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JULY 2020

War Report: Mighty Israeli Army Abandoned Military Facility After Hezbollah ATGM Strike


War Report: Mighty Israeli Army Abandoned Military Facility After Hezbollah ATGM Strike

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) abandoned their military facility at Avivim in Upper Galilee, which had been targeted by Hezbollah anti-tank guided missile strike. According to a released video, IDF troops left behind at least 2 pieces of military equipment and multiple personal possessions, including ammunition.

The escalation at the Lebanese-Israeli contact line happened on September 1 after IDF shelled unidentified targets at Shebaa Farms. After the incident, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared a de-facto victory saying that Israel “acted with a combination of decisiveness and sagacity” and its forces achieved all of their “goals”. However, at the first look, the abandoned facility does not seem to be a sign of the victory. Probably, this was a tactical retreat.

On September 3, FoxNews and ImageSat Intl. came with a new report on Iranian presence in Syria. According to the report citing “multiple Western intelligence sources” and showing satellite imagery, Iran has established a new military base near al-Bukamal and “has plans to house thousands of troops at the location”. The report came with a common speculation that the supposed base could be use to house Iranian precision-guided missiles.

The situation at the Syrian-Iraqi border has been for a long time a part of the fearmongering campaign by mainstream media that started after the US-led coalition appeared to be unable to separate Syria and Iraq by capturing the border area employing its proxies. The main point of this campaign is that Iran will use the established ground link to supply its allies in Syria and Lebanon with weapons and equipment.

In Syria, forces of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (that are the core of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces) shelled positions of Turkish-backed armed groups near Azaz and Mari. Pro-Turkish forces responded with a series of limited artillery strikes.

The situation at the contact line between the Syrian Army and militants in southern Idlib remains calm.



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  • Tiresia Branding
    • You can call me Al

      Oh that is who Nutty models himself on….love it. Cheers.

      • Tiresia Branding

        “Here we go, rocketing into a fun-filled exiting cartoon show” Cit. :-D

  • Vince Dhimos

    I can’t recall any wars started to deter someone from plans no one knows about at any time in history before.
    Israel gets away with pretending to read people’s minds as an excuse for hostilities ONLY because the US buys these fairy tales.

  • AlexanderAmproz

    Nothing new,

    Thief’s are liards !

  • igybundy

    Iran has established a new military base near al-Bukamal and “has plans to house thousands of troops at the location”.

    Yes by Syrians, not Iranians.. And on the other side with Iraqi’s.. with maybe some advisers to coordinate things. Most Iranian advisers have left Syria. So has Hezbollah and the Iraqi’s.. All long term SAA has also be demobilized.

  • qveenz

    I don’t like this : it looks like an NBC attack preparation from IDF.

  • cechas vodobenikov

    Israel may have a formidable military, however Hizbollah has demonstrated they r also quite formidable. Israel may be confronted w Hizbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Hardly formidable, living like a third world shithole…look at the unprofessional condition of the Avivam barracks..it is filthy and lice infested…like the Zionist vermin themselves. If I had such filthy barracks at OCS, they would have kicked out my whole unit.

      • cechas vodobenikov

        your puerile racism is tedious

  • Helen4Yemen
  • Rodney Loder

    Netanyahu is looking more like Modi every day, the big difference is India is desperate to continue relations with China and israel is not, but China will fall into line with israel at the drop of a hat or a deal with the West.

    I think this is an opportune time to push israel up to the brink after 2020 Trump will for sure opt for his sugnature war.

    • Tiresia Branding

      I think not! Yesterday China and Iran signed an economic deal for 25 years and with an equivalent value of 400 billions of dollars(no US dollars will be used)

    • Helen4Yemen

      So you are saying the alien European Jew has no intention of going back
      home where his grandma used to fix for him gefiltah fish? What is his interest
      in Arab land?

      • Rodney Loder

        Zionism is a British political ideology, the Assimilationist Movement led in Britain Lucian Wolf out numbered the Jews who wanted to settle in Palestine 10,000 to 1, because there weren’t any before Sir Mark Sykes who hated Jews convinced the British Foreign Office that the Jews could be used as a tool to threaton the Ottomans.

        The Assimilationist’s were atheistic the same as the Zionists led by Theodore Herzl, but even Herzl didn’t want Palestine as the Jewish Homeland, he was actually murdered by tothe British in order to shut him up, and his family were attacked with some murdered as well, by the British.

        There were very few Europeab Jews were practicing the Religion at the time, the zionists that settled Palestine were an ethnic group only, and an ethnic group of people that try to conquer a new land and fail, usually have to find somewhere else to live.

        • Icarus Tanović

          Didn’t know that Hertzl didn’t wanted Palestine. But those other facts are in place.

          • Rodney Loder

            Jews used agriculture like the British used Jews, since when was Jews interested in farming but as early as 1913 the British Foreign Office was meeting Zionists wanting to till the soil of Palestine claiming it would be a great advantage to Great Britain to have an increased Jewish element in the Country next door to Egypt.

            This was the idea that brought the clandestine policy into the open.

  • Zionism = EVIL

    Even the western corporate media is not buying Zionist scum lies…

    Why blatant Israeli lies and fake blood undermined its security

    Often,when a reasonable person decides to lie, he blushes, mumbles and
    sweats. When a professional liar lies, he’s at his best — confident,
    fluent and successful in creating, to anyone who doesn’t know him, a
    believable impression. “The IDF spokesman’s deception”
    Sept. 1 was,no doubt, the first instance. He told a bald lie, then mumbled, then
    denied, and within a short time had to admit to the failure of a
    maneuver to outwit Hezbollah. But the episode doesn’t start and end with
    the IDF spokesman’s unit; it has very problematic ramifications for Israel’s conduct when it comes to its integrity. This isn’t someone’s youthful folly but certain damage.

    HezbollahSecretary-General Hassan Nasrallah calmly and audaciously announced his
    intention to seek revenge for the IDF’s actions in Lebanon and its
    killing of his militiamen. Nasrallah, like many seasoned strategists
    worldwide, has the reputation of someone who stands by his word. After
    the recent escalation on the northern border, Nasrallah made clear what
    the nature of his revenge would be, and the IDF prepared as the IDF
    knows to prepare with bluster, subterfuge and deceit. But this time
    someone in the IDF got the idea to “deceive” the enemy on Hollywood
    fictional scale. So this time, the IDF thought it would be best to
    create a false show of injured soldiers (perhaps even more than just
    injured),who would be placed at such angles that would allow Hezbollah
    men to watch them. IDF helicopters would come to evacuate them,they
    would be placed on stretchers, transferred to the Rambam Hospital in
    Haifa, the pathological IDF spokesman would announce that our forces
    were injured,Nasrallah could say he managed to attack soldiers and then
    leave us alone.

    Only if it was so simple . . ….in the era of smart phones and nosy journalists the
    whole Israeli bodyguard of deceit and fabrications quickly fell apart as
    images of decrepit barracks and destroyed wolf APC soon surfaced on the
    internet and also exposed the unprofessional and degraded condition of
    the “mighty” IDF with hastily abandoned lice ridden filthy Avivam
    barracks where the fleeing IDF even left the main gate unlocked and warm
    food on the tables…..

    • verner

      combined work by the entire troll factory in haifa or tel aviv is it!

  • Xoli Xoli

    Israel Satanyahu hit and run army.Attack Syria by intruding Lebanese skies launch Missiles and run away.Sabotage Saudi and UAE oil tankers and accused Iran.

    Provoking wars and complaining first to USA.Half of bible is full of Israel wars.

  • verner

    ‘mighty israel army’ sounds a bit much – rather a mouse flexing it’s muscles trying to pass on an impression it’s not even close to.

  • Jacob Wohl’s Nose

    Dont know whats more pathetic and funny… 🚀 👃 or the pathetic diaper defense forces

  • Icarus Tanović

    Iran already had a facilty near Abu Kamal.

  • Scott Miller

    You might be better off not trying to appear more intelligent than you are by using big words that you do not know how to pronounce. The “G” in Sagacity is hard, not soft.