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JUNE 2020

War Preparations: US Air Force In Europe Receives Largest Ammo Shipment Since Bombing Of Yugoslavia


War Preparations: US Air Force In Europe Receives Largest Ammo Shipment Since Bombing Of Yugoslavia

U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Jeric HErnandez, 86th Munitions Squadron quality assurance inspector, inspects a fresh shipment of large ordnance on Ramstein Air Base, Germany, Oct. 19, 2018. Ramstein recently received one of its largest munitions shipments in recent history. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Joshua Magbanua)

The US military deployed on Ramstein Air Base, Germany, has recently received its largest shipment of ordnance since the bombing of Yugoslavia.

According to an official statement on the website of the United States Air Forces in Europe – Air Forces Africa, the 86th Munitions Squadron on Ramstein Air Base received approximately 100 containers with a variety of munitions rolled in October.

This is the largest shipment of its kind since Operation Allied Force, which took place in 1999,” Master Sgt. David Head, 86th MUNS Munitions Operations section chief said, referring to the 78-day Yugoslavia bombing campaign where aircraft flew 900 sorties. “The munitions that we received will be used for future theater operations and the evolving U.S. European Command presence.”

According to Master Sgt. Arthur Myrick, 86th MUNS munitions flight chief, the ordance would be used to support NATO’s European Deterrence Initiative (EDI) and augment the Air Force’s War Reserve Materiel in Europe.

“We’re a major airlift hub for U.S. Air Forces in Europe-Air Forces Africa, so our main job is to get munitions where they need to be on time,” he said. “These are real-world munitions to fulfill real-world objectives. That’s the reason we are downloading these things: to make sure we have the capability to move the fight forward if need be.

It should be also noted that Ramstein Air Base is among the US miltiary facilities storing its nuclear weapons in Europe.

The EDI is a US-led NATO initiative designed to deter “Russian agression” in Europe. It includes the increase of the US military presence in the region and an expanded number of military drills across the region, including areas near the Russian border.

The complicated US-Russian relations have become even more tense after the Trump adminstration had officially announced that it’s going  to withdraw from arms reduction treaties with Russsia. Currently, Washington is withdrawing from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. The fate of the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty is also under the question. These decisions are creating additional chances of a military escalation in Europe.



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  • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

    And mohammadins will try and steal as much as they can.

  • Ma_Laoshi

    Well definitely something is brewing. It’s now becoming rather clear that the real target of online censorship is foremost anti-war voices of all stripes. At a minimum, I’d guess the idea is to intimidate Russia to such an extent that the country stands aside in any subsequent escalation against Iran. But with Trump everything seems to be bigger, so who knows if they’ll stop at that.

    • Sinbad2

      No the Americans want a war, if they can’t rule the world, they would rather be dead.
      (Not Joe Average, but the American plutocracy.)

      • Amir

        They want a war with quiet introverted Natives, armed with speers and Tomahawks, riding horses saddleless.

        The US’s administrations modus operandi was to eradicate defenseless societies, not taking on peers or even merely challenging opponents.

        I think they are just masking their logistics, in preparation of another war in Northern-Africa or the Middle-East.

        • Brother Ma

          Monroe Doctrine! Take no-one on worth it. Keep the natives down!

      • Brother Ma


    • Brother Ma

      I believe the bombs are ready to drop on Greece. I believe the US has made secret concessions with the useless turcoalbania,fakemacedonia and Turkey to invade and carve up Greece to get rid of her as a moral reminder . That way the USA and Israel are to get all the petrochemicals and the three hyenas get land as a sop.

      The bombs are to drop on Greece if she dares to fight back. The zionatoyanquis are terrified Greece may do another 1940 or Marathon ,Thermopylae like the Russians did in Syria.

      Bombs are for Greece and other dissenters;Serbia and Montenegro? Not Russia.

  • potcracker2588

    germany occupied since 1945 to this date…..just as japan……

  • TiredOfBsToo

    I guess the US still believes a war with Russia will be fought in Europe. It’s going to be a very BIG surprise when Americans get educated on reality.

    • FlorianGeyer

      That’s very true :)

      Europe to most Americans is another galaxy. How surprised they will be when their towns and cities look like Raqqa and Mosul :)

      • seawolf

        Please first evacuate the people and then destroy the cities and the infrastacture

        • FlorianGeyer

          The American Method is to leave the people in the cities though.

      • d’Artagnan

        Jews already created two world wars in Europe and are aiming to start a third and final one.

      • Brother Ma

        Very true. The Average Joe in America is ignorant and apathetic be ause he is not used to bombs falling on his city or ripping his loved ones to shreds. When this WWIII comes the Average Amreican will be bewildered like a lost child in the markets. No clue of what is to come. Sad really.

    • Merijn

      And send a couple of Bunker Busting Nukes to Destroy the Elite in their Multi-Million Dollar Bunkers…so they won’t come out again….

      • John Mason

        Now that I agree to 100%.

      • Brother Ma

        Do that first and we might not have WWIII. Now that might be a Godsend!

        • Merijn

          It’s even better to change things from the inside Out…It is a System and Evil way of thinkin’ that needs to be destroyed… Once that is gone Humanity can move to a next level..

    • Sinbad2

      Russia should start naming its ICBM’s after American cities, and publicize that this little beauty will destroy New York, this one will go to LA.
      Somehow you have to get the message to the American people, that their Government intends to suicide them, via Russia.

      • Amir

        The best approach is to mirror the RF-President’s stoic face. He speaks softly and carries a big stick, would an earlier Teddy have said. Pres. Putin is not an “all hat and no cattle” type of guy.

    • Daniel Miller

      if they are gonna attack Russia they will need alot more then that.

      • Tommy Jensen

        Serbia is a good place tp start “tensions” all over again.

        Or Makedonia, or Armenia, or some of the other small balkan countries who are still are in doubt about where they belong.

        To send a signal to rest of Europe to speed up the bootlicking of US……………………LOL.

        • Daniel Miller

          i think this time it will be diffrent since Russia is back

    • d’Artagnan

      US and NATO warmongers are building up Poland, Ukraine and Romanian failed states as a forward staging area to destabilize Russia. They will slowly ramp up a terror campaign against Russia from there. As US agenda is failing in Syria as the idiot John Bolton even “warned” Armenia not to support Dr. Bashar al Assad militarily. The Armenians showed him the door. Russia needs to strengthen alliances in the region and creating closer ties with Serbia, Iran, Hezbollah, Syria, Iraq, Egypt and even Turkey is a good move in securing the southern flank. It is now wonder that Nothing Yahoo is running scared and scurrying to Oman in the middle of the night.

      • Brother Ma

        Haha. America will fight the Russians till the last Poland ,Romania,Ukraine soldier! Bahaha

      • Brother Ma

        Haha. Nothing Yahoo. That was funny. I must remember that!

    • Morehungrythanever

      Seems like you missed the part where it explains being a major air lift hub for operations in Africa

      • Madd Bassist

        Part you missed is that they lie. Always.

  • so

    Germany poof! New York, Washington DC, and Western Europe Poof! Poof! Poof! and on it goes.

    • FlorianGeyer

      At least the ‘poof’s’ in the US and NATO will all be ‘poofed’. :)

    • Icarus Tanović

      LA is capital of all nastines that plagues World today. Lets give them 50 Megaton one.

      • so

        Its only a matter of time before the mexicans and the indians take their land back.

        • Promitheas Apollonious

          the way things going it be sooner than latter I see 52 new nations been born out of all this mess unless of course a nuclear war happens then I dont think anything will be left to be claimed after that.

          • so

            Lets hope for a 52 nations scenario. Then maybe we can have a chance at real democracy. Whatever that is. Its only fair that our people suffer the same fate as the people in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen etc.(sorry for those many millions of innocents I have left out).

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            May I remind you with all due respect since your heart is on the right place that the myth of democracy is what ended the world in the position where it is today? Where the very few decide for the destiny of the many and if you dont follow suit their perverted ways they brand you a nazi – homophobic or something on those lines – racist and in their world, the worst crime is to be a patriot?

            Democracy is not what they brainwashed the world to mean. And is nothing but a way overrated word that is nothing but an empty shell and the first step to lead the masses into a totalitarian system. If in doubt check the living conditions of the countries they claim they have democracy and how it all started.

          • so

            I agree with the spirit of what you are saying. My hope is that the federal government will end thus making my state and local representatives more ACCOUNTABLE to the people. I’ll leave it there.

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            well as long the existing western system, is the rule of the land, this will never happen. beside the fact humans have the bad habit, repeating all their mistakes, as they forget how to create and build for tomorrow but insist to live in the past.

          • so

            Trying to figure it out(humans). Is it a line going up or down or side to side. Maybe a circle going round and round and round. I guess i’ll know when i’m dead.

  • R Trojson

    Russia started the war when they invaded Ukraine. Butt licker Obama bent over for Putin. Now Trump is pumping billions in lethal aid into Ukraine. That war will heat up with many ethnic Russians and Russian soldiers getting killed. Putin will go the way of the USSR as Russia goes bankrupt over the next 10 years fighting endless wars across the globe. So far we have billions going into Syria and Ukraine with Africa starting to heat up. The whole Russian GDP will be less than $1.5 trillion. Good luck outspending the US. Then there is the rapidly rising NATO military budget. Russia’s real threat comes from China which is already far superior to Russia militarily. China is drooling over Russia’s vast and cheap natural resources. Soon they will be China’s for the taking.

    • Merijn

      Russia never did Better…. keep spreading your Lies… The U.S., IsraHell, the United Kingdom, France & Wahhabistan are Nothing…. Wanna Fight a War? Bring it on…

      • R Trojson

        When did ISIS operatives like you care what happens in Ukraine? Are there any Jews in Ukraine? Perhaps that is the explanation.

        • Kelli Hernandez

          Porshenko IS A JEW

    • Concrete Mike

      Your morron. The crimea episode is perfectly legal, not an invasion…the precedent was set decades ago in Kosovo…so once again you lie.

      • R Trojson

        So when the US opens up polls in eastern Syria and Kurds vote for their own country it will all be legal. Very interesting. Suspect Assad would like to discuss your theory with you in private. Prepare to be Khashoggied.

    • alejoeisabel

      Even Nazis like you have an opinion.

    • Bigaess Wangmane

      If Russia invaded Ukraine the war would be over in 3 days, just like in Georgia :)

      • R Trojson

        So big and powerful countries like Russia are entitled to take what they want from little weak countries like Georgia and Ukraine. Very Interesting.

        • Kelli Hernandez

          They took nothing
          Ukraine was regime changed by Obama and now is an ILLEGITIMATE government, a bunch of ZIONIST ass lickers .
          Crimeans, seeing the neonazi mess made by the US voted in a referendum to rejoin Russia
          Unfortunately, Donbass and Lugansk were not so lucky and are subjected to DAILY shelling by the neonazi mess.
          Get your facts straight. US is a fascist, racist country just like its vassal Israhell.

        • Bigaess Wangmane

          Russia’s entitled to defend their citizenry & ethnic kin wherever they’re being persecuted, which is what they did in Georgia. Besides, what does Georgia & Ukraine have that Russia wants or needs? LOL

    • Steve Golf

      Russia let Ukraine be taken except for the eastern part and Crimea. Russia could easily have taken it back after the western coup (Soros, Nuland, et.al.) but they didn’t want to antagonize the neoconservatives (political Jews) and EU globalists.

    • Manuel Flores Escobar

      Russia has more than 7000 nuclear warhead..it means that can destroy the entire world…to attack and invade Russia is suicide!

      • R Trojson

        When has anyone ever attacked and invaded Russia in the last 60 years? Thought Russia was the aggressor.

        • Kelli Hernandez

          The US AND ISRAHELL are the aggressors, everyone knows that

        • PZIVJ

          Trollboy is now thinking?
          Go visit your neighbor Jens, you 2 should make a good couple.

  • Hrky75

    When was the last time US fought a war with people ready, willing and able to fire back. Russia is not Grenada, Panama, Iraq, Libya, Somalia or Serbia. And Putin is not Brezhnev to be lead on a wild goose chase for Pashtun head choppers through Afghanistan or into an arms race that would bankrupt the country. Last time I checked it was US fighting a never ending war in central Asia and spending trillions on invisible and non functioning equipment. Russia is cutting on it’s military spending and investing in defensive systems rather then new tanks and 5th gen fighters. Why? Because refitted vintage stuff is good enough for defense. Russian plans for aggression exist only in deranged minds of neocons and MIT paid shills.

    • Kelli Hernandez

      Excellent article here on Southfront, the title I think, is “US military woefully prepared to fight a conventional war”
      It is a MUST read for every American .but Facebook censored it when I tried to post there.
      The neocons are psychopaths
      The Fed Reserve raising rates is pushing major bubbles in student loans, housing & auto market. This market is soon to crash making the last Great Depression look like a pool party.
      Wealthy Zionists have sucked their hosts dry.
      The American people cannot afford them anymore…

      • TiredOfBsToo

        Fakebook. like Twit(err) and ghoulgo are all Deep State censorship engines. The best thing people can do is vote with their feet and let the investors eat it.

  • peter mcloughlin

    Whatever about this particular report it is clear events are moving towards world war. The pattern of history is clear. Power (manifested as interest) has been present in every conflict throughout history – no exception. It is the underlying motivation for war. Other cultural factors might change, but not power. Every civilization/nation eventually gets the war it is trying to avoid: utter defeat. But rulers have never see this – and they are blind now.

  • Drogba

    The rothschild banksters want war as usual,but this time they won’t be able to sit back and enjoy it,as their little israhellI head quarters will be obliterated, GOD willing.

    • John Whitehot

      God wills.

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      there headquarters are in the city of london and not israel there are only the ones who are about to die, just like in the roman arenas. The rest think are safe in south america and north america as well, australia and canada.

  • Jesus

    “””Master Sgt. David Head, 86th MUNS Munitions Operations section chief said, referring to the 78-day Yugoslavia bombing campaign where aircraft flew 900 sorties”””

    So NATO flew an average of 11 sorties a day during the Yugoslavian bombing campaign, where there’s was no significant sophisticated air defenses, so, US thinks that attacking Russia will necessitate a similar effort against the most effective antiaircraft defenses in the world?
    Wake up from your delusion US, NATO would need to carry 800-1000 sorties a day for a meaningful impact against the Russians, while suffering heavy losses against IADS in Kaliningrad, Crimea and other western Russian A2AD defenses.

  • alejoeisabel

    Any attack on Russia will be answered with a counter attack to the United States homeland which will include the US outpost in the Middle East, Israel. It will be the war that ends all wars with the end of humanity.

  • Dick Von Dast’Ard

    Good ole USA providing the tools for Europe to destroy itself with and then get sent the reconstruction bill for.
    Are Europes leaders born suicidal?

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      nope just stooges of the NWO following orders the question you should be making is what the population of europe will do when the shit hit the fan.

  • Mikronos

    Lots of ‘boom boom’ in case allies need some. Who knows what the Houthis or the Donabss rebels might do. And there IS so much of Africa yet to bomb.

  • David Whitney

    Haha military escalation in Europe.

    A little reminder from history: Hitler invaded the USSR with FOUR MILLION soldiers and he still failed.

    These munitions are not meant to be used anywhere near Russia. They are meant to be forward deployed for operations in other arenas (Middle East and Africa).

  • Amir

    It is almost impossible that U.S.G. would lack the faculty to understand the stupidity of attacking the Russian Federation.

    They might be preparing an attack in Syria and use the current hysteria to mask their logistical footprint.

    There is not any doubt that war hysteria benefits the careers of staff officers and arms merchants but this is a continuous effect and can not explain a momentary increase of tension superimposed on a chronic confrontation.

  • Jens Holm

    Fine with me.

    As usual its forgotten how russia escalate it themselves(too).

  • Icarus Tanović

    Seems that this is first time that World War will be brought to American soil. You know, tranches, and all that.

  • Jens Holm
  • Petrica

    I know the Americans are stupid, do they think fighting russia it’s a game ? wait you will see the
    the Chinese are aproching faster than expected,,,this world it’s running our of time

  • I believe it will be a matter of months before everyone learns shit has hit the fan and WWIII has started. Economic collapse, depopulation, greater Israel, NWO, Syria, Ukrain… The list goes on, all to confirm that it is no more this war is a probability. Rather, it is a certainty and a matter of “When” and not “If”. Stock food and medical supplies and stay tuned for the show to start.

  • Hide Behind

    At present the US is sending many brigade and company size units, and many specialized hi tech as well, and calling the movements as part of rotation of personel back to states and their euro units into
    Central Asia, ME and throughout Africa we are seeing just plain additional man and ewuopment being added.
    One must remember that US air alone glies over 30 missions a day in ME, Afghanistan and had over 3000 combat engagements in Africa this year.
    US Germany are main supply hub for all the exsoviet nations military as well and just their daily practice eats up thousands of munitions.
    That and supply to Ukraine of its hi tech anti tank and personel missles and artillary rounds is a heavy load as Ukraine uses own ordinary ordinance but needs stockpiles for their planned soon to be full invasion of the two breakeaway republics.
    US has stock piles of nuclear warheads throughout Europe, BELGIUM HAS STOCKPILES FOR ALL OF US and Nato; and in Israel ( that gets free conventional bombs) and an estimated 50 nuclear warheads stored in Turkey.
    Every 12 minutes US is dropping bombs on civilian targets, both militia and non combattants .

  • Andreas Schlüter

    See also:
    the US Empire and Israel working on WW III?”:

  • Raptar Driver

    Much speculation here and no the U.S. is not prepared or planning on a conventional war; it is going for a first strike, a Blitz and then mop up and control, that is my speculation.

  • Davki

    As deluded as some of our politicians are, they will not allow the US to fight a war in or from Europe. Rammstein must be closed.