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JUNE 2023

War In Ukraine, The West’s Propaganda War Is The End Of Democracy

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War In Ukraine, The West's Propaganda War Is The End Of Democracy

Tianjin explosion in China

Written by Piero Messina

Vladimir Putin has become “Putler”, something halfway between Putin and Hitler. For the less aggressive, the Russian president is Vlad the Mad. “There has never been a genocide against the pro-Russian populations in Donbass. Nazi formations do not exist and have never existed in Ukraine and there has been no massacre in Odessa. Putin threatens the world and must be stopped.” Western media is treating the Ukrainian crisis as if it were selling soap bars with TV commercials. The Western media world is fighting a war against truth. There is an official dogma and anyone who claims otherwise is a heretic and must be isolated. Any evaluation, any information that collides with the Washington consensus is branded as fake news.

The world of Western information in these hours offers the worst of itself. It has already happened with the civil war in Syria, with the invasion of Libya and the overthrow of Gaddafi. But this time even worse happens. The Western information factory does not just hide the truth and orient public opinion. The Western mainstream constructs a precise and accurate storytelling. Using old movies and old photographs and pretending to be real footage taken from war videogames. It seems impossible but this is exactly what is happening.

War In Ukraine, The West's Propaganda War Is The End Of Democracy

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Tg2 of Rai, the Italian state television broadcast a video of the War Thunder video games, pretending to be a missile attack by the Russian army against Kiev.


In the same hours, Italian TV channels also showed explosions indicating Ukraine as a target: in reality it was a missile that exploded in China in 2015.

A video of an anti-tank vehicle swerving and crushing a civilian’s car on the streets of Kiev was broadcasted all over the world. In the globalist narrative that medium is clearly Russian. Too bad that it was actually a Ukrainian army vehicle.


Throughout the western arc, the media spread false news in defense of the anti-Russian dogma. Nobody questions the reasons that prompted the Russian presidency to launch the special military operation in Ukraine. Nobody raises questions about the eastward enlargement of NATO which, in the early nineties, had signed an agreement with the Russian Federation, guaranteeing that it would not advance an inch towards the Russian border. No one can remember the real genesis of Euromaidan, with the intervention of Western NGOs and the US State Department to overthrow the pro-Russian government in Kiev. To complete the depressing picture of this end of the Empire comes the ban against RT and Sputnik. It is the end of democracy. Maybe yes, as long as there ever was one.


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jens and tummy Sawyer prefer fake news—nazi always despises truth

Vlad the Impaler

They’re not even pretending anymore. All these thin and blatant lies are just a cheap excuse for them to unleash their sadistic cruelty and hatred against Eastern Europe. Every western country needs to be partitioned like Austria after WW1.

Martin Rapavý

Indeed, Amnesty International even reported it as a “war crime”, “verified it” and spread far and wide a story about how a Russian tank deliberately swerved into a civilian car.

Except that: 1) it was most likely an accident, 2) it was not a Russian tank, 3) it was most likely an Ukrainian MT-LB with a 9K35 Strela-10 mounted on it.

Of course, Amnesty International can hardly be expected to issue an apology after having gone so far and deep into such a self-invented mess.


9K35 Strela-10 definitiv und definitiv ein Unfall. Ketten rutschen auf Asphalt


Read the monk prophecies basilio of kronstadt !! The end of times !!

Peppe il Sicario

Most journalists in the West who work for the main press agencies and TV outlets, are propaganda intelligence operatives. Highly compromised individuals. Quelli della RAI? Prostituti della peggiore specie!!!

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Journalism died in the 80s.

Peppe il Sicario

You’re right! I can remember some form of “investigative journalism” back then. But here in Italy, since the 80s, as you said, journalists usually are given a job based on nepotism or to serve someone in power’s interest like a politician mainly. If it’s a women , she does most of her work laying down on her knees or on her back!!!! Total whores!!!

am hants

Operation Mockingbird, never went away. Not forgetting how many so called journalists are part of Integrity Initiative and not just the UK Branch.

Icarus Tanović

Well said, old mate.


Sei troppo buono…

Peppe il Sicario

Cosa avrei dovuto dire in più? Penso di essere stato abbastanza esplicito! Scherze a parte, aggiunga pure se ne sai di altre loro nefandezze.

Piero Messina

Really hard to say, but you are totally right


Yes, but this has been true for the past century. Even before WWI the Western press was British state media, and the public knew nothing objective. The US was already completely infiltrated and conquered by the British/Jewish alliance, with treasonous puppets in control of the government. Control of information is so total at this point that I see no way out of it. The Putin government seems to not understand the depths of evil they’re fighting against. Seeing Russia follow the Rockefeller/Gates ‘covid’ scam is really sad, and makes me wonder why Putin is bothering to defend Russia from NATO incursion while surrendering his country to the same evil through the banking and medical systems. Putin can’t see that his country is being taken over by the Bolsheviks again while he’s focused on Ukraine?


Capitalist billionaire Bolsheviks? Terms matter. Definitions matter.


We are sleep-walking into a world war. Ukraine will not acquiesce to Russian demands in these talks and the war will continue. Putin is not pulling back, it’s too late. Some European cargo plane delivering weapons will be shot down over Ukraine and some German, French or British pilots will get killed. Since they won’t stop – and now the media is talking about enforcing a no-fly zone which one would wonder how they’d ever be able to – and all that is going on, someone is going get us into a nuclear shoot out.

Look, if you are a believer like me (if you are not, perfectly fine), there will be a world war at some point. It doesn’t have to be now, could come in 10 years, maybe 50. But the way things are playing out, it might actually really happen NOW. I do not see how the propaganda machine stops and I see no way Russia backs down from this – they are way too deep, they have suffered way too much by way of sanctions and propaganda and it’s just to go forward now – ain’t nothing more to lose.


If the empire doesn’t back off it very well could lead to world war,those Western and Nato bitches seem to think the conflict can be confined to Ukraine,flying weapons in that could make airfields in Poland a target,this is a American led proxie war and the Ukrainians are the spearhead,some Americans need to start dying they could make a start by annihilating their bases in Iraq and Syria,they still think they rule the world they should get the memo they don’t.

Peppe il Sicario

Well, it looks like Sputnik is no longer available in Anglo- Zionst-occupied Europe.

Tommy Gun

RT and Sputnik sites in English editions are very hard to load now. Being subject to DoDD attacks. Western leaders don’t want their citizens having access to alternative narratives.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

They will shut up when Kiev falls. Its inevitable. Ukraine will cease to exist. Russian Federation -Kiev Oblast…

Last edited 1 year ago by Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan
Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Russia will prevail as always. Out of Russia will come the hope of Mankind. Its prophecy. The Kiev junta will fall.


western governemnts spreading lies and heavily distorted versions of reality, same as with NATO agression since 2001, covid fake pandemic, now with this Russian operation they label it as “russian invasion” which is absurd…never trust the msm, ist nothing but propaganda and the piles of bullshit, unfortunately vast majority of western people are so brainwashed and mind controlled they simply can’t comprehend evidences of objective reality


I work with people with that mindset.


“in the early nineties, had signed an agreement with the Russian Federation, guaranteeing that it would not advance an inch towards the Russian border” – please show a copy of this alleged agreement. Even Russia admits it was only a verbal promise – which everyone knows is not binding on a nation 30 years later. I don’t approve of NATO expansion but it’s more than ironic to complain about misinformation in an article that spreads it. The lack of a written treaty approved by Congress – the proper procedure – is Gorbachev’s fault.


Hysterical propaganda emanating from the West must be interpreted as a sign of weakness. It is reminiscent of the terminal collapse of the Third Reich when Goebbels had to go into overdrive with his propaganda machine to keep the system from disintegrating. The time when the West could control the narrative at will is coming to an end.

Richard S

Even Japan the Oriental mistress of USA, who drop two atomic bombs in Japan and kill thousand of their citizens and even took all the Sun Rays from their flags living it only with a Red circle of blood is braking with Russia, Of the great Japanese Empire what only is left is the souls of those who were murder by our good and nice USA. The comedian Ukrainian President already a few days ago send his family to safe grounds and he is even posting old videos of him like they are from now, he is demanding the Ukrainian people to stand against the Russian forces and become suicidal. The AZOV Battalion are just fake Nazis and pay assassins of the Soros, Rothschild, Bilderber and the rest of the jooish Mafia.

Tom Caine

I was born on a military base and was raised army. My father was a professional soldier in the British army. I lived in West Berlin in the mid-sixties during the height of the cold war, and I used to travel through East Germany on my way to a military college in West Germany. I began to question what I was being told to believe at a very early age, however, I always believed in the cause of freedom and especially the truth. The cause of the democracies was sacrosanct, beyond question, even though I knew that they were far from perfect, they were at least the best on offer. The U.S. pursuit of the perpetrators of the twin towers led them into Afghanistan, and into a twenty-year war against the Taliban, in which they promised the people of Afghanistan a wonderful democracy free of oppression from the Taliban. In return, the Afghan people need only to support and help their U.S. and British liberators to become the beneficiaries of a new Afghan democratic wonderland. Having had their country torn apart by war, and having the U.S. operate a CIA trained and paid militia group known as ZERO-ONE, ( A DEATH SQUAD ) rampage throughout the country murdering dozens of boys and other innocent victims, it rather reminds one of Vietnam, the Pheonix program, or those poor benighted countries of central and south America, who also received the help of the so-called worlds greatest democracy. Unfortunately for the naive and trusting people of Afghanistan, after twenty years of false promises the U.S. and its yapping lap-dog Britain, cut and ran, not only did they run away, but they left behind them a Taliban far stronger after fighting against these two pillars of democracy, not only in their combat effectiveness but also the vast amount of equipment and ammunition that they left behind. They deserted the Afghan people to the same lunatics who were oppressing them in the first place. How many innocent people died, or will continue to die because they believed the lies of their so-called liberators. Then of course it became the turn of Iraq to enjoy the liberating benefits of U.S. and British democracy. With the thousands of innocent people who died, as a result of the sanctions imposed on their country between the two gulf wars. Obviously, one can understand the need to ban baby formula and desperately needed medicine, to prevent such dangerous commodities from being turned into weapons of mass destruction, and so on and on the lies, and insanity goes. Iraqi cities were flattened by smart bombs, cruise missiles, and all the other wonderful weapons of U.S. and British mass destruction. One has to ask, where was the free press, the in-depth reporters, the wonderful guardians of the truth, the conscience of our glorious democracies, Oh, that’s right, they were embedded into the very forces that were methodically destroying Iraq. They were letting us all know just how fantastic our smart bombs and cruise missiles were, and just like Ukraine today it was a totally one-sided version of the truth. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of innocent people were killed, wounded, and made homeless, and millions turned into refugees, but hey, that’s alright it’s different when we are doing it, and besides who owns the world’s so-called free press, and therefore the narrative. I understand the forces of greed and corruption that have turned Ukraine into a war zone, the countries that I once believed in, even with their many flaws. What I don’t understand, is how the people of Ukraine given their past history of far-right nationalism, and ongoing corruption that was, rampant within all of their governments including the present one, and including their one-time comedian, now world infamous President. What a P.R.machine he has working for him, one may say B.S. artists, and they don’t come better than those used and paid for by the U.S. government. The links between western Ukraine nationalists, and the Nazies when they invaded have been well and truly documented How ordinary people failed to see what was happening to their country back in 2014, especially in western Ukraine, beggars belief, given the people who are now in power, or who are powerful influencers within the government of Zelensky. These are far-right nationalists, those who are goose-stepping nazi admirers, mentally challenged neo-nazies. Their names and affiliations are well known throughout Ukraine, has nationalism replaced intelligence? Given what the U.S. and Britain have been responsible for over the last thirty years, the lies and broken promises which they made to the people of Iraq, and Afghanistan, as well as to their own people, how can any person Ukrainian or otherwise, believe a word that comes out of Washington or Westminster, or the morally bankrupt western media.

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