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War In Ukraine Day 9: Russia Focuses Forces On Battlefield, Counter-Attacks In Information Sphere

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War In Ukraine Day 9: Russia Focuses Forces On Battlefield, Counter-Attacks In Information Sphere

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Day 9 of the war in Eastern Europe demonstrated that the world has changed completely and irrevocably. Nine day of the Russian operation on the territory of the former USSR republic, which was founded by Vladimir Lenin in 1919, destroyed at least eight years of the global elite’s Overton Window aspirations resulted in the creation of an alternative reality with renewed Nazi criteria of dividing society into slaves and masters.

On March 4, there were a number of notable events on the front lines in Ukraine, but two most important events remained in the shadows of the battle reports.

First, the population of Ukraine began to realize the difference between the attitudes and, consequently, the actual behavior on ground of Zelensky’s pro-Western regime supporters and those of Putin’s Russia. Second, it became clear that the vast majority of Ukraine’s military and civilian management served their own pockets, not the people of Ukraine. Only their social media pages were willing to die for the motherland.

President Zelensky either left Ukraine and is in Poland at the U.S. Embassy, or in Lviv, or in a drug binge. The exact location remains unclear.

War In Ukraine Day 9: Russia Focuses Forces On Battlefield, Counter-Attacks In Information Sphere

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Tens of thousands of Ukrainian citizens leave for Moldova. Residents of Moldovan border districts are surprised to note that most of the cars that cross the Ukrainian-Moldovan border are expensive ones, unaffordable to the budget of an average Moldovan family. Almost all this cars were empty when passing the border, while the Moldovans came to the border on their own cars to help elderly people and wemen to get to the cities. At least half of the refugees to Poland are young men of conscription age.

An incident on the Polish border:


This has already caused a wave of anger among the local Polish population. Poland has been dealing with the phenomenon of mass Ukrainian labor migration for years. Previously, there were already disgusting phenomena in the Polish society, comparable to those that occurred in the mid-20th century: “we do not employ Ukrainians,” “cafes do not serve visitors with dogs and Ukrainians” and so on. Frankly speaking, these were isolated, not numerous cases, recorded by European human rights activists. Now there are not three thousand Kurds, but more than one hundred thousand Ukrainians arriving to Poland at once.

War In Ukraine Day 9: Russia Focuses Forces On Battlefield, Counter-Attacks In Information Sphere

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The Czech Republic, in turn, has introduced a state of emergency for Ukrainian citizens who have arrived, on the one hand, and state employees and volunteers, on the other. Obviously, these two groups enjoy different rights. Czech citizens are not affected by the state of emergency.

At the same time, the behavior of Russian forces in Ukraine confirms the assumption made a couple of days ago that the Russian command has changed its tactics. This applies to both battlefield and information warfare tactics.

Russian units have abandoned the tactics of pounce and attempts to make deep breakthroughs using light force. Reconnaissance drones are massively deployed. The time, frequency and accuracy of artillery fire on AFU positions have increased significantly. The Russian command strengthened its rears, organized combat escort of supply convoys. The presence of Russian aviation in the skies of Ukraine increased significantly, and high-precision weapons were used against tactical targets.

Barricades at the entrance to the city of Energodar: 

War In Ukraine Day 9: Russia Focuses Forces On Battlefield, Counter-Attacks In Information Sphere

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The rule of asymmetric response to provocations and actions capable of damaging the lives, health and equipment of Russian servicemen began to apply to civilians and people in civilian clothes. The cumulative effect of those actions has sharply reduced Russian casualties.

In the information sphere, the Russian Ministry of Defense apparently monitored and analyzed the key areas of information and psychological influence on the residents of Ukraine and Russia.

Russian propaganda began to cite numerous examples of good treatment of prisoners, even those from nationalist battalions. This plays a huge role against the background of videos of torture and murder of Russian captives by the AFU.

The Ukrainian prisoners:

Ukrainian soldier Zelenskiy was caught. Russian soldiers gave him medical assistance:

A Russian soldier captured by the AFU in response to “Glory to Ukraine” says “Glory to Russia”.


A campaign was launched to glorify Russian soldiers who have achieved outstanding results on the battlefield and assisted the local population.

The delivery and distribution of humanitarian aid began. In the Kherson region, occupied by the RF Armed Forces, a full tax holiday was announced until the situation was stabilized, as well as gratuitous aid for the sowing season and provision of food and basic necessities to all local residents in need, regardless of their views or political affiliation.

All of this stands in stark contrast to the actions of official Kiev in the media space, which persists in calling on civilians to throw Molotov cocktails at Russian equipment and build barricades from “office chairs”.

War In Ukraine Day 9: Russia Focuses Forces On Battlefield, Counter-Attacks In Information Sphere

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As of March 4-5, 2022, central command of the AFU over the eastern and southeastern front lines is lost. Also, more than half of Ukraine’s regions have found themselves with an absence of a state power hierarchy. The delivery of cash for social payments and salaries is complicated or blocked. Criminal gangs and groups of looters are rampant in the regions. Law enforcement bodies are losing the ability to perform their functions.

Civilians killed by nationalists when trying to leave Mariupil:


The grouping of the Luhansk People’s Republic in the eastern direction for Kiev seized the settlements of Shandrigolovo, Aleksandrovka, Derilovo, Srednee and Lozovoye. LPR units continue to cover the largest AFU grouping from the north near the Rubezhnoye-Severodonetsk-Lysychansk agglomeration, cutting this grouping between Izyum in the west and Limanov in the east, as well as reaching Slavyansk.

War In Ukraine Day 9: Russia Focuses Forces On Battlefield, Counter-Attacks In Information Sphere

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In the Kharkiv direction, a grouping of the Russian Armed Forces operates in this direction to the southeast of Kharkiv (Balakleya, Izyum). There are reports about the activity of Russian units in the immediate vicinity of Balakleya. At the same time, it is too early to speak about the connection of LPR units with the advancing Russian Armed Forces in the next three days. The Izyum-Slaviansk routes, as well as the corridors from Balakleya to the south, are unlikely to be cut on March 5-6.

The base of the Right Sector in the village of Berdyansk, Mariupol. The nationalists manufactured 60 mm mines, prohibited by the Minsk agreements, as well as homemade bombs for drones:


In their turn, the DPR armed forces took control of the settlements of Rozovka, Trudzhenka, Znamenovka and Puzatoe. Fighting continues on the outskirts of Mariupol. There is no decisive storming of the city. DNR assault units operate in the outskirts of the city of Mariupol, advancing in a south-south-western direction. There are heavy battles with casualties on both sides. The Ukrainian garrison of Mariupol is determined to inflict maximum losses on the advancing DPR and Russian units.

War In Ukraine Day 9: Russia Focuses Forces On Battlefield, Counter-Attacks In Information Sphere

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The mopping-up of Volnovakha also continues. A number of districts of the settlement remain partially under the AFU control. On March 4, footage was published of the Russian Su-25SM3 shot down near Volnovakha.


In the Zaporizhzhya region of Ukraine, the Russian Armed Forces are advancing on a broad front stretching 120-150 km. In the afternoon of March 4, there were reports of the Russian Armed Forces occupying the strategic village of Polohy. In general, as of the morning of March 5, advanced Russian units in this section of the front appear to be waiting for the second echelon of troops for a decisive offensive to the north and southeast.

War In Ukraine Day 9: Russia Focuses Forces On Battlefield, Counter-Attacks In Information Sphere

Territorial defence scattered mines on the road from Vasilevka to Zaporozhye

Military depots in Ochakov destroyed as a result of a Russian strike


To the west, in the Nikolayev area, there has been no advance of Russian troops, nor has there been a landing operation near Odessa. The Russian command does not seek to enter major cities, aiming to cut off communications. In the Nikolayev area, the Ukrainian Armed Forces command significantly assisted the Russians by destroying key bridges across the Southern Bug River.

In Irpen, the AFU settled in an unfinished house and were hit by Russian forces.


Missile, air and artillery strikes continue to be carried out on the outskirts of Kiev. As the day before, Russian units do not seek to enter the city. The mopping-up of Kiev from the west and southwest continues.

The similar operations are carried out in Kharkiv. At the same time, some outskirts of Kharkiv are occupied by the Russian Armed Forces. The Russians are seeking to ensure that the civilian population leaves the city.

Based on the current situation, it can be assumed that the Russian Armed Forces do not plan to launch an assault on Kiev in the next 2 weeks, but a mop-up of Kharkiv should take place in the nearest future, most likely upon success in elimination or disorganization of the AFU grouping near Luhansk Oblast (LPR).

To the north, northeast and east of Kiev, including the Chernihiv and Sumy regions, large settlements remain under Ukrainian control in the rear of the advancing Russian forces. They are either blockaded or under observation by Russians.

Thus, the Russian military command, having realized in practice the volume of tasks to be accomplished and facing fierce resistance of the AFU, acts according to the available forces and means, seeking to minimize losses of manpower.

The ongoing events are obvious for the co-director of the current crisis in Ukraine – the United States. That is why the White House is reacting cautiously to developments in Ukraine, enjoying the spectacle of mutual exhaustion of Russia and its European rivals. Somewhere in the next chair, to the left, China is sitting in the back, crunching popcorn. The guys have not yet decided whether they will be friends again, sorting out the debris of the fight, or will take part in the party itself.


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Where are all the Russia is loosing Ukrobots? I need my fill of mental retardation for today.


“a Ukrainian child” (*US senators are illiterate btw) is actually black, Poles suddenly love black refugees…


Even more ridiculous – ‘the Georgian Legion’ are actually terrorists from Albania trained by American (army) instructors as we can see in their own propaganda video.

Last edited 1 year ago by Marius
Peppe il Sicario

Kosovo will also have to be liberated after that traitorous vagina-lipped and Americant a$$-lickin’ cnut Vucic is run out of office by the Serbs. Regime change needed there.

Kosovo i Metohija

Yes, 100% needed. After Ukraine is liberated, I really hope Serbia is liberated next.

Chris Gr

And we Greece liberate North Macedonia!


The Baltics are also in desperate need of liberation. The more Nato cum they swallow the more those countries are going to hell.


In case you haven’t noticed this entire war is about virtue signaling so far. Everyone is doing it.


Vlad the boss

Arch Bungle

Vlad the Impaler!

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

What kind of ukrotrash scum shoots at fellow citizens trying to escape the city? Thats why I said to not let Azovisis surrender. Execution on site. These trash are worse than the waffen ss.

Last edited 1 year ago by Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

I agree.

Universal Order

Most of Azov left for Kiev before the city was encircled. You’re most likely dealing with regular AFU or Right Sektor. They even reportedly bombed Azov recently according to Southfront, perhaps because they disagreed with using civilians as human shields…


Why dont you ask zelensky for that, ah they dont had money either

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

A cruise missile a day keeps Azovisis away 🤗

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Hope Russia and DPR forces kill every single baby killer Azovisis.

Universal Order

Too bad so far it’s mostly been churkas getting slaughetered🤣

Martin Rapavý

The West fights for its values, of course. Or, rather, for its one and only value: chauvinism. And in the name of this Western chauvinism everything goes out of the window in the blink of an eye, including basic human rights.

Who would have thought that Slovakia, which is in no conflict–although the so-called treasonists are trying hard to ukrainize it—would introduce tougher censorship than Russia, which is in a conflict? The police are threatening with life imprisonment for even speaking favourably of Vladimir Vladimirovič Putin under.


Exactly. Just amazing how the west was transformed in just a few years , starting with anti-Trump hysteria, then followed by covid-hysteria and now culminating with anti-Russian hysteria (although that one is much older). Orwellian totalitarianism where everything is censored and banned while hordes of indoctrinated lunatics fanatically attack you for having different opinion, or opinion at all. No, it wasn’t everything perfect 10-20 years ago but this level of madness is almost like medieval fanaticism. Say something against the narrative and enraged psychos are ready to burn you on the stake for heresy. And they call themselves “liberals” , the ultimate irony .

Maoist cultural revolution 2.0 in USA/EU

Last edited 1 year ago by Valens

I think there is some sort of brainwashing going on via cell phones or social media. Would not surprise me at all if they are somewhat hypnotic, and induce people to be provoked by certain triggers. That would probably be a cakewalk to carry out if you were skilled in that area, I am sure that various alphabet soup agency mind control projects have worked on it


Sure but in the end the training stimuli have to end up triggering some fear. If the chain of thought goes from “questioning” to “losing your job”, however that is achieved, then that fear is enough to prevent any questioning of authority.


Fluoride and other chemicals in the food and water and the horrible school system teaching them nonsense.


Mass formation psychosis.

Florian Geyer

Very well said, Valens.


Mao’s cultural revolution was awesome. Unless you were a fascist or his liberal buddy of course.

Chris Gr

Traditionalist. Mao cultural revolution was horrible.


Oh they’ve only gotten worse. Putin is the “orange man bad” if you even question Ukraine you’re a white supremacist putin supporter. I never took Trump supporter as an insult either. It’s so ridiculous. You cannot give them an inch, we made that error. Gay marriage really did lead to boys playing girls sports and going to girls jail. I’m mortified. I supported it. What could it hurt? A lot.


gringos have only 1 value: money…observed by tocqueville, Malcom x, gore Vidal, Geoffrey gorer


Slovakia is a “fly over” country.


pizdet gringo cia liars wet diapers


Well, these war tactics applied by the Russians are very complex, very new and contemplate many moral, tactical and technical aspects that any Western analyst would never understand! Entering the stage, without cutting off the electricity, without cutting off the water supply, without shooting civilians, without unnecessarily destroying the urban environment by capturing the “intact” targets, gentlemen… it is an immense challenge, without any precedent in history!

This video explains the concept better! It’s already been censored hundreds of times by Western media, so check it out before they take it down.



Russia passes a criminal law regarding the deliberate spreading of false information regarding the Russian Armed Forces and their operations, including the encouragement to attack AF RF or preventing them from their duties etc. Result? Western fake news agencies immediately announce that they are leaving town and closing their offices in Russia!!! Western channels that announced the termination of work in Russia after the signing of the law on fakes:

1. CNN 2. CBS News 3 Bloomberg 4. ABC News 5. BBC 6. CBC



Russia should expel ALL western propagandists/”journalists”, not sure why they even let them stay after RT was banned in EU.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Good riddance. West started it, Russia is finishing it As usual…

Timmy Temperance

I am concerned that the convoy near Kiev may be sitting ducks. What is to prevent land or air attacks given that their exact position is known?


They are not in convoy mode anymore , they are deployed and assumed defensive positions.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Mobil air defense systems


Air attacks? What are you on?


Who would do that? Zero danger from Nato.


Interesting how the U.K. media has gone from: shock, horror, anger, unity, fight mode, to not really giving a fukc mode inside a week. Our western attention spans are non existent en masse, unless it’s following footy or the lives of celebs you’ll never meet.

Hopefully Russia takes complete control inside a week and takes vengeance through complete control of the distribution of their commodities to illustrate just who’s in charge. You can’t eat paper money out of a broken ATM.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

At this pace it will take at least 14days till kiev falls.


No rush, limit the damage and civilians hurt.


That video of nationalists killing civilians. I was thinking ‘why is he yelling and not moving when they can still be there?’ And then they fired on them. Not the smartest survival instincts


If only Hadrian finished the job…..

Florian Geyer

@ SouthFront.

The captions to your photos and videos need to be clearly ‘attached’ to the respective photos and videos that you display your readers.

At the moment your captions are very confusing.

hooga booga, where the ukrop women at

That video: ‘Civilians killed by Ukrop nationalists when trying to leave Mariupol’. One of the car of those killed people have license plate with DPR flag, look at 28 sec of the video. That cant be civilians trying to leave Mariupol, because if you try to drive with DPR license plates one of this days in Mariupol, Banderovtsi/Fascists from Azov would kill you. Perhaps those are some Russian civilians from DPR, that were killed on DPR/LPR territory by some Ukrop saboteurs who secretly infiltrated on DPR/LPR territory…

Death Angel

Putin is the HITLER. There’s no doubt in my mind that he will be killed

Universal Order

Jews own Russia and Ukraine. Hence why pro-russian propaganda sources like Southfront won’t mention them.

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