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War By Other Means: Who Is Financing The Iranian “6Rang” LGBTQ Organization?

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War By Other Means: Who Is Financing The Iranian “6Rang” LGBTQ Organization?

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Written by Mark Dankof.

The pattern is always unmistakable. The folks who use Usury, Economic Sanctions, Coup d’Etats, Assassinations, and endless Empire Wars, also employ Cultural Marxism, especially when it comes to the targeted character of the LGBTQ movement’s slings and arrows against both Christianity and Islam, and against sovereign nation-states who have figured out that Zio-Globalism is the death of their nations and traditional cultures.

The latest manifestation of this phenomenon is an Iranian LGBTQ organization billing itself as “6Rang.” Not surprisingly, there is no indication on their site of a physical headquarters, or of their funding sources. A photo on their web page references all of the organizations deemed to be absolutely supportive of the LGBTQ agenda and “human rights in Iran.” That photo suggests that a wider network and web of connections, NGO’s, and funding sources is inevitably involved.

War By Other Means: Who Is Financing The Iranian “6Rang” LGBTQ Organization?

Can you smell the perfume of Soros, the CIA, the National Endowment for Democracy, and Israeli Intelligence?

The obvious activities of Pussy Riot in Russia, and Mike Pompeo’s employment of LGBTQ subversion against the Russian Orthodox Church and Vladimir Putin in Kiev gives us a hint as to why 6Rang is suddenly the rage on CNN, Western MSM generally, and the American State Department. The usurious Western banking system, extortionist economic sanctions emanating from Washington, and the threat of a wider Empire War in the Middle East and against Putin in Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and his southern underbelly, are now joined in the case of Iran by the shadowy LGBTQ machinations of 6Rang. In the case of Russia, Ukraine, and the Donbass, the Southern Poverty Law Center is getting into the act by piling on the World Congress of Families and the Russian Orthodox Church. Jim Jatras and yours truly have both written about the wider context behind these libelous machinations, even as it remains unclear how many Americans actually read or listen to anything other than the Zio-Droning of the MSM, as lethal in its own way as the Zio-Drones murdering innocents in Gaza and the Occupied Territories.
War By Other Means: Who Is Financing The Iranian “6Rang” LGBTQ Organization?

Apparently the Headquarters of 6Rang in an unpublished location. Even the MEK-MKO has a public location outside Tirana, Albania.

The State Department actually has the nerve to post the following on its page entitled, “2020 Reports on Human Rights Practices: The Islamic Republic of Iran.”

The law requires all male citizens older than age 18 to serve in the military but exempts gay men and transgender women, who are classified as having mental disorders. Military identity cards list the subsection of the law dictating the exemption. According to 6Rang, this practice identified gay or transgender individuals and put them at risk of physical abuse and discrimination.

NGOs reported authorities pressured LGBTI persons to undergo gender reassignment surgery. According to a July report by 6Rang, the number of private and semigovernmental psychological and psychiatric clinics allegedly engaging in “corrective treatment” or reparative therapies of LGBTI persons continued to grow. The NGO 6Rang reported the increased use at such clinics of electric shock therapy to the hands and genitals of LGBTI persons, prescription of psychoactive medication, hypnosis, and coercive masturbation to pictures of the opposite sex. According to 6Rang, one such institution is called The Anonymous Sex Addicts Association of Iran, with branches in 18 provinces. (The latter organization crops up nowhere in Internet searches.)

And so the title of this article asks our MSM, our State Department, and our Zio-Neo Con National Security Establishment the question: Who is Financing the Iranian “6Rang” LGBTQ Organization? I gave my thoughts to Vkontakte today. Am I wrong?

One thing is absolutely clear. My own position on a Zio-War against Iran, Russia, Syria, Palestine, Gaza, and Lebanon is as follows: Not only should no American Christian or Old Republic American support this war, but we should actively root for Mr. Putin and the Iranians to kick the living hell out of NATO, Israel, and the LGBTQ Globalists. Then, and only then, may we reclaim our own country from these demonic elements and restore the Old American Republic. Putin, the Iranians, Assad of Syria, and the Palestinians are fighting for my country and its liberation from The Beast. Until more Americans understand this, tragedy will continue to unfold. I have already explained myself on this important issue. Read “Christian Martyrdom and the American Empire: Mark Dankof on the New World Order.”


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Proper treatment for LGBTQ malignant subversives would be to insert a honey badger into the orefice where they exact their sodomite pleasures.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mr.Spicklespock

Never going to happen until the monetary authority is removed from the AngloZionist Banking Cartel.


Except Israel is not a “white supremacist” outpost. Those “AngloZionists” are really jews who rule Anglos and nearly every other non-jew.

odysee. com/@SurvivingWeimerika:f/A-History-of-Central-Banking—the-Enslavement-of-Mankind-by:d

thuletide. wordpress. com/2021/01/03/are-ashkenazi-jews-white-european/

Ashkenazim don’t have IQs of 111-125 either.

thuletide. wordpress. com/2020/12/20/ashkenazi-iq-as-high-as-they-claim/


The German government is promoting LGBTQ for Muslims:


Fog of War

But thats the point of ” Democracy ” . I hope the Muslims didnt think they would be exempt after flooding into Europe. Nothing’s for free silly Muslims, they’re coming for your children as payment and They can corrupt minds in just two generations, or even less. Enjoy ” freedom ” Muslims.




“The pattern is always unmistakable. The folks who use Usury, Economic Sanctions, Coup d’Etats, Assassinations, and endless Empire Wars, also employ Cultural Marxism, especially when it comes to the targeted character of the LGBTQ movement’s slings and arrows against both Christianity and Islam, and against sovereign nation-states who have figured out that Zio-Globalism is the death of their nations and traditional cultures.”

Steve Standley

9 of the top 10 funders of LGBT activism in the US are Jews. 9 out of 10. and this has gone on for decades. They want to destroy the moral pillars of western society, and see those societies rot.

Last edited 1 year ago by Steve Standley
Fog of War


Fog of War



Not ‘rot’ – but rather to see basic and traditional, Christian derived, western, cultural and social values undermined and overthrown in US – and replaced, with the values we now suddenly see being promoted in media as the new ‘normal’. Previously, this was all a low level cultural war, slowly escalating for decades, since 1950’s, but in last two decades, beginning in the Obama era, it suddenly exploded in US mainstream media (note how msm advertising is particularly agenda driven now – and far less market research driven) – as those who seek to completely socially re-engineer traditional Christian derived western values, in favor of their own cultural agenda have fully broken cover – and are not remotely trying to hide their intent at this point.

Last edited 1 year ago by GoldStandard
jens holm

Wee free westerners owned by NATO must support opressed LGBTQABCBBC people in Iran!


Recall, how when US invaded Afghanistan in 2001 it was initially all ‘hard policy’ about revenge and routing the terrorists, and Taliban, and then when that project singularly failed, as Taliban remained firmly entrenched across provinces, the US came up with a new ‘soft policy’ reason to stay – propaganda started appearing in western MSM about how US was there to ensure women’s rights and education! Like the CIA and US special forces gave two sh*ts about that… The US state wants its citizens to buy into all manner of spoon-fed delusions, about what US geo-politics (raw imperialism) really looks like.

Last edited 1 year ago by GoldStandard

furbutt installed as LGBT leader by CIA–paid to comment at SF—receives specially designed dildos

Erik Nielsen

Note the name 6Rang. 6, + R on his head is 6, + g on his head is 6, = 666. Im tired of this bs.

Cheryl Sanchez



Any time I read the term “cultural Marxism” I know the article isn’t worth any further perusal.


Step out of self delusion and denial – take the red pill – and recognize that ‘culture’ is just an extension of the ideological battleground.


In last few days on the Twitter platform, on the right side of screen, in official Twitter news panel, that has Twitter’s approved current headlines, there has been story of gay being murdered in Iran, and another link-on article below that, about nation states that are allegedly repressive and violent towards gay individuals in those societies. This is the Twitter management’s editorial policy as pure US-MSM – reinforcing the US elite’s sanctioned foreign policy agenda – in this instance, using the LGBT rubric, for further hostile propaganda pitched against various states that are non-compliant with US geo-strategic interests and policies.

Last edited 1 year ago by GoldStandard

And my question is: Who is financing AJ+ (Al Jazeera + on Youtube) one of the main spreaders of the LGBT ideology in the US? Qatar! Who is financing the Hamas: Qatar! Who was the main supporter of the terrorists in Syria: Qatar! It is not so easy how it looks on the surface. You should not blaim everything on the Jews. The more correct statement would be: 70% of US Jews are supporting the Democratic party and the Democratic party together with Qatar is responsible for the majority of crimes on this planet. Israel on the other hand has the highest percentage of people from all western countries who refuse to accept the LGBT crime, the most intact families and the highest birthrate. Israel is a modell for all western countries not the villain.

Fog of War

How’s your kibbutz this time of year ?


‘Israel is a modell (sic) for all western countries not the villain.’

Good Lord, that is some serious chutzpah, or rather, serious self rationalization and self delusion. Being in a state of long term frozen war with your immediate neighbors – Syria and Hezbollah – and in domestic permanent conflict with your state’s ethnic minority (demographically only by a margin) of whom you militarily occupy and cordon their majority territories, and enact state legislation to ensure they are formally and legally second-class citizens – is certainly not a desirable model for any reasonable nation state.

Last edited 1 year ago by GoldStandard
Trap Is Not Gay

Meanwhile the American people have starved with the taxpayer money flowing to Jewish enterprises.

Let alone the white population being negrofied with censorship and 24/7 propaganda-brainwashing.

The ZOG is real in the JewSA


They try to force this madness down our throats. Funny thing, nobody here heard anything about this website (which was registered 10 years ago for a totally different reason, you probably guessed it: printing. Now it’s transferred, the owner’s info updated into nothing. There’s no name, address, phone, or email). After I took a look at this website I found some familiar names as Its promoters: TV channels: Manoto, BBC Persian, VOA Persian, Radio Farda (Persian service of radio free Europe. Some of the rest of organizations are non-existant, others belong to the usual ilk who accept projects from the US state department/British foreign office).

Regarding the ban on military service of the so-called homosexuals, this is the first time I hear such thing. The reason is that we don’t scream our sexual orientation or mis-orientation here in Iran, this is a totally private matter and the government cannot care less about it. Unless ofcourse a loser tries to prepare a “case” for him/herself in order to move into the paradise which we used to know as Europe, become yet another social refugee and earn themselves a somewhat easy earning by appearing in various TV channels and remind everyone how bad Iran is.

There’s coding in the military service card which defines some categories: exempt for medical, having a national security sentence and for a brief time, the ones who paid money. That’s about it. The real trans-gender people (medically approved) are among the first group using the same code.

Oh, and the dude who is killed in Ahvaz, I doubt if the killers (allegedly his own father, brother and cousin) needed the military card to know about his conditions. Anyway murder is wrong and so far 3 people are detained in relation to this murder investigation by police.


BTW, since when the comment section changed? I haven’t been here for a while.


Garga – the comments format changed last week – from the very bare bones format that appeared after SF decoupled from Disqus to this newer format. This is an upgrade from bare bones, in so far as it returns to having a basic up-vote capacity that allows for more commenter and forum interaction.

Last edited 1 year ago by PropagandaDetox

Thank you for the reply and clarification. I think it’s been about a month since the last time I came into SF, so the last comment system I saw was still disqus. That’s the reason for my confusion and I thought maybe there’s something wrong with this particular PC I use exclusively for this kind of activity.

I’m sorry I’m not familiar with your username. If you don’t mind, can you please let me know how to do the following? – Editing a comment – Adding an avatar to be recognized easier. Thank you in advance.


Garga – yea, there were some big changes in SF comments forum in that exact period – was lot of confusion and concern when SF decoupled from Disqus all around. In current format if want to edit a comment after posted it – have found if hover your cursor over lower right corner of the shadow grey area of comment – a small cog will appear – hover on it and ‘manage comment” will appear below it – click on it and ‘edit’ will appear – click on ‘edit’. Then the posted comment will appear in narrow white box for editing – click, hold and drag on right lower corner to expand the white box, and to see all text lines of comment for editing. However – have found can only edit a comment for a short period after is posted – after that it times out as fixed comment. It seems only designed to allow quick changes for limited period – so can fix typos etc. Thereafter, once comment is fixed-posted, in that same area where the cog was, an inverted arrow can be found, that can be used for a different function – to hide or show replies to your comment. Haven’t figured if any way to add an avatar as yet – perhaps SF still working on that, as they appear to be incrementally seeking to improve their in-house forum system. Lastly, you may also know me from past forums as Bob ; )

Last edited 1 year ago by PropagandaDetox

Thank you very much for the time you took to explain. I appreciate. I haven’t noticed the cog, I’ll check after I post this.

Edit: Yep. It’s there alright. Thanks again. I saw one username with avatar, the reason I asked.

Last edited 1 year ago by Garga

Glad to help – you add interesting perspective to SF forum – if you figure out the avatar secret – please share!


Thank you, sure!


OK. We can’t change the avatar on this site.

Like many WordPress comment plugins, this one too uses the Gravatar. Head to http://en.gravatar.com/ and create an account using the same email which you use to comment, after creating the account don’t go forward with adding a domain and instead check your email and confirm your registration. There you can change your display name (regardless of the username you used) and upload a pic under “my profile. Save changes and refresh the SF page to see if it appears. PS. Bob, was your avatar a fish or something on white background?

Last edited 1 year ago by Garga

Nice research – that was quick. The Persepolis Griffin is back!

Thanks for avatar related info, very helpful, and fills out bigger picture of new SF forum system. Be good.


Happy to help. The new comment format has so many flaws. I hope they fix it.

Fog of War

Whats the punishment for sodomy in Iran ?


Cute. I know it’s death penalty for sodomy by force on minors or adults, just like rape. Of course the police doesn’t possess a crystal ball, the victim has to make a complaint (We had one some time ago in regard to gang rape. Predictably western media tried to paint the rapists as activists but from what I saw it didn’t affect their audience and the British and Swedes (the ones which I saw) praised the execution).

But I doubt if anything happens to you if you engage in sodomy willingly or in your private and not in public. Just like “normal” sexual engagement like so many places in the world.

Mark Dankof

Some of the observations and comments on my article I understand. Others seem quite queer. Thanks for reading and thinking.


Iranian Shia practice is to encourage gay men to have surgery to make them women. Khomeini was a big believer in this and women’s sports teams there have many trans players. But most gays do not want surgery. Those who get it are mostly pressured or blackmailed by clerics and doctors with help of families. I do not know who this group is but I am well aware of Iranian view of gays and trans.


Because I am a trans myself and my-ex was gay from Asia.

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