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War In Ukraine Is Not Over: Losses Reported By Both Sides (Map Update)

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War In Ukraine Is Not Over: Losses Reported By Both Sides (Map Update)

ILLUSRATIVE IMAGE: Forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic

On May 8th, the official sources of National Militia of Donetsk People’s Republic reported deaths of three of its soldiers. They were reportedly killed as a result of a mortar fire near the village of Styla, south of Donetsk.

“Militants of the 1st battalion of the 93rd brigade fired 82-mm mortars at the area of the locality of Styla. To preserve the life and health of the residents of the Republic, the People’s Militia units were forced to return fire from weapons not prohibited by the Minsk agreements. The enemy’s firing points were suppressed. The enemy’s losses were: TWO dead, ONE wounded.

Unfortunately, THREE defenders of our Republic were killed by enemy shelling. We express our sincere condolences to the relatives and friends of the fallen servicemen.” – the statement reads.

DPR National Militia also claimed that Ukrainian forces continue shelling civilian areas. For example, amid other cases, soldiers of the UAF 28th brigade opened fire from the locality of Krasnogorovka targeting the village of  Chelyuskintsev mine on May 7th. The playground of kindergarten No. 345 was targeted. No injuries were reported.

On May 6th, Ukrainian military claimed death of two of its soldiers near the village of Pisky. According to the reports, DPR forces opened fire three times from grenade launchers, large-caliber machine guns and gun weapons. One more soldier was injured. No more information was provided.

Moreover, Ukrainian forces published photos of an UAV that was allegedlyshot down on May 6th in the Mariupol direction. The UAV type “TAHION” is a reconnaissance drone that is manufactured by “Izhmash – Unmanned Systems” company in Russia.

War In Ukraine Is Not Over: Losses Reported By Both Sides (Map Update)

Click to see full-size image

War In Ukraine Is Not Over: Losses Reported By Both Sides (Map Update)

Click to see full-size image

After the leaders of Russia and the US proclaimed their unwillingness to into a large-scale war in Eastern Ukraine and in the Black sea region, the Donbass left the headlines of the main global media. However, the military situation there remains tense, and daily ceasefire violations claim lives of soldiers from the both sides. The on-going shelling along all the frontlines are taking place amid failed attempts to find a political solution within the Minsk agreements.

War In Ukraine Is Not Over: Losses Reported By Both Sides (Map Update)

Click to see full-size image

Among other military developments:

1. UAF in Marinka shelled Trudovskaya mine in Donetsk city with a BMP-2.
2. UAF in Novotroytskie shelled DPR positions and civilian infrastructure in Novolaspa and Styla with 82-mm artillery.
3. UAF in Shumy shelled DPR positions near the 6/7 mine with 120-mm artillery.
4. UAF in Novgorodske shelled DPR positions near the Gagarin mine in Gorlovka city with 120-mm artillery.
5. UAF in Pesky shelled DPR positions in Lozovoe with 120-mm artillery.
6. DPR forces in Donetsk city shelled UAF in Pesky with 120-mm and 82-mm artillery.
7. DPR forces in Spartak targeted UAF positions in Avdeevka with 120-mm artillery.
8. DPR forces in Donetsk shelled UAF positions in Verkhnotoretske and Nevelske with 82-mm artillery.
9. DPR forces in Gorlovka shelled UAF positions in Pivdenne with POM-2 mine layers.

– Five buildings and a car were destroyed by UAF shelling near the Trudovskaya mine in Donetsk city.
– 3 DPR soldiers were killed in UAF shelling on the village of Styla.
– On May 6th, 2 UAF soldiers were killed 1 was injured.


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Assad must stay

the DPR needs to start pushing deeper into ukraine towards kiev, as russia is either unwilling or unable to end this 7 year long shitshow


Full scale escalation was now stopped, just postponed again. Bargaining chip for the Anglozionist empire.


Not sure their forces are strong enough for that,but if i were them i would be working on a battle plan to take Mariupol if the war breaks out again.

James R

It would be interesting to know if the Donbass has any further options to deter the enemy from firing on them.


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