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War Hysteria In MSM Ramps Up


War Hysteria In MSM Ramps Up

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The war hysteria in MSM appears to be ramping up, with the most recent reports claiming Saudi Arabian fighter jets struck Iranian-backed militias in eastern Syria.

Al-Arabiya cited an anonymous source, saying that the strikes that took place on September 17th on al-Bukamal were carried out with the help of the Kingdom’s fighter jets.

These strikes were initially attributed to Israel.

“Saudi fighter jets, including jets [from other countries] monitored changes in the positions of Iranian militias, especially those of the Quds Force in Albu Kamal and other areas in the Iraqi-Syrian border, destroying warehouses, batteries, missiles and a drone base all believed were about to be used by Iran to strike other Saudi targets after targeting Aramco,” the western source, who declined to be named, told Independent Arabia.”

The report likely has very little to do with the truth, but it shows the current state of propaganda in the MSM, already pumping out state of war filler content.

Earlier, an unnamed senior US official was cited by CBS, saying that the attacks on Aramco originated from southern Iran.

Despite that, US President Donald Trump downplayed any potential actions that could be undertaken.

“Today, we got a lot of oil,” Trump said at his rally. “We got a lot of gas.”

“A few years ago, if we had a problem like you saw two days ago in the Middle East, we would’ve been in a panic,” the president added. “Although not if I were your president — we never panic.”

He also didn’t specifically blame Iran, unlike US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and other US officials.

On September 18th, however, CBS cited yet another anonymous source, this one making the claim that Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei approved the attacks on the Kingdom’s oil infrastructure.

Naturally, just as any “evil overlord” presented in MSM, the condition to carry out the attacks was to carry them out in such a way so that it would be possible to deny any involvement of Iran.

Which is inherently quite the pointless statement, first of all since “the plan” apparently failed, if both the US and the Kingdom are pointing the finger at Iran, and second – why would they carry out the strike, but make it quite obvious it was them, just to start a war? Unlikely.

There’s even an elaborate scheme presented by CBS. Since what Saudi Arabia’s evidence wasn’t conclusive, there was still more:

“U.S. officials said the most damning evidence is still unreleased satellite photos showing the Iranian Revolutionary Guard making preparations for the attack at Ahvaz Air Base in southwestern Iran.

From there, the weapons flew through Kuwaiti airspace some 400 miles to their targets in Saudi Arabia. The satellite photos were of no use in stopping the attack since their significance was not realized until after the fact. “We were caught completely off guard,” one U.S. official said.”

Arab Coalition Spokesperson Colonel Turki al-Maliki said that Saturday’s attacks were “unquestionably sponsored by Iran” and “did not originate from Yemen despite Iran’s best efforts to make it appear so.” He added that the drones used in the attack were outside the range of the drones used by the Houthi militia.

According to a senior Trump administration official, unnamed and cited by al-Arabiya, Iran launched nearly a dozen cruise missiles and over 20 drones from its territory in the attacks.

Finally, Kuwait said it was raising its readiness levels and carrying out military exercises. It furthermore said that a drone had allegedly flown over its territory, and specifically above its royal palace on September 14th.

First of all, one question needs asking: if an unidentified flying object flew above the actual royal palace and the armed forces failed to react in any way, what does the Kuwaiti army expect to do in a possible conflict?

“In view of the escalating situation in the country, the General Staff of the Army announces the lifting of the combat readiness of some of its units,” it said in a statement posted on Twitter.

It said it was aiming to reach the “highest levels of readiness and combat efficiency” in order to “preserve the security of the country and the safety of its lands, waters, and airspace from any potential dangers.”

The MSM hysteria of a state of war is only to increase in the following days, but it’s quite obvious that Saudi Arabia has no interest in starting another war it cannot win, since it is quite obviously losing the one in Yemen.




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  • Tiresia Branding

    Zionist propaganda at their best… Cui bono? Who has interest for a KSA vs Iran war? Not KSA nor Iran. Cowards kippahs, maybe? YES

  • Lena Jones

    Hilarious hysteria lol!

  • Gezzah Potts

    Here in vassal state Australia, the presstitutes have been doing what they’re paid for: Empire propagandists and censors of the truth. These slime did exactly the same leading up to the 2003 Iraq Invasion, Libya; they venerate the White Helmets as heroes, and regards the catastrophic slaughter in Yemen, always refer to the Houthis as ‘Iranian backed’ or ‘Iranian proxies’. Always with that qualification. And now they report verbatim Saudi Arabian and United States accusations. They are not journalists.

  • Johan

    All this ignores that for months, Iran’s most important officials have openly signaled that they will jeopardize oil commerce unless the U.S. lifts its sanctions. Earlier this summer, President Hassan Rouhani brazenly proclaimed, “World powers know that in the case that oil is completely sanctioned and Iran’s oil exports are brought down to zero, international waterways can’t have the same security as before.” Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has followed this threat with one of his own, “If the United States takes the crazy measure of trying to prevent us from [selling oil] then it should be prepared for the consequences.” Iran has since shot down an American drone and captured a number of oil tankers in international waterways.

    The attack on Saudi Arabia fits the pattern of Iranian terrorism. The Islamic Republic prefers to launch its campaigns of violence from foreign territory and use proxies that it trains and arms. Then comes the claims of innocence, as denial has always been one of its enduring trademarks. It’s remarkable how well this has worked in the past.

    In 1983, Iran’s surrogates bombed the Marine barrack in Lebanon, killing 241 American servicemen. Nor is this the first time that Iran has directed a terrorist assault on Saudi territory. In 1996 it engineered the bombing of the Khobar Towers, killing 19 U.S. soldiers. Its steady campaign of terror during the Iraq War lacerated U.S. forces. This was terror with impunity, as Iran suffered little from its previous acts of violence.

    The history of U.S.-Iran relations is one of rampant misperceptions. In the last few weeks, the Islamist oligarchs may have assumed that Washington is growing wary of its campaign of maximum pressure. French President Emmanuel Macron has tried a number of schemes to renew negotiations between the U.S. and Iran. All these efforts usually entail loosening sanctions as a precondition to talks

    • Tiresia Branding

      go fuck yourself in your shitty ghetto, coward hasbara

      • Icarus Tanović

        Fucking stupid punk, he must be a Wahhabi or some sort of pest alike.

        • Johan

          Thanks you just confirm my stance, this is the level at which every civilized negotiator is confronted with in the Middle East

      • Johan

        I do not dought that the US was wrong in that matter, and others, iran himself is a hypocritical quarrel stoker and that it is never difficult to impose his dictatorial primitive religion with sword and fire worldwide and this without any criticism, somewhat comparable to the US, but criticism is possible there.

        • Tiresia Branding

          if you want to be critic you must demonstrate your argumentations. Dictatorial primitive religion is a series of terms that better describe(in our days) the Neoliberism, the Wahabism, the so called Christian-Zionism and, above all, the Talmudism. At these “dictatorial primitive religions” you must add also the terms “perverse, immoral and anti-human”

          • Noland


    • First of all..There is no such as US ”Soldiers” ..Soldier is the one using the Military Honor Code in his actions,and the US recently proven that they are fucking lack of all of these,committing one terrorist actions after the other,including training,arming financing Terrorist fractions,and groups which ones on the terrorist watch lists of the World (In Syria mainly)..Secondly Iran never attacked any Country in the last 300 years..Well the USA is in a constant war since its creation with the whole fucking planet..I am from Europe,my country is a NATO member..And I fucking hate it right now,as we are dragged from war to war on the side of the mighty US..Dirty OIL and Israeli interest Wars in the Middle East..These Wars are nothing else than a Robbery of Oil and other natural resources of weaker countries,creating ”reason” for military invasions by lies,deception,and False Flag Terrorism..This is the mighty USA in the 21.st century..Our great ”Ally”..

      • Johan

        This is so idiote, i just have to mention the repression of Perziëns in their own country, the Kurds, just look human watch, uno etc. And google state terrorisme by Iran. But if you want to stay stupid and blind you just have to put your head in their dresses. And for the record: Islam is built on intolerance and submission. since its inception, “conversion” has been at the forefront with fire and violence, with the aim of subjugating its own people and “unbelievers.” Invasions, imperialisme and internal repression are typical. The Oumma, so sacred to Muhammad, is a farce and non-existent and this is the cause of all the turbulence and inequality in the Islam world. I ame also a European with proven direct roots untill the crussades.

        • You calling yourself an educated person,are you..? While you pushing around Google and other zionist created propaganda,and Spying tools as news source..? I’ve stopped after my Iraq deployment in 2005..As all of it is bullcrap..Lies and deception,directed from Israel itself..You are so smart that you are calling Iran as a terrorist state,despite Saudi Arabia,which is known as the main terrorist supporter on the whole fucking planet,or Israel itself..Who are doing everything out of of ”self defense”..?Attacking countries and nations even in Iraq,using US identification codes for their terrorist planes..?Since Hitler’s Germany,only Israel and the US attacks Countries without declaration of War..Israel claims self defense while invading ”neighbor’s garden” and beating up the neighbor after he complains..What fucking planet are living on mate..? I guess you are just an other US or Israeli military troll paid for this shit..Well I have a bad news for you man,you are too late,we know what is written on the wall..BTW have you ever been in Iran or Syria..? I was as a Tourist back in time before the US invaded by its terrorist proxy army payed by the US tax payers money,and I can tell you that country is awesome and its people are nice,Muslims or not,they were kind and nice to us,in Damascus I saw Jew,Christian,Muslim walking on the same streets with dignity and respect towards each other..Only America can fuck up these things to the worse,behalf Israel of course..My cousin was in Iran few years behind he told me that the western agenda about Iran is bullshit,there’s peace and kindness towards foreigners,they did not let him pay for his food nor drinks,when they find out that he is from Europe..That is Iran today,does not matter under which rule..

          • Noland

            Good stuff man…too bad I never knew you on earth..

          • Johan

            So 2 conclusions: 1) all tourists are experts: example you and your cousin the rest are zionist propagandists. 2) nowhere you are debunking my conclusions about the intollerance of islam.

          • Oh no mate..You should get out of the Corporate propaganda,and get a fucking backpack and visit these countries yourself and open your eyes..BTW how come that most of the Far Right groups,Far left groups are heavily financed either from Israel or from the US NGO’s..? In Europe i am talking about,and guess what..they are behind the radical Islam too,indirectly of course,they let the Saudis and Turks to do the Job for them..I know many Muslims and many are are nice,but guess what,i know many Europeans who are the worst scum on this Planet..I guess it is in every religion or race like that..Simply I am dividing People into two main group..: Good People VS Assholes..

          • Johan

            What are you smoking or who did brainwash you? Do you have obsessive compulsive behaviour, think in black and white and tunnelvision? What makes you believe I made my conclusions only out of studies and scientific papers? But you put too much value on a selective personal first impression travel experience without any scientific basis or analysis. The tourist made to experience specialist , again. I know many muslims and a lot are nice but even more are scum, intolerant, violent and retardet and I know few equal Europeans but more are fine people. Most hotbeds of violence are where Islam is in contact with other cultures,( not between non islam cultures) , or where different Muslim tendencies meet.

          • palegreendot

            “Only America can fuck up these things to the worse,behalf Israel of course.”

            AMEN. Dude, I’d love to visit Syria…when the entire country is liberated from Obama’s and Erdogan’s jihadis…or Iran someday. But by God I’d want to wear about 10 Assad patches on me in Syria, because those people should legitimately want to send any American they find to his Maker.

        • Ronald

          “And for the record.”..etc.you are describing Wahhabi Sunni Islam.
          Here is a link with Tulsi Gabbard who is a US Army Major, running for President. Two tours in the Iraq war, she knows whats what.
          End Our Unholy Alliance with Saudi Arabia – YouTube

    • Ronald

      Johan “rampant miss perceptions” is the undoing of your arguments.
      Lets take your first case, “Iran surrogates” bombed the Marine barrack in Lebanon.
      Misinformed usually accuse Hezbollah, even though it wasn’t even formed yet. Whoever they were, they were Lebanese unhappy about probable US intervention on the behalf of Israel.
      Nothing really to do with Iran, who were too busy beating back Iraq.
      Khobar Towers was “engineered” by a Saudi, and captured by Saudi Intelligence.
      “Its steady campaign of terror during the Iraq war”. Which Iraq war, Saddam’s US backed invasion of Iran, or Bush’s ‘Shock and Awe” invasion of iraq
      “Primitive religion with sword and fire”, is the Wahhabi Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
      If you tried to go there, they would not let you in.
      Spend a couple of days in Wahhabi Pakistan, or Muslim Brotherhood Turkey, and then a couple of days in Iran, you will know then.
      Iran and Syria are not owned by the IMF, that is the ‘crime’ they are attacked for.
      Also, Iranians are Caucasian and have a higher literacy rate than the US, that is the basis of their fear. This forum is not Brebartt, or ABC.

      • JPS

        The Pompeo-like swine of the world never stop lying.

      • Johan

        Actualy you confirm my stance that islam is an intolerant totalitair and violent ideology, thanks.

        • Ronald

          Thank you, but she is talking about Wahhabi Sunni Islam, not Shia or other forms, Sufi etc..

          You possibly are familiar with Christianity. Are all Christians Roman Catholic. The name Marten Luther ring a bell, or the Orthodox Church,
          Islam has likewise has a number of different forms. And they teach and behave differently.

        • Have you ever made a research about Sabatai Tzevi..? You should mate..Then you would know about who radicalized the Islam under the pseudo name of Muhammad Ibn Al Wahhab..

  • Icarus Tanović

    Now, Wahhabis shitting theirs asses, so they normally start to talk shit like this.

    • Boycott-Israel!

      The Saudi-Zionistwahabi-scum know their end is near.

  • Saudis..? Indeed Israel.. Not a first time..The SAA given green light to use its S300 batteries..Now please try again mfers..!

  • goingbrokes

    If they did not come from Yemen they came from israel – simple as that.