaves and whores to the jewish self-proclaimed masterrace.

The ADL chief, and living scum, Abraham Foxman told this full openly in 25th Aug. 1998 in New York already, but people are to ignorant to listen to announcements of these disgusting, maximum satanist, hook-nosed demons.


And another one, Moscow’s ex prime Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, and also good friend of Mr. Putin, goes even more direct on it, listen here: https://www.bitchute.com/embed/U1gOYHsx3nVC/

Or Here too: https://birthofanewearthblog.com/the-jewish-agenda-to-destroy-the-white-race/

Therefore forget all the western (US & EU propaganda) as well as the eastern (Russian & Chinese propaganda) as behind them its just jews who not want to de-nazify or de-russianize your countries, but in fact want christians to slaughter each other. They want that you, as a christian, go out and slaughter your christian neighbors, landsmen and brothers on their (the jews) behalf ! That’s the cause of it all. Therefore, wake up and DON ‘ T do it !!! If you start see through the fog of jewish lies and there media propaganda and refuse to kill your fellow christian brothers and sisters, these jewish vermin are the fucked ones.

And, god-willing, all christians and muslims one day will unite and hunt down all these hook-nosed filth of the earth, till the last cockroach is eradicated from the face of the earth, and mankind will be free of these satanic world-parasites once and for all.

Last edited 3 days ago by Boohootin

Well, it may seem unconceivable to a lot of ppl, but I don‘t think it‘s just Russian talk in this case. Such things can happen quickly. I recommend reading J.M. Chodakiewicz‘s book „Intermarium“. He‘s not fringe and has ample support in the Anglo-Saxon world.


Another Polish nationalist. That’s what we all need, more identitarianism.


In this picture Zelensky looks like a vampire just out of its coffin and starting its night’s work.

T.M Wallgren

Example of Poland is why Ukraine has choosen EU instead of Russian oligarchy and inequality. Some30 years after Soviet era, Poland has become by far the most successful economy in Europe. Since 1989, it has increased its GDP per capita by almost 150%, more than any other country on the continent. The Czech Republic increased its income by only three-quarters; Hungary by barely a half; and the Eurozone by less than 40%. In PPP terms, Poland’s GDP per capita grew even faster from USD 10,300 in 1990 to more than 28,000 in 2018 (in 2011 constant dollars).

Since 1995, Poland has also become the fastest-growing large economy in the world among countries at a similar level of development, beating even the Asian tigers such as South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan.


Russia lost Ukraine actually much before 2014. And when Ukrainians abroad have seen growing prosperity of former Soviet blog countries one should not wonder why Ukrainians wanted to cut ties to chauvinist pompous Russia and its sick wet dream of becoming Empire again. Putin fucked things totally. Now he has encircled Russia by his own boneheaded game playing.


The government and President Vladimir Putin like to repeat that Russia already has everything it needs for development. But a transition to growth based on internal resources would require an end to the war in Ukraine. It would also need less unpredictability overall, increased competition, the decriminalization of economic infringements, and effective safeguards for property rights. The Russian authorities and president have consistently failed to provide those conditions. The future looks not bright to Kremlin leaders.


Ok Mr Economist living in moms basement

Romanian whore

Yea, very ‘successful’ EU whore indeed, when reading only one page, but when mentioning the enormous Polish migration, which is the second one after the romanians (2.5 millions), all the shit start to smell (I have no time to mention another romanian like fake ‘successes’ now). Calm down bandera sucker, and learn to read economic indicators correctly, mentioning all the trash which are hid under the rug, asshole russophobe fascist.

Shit country makes shit military

Down on the bottom line: it was Putin who finally have united the Europe to fight against Russian imperialism. Putin has not lost just Ukraine, he the fool made Sweden and Finland join to NATO. Serbia will join to EU and likely later to NATO too. Prosperity, stability and security what people want. Not some fake and sick Putin ideology of sphere of influence. Little man believes he is a new Stalin. Well – Ukrainians, Swedes and Finns got the message and Putin can now blame only himself of Russian foreign policy fiasco.


All paid for by German tax cattle.


Carving up the rotten rump Ukrap carca$$ is obvioUSly the game, once Mr bear is done squashing Natostan naZi$ of course…then the hyenas will howl even louder as they gobble the entrails. Polak expan$ion is the end game for the fascists in War saw. Even the weather in “western” Ukrapland is already Polak.https://en.topwar.ru/208919-na-polskom-televidenii-territoriju-zapadnoj-ukrainy-pokazali-uzhe-prisoedinennoj-k-polshe.html

Last edited 3 days ago by Martillo

Mustabin a lot of polak$ here howlin

Henrik C. Larsson

And the real world, not Putin’s Fantasy World goes on. From dusty Stalinist Russian chauvinism to more advanced, more open minded protecting human rights & civil rights excluding racist fascist hatred many Putin’s fans in west are presenting. Remarkable achievement to Putin to made western ultra right-wing as his only real ally or 5th Column.


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Last edited 3 days ago by PatriciaCarrillo

Ze polak aZoV borgs have infested this site like ratZ


When little man claimed that the end of Soviet Union was tragic catastrophy everyone in ex Warsaw Pact countries knew what fckn KGB idiot Putler really is. And certainly Poles were not the only one.


Imagine the simple minded idiots believing this BS – must be SF, ZH or Antiwar readers 😆😆😆

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