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War In Ukraine Day 3: Russia’s Advance Slowed Down. Ukrainian Forces Resist (Videos 18+)

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War In Ukraine Day 3: Russia's Advance Slowed Down. Ukrainian Forces Resist (Videos 18+)

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Throughout February 26, sporadic exchanges of fire occurred on the streets of Kyiv between groups of residents who had previously been given weapons, including SBU officers, militia from the territorial defense units, employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). The armed groups have no system of identification of their friends or foes. The actions of armed looters and criminal gangs instigate the chaos. Dozens of civilian casualties are reported as a result of such exchanges of fire.

Russian forces near Kiev:

Ukrainian policemen detained an SBU employee

In the first half of the day, the large settlement of Stanytsia Luhanska came under the control of LPR forces. Along with Stanytsia Luhanska, the LPR units occupied Krymskoye and Markovka in the same direction. However, it was not possible to pass through the AFU units at their positions north of Luhansk. No breakthroughs of the LPR units succeeded. The AFU withdrew its troops from the Starobelsk and will now be able to engage them to stabilize the front line near Severodonetsk and Izyum.

The LPR corps did not receive the necessary support from the Russian Armed Forces to accomplish the constraining offensive task. This significant miscalculation by the Russian command may lead to a change in the situation in other parts of the front.

War In Ukraine Day 3: Russia's Advance Slowed Down. Ukrainian Forces Resist (Videos 18+)

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The DPR People’s Militia took control of Novoapostolovka, 6 km east of Volnovakha, and other locations in the vicinity of Volnovakha. At the same time, the successes of DPR and Russian forces in this direction are purely tactical in nature. Volnovakha has not been taken, and they have not even been able to get close to it.

War In Ukraine Day 3: Russia's Advance Slowed Down. Ukrainian Forces Resist (Videos 18+)

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War In Ukraine Day 3: Russia's Advance Slowed Down. Ukrainian Forces Resist (Videos 18+)

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Despite the continuing offensive of the DPR units in the Mariupol direction and the occupation of Pavlopol and Pischevik, there is no “blockade” of Mariupol yet. The information on the complete blockade of the city does not correspond to the reality as on 8 p.m. local time. The Ukrainian units are resisting relatively successfully and in an organized manner, which threatens the likelihood of a breakthrough from the encirclement if the “Crimean” group’s offensive slows down.

The exit of civilians from Mariupol is blocked by fighters of nationalist battalions. There is video evidence of civilians being shot, when they were trying to leave the city, including women and children.

There are battles with the use of MLRS, artillery and tanks in the Kharkiv direction. This is currently the most difficult battlefield for the Russian Federation. The Russian Armed Forces suffered significant losses there, and several columns of equipment were destroyed. Sources familiar with the situation near Kharkiv report that there is poor coordination of the Russian units, communication failures and errors of command.

By the afternoon of February 26, it became known that the AFU had regained control of Kherson. In the afternoon, fighting in the outskirts of the city continued.

Near the city of Zhytomyr, the AFU air defense forces reportedly shot down a Russian Air Force aircraft.

In turn, over the Chernihiv region Russian air defense shot down 2 Bayraktars.

The AFU blew up a bridge between the Odessa and Mykolaiv regions. On the evening of February 26, Russian units began to enter Nikolaev.

The Russian military is strengthening its position in Melitopol, Zaporizhia region. The city of Melitopol is completely under Russian control. In this direction, the Russian grouping is developing success in the direction of Molochansk and Tokmak, as well as in the direction of Mariupol. Near Molochansk, an AFU column was destroyed. At the same time, the advancing Russian units encounter strong resistance.


The Russian Defense Ministry reported that 16 Ukrainian naval boats, using “swarm tactics”, attempted yesterday to attack Russian Black Sea Fleet ships, which had evacuated 82 surrendered Ukrainian servicemen from Zmeiniy Island.

Part of the attacking boats acted under the cover of civilian vessels. The purpose of the attack was primarily to retaliate against the laid down soldiers and to accuse the Russian army of destroying prisoners, the report said. Six Ukrainian boats were destroyed. None of the 82 Ukrainian servicemen from Snake Island were injured.

When the Ukrainian boats attacked the Russian ships near the Snake Island, the US strategic drones RQ-4 Global Hawk and MQ-9A Ripper were barreling over the area of provocation. It is highly probable that it was the American drones that guided the Ukrainian boats to the ships of the Russian fleet.

War In Ukraine Day 3: Russia's Advance Slowed Down. Ukrainian Forces Resist (Videos 18+)

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Overall, despite successes in a number of areas, the situation for the RF Armed Forces and the DPR and LPR on February 26 and the night of February 27 was not good. The offensive on the main “eastern front” toward Volnovakha and further west, as well as toward Mariupol, lost momentum. This is largely due to the complete absence of the second echelon, which should follow the strike units.

The area covered is not controlled, road junctions and important points are not put under control, garrisons and large groups of the enemy are ignored. At the same time the rear columns move without the slightest protection through the territory that has not been cleared, as if it were an area of the Russian Federation.

This approach has already led to the defeat and even complete destruction of several army columns of the Russian Army. There is a big miscalculation in the planning of the operation, caused, probably, by a wrong assessment of the situation and the resulting “lurching assertiveness” of the Moscow generals.

At the same time, there is information about the concentration of units of the second echelon of the offensive in the regions of the Russian Federation adjacent to Ukraine. In all likelihood they will be sent in support of the first-echelon forces in the near future.

If Moscow fails to reverse the situation in the next 2-3 days, the war will become protracted with unpredictable consequences for all parties to the conflict.


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This is expected while fighting in enemy territory early on in an offensive. The Russian Military needs to adjust quick.


Putin will kill all defectors

Peppe il Sicario

Right now, the Russians are trying to save civilian lives, but if they are forced to, they will intensify their attacks and avoiding collateral damage will no longer be a priority.

Luiz Sergio Rocha

That’s just what I’ve been saying and that’s precisely what the empire of lies wants. But if needed be I believe they’ll do it anyway.

Cyric Vigilius

I think they are going to have too. Western Ukraine has had eight years of Nazi indoctrination. They hate anything Russian. Russia will find no friends there at all.


Maybe not friends but people who find acceptable to remove US dictator and replaced with elections, why not? Would many die to prevent that? To protect the fascists? No. Fascists are a minority now like they were in WW2.

Carl Johnson

It was about hypothetical negotiations, and the army took a wait-and-see position, but after a while the Russian Defense Ministry gave an order to the units to attack in all directions

After Kiev refused to negotiate, the units of the Russian troops were ordered to develop an offensive in all directions in accordance with the special operation plan

Now it is necessary to treat all information with caution and trust only the briefings of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The amount of false information does not decrease, on the contrary, there is an increase in the number of successful actions proving that the special operation is following a given course

Peppe il Sicario

Truth is the first casualty in war. During the NATO attack on Yugoslavia in 1999 for example, NATO was claiming to have destroyed countless Yugoslav tanks, armoured vehicles etc. In reality, the far majority of those weapons were safeguarded in mountain bunkers out of the way of NATO’s bombs who instead went on a civilian killing spree and destroyed defenseless infrastructure instead. In many war scenarios, the first troops sent into a fray, such as armoured cav/recon forces often have the task of testing the resistance of the defensive forces. They need to draw out enemy fire and then make whatever manouevre adjustments necessary.

Last edited 1 year ago by Peppe il Sicario

Also Serbia was claiming 2-3 NATO planes per night, the same as Ukrainians do now.

Cyric Vigilius

Its very true. I have heard the American’s took way more losses in Iraq than ever was reported.

Cyric VigiIius

heard? did some generals call you in the night to give you this information. Heard from your whoremother probably lmaoooooo

Cyric Vigilius

More troops is what is needed. What are 160,000 troops doing sitting around for?


watch NATO activities, dont put all eggs into a basket


They don’t want to get sucked in.


It was a big mistake to wait and see. They gave up the momentum by doing that, gave enemy time to mobilize and dig in. They should have negotiated after they had Zelensky in handcuffs.


Russia not communist dummy


Communist are Putin’s biggest opposition you balloon.

Icarus Tanović

What a punk he is.


Proof that NATO has already been sending weapons into Ukraine in direct threat to Russia.

This justifies Russia’s actions. And now justifies Russia to use more powerful weapons

dogbreath williams

Almost certain that Russia asked US not to provide C3I to Ukraine after this event started, but was there an ‘or else’ clause? There were statements made by Zakharova months ago that endangerment of aviation by US would be dealt with, so does that not apply when Russian forces are directly threatened by same aviation? Stavka may have to recompute this.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

SBU only employs double digit IQ ukrobots. Good to see Ukrainians are waking up to that.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Sounds like Kiev propaganda.

Icarus Tanović

Right on spot! 👏


Proof that NATO has been placing weapons in Ukraine in direct threat to Russia.

Russia, you are justified.


PARADIGM… You know what…? But I heard that Putin, like Xi and Biden, are terrorized with the coronavirus. Yes, the sneeze…the seasonal cold, the flu. Is that true?


No, just in general.


No. You need your booster.

Peppe il Sicario

What did the celluloid war hero icon of Americant armchair warriors, John J. Ram-bone, say in First Blood, “there are no friendly civilians, sir.” That right there ladies and gentlemen is their military’s philosophy since when they started killing Native American children in the 1600s. That’s what they’ve been teaching those Ukie scum.

Last edited 1 year ago by Peppe il Sicario

Don’t know why Russia isn’t using it’s Thermobaric weaponry in areas where they have reached an impasse

Vlad the Impaler

Because they’re holding back their heavy weapons to avoid civilian casualties and damage to civilian infrastructure.

Icarus Tanović

Have you not lost your mind?

Lance Ripplinger

Some of the description here of failed communications between Russian Army units does not bode well. You would think Russia would have learned by now. Look at the mess that the Georgian War was. The Russian Army was in complete disarray due to lack of planning and communication. Perhaps Russia still has some of that crappy Soviet Red Army doctrine still. In the case of the Georgian War, I think Russia only won that due to sheer numbers, not quality. Is that what will this debacle in Ukraine will come down too? Clearly, Ukrainians are not pushovers. It is extremely likely they are getting intel from the U.S. and its allies in Europe. Also, with the days of the internet and social media, this war has a lot of eyes on it. People watching social media can figure out where troop movements are, and can alert the UAF where the Russians are heading. I’m starting to think Russia is in over its head at this point. They will have to commit to total war, or leave. I’m not really sure they even have a strong point for negotiations at this point. Russia has now been made a pariah on the world stage, with heavy economic sanctions levied against the Russian Federation. I really doubt this war is popular in Russia. The Ruble has take a huge dump, and is not worth the paper it is printed on. I doubt the Russian economy will be able to survive this. Your everyday Russia can barely afford to buy food due to inflation. Even though Putin has been arresting protestors, I don’t think that will quiet things down. Civil unrest in Russia is bound to happen. I bet many Russians have ties with Ukrainians, including family. So does the rest of the world. This whole situation sucks. In war, nobody wins.


Can I get fries with that analysis? Fact is you don’t know what is going on, most of us don’t- Other than than the fact that Ukies have been severely brainwashed, and that is a problem.


Putin is an intel asset. He is not a battle hardened soldier. He made a huge mistake by not intervening in Ukraine in 2014. Everything would have been altogether different. Strelkov would have done better job but he has been banned from Donbas by Putin end his elite.Today RU army is much better armed but it’s at great disadvantage in psychological warfare on the Ukrainian battle field. While precision strikes downgraded Ukrainian army’s infrastructure significantly it only increased anger and resolve of the general population to resist. Also the army has not been mentally prepared for what to expect and the reconnaissance and monitoring of the movement of Ukrainian troops has failed. The positions and movements of the troops should have been carefully monitored and mapped for months with the UAVs prior the operation. Not sure if that is true but I came across the info which says that RU has no military surveillance satellites in its arsenal. Only involvement of Chechens could possibly turn the tide but even that will depend on proper planing and coordination. To win this war is existential for Putin. If he loses it it will be the end of him. He is already facing a difficulty in obtaining support from His closest allies for the campaign. It looks like Chine will pul the rug under him. So much about China’s loyalty.

Adam Kafei

The idea of Chinese loyalty (to any interests other than their own) is a mistake, note how carefully they tread when persuing interests that oppose America, they may appear brazen in the south China sea at first glance but America, despite their willingness to create a pretext when it suits them, has never done more than fly the flag in the area. India is the same, for every transaction the do with Russia they line up a similar value one with America, Turkey too, they’re all very careful to not step completely out of line.

Now, Russia, Russia has stepped out of line and everyone who might back them is watching very carefully to see how this plays out with the one, not particularly useful, exception of Syria (who also happens to be hosting a lot of Russian military assets, if you want to look at things that way). Russia was always going to be on their own invading Ukraine, the alliance with China was informal last I checked and defensive only. I may be wrong but I also remember some wording out the pacific, all in all though, they were never going to help here, at best you get ambiguously worded, token protests that both sides know mean nothing but allow them to pretend they were against it if need be.

In short: Trust China only so far as their interests align completely with your own.


as ukrops murder each other, Russian military denazifies the US colony


ukrops fail to negotiate; Russian troops resume denazification….don’t cry too much nazis


The RU tank runs out of fuel. The first sign of failing logistics and broken supply lines. Not good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14gVDF2b1vA

hans raus

yes but also some sources claims that some of russian tank drivers themselves drain fuel on purpose to not go to fight. Morale must be very low.

Arch Bungle

Same thing happened in Georgia 2008.

Shit happens.

Doesn’t change the end result.


Grasimov has to go. His arrogance poses a great danger to RU army.

Arch Bungle

What arrogance? The man hardly talks.


I think it was poorly planned that even the idle spectator could have seen. With a concentration of willing enemy forces assisted by Western weapons and intelligence, they could have set any number of traps and still could find an opportunity to encircle them.

I think Russian forces in future will drive a wedge between west and east Ukraine, focussing on pushing eastwards to create a cauldron and filter out these pockets more effectively and once and for all.

Arch Bungle

Looks brilliant to me. Putin is not fighting a normal war, he has to take the cities intact and avoid loss of civilian life. He seems to be working within those constraints very well.

This is something the Americans could never pull off.


NATO troops in Mariupol cauldron


” None of the 82 Ukrainian servicemen from Snake Island were injured.” Well someone is bullshitting as the entire western media is reporting that 13 Ukrainian servicemen were killed by Russian navy after refusing to surrender and telling the Russian Navy to “go fuck themselves”. This has had huge coverage all round the world. Can anyone verify the outcome of this engagement on Snake Island (Zmeiniy Island.)

Arch Bungle

Check on RT News stream, they had some news on the status of the 82 servicemen.


I don’t know what the Russian game plan here is. It does not appear things are going the way Putin wants. Perhaps they expected Kiev would fall quickly. The last thing Russia wants is a protracted war

Arch Bungle

“It does not appear things are going the way Putin wants.”

How do you know what Putin wants ?

I think the guy who pacified Ingushetia, Chechnya and Georgia knows what his doing.


too much Disney

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