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Warplanes Strike ISIS Positions In Eastern Al-Suwayda Supporting Syrian Army’s Advance


Warplanes of the Syrian Air Force have carried out airstrikes on ISIS positions in the area of al-Qara in eastern al-Suwayda supporting the Syrian Army’s advance in the area, according to pro-government sources. Army artilery also shelled ISIS positions in the areas of Hibbariyah, Khirbat al-Umbashi and Tamthuna.

Fighting between the Syrian Army and ISIS was also reported in the area of Harmiyah.

Government forces have been carrying out a military operation against ISIS in the area since early June. However, they have achieved only a limited success so far.

Warplanes Strike ISIS Positions In Eastern Al-Suwayda Supporting Syrian Army's Advance

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  • Smaug

    I’m going to guess that the SAA has few, if any, drills regarding the true COIN they’re fighting at the moment. The fact that they’ve haven’t caught or diven away 80% of resistance already means they don’t know all the aspects of room clearing and 360° security.

  • Xanatos

    Hmm, I wonder who has stealth operations capability to infiltrate Syrian territory and deploy more Isis units? Anyone we know who is active in southern Syria and has a history of coordinating with ISIS? Hmmmmmmm.

    • Bill Wilson

      ISIS and their founders have been using the Syrian deserts since the downfall of Saddam.

  • Merijn

    Bomb the crap out of’m…..Hey Daesh… your Virgins are waitin’ for Y’all…..