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War In Ukraine Day 118: More Pockets For God Of Pockets

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War In Ukraine Day 118: More Pockets For God Of Pockets

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June 21 was marked not only by new revelations regarding the recent failed attack of Kyiv’s forces on Zmeinyy Island in the Black Sea, but also by the creation of another pocket with pro-Kyiv troops in the region of Donbass.

During the past week, Russian forces achieved a series of important tactical successes in Severodonetsk and its surroundings blocking the remaining pro-Kyiv troops in the Azot plant and capturing most of the nearby industrial area. The advance there was ongoing amid intense strikes on military infrastructure of Kyiv’s grouping of forces in the region as well as all around Ukraine in general.

The leadership of the Kyiv regime, which is mostly focused on achieving PR victories rather than in a real war, sent large reinforcements to the area. All these troops immediately appeared to be in a weak strategic position and just became a tool to create a colorful MSM image about the ‘heroic democratic forces of Ukraine’ that fight ‘Putin’s hordes’.

At the same time, Russian forces delivered a blow to Kyiv’s troops stationed in the area south of Lysichansk and Severodonetsk. As of June 21, Russian units liberated the towns of Ustinovka, Mirnaya Dolina and the village of Podlesnoe (near Mirnaya Dolina).

Clashes in Mirnaya Dolina area:

The Russian military reached the town of Rai-Aleksandrovka and established a tight fire control over the only road that leads from the areas of Zolotoe and Gorskoe. According to reports, over 2,000 troops of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (and various neo-Nazi formations integrated into them) appeared to be encircled there.

War In Ukraine Day 118: More Pockets For God Of Pockets

Click to see the full-size image

Reports claim that the remaining groups of Kyiv’s forces are retreating towards Bakhmut and Lysichansk where they want to use existing fortifications to organize defense there.

It should be noted that the estimated number of pro-Kyiv troops surrounded in Severodonetsk is about 2,500. Together with the Zolotoe group, this is 4,500 fighters encircled in this sector of operations. This number is close to that, which neo-Nazis from the Azov battalion and allied formations had in the Azovstal plant industrial area in the late stages of the battle of Mariupol.

Attempts of the Kyiv leadership to organize counter-attacks to de-block its forces in these areas will likely lead to only increase in the number of troops trapped around Lysichansk, Bakhmut, Slavyansk and Kramatorks. However, this is one of the most likely scenarios as Zelensky & Co tend to make decisions that would have larger PR effect. And what could be better than repeating the ‘Mariupol case’ just in another area? Thus, MSM and Western diplomats will have a lot of opportunities to blame and shame the Russians under made-up pretexts.

Another option of the Kyiv government is to organize a large attack on Russian positions in the south – i.e. in Kherson and Mykolaiv regions or in Zaporizhzhia Region – using fresh formations created in the west of Ukraine and supplied with NATO weapons. This move will not allow to destroy pockets in Severodonetsk and Zolotoe but would threaten Russian supply lines from Crimea.

Large direct advance of Kyiv’s forces on the territory of Russia still remains unlikely despite regular terrorist attacks launched by the NATO-backed “democrats” against Russia, DPR and LPR. Contrary to public claims of Ukrainian and Western diplomats accompanied by MSM fairy tales, the Ukrainian leadership understands that Russia has been carrying out a limited military operation with a limited force on the territory on Ukraine. A large advance of Kyiv’s units that would target the Russian territory will have all chances to provoke a full-scale response from Moscow.

Therefore, troops loyal the Kyiv government have all chances to participate in a few more decisive battles for Zelensky’s public image of ‘great leader’ and die on behalf of the international globalist establishment interested in destabilization of Europe.


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Alexander the Transnistrian

All I see are disastrous losses … Not surprisingly it should be noted that the Western media are reporting less fake news (or is it my impression?), They cannot rely on much ’cause Ukraine is losing from all points of view every day


Because the West understands that it is no longer possible to deceive people through fakes, the truth comes out. This is already the stage of acceptance, it will only get worse

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jens holm

Thats highly incorrect. Its true we recieve fake news and its the terms. But You dont understand we live in a communication world ad use it well. By that we can add and subtract much more then You insinuate.

We fx has not forbidden facebook. No medias had been forbidden as in Russia. We have no news about decided laws according information and its spreading.

You are in the old very narrowminded limited world.

And we are well aware of things are not well for the Ukras. We have not been lied for.

All Mercs to the Deathrow

LmaoYour dumbass has been insisting for months that the ukros are winning. Also Facebook is a fake news dumpster fire for old grannies/grandpas. Who even uses that crap?

Ashok Varma

Indians media goes on the offensive against Ukrainian Nazis and racists:

“It seems like there’s a hierarchy of racism in Ukraine, whites first, Indians second, Africans last.”

When foreigners fled Ukraine, the sheer level of Nazism came out in and proved President Putin right. African nationals suffered the worst abuse, humiliation even physical assaults and sexual abuse are now taking to social media to share personal accounts of racial discrimination while trying to evacuate to safety. India perceived as a close ally of Russia, also had its citizen suffer some of worst racism and abuse ever encountered in a semi-European nation.

The anger in India at Ukrainian racist Nazis is just coming to boil. JAI RUS!


ghandi commented—western civilization —it would be a good idea “it is not Russianism that will destroy Western Europe it is Americanism”. Martin Heidegger….he described Americanism as “putrefaction”


Jens the dumbass… and it’s lied to, not lied for

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f u c k you

“We fx has not forbidden facebook.” why would your Anglozionist masters ban Facebook you utterly indoctrinated and equally retarded monkey?? But they did ban RT and Sputnik (Russia only retaliate you dumb lying shit). Your masters ban and censoring everything and everyone not completely owned by them; they even ban Trump on Twitter only because he dared to say their ‘elections’ were rigged. You can’t say a word against Jews, you can’t say a word against LGBT, you can’t say a word against Fauci, you can’t even write letter Z or you will be prosecuted. Nazis and medieval Inquisition were more free and tolerant than your shithole EUnuch vassal colonies occupied by Anglozionist scum. Only you brainless monkey believe their Mickey Mouse ‘freedom’ while sucking Yankee assholes – that’s the only freedom you dumb bitch have.

Stop spreading idiocy (and monkeypox) and go fuck yourself to hell you autistic chimpanzee from Aarhus ZOO.

Last edited 7 months ago by f u c k you
Pedo Andy from Fcukingham Palace


Ukraine Jew asshole Volodymyr Zelensky, tried to address the AU yesterday. Out of 55 invited heads of state only four (4) attended the virtual session. Zelensky asked for AU support!

The 51 heads of state who didn’t attend the meeting said “WHAT KIND of SUPPORT and from WHO?

The US had even bribed the poor African nations, but they refused to attend, most support RUSSIA!


José Oliveira

RT Sputnik, Erwan Castel’s blog, Southfront, etc, they are all censored one way or another in the Collective West. There’s even a young woman journalist (sorry I forgot the name) that faces 3 years of prison from a German court. Citizens can even pay fines of thousands of Euros for writing the letter Z… People who question the NATO narrative are bullyed and threatened. Some propaganda MSM even go as far as to call them “putinists”, ” communists”, “genocide supporters”. They even did this to Oliver Stone (USA director of Snowdrn movie). Assange is a political prisoner. Shireen Abu Akleh is assassinated. Grayzone even showed how secret services attack and silence opposition! Etc.

This is the current state of “liberal democracy” and “western values” and “press freedom” in Europe and North America.

My country (Portugal) has a Democratic Constitution made in 1976 by Communists, Socialists, and Social-Democrats, after the military coup that ended the Fascist Dictatorship in 25-April-1974. This Constitution has since been an example for some other countries with young Democracies. One of its articles states the it is illegal do censorship any media, and the only parties than can be illegalized are Fascist and Racist ones.

But, since Portugal is no exception in this Western stupidity, the propaganda makes most people believe the regime. And the regime obbeys to EU/NATO diktat. Portugal is no longer sovereign, just another vassal of USA and a colony of Brussels axis of evil. And therefore, now RT and Sputnik (and others) are censored in Portugal, in VIOLATION of our Constitution, in an authoritarian move last seen in 1974, before the Fascist Dictatorship was overthrown. But 90% of brainwashed ignorant idiots support what’s going on and only blame Russia.

I’m ashamed of this situation!


@Jose Oliviera

All true what you state. But please we need to know about the other side too. Russia Today RT.de, already several months BEFORE the invasion of Ukraine, they started to completely ban the whole comments section. Nobody could post anything anymore there because the russian government was afraid, because to many people there posted the truth and asked the right questions. For example: Why the heck there has never been and still is no persecution of the murderers of the legitimate russian leader, the Czar, even though it is known that the murder was committed on order of the rich banker jew Jacob Schiff, which ordered some jewish bolshewic death-squad to execute the russian czar and his whole family. The answer is: Because the same jewish criminals of 1917 resp. their follow-ups are still in power in Russia today. Russia is a jewish slave-colony same as USA, UK, France, Germany.

Another thing is that Putin himself is a jew and an agent of the jews. Klaus Schwab of the WEF even admitted it openly and told that Putin was one of his agents and took part in the “Young Global Leader” project and was installed in Russia to serve the Great Reset Plan of the jewish elites. But still Putin today stands in front of the russian people and claims to be a russian leader, and then, in the name of the russians attacks foreign countries, accepts the COVID-Lie, and orders mRNA vaccines to be taken.

Everybody in Russia who speaks out the truth about jews, is, if caught, immediately arrested and jailed in accordance with Putins whole bunch of new laws against anti-semitism.

Putin’s mother is of jewish origin.His father was with the bolshewist/ communist UDSSR anti-christ terrorist system. Putin was grown up sucking up all the bolshevist and communist ideology. Putin was in the KGB and for short period even became head of the KGB. All the wealthy real influecial oligarchs of todays russia are jews. The jewish multibillion heavy-weight billioniare Abramovic brought Putin into power in Russia. Putin ordered lots of new very strict antisemitism laws onto the russians, in order to hinder every god-fearing christian russian from finding out the truth and speak out freely about it, and that it is jews which overtook Russia in 1917, murdered the Czar and are ruling the country even today. (No search for let alone prosecution of the murderers was ordered – and also Putin did not ask for that to happen, or at least research being done to find out who murdered the legitimate leader of the russian nation back in 1917. So WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT PUTIN ?).

One of Putin’s best friends is Berel Lazar, a jewish rabbi, and high-member of the psychopath lunatic jewish ultra-rich end-time sect Chabad Lubawitch, whose plan it is to cause total World War in order to start Armageddon, so the so-called jewish Messiah is forced to come to the earth, and save all jews and make them the eternal kings of this planet. Yes, this crap this utter madness is their true belief, that is what the they try to force upon the earth. Total war. And now look at what Putin has just started. Coincidence ?

Last edited 7 months ago by ludmilla
Treating you Mental Disorder

Typical West Ukrainian (neo nazi) dumb bitch rant or some fat neo libtard. Putin isn’t “friends” with any jews. He is diplomatic with people all over the world including jews if it suits the interests of Russia. As Russia was still a colony of the greedy western bankster economic system before the 2020 constitutional changes, in 1 way or another he had to be diplomatic. As to all the other trash you rant typed…. Putins mother Maria was a religious Christian woman. (Many people were during the Soviet times they just didn’t flaunt it).Putins mother baptized him in the orthodox Christian church at 1 months old secretly without his father knowing because he was a very hardcore communist and was against it (even though he himself was baptized.) Now is that the actions of some zio-Jew on her part? Also Putin talked about how the Soviet Union system was flawed back in the early 1990s. He also said that “those who don’t feel nostalgia for the Soviet Union have no heart but those that want it back have no brain”. He is creating a completely new system that takes the best of the Russian Empire/Kievan Rus, the Soviet Union and the present Russian Federation. It’s called actually learning from history unlike the west. He also called out Lenin and the Jew bolsheviks and the mistakes they made in destroying a culture/nation that’s over 1,000 years old.

The jew oligarchs that came into power in the 1990s have nothing to do with Putin and everything to do with the western globalist Jews that gave them that power. In 1990 Putin left the KGB and worked as an assistant rector at the Leningrad University in his hometown of St. Petersburg. He only came into power in the year 2000 and over the last 2 decades dramatically changed the life of ordinary Russians for the better.

Also dumb bitch, if he is so pro Jew elites why did he ban George Soros from ever entering Russia back in 2015, as well as banned all globalist GMOs in Russian food in the 2000s and why does Klaus Swab actually hate Putin:

“Russia excluded from the Great Reset: Klaus Schwab freezes relations with Putin The World Economic Forum Davos (WEF) has announced a freeze on all relations with Russia and President Vladimir Putin. Because of the Russian operation in Ukraine, they refuse to deal with “sanctioned individuals” and have frozen all Russia-related relations.”

Also dumb bitch, the Russian vaccine isn’t an mRNA vaccine it uses traditional vectors and it’s not mandatory nor are there mask mandates any longer in Russia unlike Germany that’s trying now to make mask mandates mandatory for its citizens every winter FOREVER.

Your dumb neonazi rant ironically just plays into the hands of Zio-jews who rule your beloved west. Neo nazis and Zio-jews you are 2 sides of the same coin.

Last edited 7 months ago by Treating you Mental Disorder

@Treating you Mental Disorder

Read again you worm. You slime did not even dare to answer one of the several questions of my post.

So it is clear who is telling the truth here and who is not.

Putin was brought to power by Abramovich. Btw. there is nothing like “left the KGB”. What naive idiot are you ? Man, one time KGB always KGB, you cannot leave such organisation as if it was a walmart job you did.

Whoever is not in bed with the jews will never do new laws pushing and pressing even harsher against so-called “antisemitism” on the people. Only pro-satanist resp- pro-jewish pigs do. And Putin did.

Russia is still nothing but a jewish slave-colony, same as USA, EU, Australia etc. Never was the jews prosecuted from murdering the russian czar … and you … ah ok, also no word on that, I see.

But you fool don t get it. You are an embarassment to mankind !

Last edited 7 months ago by ludmilla

suka blyad—-chervet

Kirk Ontario

The comments on RT were controlled by a western comment system/platform before, not by RT itself that’s why they had to switch the comment system, dummy.


She is a classical troll/bot I hope her comments full of fakes are deleted so real users can have a healthy debate here


How tired is to see trolls every day lying about Russia and trying to divide the people who support Russia


inferior racist hillbilly must lick jew boots in oregun…halfwit amerikant moron…Putin never directed KGB


polo molo nazi reappears after sodomy lesson in oregun trailer park—tiresome….Putins mother had him baptized at birth by orthodox priest


That must be why you won’t listen to anyone saying anything different from what you are told on TV. The fear of being lied to guarantees you will fall for other lies. It removes agency from you and solidifies the absence of critical thinking.

That is why you think all Westerners are “Gay Nazis” even though the National Socialists burned books in Nuremberg written by Marxist Jews such as Magnus Hirshfeld that promoted feminism and LGBT.

Any exposure of Jews and their corrosive influence in Russia, China or the West is something you are incapable of grasping, due to your closed-minded outlook.


“Ukrainians welcoming the Wehrmacht as liberators from the Jew communist filth.”

Last edited 7 months ago by Jack

Well, in the current generations 1/10 people in the West is gay. In the previous generation it was 1/20. Wait 10 years and you will have 1/5,that is an brutal 20% Assume all of the West are gays soon will not be far from reality soon.

In addition to this I am a westener and I disagree with your wet dreams about Jewish conspiracy. Jewish are crazy corrupted but the degenerated ideologies in the West have its roots in the modernism and cultural relativism. What bring us to French and British elites not to the Jewish. Jewish are just collaborators, not the main root.


amerikans the worst like Jackie poko molo nazi


nazi poko molo must burn books—moron nazi open mind to amerikantretarditus—-incurable brain disease


The EU deal is done and with that comes conditions on Kiev. Those conditions certainly entail ending the war and the creation of peace. Now of course there are two EU destructors – the US and UK that are working to cause problems for Europe, assisted by the frustrated EU member Poland (who never despite ambition, is the king of anything). So we really have a complex situation of EU trying to settle things and the Anglos often using east European puppets trying to inflame things. This is why we start to see mixed messages in the western media. Additionally the cost of war and its risks to ‘local politicians is playing out – of course increased prices and poverty are not problematic for western elites, but they do matter for the masses! So there really is a limit to how much Ukraine can go on fighting, regardless of the efforts of the EU destructors!


No deal done really, only for “candidacy” status, They will never in even 10 years be able to meet the financial and statuary requirements for EU membership.


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Last edited 7 months ago by Anglia

turkey has been a “Candidate” since like 87…lmfao


they have yet to still implement the anti corruption dictat from the IMF in 2014. Biden had the anti corruption judge fired.

Enthusiastic Student of Deception Patterns.

“They cannot rely on much”

Didn’t you mean “they cannot lie as much as they’ve been used to”?

Last edited 7 months ago by Enthusiastic Student of Deception Patterns.

The jews already stole the $40b+ from American taxpayer idiots. They own the media so of course they will not report on the hard losses.


lol you think anywhere near 4 billion will even leave america? lmao shelling out obsolete 1970’s military trash for trumped up prices on a lend lease program means not a single dollar will ever leave the USA, and out of each of them dollars expect 79-88 cents to “disappear” into a black budget. how can the ukrop account for 40 billion in material when it conveniently gets smashed by Russia the moment it arrives in theatre. if by ” the Jews” you mean biden and pelosi et al. I agree, The big guy gets ten percent as we know.



The losses are so big now that the MSM can’t hide them but they still make all in their hands to try to twist the truth as much as they can even in the smallest details.

Last edited 7 months ago by Oscar
jens holm

I see none of that. We get the same data and from normal sources, which You seemes not to have acces for.

We know Ukras has a hard time and they also has lack of weapons.

jens holm

Thats highly lie and very incorrect. From the start we have much more infirmation then the Russian fanatic hillbillies here.

In that period Russia by Putin has forbidden more and more medias and even made laws to punish people for telling each other, what they think or not.

So You here try to sell rotten stinking eggs to Your own.

At Youtube we get rapports several times a day from people actually being there. Those mainly are quite sober. Some are biased.

examples: Davydov, Times Radio and Sky News.

You lie for Your own hill billy buddy. If You put a banana in Your behind Youprobatly would imprpve Your standards.

You lie or has no idea about whats going on there. We have.


Sky News pretends it is real news occasionally says something honest. then fills in with the same bullshit as the rest of the MSM.

I actually appreciate people like you being here Jens. Echo chambers are boring.

pens holm

Seriously you are the dumbest moron alive: you are talking with yourself idiot… you just told yourself you were lying and to put a banana into your behind lol. So go put a banana and Stoltenberg’s dildo in your butt and another into your mouth to close that dumb shithole, no difference between your mouth and anus anyway….

Last edited 7 months ago by pens holm

I wonder what is the motivation of this jens. He is not wanted here as the discussion is at a higher level then any of the crap that he dishes out, CNN or Fox would be more at his level, therefore, he should be more happy there with peoples thinking at his level or like him.

jens mom

Jens is the mistake of my youth as I should have swallowed, the basement dwelling faggot has no life but to troll on SF, I want him out of my basement and back to Rwanda with his dad, even contacted aunty Priti Patel, the Bojo whore to organize Jens repatriation. I am am tired of selling my old ample Danish ass to feed the bum.


Sawyer a close competitor

All Mercs to the Deathrow

You can’t even use proper English at least properly learn the language of your masters alleged “Dane”.

jens mom

Sadly Jens is more retard than Dane, he squished his head when he popped out of my ass.

Pedo Andy from Fcukingham Palace

This is hilarious, cowardly basement dweller Jew motherfucker drug addict porno trash Zelensky tried to address the African Union, almost every head of state boycotted the Americunt organized shitshow…ROFLMAO! SLAVA ROSSIYA!

Zelensky failed to addressed the African Union.

Only 4 out of 55 invited heads of state attended the virtual session. The rest simply did not even turn on their virtual meeting TV screens. Biggest hoholassholes embarrassment so far.



Mexican president slams NATO policy in Ukraine and calls NATO arming Ukraine morally bankrupt and prolonging bloodshed and suffering.


Mexico —the only nation that resisted JFK fascism and refused to break relations w Cuba in Latin America

mike l hutchings

and the preacher man said hell yes


A lot of stuff going up in smoke in that video. After this is done: 1) giant landfills will be needed for all the destroyed equipment, factories and buildings; 2) an army of crews to clean up all the wreckage and separate out useful materials and metals to recycle; 3) a massive organization of engineers, architects and construction workers to rebuild all this shit. Money to be made


Just the way Alexander the Great did it. The day empire building became big business.

Alize Sara

I get paid over $85 per hour working from home with 2 kids at home. I never thought I’d be able to do it but my best friend earns over 12k a month doing this and she convinced me to try. The potential with this is endless.

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Last edited 7 months ago by Alize Sara

the good thing about such small pockets of resistance is that they usually concentrate many troops in one hideout perimeter. Drop just one small missile and kaboom (there are plenty of videos of the VVS Rossii in action doing exactly this). It would be more difficult if they would be spread in different parts of the city


yes, holhols tend to group up in the hovel basements to dunk sawdust bread in their grasshopper soup. not uncommon for twenty to thirty dead holhols to be found in clumps in cellars after a hail storm..

Enthusiastic Student of Migration Patterns.

Ukraine is clearly screwed up. The only question is is it more or less screwed up than the US/UK/EU because that will dictate the direction of flow of screwups in the grand migratory flow of all things screwed.


Congratulations, that’s an epic sarcasm.


the real humor is on the EU.UK who think the ukrop will actually go home , even if they won the war…. They have no idea what kind of summer they are in for. lol I bet even the africans start leaving for home when they see they have to live with ukrops


‼️Russian troops have now taken Klinovoye the town southeast of Bakhmut that isn’t painted red on this map yet. They are 5 km (3 miles) from Bakhmut on the Bakhmut-Svetlodarsk Highway.

Last edited 7 months ago by Name

I don’t see any pockets.

Eric Gardner

you are blind


According to the article the RF has so much excess capacity they could easily wipe out a Bandera attack. I would hope that is true, but then the question becomes why they hell are they allowing Donetsk to get plastered daily? Just nothing to important to the ruling class? Don’t want to ruin dinner date possibilities with Macron? What in the world is the excuse for not using the military power to stop the attacks on the civilians in Donetsk.


Explanation that I have heard is that DPR/Russia do not want to attack to Avdiivka from the direction of Donetsk, that is the most fortified front and would cause a lot of casualties. The plan has been to attack AFU from behind (north) and before that take control of the roads, going to the front lines nest to Donetsk city. But that will take longer than initially planned and AFU has increased artillery fire to Donets to get DPR to make an high loss attack to stop the shelling of Donetsk.

At the moment the plan is to move more drones, anti artillery radars and missiles to Donetsk area, to destroy the missile and artillery units firing to Donetsk.


And why can’t they destroy that AFU concentration by massive airstrikes?


Civilian area. Fortifications take time to destroy in missile/artillery strikes which means by the time they are done, there won’t be anything standing including civilians.


anglos cannot comprehend morality

Ashok Varma

Well, Mexican President said the same, that Anglo mentality has no morals. Gandhi said that a century ago. Anglo racist mind only works in an evil manner. There is no concept of morality or collective good. Dog eat dog world view. No wonder the US and UK and other Anglo puppets like Australia and NZ are the unhappiest places on earth with massive social and mental issues.


Paco, I think that now it is the plan to use missiles and artillery to destroy AFU artillery and missile capabilities near Donetsk city, to stop the shelling.

There was no need for it before, as AFU were more or less sitting in their trenches at Donetsk city front.

I guess that as the situation of AFU at Lugansk front worsened, there must have been order for AFU south to try to distract allied troops away from LPR battles to south by making attacks and shelling civilians Donetsk region.

The response to this was to send more missiles, rocket artillery and drones to hunt and destroy AFU artillery and MLRS. We will see how that goes.


Same question… Why russia does not finish with the weak ukraine?. One or two farts would be enough, right?

All Mercs to the Deathrow

Because they care about the civilians unlike the western and ukro psychos


Tochka, I think that they are finishing or demilitarising Ukraine at the moment. Ukraine is fighting a PR war, not a militarily sensible war.

AFI is ordered to send it’s best units to the LPR, to prevent Zolote, Severodonetsk, Licichansk being captured, and the only result has been that these reinforcements are now trapped in these cities without supplies coming in.

Why would Allies need to rush to the west, as AFI is sending their troops to be destroyed to the east?

To demilitarize Ukraine you need to destroy their troops anyway, and doing that in the smallest area possible, less cities will be destroyed and civilians killed.


only Stalin would attack the gorlovka-andiveeka trench systems head on. it will self rectify shortly after bahkmut falls and now that The zolotoye-gorskoye encirclement is now more or less complete the trap north shuts on severodonetsk UA trapped, and allows a rapid westward swing from bahkmut to snap shut the trap behind gorlovka/andiveeka. from there DPR/LPR and russia can have anything they want as there will be nothing left to stop them. it was over a month ago, this is now just erasing capabilities of ukrainian nazis to defend anything.


Terrific closing remarks. Very sobering.


Russian view of Ukie tactics, best described by boxer Mike Tyson: “Everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the face.”


encircle ukies—when their supply of used condoms is exhausted they will surrender


They are so fucked and I love it haha

Muhammad your Prophet

The Putin cockroaches are simply destroying everything they can. They’re not even hiding it anymore. They’re terrorist murderers and proud of it. Cockroaches doing what cockroaches do.

Last edited 7 months ago by Muhammad your Prophet

Idiots like you are doing what idiots do.

Muhammad your Prophet

You’re one of those cockroaches and proud of it. They can do a cockroach pride parade in Moscow. Or they already do those, right?




deader than vermin stern gang members after a visit by the MOD. ‘Squish’


how much do you pay to be sodomized in lgbt brothel oregun?


what now 52ish ruble to the yellen dolla? Not too shabby,must be imports and big spend week,no?


The Zolotoye – Gorskoye encirclement is now more or less complete; while Loskutovka & Rai-Aleksandrovka are not fully captured yet, the Armed Forces of Russia & the Lugansk People’s Militia have entered the outskirts of both & captured the dominant heights in the latter.

Milos Zeman

UKRAINE TRYED TO CONTROL THE SNAKE ISLAND Against the background of numerous losses in many ways, the Ukrainian leadership is trying to organize at least one successful counterattack. Previously, such attempts were made in the Kherson region, Mariupol, Severodonetsk. Snake Island has received special attention, which Russian troops occupied right at the beginning of the special military operation. In May, Ukrainian troops tried to recover it by air and sea landings. As a result, Ukrainian helicopters were shot down and paratroopers killed. The Ukrainian command did not abandon the idea of ​​destroying Russian troops stationed on the island. As a result, on June 20, there was a massive attack on the island’s crew using drones, rocket launchers, M777 howitzers and Točka-U missiles. To protect drones, the Ukrainians deployed anti-aircraft guns S-300. According to preliminary information, the Ukrainians planned to land the units after the defeat of the island air defense. It is worth mentioning the presence of the American reconnaissance UAV Global Hawk at a considerable height over the island, which apparently gives the target designation to the Ukrainian artillery and rocket launcher. The result of the raid was far from the expectations of the leadership of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. All missiles and rockets fired at the island were intercepted by the Tor and Pancir complexes, 13 UAVs were shot down, including two Bayraktars. The positions of Russian troops on the island were not affected.

There were attacks on several Ukrainian military targets during the night. One of the targets was in the Nikolaev region, where weapons and ammunition from the West, as well as mercenaries, have been coming recently. After an intervention in one of the large ammunition depots near Nikolaev, a fire broke out, which lasted several hours. At the same time, a series of strikes were made on targets and positions in the Kharkov area. Russian troops continue to push Ukrainian armed groups away from the border. The attacks are being carried out on the accumulation of manpower and equipment west of Stary Saltov, in the area of ​​Kutuzovka, Chuguev. The attacks were carried out on identified objects used by the Ukrainian army and militants of national battalions directly in Kharkov. Iskander missiles were also used to destroy enemy military equipment. The territory of control of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation extends west of the city of Izyum. The attacks were carried out on the garrison in Bolshaya Kamyshevach and Grushevach in the Kharkiv region.


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It reminds me of Hitler refusing to allow retreat and naming cities ” Fortresses” instead of retreating to consolidate his forces for counter attacks. Literally, the Ukrainians are following the same losing strategy against the Russians as the Nazi’s did.

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