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War In Ukraine Day 7: Storm Of Mariupol, Fighting Around Kiev, Besiege Of Kharkiv (Videos 18+)

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War In Ukraine Day 7: Storm Of Mariupol, Fighting Around Kiev, Besiege Of Kharkiv (Videos 18+)

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On March 2, the situation near Kharkiv remains difficult for both sides of the conflict. Russian units, having suffered losses in the previous days, do not seek to go deeper into the city. At the same time, Russian forces are carrying out targeted strikes on the military facilities and hideouts of the Ukrainian military in the city. On March 2, a missile strike destroyed the city’s territorial defense headquarters. Two missiles reportedly hit the facility, the building was destroyed.

War In Ukraine Day 7: Storm Of Mariupol, Fighting Around Kiev, Besiege Of Kharkiv (Videos 18+)

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The encirclement of Kharkiv has not yet been carried out. The Russian army has fully occupied and controls the large settlement of Balakleya in the Kharkiv region.


In the afternoon of March 2, Arsen Avakov, the former minister of the Interior of Ukraine, who was behind the founding of the nationalist battalions, arrived in Kharkiv. At that time, some UAF units and nationalist battalions began to leave Kharkiv. Apparently, this was due to Avakov’s arrival and redeployment of these units in the direction of Kiev. The Ukrainian side realizes the futility of prolonged defense of the city.

War In Ukraine Day 7: Storm Of Mariupol, Fighting Around Kiev, Besiege Of Kharkiv (Videos 18+)

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On the night of March 3, the Russian Defense Ministry’s special operations forces continued their activities in the city, aimed at identifying the main defense nodes and eliminating the UAF command staff.

On March 2, Kharkiv was actively fleeing the local population towards the west. The Ukrainian Armed Forces stopped preventing the evacuation of civilians.


The online activists in Kharkiv were blaming Russians for targeting the loval school No17:

Meanwhile, inside the school:

War In Ukraine Day 7: Storm Of Mariupol, Fighting Around Kiev, Besiege Of Kharkiv (Videos 18+)


The city of Mariupol remains blockaded by the joint forces of Russia and the DPR. Fighting is going on the outskirts of the city. At the same time, the joint forces do not begin the major assault, but several clashes were recorded in the city’s outskirts.

On March 2, the mayor of Mariupol Vadim Boychenko confirmed the beginning of street fighting in the city. According to him, Mariupol is being stormed from the northern and northwestern directions.


No attempts of counter-offensive attacks by Ukrainian forces were reported.

Given the large number of Ukrainian armed forces and nationalistic fighters in the city, it will not be possible to take it quickly. The main place of concentration of Ukrainian nationalist forces is Ordzhonikidze district, the left bank of the Kalmius River.

However, the UAF have no forces in the region to deblockade the city. The roads leading to Mariupol are under control of the joint forces of Russia and the DPR. On March 2, the DPR units closed the ring around Mariupol and took control over the settlements of Primorskoye, Priazovskoye, Shevchenko and Berdyansk.


As previously stated by the representative of the DPR, there is still a chance to organize the evacuation of civilians. For example, the Consulate General of Greece in Mariupol is compiling lists of residents with their own vehicles, for whom a “green corridor” should be secured, so that they could go to Romania and further to Greece. The evacuation of women and children is also reportedly being worked out.

However, the nationalist battalions, which are hiding in large numbers in residential areas of the city, are in no hurry to let their ‘human shields’ go.

The Ministry of Defense of Russia reported that in Mariupol, militants of the Azov battalion mined the workshops of the Metallurgical Combine Azovstal. Nationalists are ready to blow up the plant with people in case of a breakthrough in the city. Also, the Russian representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzia claimed the preparation of provocations with civilians in hostage, including women and children, were detected in the local schools.

At the same time, unlike in Kharkiv, the civilian territorial defense is inactive in Mariupol. The distribution of weapons is limited.

Meanwhile, the humanitarian situation in the city is deteriorating. There is no food and medicine supply in the city, people are starting to starve. In many areas, power grids, water utilities and various civil infrastructure have been damaged. Despite the fact that the assault has not yet begun.


In the Kiev area, the Russian units continue their successful encirclement of the city. Throughout March 2, there was fighting in the northwestern part of Kiev near Irpen. To the southwest of Irpin, there were battles for control over the E40 Kiev-Zhytomyr highway.

To the southwest of Kyiv near Vasylkiv, the situation was unchanged. A humanitarian corridor was still opened. Russian troops encircling Kyiv from the southwest are spotted on the outskirts of Vasylkiv. Sporadic exchanges of fire occur. Both sides refrain from strikes against residential areas or the highway.

The residential area in Kiev:

The strike on the Kiev outskirsts:


In the direction from Chernihiv and Mena to Kiev, Russian troops are approximately 40 km from the eastern outskirts of Kiev. In the direction from Priluki to Kiev, they are within 15 km of the Ukrainian capital.

The UAF blew up a bridge in Baryshevka. This settlement is 10 km north of the E40 Kiev-Boryspil-Poltava-Kharkiv highway. It can be assumed that Russian troops are close to this highway and that they are preparing an operation to intercept it with further advance to Boryspil.

Inside Kiev, the situation remains extremely difficult. Gangs of looters continue to operate inside the city. No organized evacuation of the civilian population is taking place. At the same time, information has emerged that evacuations are being organized for the families of military and civilian officials.

War In Ukraine Day 7: Storm Of Mariupol, Fighting Around Kiev, Besiege Of Kharkiv (Videos 18+)

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On March 2, Russian aviation and artillery did not strike Kyiv. Chechen Special Forces of the Russian Armed Forces were noted to be active in Kiev’s suburbs from the northern direction. Footage emerged of Russian servicemen with a Chechen accent assisting in the evacuation of local residents.

In the direction of Mykolaiv, Russian units attempted to encircle the city in order to blockade it and get a passage to Odessa. On March 2, the Russians failed to cut off the Nikolaev-Krivoy Rog highway. On the afternoon of March 2, the Russian airborne troops landed from helicopters on the outskirts of Mykolaiv, the success of the operation as well as the objectives of the action are unclear.

This is how marauders are punished in Ukraine:


The amphibious landing in Odessa on March 2 did not take place. Russian ships appeared on the horizon in the morning and after a brief demonstration withdrew. This action led to another round of panic in the city and among the UAF commanders. As a result, a merchant ship was fired upon in the raid of the port of Odessa. Panic coexisted with euphoria and street crime in the city. Air-raid alarms were sounded at night, as in previous days. At the same time, many restaurants and bars in the city continue to operate. There were no Russian air strikes against Odessa.


Despite the fact that the main forces of Russia and the DPR were previously sent to break through to Mariupol, which ended yesterday with a complete encirclement, on March 2, Russian troops continued to strengthen their positions, moving north.

The Russian army took control over the town of Kamenka-Dneprovskoye in the Zaporizhia region. The Russian military secured the main infrastructure facilities in the city. The city of Vasilevka, Zaporozhye region, also came under the control of Russian troops.

A missile was reportedly launched from Melitopol towards Zaporizhia.


On March 1, it was announced that the Zaporozhye NPP, the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, located in the city of Energodar, came under the control of the Russian Armed forces in order to avoid provocations from Kiev. However, local sources said that armed locals continue to block the road to the NPP and Russian soldiers have not yet managed to agree on joint control of the station.

In the Luhansk and southern Kharkiv oblasts of Ukraine, LPR forces continue their offensive north and northwest toward the junction with Russian units near Kharkiv. On March 2, the settlements of Svatovo, Starobelsk and Novoaidar were occupied. Deep coverage of the Severodonetsk-Lysychansk agglomeration, in fact the last major stronghold on this front lines, was underway.

War In Ukraine Day 7: Storm Of Mariupol, Fighting Around Kiev, Besiege Of Kharkiv (Videos 18+)

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War In Ukraine Day 7: Storm Of Mariupol, Fighting Around Kiev, Besiege Of Kharkiv (Videos 18+)

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The Russian units of the Kharkiv military group occupied Balakleya and approached Izyum with further plans to advance toward Slavyansk.

After the loss of centralized command in the region, the UAF units retreated, abandoning their equipment.

On March 2-3, 2022, the most threatening situation for the UAF is developing in this theater of the military operation. Tens of thousands of UAF servicemen may be completely surrounded.

The DPR units are fighting positional battles to the West and Northwest of Donetsk. On March 2, an attack attempt by the UAF in the direction of Horlivka was unsuccessful. Both sides suffered significant losses. In this section of the front, DPR units act as an anvil, waiting for a hammer blow to the flanks of the largest UAF grouping in eastern Ukraine.


On the one hand, the seventh day of the conflict demonstrated a certain tiredness of the advancing Russian troops; on the other hand, the Russian command seems to have taken into account the mistakes of the past days and the Russian offensive became a full-scale army operation rather than a cavalry special operation on the enemy’s rear. The morale and technical condition of the most combat-ready units of the UAF is deteriorating. Both Ukrainian servicemen and fighters of nationalist battalions in all eastern and southeastern parts of the front are surrendering.


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Lesco Brandon

Slow and steady does it


My main worry with this approach is the huge quantities of weapons pouring into Ukraine from the Globohomo countries of Europe.

Outside radical

I thought the nationalist militias and etc would have put up more of a fight. Either way as long as the globohomo west is pushed out I don’t care whether the extremist factions take control or Russia either way I win if the globos lose power


The nazis are cowards. During the two Donbass wars they used civilians as human shields and force the regular army to go fight to the frontline. Their only job was to shoot in the back everyone who wasn’t “too patriotic” ( didn’t want to attack based on idiotic nazi strategies, didn’t want to kill innocent civilians ).


Well it matters a lot. Unless fascists are invading and bringing tons of loot/slaves from submitted nations, fascists are never popular enough to keep stable power. Fascists rule by terror, state terror when they have state power, they have no other way.

And when you rule by terror and the people hates you, you need tons of foreign help to keep that power. Like how banana republics or even ISIS work with a US trained and funded military/guerrilla.

So to even exist somewhere, fascists need to either sellout to imperialist interests or waging expansionist war. So in Ukraine, since it can’t invade other nations, fascism will always need to be a US vassal/puppet. So Nazis have to go. There are no “independent” Nazis. Nazis will always be NATO.


The ordinary citizens of Ukraine will start turning on the nazis. This is why Russia is surrounding cities and waiting. Nazis get desperate and then oppress the people. People start to distance and separate themselves.


Finally, someone who gets it.

David Herzog

In Europe are mainly antifa and leftist parties and ong to support nato and nazi . And it’ s true also in Israel , usa , Canada….well , all over the world antifascist scum and shit leftist support nato , globalism, feminism , genderism , nazism and russophic actions , politics and propaganda . Death to antifascists , slaves of globalism and nato .

Ghost of Kurac

What good are weapons when there are less and less of them to use it, coupled with low morale.


They won’t simply dissapear. Corruption is a thing. They can be sold on the black market to criminals in Europe . Suddenly gangs will have bazookas or terrorists stinger missiles.

I remember after the Yugoslav wars various machine pistols and all sort of shit made their way all over the place.

Johnny bravo

Globohomo, it’s a dam shame when the uniparty and the military industrial complex force me to side with putin. CIA don’t like who you elect so let’s overthrow just like here.


Soon there will be no one capable of using them. After killing all the banderites, and putting another government in place, the regular army will defeat en masse. Ukrainians are sadly like poles. They are passive and obey the authorities. This is why they have done nothing to depose the nazis for the last 8 years.

The weapons will be useful for the new ukrainian government, to defend the country against NATO thugs.


The beginning of a European peace force is developing. It’s just not obvious yet

Cyric Vigilius

We don’t know how much is actually getting through. A lot of it I am convinced is PR. If Russia really is in this thing for the long haul, they need to secure all of Ukraine’s borders especially the one with Poland which is presumably where the weapons are coming in from.


I think these ‘huge quantities’ are somewhat imaginary, like the Bulgarian planes flying from Poland. It will make no difference, even if true. Russia will likely know where, how many and who. Which means they won’t last long.


I can’t help but wonder how they get them there without Russia getting any. Seems like they send them to places both end up being at.

Jack Sikorsky

In total, 5 A50 awac and 5 il-22 ew/elint planes to provide 100% airspace monitoring, elint, jamming and guidance for RuAF Su-30, su-35, and su-34.




And the Ukrainian servicemen will start to surrender in ever growing numbers, due to the fact that as the war drags out, truth starts to spread like wild fire. No matter how much propaganda and lies the West keep pouring out. We saw the same thing in the War of Aggression that was unleashed against Syria by Western Powers that Be using mercenaries from all over the world. Initially even the locals joined the many terrorists groups but as the war went on and on, people finally realized that Dr. Bashar wasn’t the bad guy after all.

I admire President Vladimir Putin, he is facing a ruthless enemy that transcends borders, this will be no easy task indeed.

Last edited 1 year ago by Shenk
Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan



They must kill the nazis and start bombing the Donbass cauldron. Let 4000-5000 ukies die in a day and you will see that the others will surrender. Sad but true.

Cyric Vigilius

The truth is coming out. I have been watching Western Media. They are now talking about how hard it will be for Russia to hold cities etc. No more talk about Ukraine winning. PR only gets you so far.

Last edited 1 year ago by Cyric Vigilius

Yes, but even this last attempt at propaganda is BS. That’s the very reason Putin IS NOT killing and alienating the civilians. When this is over, even Ukr regular army officers will confirm who did what. How many have surrendered because they knew it was futile and only would cause more civilian deaths? These men have a soul, unlike the Azovs.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Most excellent Comrades 🤗👍🥇

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

CIAtrolls and ukrobots are crying and raging 🤗🤡😱


Time for them to look down the barrel of their own pistols.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Good. Let UAF surrender, no mercy for Azovisis and Co tho. No mercy for baby killers.


The most important thing is to pummel them with airstrikes and artillery when they start retreating. They’ll probably use civilian vehicles but then must abandon all heavy equipment.


the last video, the surrendered Ukies troops im assuming, What does “Flowerskii” mean? Please excuse my no knowledge of the language

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Slava Rossiya means Glory to Russia. They usually say Slava Ukraini aka Glory to Ukraine.


Thanks, Slava Rossiya mate!

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

You are Welcome 🤗 Slava Rossiya.


Not quite correct. ‘Glory to Russia’ is _slava Rossiye_; there is also _slava Rossii_ meaning ‘glory of Russia’. ‘Glory to Ukraine’ is either _slava Ukrainye_ in Russian or _slava Ukraini_ in Ukrainian.



Last edited 1 year ago by Wizzy

This is not how Russian servicemen should behave if they are planning on winning the hearts and minds war after the Kiev government falls. They are going to need the army later. I urge officers at the front to keep it as unpersonal as possible.


To what are you referring?


The humiliation of ordinary Ukrainian conscripts in the last video. I didn’t see the Azov mark on their uniforms and they looked scared like shit.


Is the end of the ukros!!

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Ukropistan shall fall.


Thank you for the update…..you need a very low iq to even tolerate local news were i am

Florian Geyer

The UK so called News is moronic anti Russian propaganda for the 90% :)

Covid has gone AWOL .


Festina Lente takes you far

Jack Sikorsky

My advice for Russia to have 100% air superiority, sniff out remaining Ukrop air defenses, protect from TB2 and locate bayraktar ground control stations. It’s a two step process: awac and Elint. Part 1 below in 5 steps. PART 1 (5 A50U awac up simultaneously surrounding Ukraine to monitor entire airspace) 1. RuAF has 10 A-50M and 10 A-50U awac craft in inventory – M variant capable of tracking air targets at 250km, ground targets at 400km or with upgrade U variant capable of tracking air targets at 400km and ground targets at 600km. These planes can loiter in air 4-6 hours until being refuled by Il-78 tanker which RuAF has plenty of.

Jack Sikorsky

A50U awac needed over gostomel, brest, belgorod, azov, and crimea to provide full coverage anti-air anti-ground for entire Ukraine to provide full early warning and ground mapping for su-24,25,30,35,35 and infantry. A50U has 400km anti air and 600km anti-ground range. This is essential for ruaf and army success.

Last edited 1 year ago by Jack Sikorsky
supratim barman

slava russia

supratim barman

“Perhaps, this is the only part that makes sense as these Armed Forces are totally under the control of heartless Fascists nurtured on the milk and honey of Imperialist protoFascist Banderists, who themselves are under strict conditions of terms of finance; as well as, clear orders and instructions from an Imperial Power that is sadly morphing from the PoliceMan Of The World into more of a Transgendric Traffic Cop of a dysfunctional self-proclaimed New World Order.”


Any vehicle entering Ukraine from the West must be destroyed.


A lot of that is humanitarian aid

John Wooh

I like we all said, NATO will fight till the last Ukrainian and the Ukrainians dont realize that they have been brainwashed to be the useful cannonfodder for the global-corporate-order.

Russia needs to educate its young people with real slavic history and geopolitics in every class like maths and sports to be on daily basis. It would booster the loyality and moral of the youth of Russia.


Russia must secure the Ukrainian border from trespassers and intruders, especially the Western border.


I see very limited or not at all attack helicopter and drones support for the Russian army in urban activity.


It would appear that RT is in full censorship-mode now…only the Western trolls can post there, everyone else gets deleted! That’s the way it goes, I guess: the first casualty of war is always the truth! The reason for that is because the common man hates the truth! There is an old Turkish saying that goes: “If you are going to tell the truth have a foot in the stirrup.”, meaning that if you’re going to tell the common man the truth about something, and they believe otherwise, you had better be ready to get the heck outta dodge before they kill you!


Russia needs to stop this politic approach to war. You can’t win the PR war and if you keep trying then you will lose the real war.

Maybe Russia doesn’t truly realize what’s at stake here.

Cyric Vigilius

What the hell is on going on Kyiv? Behaving like savages.


Hard to believe that the Ukrainians fighters are starting to realize that the Pentagon wants this war to drag out ten to twenty years and turn the country into another Syria, carved into little Satraps and constantly fed arms.

Anne-Marie Suckling

Have they taken out all the bio-weapon labs, with full US Diplomatic Immunity yet? I know they allegedly took out at least 7, but, have they managed to go for the other 8 as well? Wasn’t one over on Snake Island?

‘… The United States, in partnership with Canada, Sweden and Ukraine, established a protocol to develop weapons of mass destruction at a place called the Science and Technology Center in Ukraine (STCU).

The STCU is an international organization funded primarily by the U.S. government that has been accorded diplomatic status. It officially supports the projects of scientists who were previously involved in the Soviet Union’s biological weapons program.

Over the past two decades, the STCU has invested more than $285 million in funding for some 1,850 projects of scientists who previously had involvement in creating weapons of mass destruction.

At another Pentagon controlled-and-operated laboratory in Kharkiv, Ukraine, some 20 Ukrainian soldiers died after being exposed to a flu-like virus weapon, while another 200 were hospitalized. -Natural News…;

Lance Ripplinger

At this point, I just wonder what Putin’s goal is? Some are speculating he just wants to split Ukraine down the middle with the Dneipr river (or however you spell it).

Putin brasil

Acabe logo com isso Rússia e retorne seus heróis pra casa

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