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War In Donbass And Ukrainian ‘Cultural Resistance’ To Russia

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War In Donbass And Ukrainian 'Cultural Resistance' To Russia

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As the Washington establishment says, Ukraine is a prospective democratic nation that fights against the Russian agression. Let’s look at how this fight is going on.

The deputy head of the Ukrainian delegation in Minsk, Vitold Fokin, became the object of fierce criticism from the supporters of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

In an interview with Strana, the former prime minister said that it is necessary to give a special status to the entire Donbass and not just the Donetsk and Luhansk areas.

He also advocated a complete amnesty and did not rule out direct negotiations with the leaders of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics.

The Ukrainian authorities have stubbornly refused all this for the sixth year. This is what hinders the process of a peaceful settlement in Eastern Ukraine.

These are all provisions of the Minsk Agreements that have been signed.

Fokin even went a step further: a special status under Minsk-2 is provided to uncontrolled territories.

And Fokin proposed to expand it to the entire Donetsk and Luhansk region.

It should be noted that this does not contradict either the Minsk Agreements or the Ukrainian bill named “The law on special order of local self-government in certain areas of Donbass” adopted in September 2014.

Since the list of such districts, according to this law, is approved by the Ukrainian Parliament through a resolution and, theoretically, nothing prevents it from including in this list all districts of the two regions of Donbass.

The reaction to Vitold Fokin’s interview to the outlet Strana was predictable, but still very sharp: from threats to accusations of treason. They came from various important figures who support the conflict, nnd even from bloggers who are associated with the President’s Office.

Kravchuk’s deputy for the Ukrainian delegation to the Trilateral Contact Group said that in the Donbass it is necessary “to hold elections, to resolve the issue of the special status of certain regions, and best of all, the entire Donbass.”

According to Vitold Fokin, “both sides committed many crimes, which ultimately must be investigated, and let the perpetrators be punished. But today, in order to end the war and save the lives of soldiers and commanders, my position is it is necessary to declare a general amnesty,” which is also set out in the Minsk Agreements.

He also said that he was ready to go to the uncontrolled part of Donbass and, if there was an order from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky or the Ukrainian Parliament, he would hold negotiations with representatives of the DPR.

At the same time, Fokin made a reservation that it is not necessary to change the Constitution for a special status – although this is stated in the Minsk agreements.

“The Russian side demands that the special status of Donbass be reflected in the Constitution. I believe that the request is excessive. They should not insist on this,” and he added that on this issue it is necessary to come to a compromise with the Russians.

“In a conversation with the Russian side and representatives of Donbass, we must achieve mutual concessions. If we agree with their demand for a general amnesty, I think they will meet us halfway and refuse to change the Constitution for special status,” Fokin suggested.

That is, on the one hand, Fokin adheres to the all-Ukrainian framework for refusing to change the constitution.

On the other hand, he is ready to even negotiate with Donetsk and Luhansk, and that is seen as an attempt at “sedition” by the hardliners.

Former NSDC secretary Oleksandr Turchynov reacted to the statements of the Ukrainian representative in the TCG. He recently headed the headquarters of Poroshenko’s party “European Solidarity”. He called for the dismissal of Kravchuk and Fokin from the delegation, to open criminal cases on them. Otherwise there would be street protests, he threatened.

“The statement of the president’s representative to the Trilateral Contact Group Vitold Fokin about the need to grant a special status to the entire Donbass, as well as that” both sides committed crimes” is not just a manifestation of senile insanity. This is a demonstrative transition of a confidant Zelensky sided with the aggressor country and held out an anti-state position, which reflects Putin’s strategic interests.

If Fokin and Kravchuk are not immediately recalled from the TCG and criminal cases are not opened against them, this will mean that they are voicing the agreed provisions of the “green power”. In this case, this will require an adequate response to these events by millions of Ukrainians who are ready to defend their country.”

Others made similar statements, and it appears that not only is war still on the agenda for Eastern Ukraine, it never was off it. On top of this, this war is being waged not only on the frontline in eastern Ukraine, but even inside the Kiev-controlled territory.

The post-2014 Kiev regime has been doing all what it can to combat the ‘destructive influence of Russia’ by banning the Russian language, presecuting the opposition, censoring Russian media and even combating the canonic Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which is a part of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Apparently, the modern Ukrainian leadership believes that by doing so, it will be able to create a new ‘democratic’ formation of the Ukrainians that would support the neo-liberal transition towards the West. Ironically, this transition is activelly supported by Ukrainian neo-Nazis conservative patriots.

A popular Ukrainian pizza advertising video as a symbol of the modern Ukrainain patriotism:

In this light, all the attempts of the Kiev regime to destroy the conservative, Russian-speaking society existing in Ukraine for a long time at least make some sense.

The Ukrainian leadership has been supporting the  creation of radical nationalist, radical neo-liberal and pseudo-church organizations on the territory of the country as an alternative to the ‘wrong’ conservative culture that is shared by the overwhelming majority of the population. However, as the examples of the popularity of the Ukrainian language and the ‘independent’ Orthodox Church of Ukraine show, even the total censorship and political terror do not allow to achieve such goals without a significant resistance.


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The creator behind that video is a genius. Gotta make a buzz. True understanding of capitalist market.


Yeah, I’m sure you love sausage on your pizza ??


cheese pepperoni is my favorite


Wet imperialust dreams


gotta dream if can’t see in real life:))) But whoever was dumb enough to lose influence in Ukraine. Some even think Russia won donbass and crimea, which is true to a certain extend. But if to look a the bigger picture, Russia lost Ukraine only could hold onto Crimea and Donbass. Most Ukrainians were favorable towards Russia, but now for at least a century Russia will not be able to gain such soft power. They should have let a peaceful transition to pro-western government, it happened before and relations were still fine with Russia. But someone decided to go full in Soviet style, didn’t work out too well now did it


Russia could have improved a lot of things too in economy but the current oligarchy and their Kremlin puppet is afraid they would lose their grip over the huge resources so they prefer to keep the nation poor and scared. Sadly many Russians didn’t wake up from the Soviet nightmare.

Lone Ranger

You are mixing up Russia with Ukraine…


He is also mixing Putin up with Yeltsin the western court jester,but he already knows that.


In terms of economy, It actually looks like a Feudalism to me, little bit more modernized, perhaps not entirely geographical instead being industrial, but still essentially feudalism.


It looks like that way because you are a clueless retard who knows shit about feudalism… you need hereditary aristocracy for feudalism like in America where a few families rule for 200 years and own almost everything – Bush I, Bush II, Bush III…


Feudalism and Monarchy are not exactly same. nice try tho


Of course they are not, you prove again you don’t shit about feudalism. Or monarchy: not every monarchy was feudal, nor every feudal country was monarchy (feudal republics were rare, but possible). Aristocracy is a class, monarch is a person. Not every ‘noble’ family is royalty, you can even have aristocracy without feudalism, but you cannot have feudalism without aristocracy. Probably too complicated for you anyway…


oh i got it. you didn’t understand my comment on feudalism. read again, if you still don’t get it, ask ill explain

George King

You have no sense of reality, one can tell by your chosen moniker that you live in a fantasy devoid or reality. Not sure of your age but still you are infantile.


cheers mate

cechas vodobenikov

if you read various historians, political economists, the conditions or “definitions of feudalism vary quite a lot

cechas vodobenikov

good luck u try to reason w a child USA=oligarchy police state where wealth income disparities are exceeded only in a few African/2 S amerikan nations—USA 2 million families in extreme poverty–Russian none…USA=most violent crime, non violent crime per capita, most rape per capita , most stupidity, sexual repression, obesity US most resembles fascism–corporations own USA


“USA=oligarchy police state” exactly. United Police States of America. This map is form 2012. I believe, it’s even worse today. Much worse…


cechas vodobenikov

“amerikans are blind from birth….only in USA has nationalism carried with it the christian meaning of the sacred. the revelation of amerika serves to blight and ultimately too preclude the possibility of fundamental social change”. Sacvan Bercovitch (2012) too stupid to know yourself Amerika is a culture of stupidity”. Arthur schlesinger Jr


Awwww, you thought I am American? Thats cute. I am Ascshf LSHTSHFUM:)))))


No someone decided to go full in Nazi style,you must have forgot the Yanucovych government signed a deal under the EU and other Countries observation with the opposition for a caretaker government of unity then have elections about 12 Months later,i believe that was on the 21st February 2014,then on the 22nd the Nazi mob decided to storm Government offices and try and kill Yanucovych,then those Georgian snipers turned up to get the ball rolling,when the people of donbass refused to recognize that violent takover they were attacked by what passes for the Ukrainian armed forces,then we had the horror of Odessa,so all thats happened is on those Nazi tools,and if you think Putin would accept Ukraine being in Nato and the occupation of Crimea including the Russian naval base you are as insane as they were.


It is not up to Putin to decide what Ukraine wants for itself. Which exactly is the original comment about: Wet Imperialist Dreams:))))


It is when there is a military threat to Russia,and Ukraine in Nato would be just that,trust me it won’t happen,it won’t be allowed to happen unless you really want to see a Russian intervention,same with Belarus,it would have been like Mexico and Hawaii being members of the Warsaw pact when it was there.

Robert Ferrin

Lol the west spent $5 billion dollars to drag the Ukraine away from Russia,and the people of the Ukraine were dumb enough to fall for it. so why should Russia care what happens to the Ukraine its a failed state a third world country and it never will come back to the point it was before they sold out,as the old saying goes you broke it you own it,!!!!

Fog of War

” why should Russia care what happens to the Ukraine its a failed state ” Because its right on Russia’s border.


which is how since soviet times it has been shrinking. first warsaw pact one by one, then union states, then countries in CIS that were under influence. My guess is after all CIS are gone next will be north caucasus.

cechas vodobenikov

typical confused amerikan–“amerikans are ignorant and unteachable”. George Santayana


If they think the people of Donbass can ever live with those Nazis again they should give their head a shake.


Pizza advertising video is disgusting. 100% functional to the lowest quality of society, reflecting the western capitalistic values

Tommy Jensen

Absolutely a puking video.


The debacle in Ukraine for the last few years is a good example of how Globochomo will exploit short-sighted nationalists for long-term gain.

While nationalists like some eastern-European neo-nazis – who are driven primarily by their hatred of Russia – mire themselves in attrition warfare against Russians, the jews who run their country and their jewish handlers in Washington, Brussels and London are indoctrinating their women and children into the babelist Globochomo globalism cult.

johnny rotten

The Ukrainian split reflects the global split, between hetero and gender, the straight part is the historical and traditional one, the other is the worst totalitarian nightmare ever.

Lone Ranger

Ukropnazis doesnt have a culture. They are brainwashed Russians in denial.


I call those Russians like Navalny Vlasovists.


and then g4ng b4ng happend ))))



Daily Beatings

They don’t call him Porky for nothing.



Daily Beatings

“Blacked” parody is pretty bad. I don’t even think Sweden would consider that acceptable.


That is one disgusting commercial. We have seen commercials with erotic undertones, they are usually funny but this one repulsed me badly.

Maybe I’m a closeted racist?

Fog of War

No, you just have a natural, inherent logic that doesn’t understand why you would include Africans, in a sexually proactive commercial with a white Ukrainian girl, in a country that’s 99.9 % white. It doesn’t make sense unless there’s an ((( agenda ))) involved.

Tommy Jensen

Trust yourself a bit more.

Антон С

No, ucros are crazy, that’s all. It’s not the first time.

Servet Köseoğlu

that girl in video looks like maria zakharova with c.caine addiction…fuuu

Tommy Jensen

bad joke. try again.

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