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JULY 2020

War Report: Israel Carries Out Strikes On Syria, Lebanon And Iraq


War Report: Israel Carries Out Strikes On Syria, Lebanon And Iraq

The situation in the Middle East is once again escalating.

On August 24, Israeli warplanes bombed what the Israeli military described as ‘Iranian targets’ near the town of Aqraba south of the Syrian capital, Damascus. The Syrian air-defense forces intercepted several hostile missiles. However, the rest of them hit the target.

According to claims by the Israeli side, the targeted positions were used by the Qods Force of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps and affiliated units to prepare an attack on Israel with several armed drones. The Israeli military also released a satellite image of the positions its warplanes struck claiming that the image shows Qods Force Operatives’ building and a weapons warehouse.

IRGC commander Mohsen Rezaee denied that any Iranian position was hit. However, Lebanese sources reported that two Hezbolalh members were killed by the airstrikes. They were identified as Hassan Yusuf al-Zabib from the town of Nmairiyeh in southern Lebanon and Yasser Ahmad Dahir from the town of Blida in the same region. Hassan Yusuf al-Zabib is reportedly the son of Yusuf al-Zabib, a key administrator in the Hezbollah-affiliated news channel al-Manar.

Early on August 25, an explosion rocked Beirut’s Southern Suburb, known as the stronghold of Hezbollah. According to initial reports, two Israeli drones crashed in the area. Later, Hezbollah clarified that the drones were rigged with explosives and attacked the group’s media center.

“The first drone fell without causing damage while the second one was laden with explosives and exploded causing huge damage to the media center,” Mohamed Afif, the group’s spokesman said adding that the inactive drone is in the Hezbollah hands now.

Later on the same day, Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah made an official statement on the situation vowing to shoot down Israeli drones flying over Lebanon. Nasrallah also promised that Hezbollah will respond to recent Israeli airstrikes on Damascus, which killed two fighters of the Lebanese group.

These developments were followed by a mysterious airstrike on a convoy of the Iraqi Armed Forces’ Popular Mobilization Units (the part of the military often describe as Iranian proxies by US-Israeli media) near the Syrian border. The strike destroyed at least 3 vehicles and reportedly killed a PMU officer.

The recent increase of Israel military actions across the region accidentally came ahead of the election into Israel’s Knesset in September 2019. It seems that once again the current Israeli leadership is escalating the situation in the region to secure a local political victory.



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  • Kilgore Trout

    Time to start hunting kikes!!!

  • gustavo

    Netanyahu wants to show to his people that he is the strong man and the Messiah, mentioned in the Tanah, that will bring Israel as the first power in the World with the total domination of all nations in the World. Well, maybe Israel will need to wait a little bite more for its Messiah.

    • David Parker

      They used the Romans to crucify The Messiah and said let his blood be on them and their children. I would say they are going to get what their forebears asked for.

  • Mike

    Well, Iraq given its issues in the last nearly 20 years have been indifferent or to preoccupied with its own issues to pay attention to Israel. Now we have the stupidity of Israel in making Iraq an enemy, so Israel is in the long term going to solidify an alliance of Lebanon, Syria, Iran and now Iraq, some strategy, I guess Jewish intelligence is highly overrated at best.

  • verner

    patience, the demise of the squatters is not too far away – sort Syria and let the houthis finish in yemen and the band of anti-zionist league, turkey, iran, syria, iraq and assisted by the houthis who most certinly has an ax to grind where the squatters are concerned (helping out the clown prince mohammad bin salman, of fake leonardo a vinci buy, spent 450m$ real value 1.5m$)

    • Fleecing Rabbi

      לראשי טורבן מצחיקים ומטורפים אין כדורים

      • Ilya

        ‘light unto the nations’ again showing what its ‘holiness’ is defined by – warmongering and taunting!

      • Helen4Yemen

        The white Jew learned Hebrew just like Chinese learn to speak English,
        by taking classes.

        Theodor Herzl Complete Diaries – Vol 1 – page 170

        Let me just add a few remarks about other public
        institutions. Someone may think that our lack of a common
        language would present difficulties. After all, we cannot
        converse in Hebrew. Who among us knows enough Hebrew to ask
        for a railroad ticket in this language? We have no such people.

      • Helen4Yemen


        Isn’t the European Jew completely alien to the Middle East and his DNA
        is always 0% Middle Eastern? WTF are the goddamned aliens doing
        roaming around in our region?

      • Helen4Yemen

        El judío europeo blanco es 100% ajeno al Medio Oriente

  • Rodney Loder

    Dear O dear what will Trump do?, if he had any intelligence he’d jump at the chance to do a little war when Nashrall whacks a couple of jews, a little war would occupy his home base and enable Trump to walk away from China, like he did North Korea.

    The problem with that is Trump thinks he’s winning the trade war.

    There’s evidence Trump snapped a long time ago, so I think Netanyahu is on his own.

    • David Parker

      If only.
      Zionists are the US deep state and own Congress and the US military.

      • Rodney Loder

        September 1 Hezbollah attack was a double tap, the vehicle was dismantled by a laser guided missile to the extreme front of the vehicle copying Netanyahu’s attacks on Iranian trucks to avoid casualties and retaliation, but the second missile struck the Israeli vehicle from the rear killing the occupants without doubt.

        The US deep State seemingly is not willing to engage at the moment, the US is in the process of a ground based cultural change, the ideology of Zionism is not very deep outside of crude material concerns and Kabbalism ; – rubbish about 6 million and Anne Frank Americans don’t really believe.

        At least the ones I communicate with on One Political Plaza don’t ( I’m “rt Friend” on OPP) sign up and make a difference.

        Thanks to Mordi and the Hong Kong demonstration supporting Taiwain we got Pakistan and China fully on board, also other things like South America fires and Brexit, combined with economic possible collapse makes room for optimism.

        • David Parker

          “One Political Plaza” is a zoo. How do you stay sane and read what’s there? Also, are you quite certain there is actually freedom of expression and no censoring there? That looks like a site AOC designed.
          I could spend all day laying out the facts and not get past the first thread.
          Well, here’s one for you: GaryNorth.com certified sane, history, economics, and horse sense. $15 / month to keep out the crazies.

          • Rodney Loder

            $ 15 a month I only donate to SouthFront, harken !! pay to chat !! are you crazy, the only time I get deleted is when I my posts get humour mixed up with violence only happened couple of times, the owners of OPP are rainbow warrior’s but most commentators are fully into Cultural Yippee Cowboy anti queer religious bravado so I get on really good there, I have a great fun and I like to think sway opinion slightly.

            That isn’t my purpose and nor is it my purpose to save them from themselves, although the fact is, if the US confrunts the Middle East with military capability they won’t survive intact, their hardware is outdated their auxiliaries are old women and their financial influence is becoming unaffordable, but don’t hurt US sensibilities telling the overt truth on OPP.

            OPP has a wide audience these pundits are influential people, it’s not like TOPIX (shut down December 2018) where anybody could say their piece OPP will give anyone a chance but I’ve seen lots of people shafted for not being up to scratch.

            OPP commentators are influential people, it’s a community and your welcome to join, but maybe not to stay, staying is a privilege thst I respect.

          • David Parker

            I suppose injecting sanity into the conversation is the only thing to do. Education is the answer. Frederick Bastiat is the answer to the SJWs and snowflakes but their noses have to be rubbed in The Law before they can catch on.

          • Rodney Loder

            The Yanks don’t love Jews but they have this notion other Yanks have this notion that somehow Jews are magnificent , invincible, reliable and powerful financially, the latter is true the others are not.

            But when faced with the reality that Jews – (real Jews not israeli jews who were Nazi collaborators)- were Commies who betrayed the Commies when something better came along and are now getting closer to Putin as Putin is waxing fat and Trump is in trouble.

            The Yanks are beginning to think Muslims ain’t as bad as they used to be.

          • David Parker

            Not me. Islam is Zion’s sword in the war on Christianity.

          • Rodney Loder

            The Zion’s sword on Christianity is opportunistic Muslims going after the nearest enemy for immediate gains, Christians are the worst at playing that game, most Christians see the Zionists as Crusaders seizing the Holy Land.

            But the jews would never give the Christians any part of their spoils, Christians’ wouldn’t care if the Jews built the 3 rd. Temple it wouldn’t mean anything to anyone except for bombastic showmanship boasting by people who hate Muslims because they know the 🔥 awaits them.

            The Syrian and Egyptian Christians, ME Christians in general are different because they have got different vested interests, they don’t support pseudo jews or realJews over Muslims but all other Christians particularly Orthodox Christians do, there are hardly any Christians in Palestine anymore.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    Israel and Turkey are at odds over most things nowadays thanks to President Erdogan, he’s been the most vocal Muslim leader of all condemning Israeli actions around the world [except the Iranians], so it makes me wonder how the hell those Israeli jets got to the Syrian/Iraqi border, no I don’t really wonder, I do know how they got there, they flew through Turkish airspace to get there, that’s how.
    It seems their relationship isn’t broken just yet, the Turks are still letting the Israelis use their airspace, so that also means that the Israelis now owe Erdogan a favour, I wonder what it is.