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War Against SouthFront: YouTube Blocked Our Channel. Again

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War Against SouthFront: YouTube Blocked Our Channel. Again

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YouTube blocked SouthFront channel amid new big war against independent media.

The channel was censored hours after the White House had imposed sanctions on SouthFront website (southfront.org) and declared the state of a “national emergency”.

It is not for the first time SouthFront faces a severe censorship campaign. A year ago, YouTube censored SouthFront main channel (with over 152,000 subscribers) on May 1, as well as our backup channel (with over 8,000 subscribers) on July 28. Each time YouTube was using groundless pretexts to disturb our work.

Today, when the world is on the brink of a new war, our independent voice became one of the main threats for the global superpower. After years of struggle, the US Presidential administration has nothing left but to include SouthFront in a new list ofsanction, proving that their propaganda does not support any critics.

SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence is here to provide you with an independent point of view on the reality we are living in.

Today, more than ever, we need your support to continue our struggle against the MSM propaganda, censorship and lies. 


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War Against SouthFront: YouTube Blocked Our Channel. Again


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  1. Ricardo Silva says:

    I noticed that today…
    They are using all IT american companies as a military weapon.

    1. Supreme Blyat says:


  2. Ricardo Silva says:

    The social dilema.
    Everyone needs to see this documentary made by ex employees from the giant IT american companies..

  3. shylockracy says:

    The whole shitshow is just insane at this stage. Joogle really wants you to only see the Ziocorporate terrorist globalists’ worldview on global affairs, which differs very little on whether it is Trump’s or Biden’s supposedly “opposing” approaches to any of them. The Qtart vs Libtart bullshit only advances the Ziocorporate technotyranny’s purposes by controlling the masses’ perceptions.

    The level of groundless derision and vile being mass-produced against Putin, and Russia by extension, is actually undeserved even if he took Crimea back. He’s been such a much more than conciliatory business partner to US/EU Ziocorporate terrorists that the constant Western attacks against Russia across the geopolitical board seem to be hiding the Zioterrorists aggression against their own Western societies under plandemic and “Great Reset” bullshit behind a Ziocorporate media-managed “Russian threat”. Psychological warfare in all-out deployment.

    Of course that they’ve profiteered from world wars before, but this time something else also going on.

  4. Jihadi Colin says:

    What alternative video hosting service could you use? Liveleaks?

    1. Supreme Blyat says:

      Didn’t liveleak watermark all the vids uploaded?

      1. Jihadi Colin says:

        No idea, but there are others.

  5. Proud Hindu says:

    Contaminated baby milk powder causes havoc in China.A million babies affected.

  6. Proud Hindu says:

    40 muslims dead in Niger school fire.

  7. Proud Hindu says:

    1000 Russian soldiers killed so far in syria

  8. Jihadi Colin says:

    Here are a few options:


    By the way, long comments by me always get marked spam, you say you’ll work to get it corrected, but they never are unblocked. Please see to it. Thanks.

  9. Diana Cornwell says:

    Southfront at the moment is the ONLY web forum where I can actually write the word “Jew” without it getting censored EVENTHOUGH this is “Russian” hence a somewhat “Zionist-friendly” website, in my opinion. (I haven’t seen any criticism of Putin or his oligarch buddies at SF. But it’s understandable. SF is based in Russia. I suspect some SF writers could have been critical of Putin and co. otherwise.)

    I commend SF for being one of the very few internet platforms where free speech is allowed to be exercised.

    Thank you Southfront!

    P.S. The Saker doesn’t even allow you to use capital letters. One can’t write anything anymore at ZH without getting censored.

  10. Band Itkoitko says:

    Does youtube still exist?

    1. James says:

      It’s heroin for the masses.

  11. Black Waters says:

    Diana the propagandist bot again with bullshit.

    It looks like the Iron curtain this time it’s at the other side of the world ;) and the U.S and their vassals are trying to block the sun with their little finger…

  12. Damien C says:

    Russia has some of the finest IT people in the world both legitimate and underground, they could set up their own censor free websites and media platforms that would be isolated from the bully-boys. Yet they don’t

    Liveleaks censor worse than anybody they went on an insane purge just before the US election with whole scale deleting of the accounts of anti-Trump commentors. Then they started censoring all Syrian/Afghan/Yemen/Iraq/Israel articles to the point where the place is a tumbleweed factory

    RT might as well be Israeli owned they will accept NO criticism of Israel

    1. Diana Cornwell says:

      Yes, why don’t the Russians set up an equivalent of Youtube where more “controversial” matters can be presented without getting blocked or censored?

      Could it be because Russia is ruled by crypto-Zionists like Putin as well?

      I read somewhere that the person at the head of RT is an Armenian woman who disparages Armenia, supports Azerbaijan and rationalizes Putin the Jew’s betrayal of his Armenian allies. What a shame. RT is more subversive than BBC.

      1. Voldemort says:


        1. Diana Cornwell says:


  13. Voldemort says:

    Good that at least internet is not owned by one country. Biden’s new sanctions on Russia kicked in, hence SF banned.

  14. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

    Bitchute is a good alternative.

  15. mijj says:

    is Southfront available on https://odysee.com ?
    (why don’t i look? .. oh yeh .. it is)

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