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War Preparations: Egypt And Turkey Kick Off Large-Scale Drills Near Libya

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Turkey and Egypt are flexing their military muscles off the Libyan shores as chances of a potential war in the eastern Mediterranean continue growing.

Firstly, the Turkish Ministry of National Defense announced that soon it will hold large-scale naval exercises off the Libyan coast. The official statement said that the drills, called “Naftex”, will take place in three different regions: Barbaros, Turgutreis and Chaka Bey. Turkey says that the exercises will involve 17 warplanes and 8 ships proving “Turkey’s ability to control the region by air and sea”.

The current stalemate on the frontline between pro-Turkish forces and the Libyan National Army, backed up by Egypt and the UAE, near the port city of Sirte did not stop Turkey from sending new weapons and equipment to the frontline. The Turkish military also deployed additional equipment to the al-Watiya Air Base in western Libya. The airbase, which earlier this year became a strongpoint of Turkish forces, was recently bombed by the LNA Air Force. At least one MIM-23 Hawk medium-range air-defense system and a KORAL electronic warfare system of the Turkish military were reportedly destroyed. Pro-Turkish sources claim that the equipment recently deployed to the base included air defense systems that will give the LNA a ‘lesson’.

On July 9, the Egyptian Armed Forces kicked off its own drills in the region involving land, air and naval forces deployed near the Libyan border. The land component of the drills, codenamed Resolve 2020, took place in the northwestern district of Qabr Gabis. By this move, Egypt sent Turkey and its proxies a signal that an attempt by Turkish forces to capture Sirte is a red line and if crossed, they will face a Egyptian military response.

Taking into account, the logistical difficulties of Turkish forces and the apparent Egyptian military advantage in the event of a confrontation near its western border, the open intervention of Egypt into the conflict will put an end to Turkish hopes to consolidate its recently increased influence in Libya.

Meanwhile, ISIS have been trying to exploit the escalation for their own cause. According to reports, ISIS cells that still hide in the desert area in central Libya have recently increased their activity and resumed attacks on civilian targets mostly looting small villages and robbing civilian convoys. ISIS’ self-proclaimed Caliphate deteriorated into just a loud brand used by various gangs to justify their criminal behavior. Despite this, even such gangs will become a serious security issue if the conflict in Libya enters a new hot phase.

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  1. M.A. Lamett says:

    Southfront is doing its war-mongering again. Bravo. You work like part of the Russion intelligence Disinformation Office disguised as an independent website. Turkey and Egypt won’t fight. Sad for you. Turkey is smart and won’t fall into this cheap trap. The problem is traitor Sisi. Israel and Russia pushing him to cause trouble.

    1. <> says:

      What does it have to do with Israel you fool? we don’t give a shit about Libya. Take your complaints to someone else, not everything is about us. We have our own problems and enemies, Libya is not one of them.

      1. West270 says:

        Hey take it easy on fools, the individual you are responding could only wish to be a fool. No this player is a Muslim Brotherhood acolyte and will soon meet his maker soon in a very uncomfortable and searing hot place.

        1. <> says:


        2. Jens Holm says:

          Its very hard to understand people, which lie all the time and not even undertsnad something like that.

          1. El Mashi says:

            Like Harbara?

      2. Jens Holm says:

        I agree. Israel has its own problems. M.A. Lamett hardly is a tiny dot:)

        1. El Mashi says:

          Israel cannot exist without problems that is why it creates them.

      3. Pat Dunne says:

        Any country in the region that doesn’t support Israel is deemed an enemy of Israel, that much is certain. In the past Qaddafi was no friend of Israel so i suspect destabilizing Libya is something that Israel supports and indeed promotes.

        1. Icarus Tanović says:

          It is very true.

        2. Jens Holm says:

          But if they are not there?? Thats what I see all the time.

          For a relative outsider like me Yousll do Your best to put dumyhats on each other having succes.

          And what the world get ? A Carneval, maybee a LGBT parade or a flee market.

          You never know. Next we all might paint ourselves black to support You know who…

      4. Icarus Tanović says:

        Yes, this is exactly because of you. And I’m easy.

        1. <> says:


          1. El Mashi says:

            What will you do once the American Empire goes the way of the Soviet Empire? Do you believe that Israel can swallow the whole of Palestine and Palestinians? And live the Apartheid Dream without American complicity? Your beautiful and rich whore’s shelf life is expiring. Who’ll replace her? Russia? China?

      5. El Mashi says:

        Israel thrives on problems. It creates its own problems. It creates its enemies as well.

      6. Jim Allen says:

        Deliberate pathological liar. You are the epitome of the non-semite, Zionist Khazar Atheists pretending to be God’s Chosen Ones.
        Little defensive there, huh. Perhaps a tad hypersensitive towards the neighbors now that Israel has taught them, and the world to hate Israel’s guts. Not to worry, The City of London, you know the criminal Banking Cabal, that owns 60% of Israel. You know perfectly well a wholly owned subsidiary of The City of London exists to protect you…for now.
        Israel has much to do with Libya, along with Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Iran. The City of London has interests in these countries, these are your masters, it follows Israel has interests in these countries. Your interests are in stealing as much of their resources, their land, and to practice genocide on the civilian population. Israel must have room to grow, more, it covets the resources, desiring to have their own. Also desiring Lebanon, Jordan to call it’s own. Israel however is scared spitless of Hezbollah, knowing the militia is twice the size it was in 2006 when it whupped Israel’s ass. It’s first defeat, and a strategic defeat at that.
        Hezbollah is also much better armed, supplied, and recieved an intense training upgrade from the Russians same time SAA did. The militia is also battle hardened, and has a bone to pick with Israel. Doesn’t it frustrate you that of all the attacks Israel has made against Syria so little damage has been done ?
        I mean Israel brags how it makes so many (devastating) attacks into Syria, yet never mentions 90%+ of the incoming munitions are shot down before reaching their targets. What gets past Syrian air defense forces, does little damage. Wanna’ talk about the side agreement between Putin, and BiBi to delay delivery of Syria’s S-300 bought, and paid for in 2012 with a 2013 delivery ? Let’s begin how IDF fucked off the deal, proving yet again the arrogant sociopaths, are also deliberate pathological liars. This blunder cost Russia one of its big surveillance planes and crew. Making Putin displeased, but made MoD Shoigu angry.
        Calling a press conference, MoD very eloquently expressed his displeasure with his Commanding Officers handling the issue to this point. Also that the General Staff had about enough Israeli shit. Presented a detailed sequence of events that led to the Il being shot down by a Syrian S-200 that was locked on an IDF F-16 that was no where near the location IDF advised Russia, with a minutes notice. Broke BiBi’s word to Putin. Everyone was so surprised. (LOL) This explained why/how Israel was at fault for the loss of the Il, and crew.
        MoD further stated that Russia’s response that Putin has begun wasn’t what was happening, that this is Russia’s response. Detailing that one of the newest S-300 missile defense systems was being loaded on several Il-76 cargo aircraft that would
        depart as soon as loading was complete.
        And one more thing.
        MoD was gifting a piece of technology, labeled “NOT FOR EXPORT” to Syria. Only Russian “S” model systems were equipped with this technology. Export systems are sold as stand alone systems. These operate very well, but “S” systems are built to be integrated. S-1 Panstir, to S-400, and soon S-500 systems operated by the Russian military are integrated, and are operated from
        S-400 that is equipped with the latest upgraded, and latest version of electronics. The most powerful radars, capable of displaying an incredible number of incoming of all kind, tracking, and engaging a large number of these incoming using each system, as the incoming comes into its range. Layers.S-400 has all kind, and type of excess high tech gadgets, and toys, to play with. EW, an auto launch option, and many others. Bibi was having apolexy. Putin was sitting in via remote. Watching, and listening as his MoD, countermanded Putin’s work, stating that’s not what we’re doing. This is Russia’s response…
        This was the first time I’d seen MoD Shoigu in action. Impressive, he as strong Command presense, with a most eloquent, almost elegant manner of communication, extremely level headed, logical, reasonable, rational, measured, and intelligent in his decisions. Carefully considered by the General Staff, and Putin.
        An independent group of intelligent thinkers that consider how best to answer any, and all responses, and actions. A style of command, and manner of delegating command to tactician commanders using mission orders, leaving these leaders to make their own decisions as how the problem is answered. Near autonomous to the squad level, can go anywhere, it needs to procure anything it needs to complete the mission. No permission is necessary, wherever the purchase, whatever the purchase that business need only present a bill to Russia, which is paid in full no questions asked. There’s far less radio chatter, harder for the enemy to track.
        It’s Iran that absolutely terrifies Israel. Without US military protection, Israel’s life expectancy is about 72 hours. Less if Hezbollah joins in.
        You don’t know who Yakov Kedmi is, do you ?
        What his job was until he retired ?
        I would urge you to do some homework on this man. An expert in these matters, and way smarter than you.

    2. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

      Egypt has already said Sirte is the red-line.
      Egypt is armed by both France and Russia. (it has the two Mistral LHD’s made for the Russian navy)
      France is certainly not going to let Turkey interfere in it’s energy security.

      1. Jens Holm says:

        Thats crap. Egypt as non devellopment zone are trying to be their own zone and take any help they can.

        Naming it by countries makes no sense.

        I again will wish Libya went to be twor or three states or suætanats and shared the oilmoney by inhaitants.

      2. cechas vodobenikov says:

        Egypt has a larger military than turkey and they border Libya—logistics, geopolitics favors Egypt, LNA—UAE now supports Syria…Egypt also receives substantial military assistance from USA—approx half prodded to Israel each year

        1. Jim Allen says:

          So what, Germany had a very small military next to the allies in WWII. In 1940 it was 90% horse drawn. Just whupped the shit out of the allies for six years. England brought US into the war, having figured out they couldn’t beat the Germans. US figured out it couldn’t beat the Germans either, so talked Russia into doing it. Russia did this, paid a very high price. To have US steal the credit.
          US, and the allies did eventually win against Japan, committing the biggest acts of terror in world history.
          Crimes against humanity

    3. Jens Holm says:

      I sono disinformation. We have the reasons here in DEnmark by Radio. Egypt for a long time has tryed to avoid confrontations and not even has tryed to defend the many Kopts which lived there(working for Gadaffy).

      But the escallation by the Turck might make the Egytions, so they cant avoid it.

      Its very dificult to see Israel in this. Its true the non war between Egypt and Isael is doing fine.

  2. Pat Dunne says:

    Egypt seems to be rattling the sabre in recent weeks, it looks like a move against turkey’s growing involvement. There is no doubt Egypt can simply end this struggle but why they haven’t is a mystery, almost as if Russia is involved and calling the shots.

    1. Assad must stay says:

      i know right, they just keep grandstanding and putting out warnings and statements and these live exercises and what not but no real action

    2. Julia25 says:

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  3. Assad must stay says:

    so when is egypt going to actually start their first operations in libya against torkis? or is sisi hoping to scare the torkis into submission?

  4. cechas vodobenikov says:

    likely no war unless turkeys attempt to enter Sirte

  5. El Mashi says:

    Egypt will loose. Egypt must sue Israel to return its testicles. Instead, it broke diplomatic relations with Syria at the behest of Israel and Saudi Arabia. Syria could have fought Al Qaeda in Syria and have gotten battle experience, but it didn’t. Turkey has plenty experience in Syria. A smart move would be to join the SAA and liberate Idlib province, and grow some testicles.

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