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War In Ukraine, From The EU The Green Light For Foreign Fighters To Defend Kiev

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War In Ukraine, From The EU The Green Light For Foreign Fighters To Defend Kiev

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Written by Piero Messina

It’s the usual Western double standard. An international legion against the Russian army will be created. The wish of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is coming true.

“All foreigners who wish to join the resistance to the Russian occupiers and protect world security are invited by the Ukrainian authorities to join the defense forces”, reads a note from the Ukrainian presidency, which specifies that a special unit will be set up under the name of “International Legion” and that potential volunteers will be able to join by going to the Ukrainian embassies of their countries.

The appeal to European citizens to join the resistance against Russia has been accepted and is indirectly supported by Western diplomacy.

It is not the first time that European fighters have joined the Kiev army. Just think of the story of the infamous Azov Battalion, the smoking gun that demonstrates the pro-Nazi orientation of some of the political and military forces that support Kiev.

War In Ukraine, From The EU The Green Light For Foreign Fighters To Defend Kiev

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The Azov Special Operations Regiment is a Ukrainian neo-Nazi military unit with military and police duties. Part of the National Guard of Ukraine and established with the primary purpose of countering the growing guerilla activities of pro-Russian Donbass separatists during the 2014 Donbass War, the ward rose to prominence following allegations of war crimes and torture.

The Azov Battalion is composed for the most part by volunteers, coming from political parties and movements linked to the Ukrainian far right and integrated by Nazi-Fascist and neo-Nazi inspired volunteers also coming from different European countries including Italy, France, Spain and Sweden.

The government of Kiev has always denied that the Azov battalion expresses ideologies similar to Nazism. Military training is linked to the National Corps, a political project created by members of the battalion, which also participates in elections and has international relations with other white supremacist groups.

War In Ukraine, From The EU The Green Light For Foreign Fighters To Defend Kiev

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The symbol of the battalion refers to the Wolfsangel, during the twentieth century it was initially adopted by the Nazis, only to be supplanted by the swastika. In the background is the black sun (Schwarze Sonne), consisting of the rotation of a series of swastikas inscribed in a circle, also inspired by the runic tradition linked to Nazi mysticism.

It is currently unclear whether the legion is already operational or whether the Ukrainian army is already training a squad of fighters. The West, which in past years has fought fiercely against Islamic foreign fighters, this time promotes the creation of combat formations to counter the military operations initiated by the Kremlin.


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Vlad the Impaler

Typical western hypocrites.


Both sides leaders are liars. Both are jewish. Do not trust them. It is like in the saying: “Juden vertraut, Leben versaut”. It is that simple. Very short causal chain. Translation of the saying is: “Onetime trusted a jew – and the whole life became shit”. Therefore do not trust them, never ! Not even one of them. Not Selenky, Kolomoisky, Netanjahu, Merkel, Baerbock, Rothschild, Lagarde, Kissinger, Putin, Abramowitch or whoever of them tries to sell you their solutions. Or you will end in demise. Death and decline, sickness and living hell will be. Therefore, instead better stick to god, and the bible. Or if your are muslim then stick to the quran. But never allow political puppets and clowns to conquer your mind.

Last edited 1 year ago by conny_nice

Ther is a saying, ” all roads let to Rome, All missery came from the jews”

the end

I didn’t know this still applies after 2000 years…

Tommy Gun

Nothing new. West Europe openly allowed their neo-Nazi misfits and wannabe mercenaries to travel to former Yugoslavia to play at soldiers during the Yugoslav conflicts. The problem being, these sorts of were largely maladjusted individuals, most were ideologically anti-Slavic, and civilian murderers. Germany and Austria funneled many such individuals into Croatia. There was a very noticeable French neo-Nazi unit based in coastal Croatia for years, visible because these clowns even brought their ne-Nazi SS cosplay uniforms and flags with them, and paraded around the town in them.

Last edited 1 year ago by Tommy Gun
Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

West is dumping their radicals into the cauldron. Dont worry none will go home. Russia makes sure of that.


They’ll go in pieces, hopefully.


The hypocrisy of west. If people will start to fight for Russia they will be jailed.


Russia need apply hard hammer tactics to end the war quick. Soft approach will accomplish nothing. Example is Syria. 8 years war and no end. Russia will not even less 2 years. Again hard hammer approach will save lives and reputation or Russia army. Russia needs to prepare for war with NATO, therefore needs finish action in EU quick


it’s not the same thing: Russian history start from Kiev


But Russia needs to have its dominance over eu before nato goes for them. It will be a lot easier for them to attack nato when they have all of Ukraine under control.


‘The West, which in past years has fought fiercely against Islamic foreign fighters’… This is only half true, as we will see. The US/NATO thugs created, supported, THEN sent in their own people to die fighting them, but only to entrench themselves forever. The very same this time, except will only be Russians fighting them. If Russia is smart, they WILL impose US style no-fly zone. Then they should quarantine the entire country by closing all borders and KILL anyone or anything that tries to enter…what should have been done in Al Tanf, Deir Ezzor. Do not let them get a foothold or they’ll never leave. The only alternative is to turn Ukr into Syria/Libya and keep it under constant bombing. Putin can thank his friend of opportunity, the Pasha, for this effort, as he is already readying terrorists. Putin will soon realize that he should have just leveled northwest Syria and then rebuilt it. Now it continues to be an incubator for terrorists, nurtured by the Pasha and his Zionist collaborators. Now Russia has Syria/Chechnya 2.0 next door. If there will be a chance to stop this infiltration, take it. Make it a priority to remove civilians ASAP. then reduce the hiding grounds to dust. This is a sad turn of events, but has been the NATO plan from day 1. This goes back to the ’70s and the creation of Islamic terrorism. Thank you GHWB.


The West only ever fought against islamists when those were nationalists. Like the Taliban for instance. But the terrorists, the fascist islamists, national sellouts they ALWAYS supported. Because those pussies always ally with the West since they provide money and weapons against the local people and elected governments. Those mafia gangs would be too scared to go against the US anyway, they only prey on the weak.

So the imperialists have never fought against “Islamic foreign fighters”. Al-Nusra/ISIS etc all are allies of the US.

Abu Muhammad Allah جثث فاسدة مصاصة الديك

Like I said when I visited you, I’m not a pedophile. You yourself just wanted only to do gang bang to make the most money on your services.


it seems we have now the new freedom fighters and #saveukraine


Same as Hitler,he formed a foreign Legion most for the Waffen SS,those bastards will end up the same way,the Ukrainians are also forming what can only be called a Dirlwanger Brigade by releasing and arming criminals from jail,they will probably attack kill and rob their own citizens,it shows what a criminal regime is in Kiev.


I wonder if these war volunteers have to be covid va☠️☠️ed.

Hostage (Raptar) Driver

Stupid, more meat for the grinder.


Dutch volunteer fighting with Kurd SDF against IS was arrested on return. So one may conclude that such voluntary service is only allowed when serving US exceptional supremacy.


This is nothing new. it happeed in the first and second battles for the Dobass and the DPR and LPR also attracted foreign volunteers including some Afghans and some Americasns, at a time when the US still occupied Afghanistan, and some Ukrop mercenaries went to Syria…


Why would any afghans join that battle?

But are foreign volunteers really volunteers? Who here knows how this really works?

If we only talk about normal civilians and not mercenaries or military men then they are tricked into travel and battle. I think that they are picked up on some forums, youtube, websites and are groomed and nurtured day by day. Eventually when the subject tick all boxes in their document/list they will give them the offer to travel and fight. And this days of so much selfness do you really think that offer is without salary? They are recruited by somebody, by goverments order. Their travel will be arranged, first stop is to a training camp.

If real normal civilians would try to reach such areas they most likely would get kidnapped on the way to their destination. It¨s not like you think it is.

The americans you talk about in Ukraina I¨m sure are not normal civilians or volunteers, they lie if they say they are. And they must have some special skill or knowledge, like a sniper. They are recruited by somebody, officially or inofficially. Everyone get their salary sorted and payed in some way.

And when the subject come home life magically get sorted for him, for example he get the jobs he applies, the bid on the house magically accepted, or finds an apartment lease without effort.


The Russians are in their front yard – they can surround any city and wait in out . In Kiev there are more dead civilians from Zelinsky’s free Kalashnikov giveaway – than in fighting the Russians – lol. Once the Mariupol Nazis are destroyed the operation will be 65 – 75% finished. And this with about 35% of the Russian army and limited missile attacks. It all depends on how far they want to head west.


The ‘International Brigades’ of the 1930’s didn’t achieve much, and history reports they fought each other as much as they fought Franco’s forces, so this new load of war tourists probably won’t do any better.


i didnt knew that ukraine is in the south maybe southfront should rethink its name

Tommy Lee

You can’t really consider the Azov Battalions white supremacists. The primary object of their ire is the Russian people, after all. They apparently don’t even hate Jews that much, seeing as they work for them.


No payment can be made in Russia. Master card Visa card nothing works in Russia. Bank run has begun in Russia. The total economic colapse of Russian Communist systems is inevitable. May God help normal citizen. His rich oligarchs will come after Putin to kill him,I have no doubt about that. All European and Non European countries have agreed on completely removing Russia from the world financial system. It is unprecedented in history. Even North Korea will have more than Russia now. Population of Russia will wake up and Anihilate Putin. This is inevitable total regime change. Putin just destroyed everything what he created everything is crumbling for him because he become to greedy. Greedy destroying everything. O my God.. But he deserves totally what is coming to him. It will be the quickest defeat of Russian Communist Party in the history of this world.


If they want to die alongside the Ukrops, let them. The God of War will consume everything that stands before the Russian Army.

Richard S

If Russia don’t start shooting down all communications, internet and mobil phones filming yesterday presto is going to be very hard for them to advance. The comedian president a few days ago, already had send his family to safe grounds but is demanding the rest of the Ukrainian population to sacrifice them self and become suicidal. The AZOV Battallion are fake Nazis and just pay assassins and mercenaries of the Soros, Rothschild, Bilderbergs evil jooish mafia.

Richard S

Even Japan the Oriental mistress of USA, who drop two atomic bombs in Japan and kill thousand of their citizens and even took all the Sun Rays from their flags living it only with a Red circle of blood is braking with Russia, Of the great Japanese Empire what only is left is the souls of those who were murder by our good and nice USA.


I did not see one Black Man in the Group. CNN was broadcasting live at a boarder crossing, talking to people getting off the buses. They started talking to several black people walking. They said they were not allowed to ride in a bus or use a train. They have been walking for five days. The good news. Only women & children can leave, unless your black, than you can walk out of Ukraine.

Everything thing is a lie in the west

Jesus so the western media does support Neo-Nazis

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