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War In Ukraine Begins

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War In Ukraine Begins

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War In Ukraine Begins
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War In Ukraine Begins

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Despite apparent de-escalation attempts by Russia, it seems that ‘Ukrainian leaders’ and its foreign sponsors are determined to instigate the war.

Over the past 24 hours, forces of the Kiev regime have been consistently taking efforts to deploy even more forces to the contact line with Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics in the East. The Ukrainian Army and affiliated militant organizations are blatantly violating the ceasefire regime in the area.

These developments are accompanied by reports that representatives of the post-Maidan Ukrainian elites are fleeing the country. Furthermore, reports claim that Mr. Zelensky himself ordered to evacuate his parents from the country.

Aggressive actions of the Kiev regime forces in the East are more than obvious for any neutral observer. Nevertheless, MSM continues to claim that ‘gentle and peaceful’ Kiev troops are shelling civilian targets in the DPR and LPR just for ‘self-defense purposes’.

Reports appear that Kiev troops started to advance near the city of Gorlovka. This provoked heavy firefight in the area. Eyewitnesses report that the Ukrainian Army is delivering coffins not so far from the frontline.

The leadership of the DPR announced the mass evacuation of the population of the frontline areas to the Russian Federation.

In own turn, the Russian leadership is forced to react to the growing threat of a new war in Eastern Europe that has been slowly becoming inevitable due to actions of Ukraine and NATO, led by the United States.

The Russian Army will conduct strategic deterrence force drills on February 19 under the direction of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, as the Defense Ministry reported.

Reports claim that amide the escalation Russia is deploying heavy rocket systems to the area near the Ukrainian border.

A 220-mm MLRS BM-27 “Hurricane” was spotted on the streets of Bryansk. T-90A, BMP-3, MT-LB, 1V15 and a rather rare BREM-L were allegedly spotted in the border region of Belgorod.

The events of the past days demonstrate that the Kiev regime and its sponsors are determined to instigate war in Eastern Ukraine.

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The zionist controlled US should be careful of what it wishes for.


The US will withdraw anyway. They won’t get involved.


We could hope but it appears that they will not be adversely affected as usual.

And things will just continue to degenerate.



Last edited 1 year ago by OnTheFritzzz
Yamil Perez

The only thing I can’t see are the videos. The Russian propaganda loves videos. Except when there aren’t.

Marcelo Rodriguez

Si tanto instigan y desean la guerra, entonces no le queda más remedio a Rusia que atacar con aviones, misiles de crucero y armas de precisión toda la infraestructura militar asentada al este de Ucrania, la ofensiva debe ser rápida para que el enemigo y su estructura militar quedé totalmente destruida y paralizada!!

jens holm

Winning a war does not say winning the peace at all.

If You wish for more readers and writings back, You here should be in english.


“If You wish for more readers and writings back, You here should be in english.” 🤣🤣😀

Last edited 1 year ago by Barry
David Herzog

This war was planned and pubblicly announced in the eighties : they announced to create a nuclear war only INSIDE ex urss countries , a genocide of those different population just to own the natural resources . Everybody knew and know what is going on and what will go on further .It’ s not a secret for anyone as it was announced 40 years ago .

jens holm

It was in 1985. They even made the movie named WARGAMES:).

The winners was the ones palying tic toc toe


Everyone spoke too soon. This heavy shelling was a bluff by Ukrainian military to entice Russia to react. Neither side apparently has any intention of starting a true offensive.


Liberal fasicist only recognize brute force as tool of negotiation. Therefore, Russian response could be assimatric in terms of hitting hard, but not hitting Ukraine, but one of the Western capitals – e.g. London, royal palace for example. Pretext of the attack could be UKs tendencies to eastablish themself as a colonial power (as before) with all negative aspects of it. Everyone would see that Russian’s mean business. French would be first to remember that UK is acutally outed from EU, queen was old anyway, so no need to worry… so the thinking of the western planners would be “if they are willing to strike London, what they are actually ready to do”. After that re-negotiation of European security with US, or KaBoom

Last edited 1 year ago by BGStiv
Bob jackson



Look at all the Yankeebot trolls that came over from RT

mike l hutchings

America should not fight for Biden’s biggest customer outside of China


prez of El Salvador writes the real war is in Canada

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