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War In Eastern Europe: From Hypothesis To Reality

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War In Eastern Europe: From Hypothesis To Reality

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War In Eastern Europe: From Hypothesis To Reality

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War In Eastern Europe: From Hypothesis To Reality
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War In Eastern Europe: From Hypothesis To Reality

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The weekend February12-13 marked another escalation in Russian-Western relations amid the Ukrainian crisis. In fact, the U.S. supported by their allies in Europe and worldwide inflamed new wave of hysteria in the media through the same old means. The Anglo-Saxons are doing their best to increase tensions.

The US State Department ordered almost all employees of the U.S. embassy in Kiev to leave Ukraine amid the threat of Russian invasion, urging US citizens to leave the country immediately. On February 12, some media reported that the employees of the U.S. embassy proceeded to destroy the secret documentation and part of the embassy’s equipment.

The Pentagon also decided to withdraw military instructors who were engaged in the training of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The UK resorted to the same appeals, clarifying that no evacuation of citizens who will remain in Ukraine will be organized. Meanwhile, KLM Airline suspended flights to Ukraine.

Dozens of other countries followed the example, including Japan, Israel, Germany, Kuwait, Latvia, Belgium, Finland etc. British military instructors should leave Ukraine on February 12 and 13, the UK Ministry of Defense reported. The Israeli military is on high alert in case it is necessary to evacuate Israelis from Ukraine.

Serbia ordered 10 thousand tons of salt, 1 thousand tons of beans and peas, as well as 30 thousand tons of milk powder, preparing to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, said the President of the republic Alexander Vucic. According to him, the country plans to stock up on petroleum products, but it is necessary to find funds for this.

The diplomatic mission of the “aggressor” Russia continues its work in Ukraine and the Kremlin is in no hurry to evacuate Russian citizens.

To enhance the effect, the exact dates of the Russian invasion were distributed by the media.

According to Politico, Biden considers the date of possible Russian aggression to be February 16, he reportedly said it at online talks with European leaders and NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg. Blinken previously admitted that Russia could invade Ukraine at any time — including before the end of the Olympics in China, which will end on February 20. At the beginning of the year, the invasion was allegedly scheduled for January 20. On February 13, a new date began to appear, February 22, which was announced by some Ukrainian officials.

It turned out that only anonymous sources of Politico know the dates of the alleged invasion, but not the leaders of the countries that will be reportedly involved in war in the coming days.

Vladimir Zelensky claimed: “If you have additional information about the 100% invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine starting from the 16th, please share such information with us.”

Spokesperson for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Zakharova commented on the reports:

“For 2 months, the United States has been claiming Ukraine on a daily basis that Russia is about to attack. The President of Ukraine and representatives of the power bloc of this country have been saying for 2 months that they do not have such information, and now they are also asking those who are not indifferent to share data.

Apart from Bloomberg, Der Spiegel and unnamed American sources, no one has such information. But, apparently, until the ideological inspirers of the Maidan bring Ukraine to a complete collapse, they will not calm down. For 2 months they have been mocking common sense and the Ukrainian people, implementing another global provocative campaign.”

Russia concludes that the U.S. and the U.K. are aware of some military actions being prepared in Ukraine, the Russian Foreign Ministry said, implying possible provocations aimed to draw Russia into the war.

Even the MSM are already lost in their own claims and are reporting quite compromising messages.

On February 11, traditionally citing anonymous U.S. officials, CNN confirmed that “the Biden administration has fueled alarming headlines and surprised Washington with a remarkable drumbeat of official disclosures of previously classified intelligence revealing Russian moves as Moscow masses troops on the Ukrainian border”.

Administration officials told CNN the disclosures have been carefully coordinated among the National Security Council, the intelligence community and other national security agencies.

Amid the ongoing hysteria, which is inflated by his own administration, Biden assume the role of “world savior” and calls the “terrible” Putin for talks.

The talks between the two presidents continued for about an hour.

Biden warned Putin that the “continuation of the invasion” (which has not even begun) will result in serious costs for Moscow and a weakening of Russia’s position, the White House said. The US President also called on his Russian counterpart for de-escalation and further diplomatic efforts.

The Kremlin said that very the same request was sent to Washington earlier.

Active diplomatic cooperation continues at various levels.

A phone conversation on the Ukrainian crisis between Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his American counterpart, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken also took place on February 12. Lavrov accused the United States of provoking the Ukrainian authorities to turn to the military solution of the “Donbass problem.” Blinken threatened his counterpart that Russia’s aggression would cause a “transatlantic” response.

Russia is also holding negotiations with other countries besides the United States.

There is no unanimity among the NATO member states. The current crisis widens the gap between the Anglo-Saxon axis and the leading continental powers of the EU

On February 12, Russian President Vladimir Putin and French leader Emmanuel Macron held phone talks. They discussed Russia’s security guarantees, speculation over the alleged invasion of Ukraine and the West’s unwillingness to bring Kiev to the implementation of the Minsk agreements.

The media, quoting French sources in the Champs-Elysees, reported that Paris saw no signs that President Putin was going to offence. Macron made the same statements after his recent visit to Moscow and 6-hour talks with Putin.

Russia disagrees with the claims of the United States and its allies, rejecting any plans of any unmotivated aggression against Ukraine. The Russian Foreign Ministry assured that they do consider a full-scale war between Russia and Ukraine unacceptable. The Secretary of the Security Council, Nikolai Patrushev, called the judgments about the threat to Ukraine “complete nonsense.”

“Russia has never been the first to attack anyone”- he said.

The Kremlin’s position in the negotiation process and its official rhetoric, which is constantly repeated in response to the all the provocations of the West, reveals that Russia is ready for any developments, including a military response to Ukraine and its Anglo-Saxon patrons.

Thus, despite the fact that the preliminary scheduled maneuvers of Russian warships in the Black Sea and joint military exercises in Belorussia became yet another topic in loud headlines in the MSM and yet another reason for accusations against Moscow, Russia demonstrated that the exercises on its territory as well as in its waters are not a sign of the upcoming attack on another state. However, they demonstrate the full combat readiness of the Russian military forces.

Russia may cross the Ukrainian border only in the case of massive aggression against the DPR or LPR, which could lead to numerous victims and the occupation of the republics’ territories in violation of the Minsk agreements.

The beginning of a full-scale war in Eastern Ukraine may benefit only overseas actors. Even in the neo-Ukrainian elite itself, there are few supporters of such a scenario.

At the same time, the influence of the Anglo-Saxon elites on European affairs is very significant. We must pay tribute to them, over the past decades they have managed to provide destructive influence over local political elites through bribery and blackmail.

In the afternoon of February 13, there were already signs of the UAF preparations for the upcoming ground operation in Eastern Ukraine. Ukrainian forces began to clear minefields on the frontlines in the Sakhanka-Kominternovo area, using the UR-77 Meteorit minesweeper systems.

Risks are growing as Zelensky seems to be psychologically unstable, who finds himself in a quite complicated political situation today. While the Anglo-Saxon allies put pressure on him from abroad, there is also pressure that he faces from his political rivals inside the country. For example, from the former President of Ukraine and famous oligarch Mr. Poroshenko, who returned to Kiev a month ago, when tensions began to speed up.

Zelensky, who appeared in public drugged more than once, may succumb to external influence and choose the path of war.

A provocation on the battlefield will cause a direct and large-scale response from Russia. Unfortunately, the armed conflict in Eastern Europe is turning from a hypothetical into a real one.


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Catalin Nazdravan

Ahhhh nothing new under the Sun,the same fascist-capitalist feudalist paedophilic and GENOCIDAL anglo-saxons SCUM !


Jews are not “Anglo-Saxons”.


Parasites met their hosts.


The parasites are jews and their migrant hordes, . Anglos are one of their numerous hosts. Jews are self-aware parasites, the migrants and other populations have more in common with jews than Whites. Whereas Whites build prosperous, functioning societies; the jews and various other groups tear things down.







CT’s critiques: http://www.renegadetribune.com/cultured-thug-the-nazbol/

Last edited 5 months ago by OnTheFritzzz

I do agree.

anglos and japs

birds of a feather flock together.


You have no clue what Fascism is and never endeavored to read about it. You fall for the jew’s classic scapegoat ritual of pinning their sins onto others, apparently this is too hard for you to comprehend. Furthermore, you foolishly assume Russia and China have a clean slate.

This is far from the truth; as for war, it is doubtful for now. It will only happen if the west breaks free from jewish conttrol and establish white ethnostates. By then they will be out of jewish control and they will try to get Russia and China to annihilate Europe and America.

WWII happened because Germany broke out of jewish control and wanted the jews removed from Germany and the rest of Europe. https://worldtruthvideos.website/watch/adolf-hitler-the-man-who-fought-the-bank-2-0_8qKMUUv4VuST6hB.html

Last edited 5 months ago by OnTheFritzzz

Care to explain the following?

From here: https://t.me/thuletide/2242

Some of those screenshots: https://i.imgur.com/dWHuv9l.jpg https://i.imgur.com/s2bqzdr.jpg

Last edited 5 months ago by OnTheFritzzz
anglo's divide and rule

that is just part of anglo’s divide and rule. they have been doing this shit for as long as they have existed. this has become a tired act and no one in the world will for it. they will try to divide europe and rule europe. they even created stupid aukus in asia to divide and rule, which will fail again miserably.


Jews are not “anglos”.

Words have meaning.


In this context they are the same breed.

anglos and japs

anglos are worse than jews. without anglos, jews won’t exist.


Without Anglos, slavery would still be legal. You don’t know what you are talking about and don’t understand that jews are very much involved with Russia and China. The extermination of Anglos will not remove jewish control anywhere, clearly you are a hypocritical retard that never had interaction with said people.

Last edited 5 months ago by OnTheFritzzz
Simon Ndiritu

How!?, Anglos were the slave capturers, traders and masters? don’t rape history.


There were slaves who were Irish and Anglo dumbass, jews aren’t White by their own admission and DNA studies. Ashnekazi jews aren’t completely white, they are mongrels of many different backgrounds. The Hebrews and Israelites of the Bible are no more, their remnants are found in the genetic/racial anomalies known as jews.

Slavery isn’t exclusive to Anglos, every country had slavery until the 1800 or 1900s. Islamic countries were the very last countries to abolish slavery on paper, obviously human trafficking is illegal and in violation of the law.

Investigating White Slavery https://youtu.be/OBfwlMYu068

They were White & They Were Slaves – Michael Hoffman Interview w/ Ernst Zündel https://worldtruthvideos.website/watch/michael-hoffman-they-were-white-and-they-were-slaves_mwApgxClvGWLxed.html

Atlantic Jihad – The Forgotten Story of the Islamic White Slave Trade https://youtu.be/-VOiCA51FM4


England was the first to abolish slavery (on paper) in 1832. fewer than 2% of White people had ever owned slaves. Compare that to the jews who dominated the Transatlantic slave trade started by the Spaniards and carried on by the Dutch, English and Portuguese (((merchants))) and aristocRatic scoundrels.

At the height of slavery in America, 40% of the slave owners were jewish. The jews also played a major role in the Medieval slave trade in Europe, as well as the Islamic slave trades throughout all of North Africa, parts of Sub-Saharan Africa (Mali, Congo, east Africa), and Asia from Jordan to the Mongolian Golden Horde, to Central Asia, the Indian sub-continent, and southeast Asia (modern-day Malaysia and Indonesia).

Last edited 5 months ago by OnTheFritzzz
Chris Gr

You are correct, except for two things. Askhenazis are white and aristocracy is not bad.


Forgotten White Slaves Irish, Scots, poor Englishmen ended up as slaves in America: https://worldtruthvideos.website/watch/forgotten-white-slaves-irish-scots-poor-englishmen-ended-up-as-slaves-in-america_dZGMgXyLGGmCw5m.html

^ Pagan Europe was much better off than Medieval Europe and the proto-Communist Feudal system.

Fall of the Congo Arab Slave Trade in the 1800s: https://archive.org/details/fallofcongoarabs00hind/page/n7/mode/2up?view=theater

@ The clueless fool who called America “chauvinistic” in the China article, the definition applies to everyone throughout history; it is a huge exaggeration and not inherently immoral.

P.S. I recognize that Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth), BDM (League for German Girls), and NSAD (Reich Labour Service) utilized some child labour, this was not uncommon anywhere in Europe at the time. This is misconstrued as slave labour, boys and girls of all social classes worked side-by-side with their volk (folk, i.e. people) no matter their class. Had the Third Reich survived the war, the upper class would have seen the lower class as their Kameraden (comrades).

Grim photos show filthy children as young as FOUR toiling for up to ten hours a day in mines, farms and factories across the US 100 years ago https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7023001/Children-young-FOUR-working-mines-farms-factories-turn-20th-century.html





Last edited 5 months ago by OnTheFritzzz
Chris Gr

You are correct also here except for the Nazi part.

biden is aids

the soviet union was made by jews

Marcelo Rodriguez

Esta claro que las élites anglosajonas decidieron el camino de la confrontación, es hora de que Rusia decapite a la élite Ucraniana y a todos los anglofilos Oligarcas , y coloque en su lugar a un gobierno proruso, solo así podrá asegurar que Ucrania no sea incorporada a la Alianza Atlántica. Otra posibilidad es que Rusia traslade su infraestructura al Caribe cerca de las fronteras de EE.UU ( Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela)


es tiempo de liberar toda la costa ucraniana del mar negro de las garras de la otan


A while back I criticized PRC China.

Here’s how the Chinese are treated by their police:



Now onto my other comments:

While I do not like the fact many wars have been waged after WWII, you and many others on here never seem to understand, or acknowledging the Jews in charge of Western countries who control the direction of their foreign policy. These jews are “Anglos” in your eyes, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Besides, the Soviets, Chinese, Cubans and North Koreans also started wars around the world, overthrew governments and trained guerrilla fighters in an effort to bring Communism to Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Your efforts for instance have transformed the once peaceful and prosperous nations of Rhodesia and South Africa to poor third-world countries ruled by highly corrupt black supremacists. Now even blacks and Indians have difficulty finding employment; though due to their anti-white discrimination laws, it’s far easier for them to find employment than whites.

Perhaps in your twisted mind the white population deserves it? I’ve seen videos online of white women getting beheaded by black men with machetes, would that please you? Never mind the fact the black population kills more of their own people than they kill whites who only comprise 8% of their population. Neither the Russian government, nor any western government acknowledges the ongoing genocide there.

Last edited 5 months ago by OnTheFritzzz

While there are several valid points in your comments, they are often ruined by other parts of them, particularly by their causality. Example. Rhodesia, as its name demonstrates in full, became the product of brutal and arrogant British aggression against the Boers. I am aware of the past and present crimes of the black population against the whites in Namibia and South Africa and really sad about their fate and current state. Benjamin Disraeli was a Jew, more precisely a ruthless imperialistic Jew in service of the British Empire, and he was not alone. There is a whole bunch of “lords” with Jewish ancestry, both then and now. Cubans and North Koreans were only accessories, pawns in the schemes of major players. Today, only the North Koreans are playing their own game. Be good and remind me of any Russian and Chinese aggression against anybody, or at least one instigation of war, in the last few decades which could compare to constant military adventurism by Anglo-Saxons and their zionist masters.

Chris Gr

The regimes of UK, US, North Korea and China all are aggressive to me. A good democracy and if it doesn’t work then a good monarchy. For example, Syria, Iraq and Egypt fared much better under monarchism but under socialist regimes they had better armed forces.


Strictly disagree.

Chris Gr

In what?


With the first and third sentences.

Chris Gr

So you want socialist regimes


General observation first. Your way of making comments is evasive and sketchy. You deflect, hit and then run away from the topics. Not a one of your comments is longer than two sentences. I do not know what country you are from but if it is the United States, political leadership of the Democratic Party is more neo-marxist and communist, in stricto sensu, than any other traditionally socialist country such Sweden or Norway. I would not dare to say USA is a socialist state or it is under socialist regime since the mentality and culture of majority of its population still honours freedom of an individual over social solidarity.

Chris Gr

Democratic party is crony capitalist and liberal in culture. Republican party is crony capitalist and conservative in culture. A moderate form of socialism is good actually but clear cut socialism is poison.

Chris Gr

The Cold War was a war between communism and capitalism ot a war between races.


China is a crumbling shithole:





Last edited 5 months ago by OnTheFritzzz
Chris Gr

Every state will collapse


What a dull racist fool you are. Bereft of any real and useful education.


It’s obvious there will be no war. So all this “Anglo Saxon” racist talk is for nothing. But if war does happen, all the racist Anglo haters will die.

Last edited 5 months ago by IMHO

Let´see who dies first.




One day I surely will. Only the Almighty knows when.

anglos and japs

anglos are the same as japs. these island devils are all pirates and thrive on stealing somebody else properties.


This has literally nothing to do with “anglos”.

Do you even know what the word means? Hint: Victoria Nuland and Anthony Blinken are NOT Anglos.


Irrelevant. Bad example.

anglos and japs

anglos are worse than jews.


Partners in crime!

Anglos and Jews both became Satanists! They abandoned the books of God, changed and corrupted it, thinking they could legislate selfmade satanic laws for mankind, how stupid! There is not a better party in both of them, both are evil warmongers! But the world is waking up to their lies, deceit and doubts that they try to print in the hearts of people. The Anglos are enslaved by the Jews of today and now they together want to enslave the rest of the world, which will not happen, cause the Islamic obstacle is to great to conquer and yet they trying their best to buy ‘Islamic scholars, mufti’s and imams.’ Even these fake holy men are being rejected and exposed right now. There is no moderate Islam, rand Islam or liberal Islam! Who made this up? The filthy Jews and fake Christians! The only Islam we follow, is the Islam of the prophet saw and his companions! And it will rise again and this time for world dominance with the permission of Allah SWT! Allahu Akbar!

Chris Gr



Exactly. When the argument was about the government we had common ground. But all of the sudden this site and the reprobates who mirror them have turned it into a race issue. That will be their undoing.

I will destroy your race before I allow you to destroy mine.

Chris Gr

Blinken is American


The US and Nato have to make the Ukies and their mercs make the first move { attack} . Logic would say that Biden is being pretty bold with his date, since the US and Nato will sit in the Med with all their ships, waiting for their proxies to start something. . They have even started to send the OSCE in Donbass – home. They will have to attack Russia or Ukraine in order to have their media cry – See – Russia Attacked Ukraine. All bets are off.


They know Putin is a corrupt politician but if war is imminent then others will overide Putin and as it has always been, people may not watch it on tv this time but from their cellers for the few lucky ones..

biden is aids

the writer mistakes Anglo-Saxons for Ashkinazi’s

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