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Wall Street Journal Claims Assad Ordered ‘Chlorine Gas’ Attacks In Idlib

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Wall Street Journal Claims Assad Ordered 'Chlorine Gas' Attacks In Idlib

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has allegedly approved the use of chlorine gas in an offensive against Idlib, the last major militant stronghold left in the country, according to unnamed US officials, cited by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

WSJ also reported that in a recent discussion unnamed persons, familiar with the exchange, President Donald Trump threatened to conduct a massive attack against Assad if he carries out a “massacre in Idlib,” the northwestern province that currently houses close to 3 million civilians, and approximately 10,000 terrorists, from al-Qaeda and Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham, as well as 70,000 opposition militants.

WSJ also claimed international efforts to avert the offensive have failed to dissuade Syria, Russia and Iran from an attack on Idlib to end the seven-year-long war. WSJ also reported that Russia and Syria have stepped up their airstrikes, while thousands of civilians have been evacuated to government-controlled parts of Syria.

WSJ reported that Assad also refused appeals from the UN, Turkey and the US that an attack could trigger a humanitarian crisis.

“Syria is once again at the edge of an abyss,” Francois Delattre, the French ambassador to the United Nations, said last week during a U.N. Security Council meeting on Idlib.

The unnamed US officials, cited by WSJ also said that the Pentagon is considering options, but Mr. Trump hasn’t decided what exactly would trigger a military response or whether the U.S. would target Russian or Iranian military forces aiding Mr. Assad in Syria. The US could also reportedly use targeted economic sanctions on Syrian officials instead of strikes.

“We haven’t said that the U.S. would use the military in response to an offensive,” one senior administration official said, cited by WSJ. “We have political tools at our disposal, we have economic tools at our disposal. There are a number of different ways we could respond if Assad were to take that reckless, dangerous step,” he continued.

WSJ also cites the same anonymous US officials who claimed that new US intelligence has revealed that Assad plans to use chlorine gas in Idlib. It also wasn’t clear whether Assad had allowed the use of sarin gas by Syrian forces, the deadly nerve agent allegedly used several times in previous Syrian attacks on militant-held areas.

US officials, on September 9th, wouldn’t comment on whether use of chlorine gas would trigger a new US airstrike. “I will not comment on U.S. military plans, but Assad’s use of chemical weapons, sarin and chlorine, and disregard for civilian lives is well documented and contrary to regional stability,” Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White said.

In the past two years, President Trump has launched airstrikes against Syria twice. Both times after accusing the Syrian leader of using sarin gas in attacks that killed scores of civilians, including women and children. The more recent one was in April 2018.

National security adviser John Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo asked their Russian counterparts to ensure that no chemical weapons were used in Idlib, the unnamed US officials said, cited by WSJ.

This US intelligence, disclosed by unnamed US officials comes after on August 25th the Russian Defense Ministry warned of a staged chemical attack by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, who received chlorine gas, delivered to them by the White Helmets “rescue group.”

It also comes after on September 7th, the US special representative for Syria, James Jeffrey said that the US would not withdraw from Syria. “The new policy is we’re no longer pulling out by the end of the year,” he told reporters in Washington. Initially the 2,200 US troops deployed to eastern Syria in support of the multi-national coalition against ISIS was supposed to leave. Instead, they will remain in support of a combined military and diplomatic effort to limit Iranian and Russian influence over post-war reconstruction. “That means we are not in a hurry,” Jeffrey said, adding that he was “confident” Trump supports what he called a “more active approach” in Syria.

On the same day, during a UN Security Council briefing, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley accused Russian and Syrian forces of attacking schools and killing civilians, under the pretext that they are attacking terrorist targets. She did not, however, provide any facts or evidence to support her accusations.

There is no confirmation of any information provided by the WSJ and the report provides no evidence of any of its claims.

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Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

Idlib gonna get it hard, like a 2$ hooker

Julian Clegg

The upcoming government offensive is not against Idlib, but the terrorists who occupy it.


Wall Street Urinal is the voice of the Corporate Statist Deep State.

AM Hants

Soi true, not just them.

Russia to OPCW: Russia gave proof ‘Novichok’ patented in US in 2015… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AT03p_2dWTU

“In the liberated areas of Eastern Ghouta, Syrian government troops have found containers with chlorine – the most horrible kind of chemical weapons – from Germany, and also smoke grenades produced – please pay attention [to this] – in the city of Salisbury, the UK,” Zakharova told a news conference in Moscow on Thursday.

“In the liberated areas of Eastern Ghouta, Syrian government troops have found containers with chlorine – the most horrible kind of chemical weapons – from Germany, and also smoke grenades produced – please pay attention to this – in the city of Salisbury, the UK,” Zakharova told a news conference in Moscow on Thursday.

The findings undermine “the faith in humaneness” of some states’ leadership, who “give such orders and make such decisions,” Zakharova added. No further details were released regarding this finding…http://theduran.com/stunning-coincidence-chlorine-containers-from-germany-and-smoke-bombs-manufactured-in-salisbury-skripal-poisoning-found-in-syria/


And while terrorists are knifing people on the streets of Paris, vassal Macron wants to bomb Syria to protect terrorists.

northerntruthseeker .

That makes sense, right??


Well he feels he has to obey his handlers back in the US who also have to obey their handlers in Israel and the traitors in the US government (all those dual citizens and Zionists infesting the government).

Tommy Jensen

Its actually quite simple. The war is against YOU.

But as you are “the people” the $billionaies in power should protect, inside your little democracy illusion, you still not know YOU are the target………………….LOL.

With AL sucking up all knowledge we dont need ordinary people anymore……..LOL.

And you thought Trump would do something. You were hoping……………..LMAOL.


He must obey grandmother!

Julian Clegg

Imperialist mainstream media lies right on schedule.


About the stupidest newspaper narrating falsehoods …..so childishly .

So brazenly obvious to show such fools there are .

Val Shadowhawk

Totally agree with you.


Anonymous or unnamed source is code for: everything that follows is pure BS and lacks any evidence or foundation.

AM Hants

Which is why the Government Forces found so much chlorine, plus more, left behind by the friends of the WSJ.

AM Hants

40 tons of chemical weapons left by militants found in Syria – Russian MoD… https://www.rt.com/news/421919-chemical-weapons-militants-syria/

STUNNING coincidence? Chlorine containers from Germany and smoke bombs from Salisbury (Skripal poisoning) found in Syria…

Connecting the dots between Salisbury, Skripal poisoning and Syria chemical weapons hoax points to NATO collusion…

“The more this story goes on, the more the wheels fall off the wagon of the initial allegations” says independent journalist Martin Summers as Russia reveals to Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) they gave proof ‘Novichok’ was patented in US in 2015.

It gets better…Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stated during a Thursday press conference that containers filled with chlorine from Germany and smoke bombs manufactured in the United Kingdom city of Salisbury were found in the East Ghouta region of Damascus, the location of the alleged chemical attack by Assad which resulted in the launch of 105 Tomahawks on 3 Syrian targets by US, UK and French forces last Friday.

Just to remind our readers, the Skripal attack was staged in…you guessed it, Salisbury.

US patented ‘Novichok’, UK-Salisbury smoke bombs, and German chlorine containers…are we looking at a coordinated NATO effort to demonize Russia, and eventually deliver on a hot war with Russia?

Russia to OPCW: Russia gave proof ‘Novichok’ patented in US in 2015… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AT03p_2dWTU

“In the liberated areas of Eastern Ghouta, Syrian government troops have found containers with chlorine – the most horrible kind of chemical weapons – from Germany, and also smoke grenades produced – please pay attention [to this] – in the city of Salisbury, the UK,” Zakharova told a news conference in Moscow on Thursday.

“In the liberated areas of Eastern Ghouta, Syrian government troops have found containers with chlorine – the most horrible kind of chemical weapons – from Germany, and also smoke grenades produced – please pay attention to this – in the city of Salisbury, the UK,” Zakharova told a news conference in Moscow on Thursday.

The findings undermine “the faith in humaneness” of some states’ leadership, who “give such orders and make such decisions,” Zakharova added. No further details were released regarding this finding…http://theduran.com/stunning-coincidence-chlorine-containers-from-germany-and-smoke-bombs-manufactured-in-salisbury-skripal-poisoning-found-in-syria/


“.. NATO effort to demonize Russia, and eventually deliver on a hot war with Russia?”

YES! The EXCEPTIONAL PSYCHOPATHS still believe Russia will stand down when attacked overwhelmingly with conventional forces and not annihilate them as promised. The Russians not having taken a forceful position against Western governments supporting the terrorists in Syria and allowing the US to setup bases there, promoted the view in the primitive minds of these psychopaths that Russia was weak and would capitulate rather than nuke them in return. That’s exactly the reason why the psychos have been increasing the quantity of provocations. They just don’t comprehend that thousands of years of evolution has been at work in the East but somehow bypassed the psychos in the West otherwise, how could they not comprehend Putin’s comment: “Why would we want a world without Russia?”

Concrete Mike

This is wall street journal??

Ive seen bettee reporting in “In Touch” magazinenfor fucks sakes.

Joe Kerr

Not unexpected… the WSJ, now owned by Rothschild’s tea lady, R. Murdoch, who doesn’t miss an opportunity to apply Goebbels’ methods when required.

AM Hants

Who funds the White Helmets? Who, also funds the BBC, besides the licence fee payers? Why do only 6 corporations control/own the media, with connections linking them to the sponsors of ‘The White Helmets’?

Who remembers ‘Operation Gladio’?

Is this not, just another 21st century ‘Operation Gladio’, which we are meant to have forgotten?

‘False Flag Terrorist and Psychologic Warfare’ – Atlantic Council /NATO Intelligence Services, as proven, from past history, have no problem preparing to carry out acts of terrorism, in order to blame others/nations or just discredit their political opponents?

Russia to OPCW: Russia gave proof ‘Novichok’ patented in US in 2015 White Helmet Funding… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AT03p_2dWTU It is interesting what independent journalist Martin Summers has to say?



BBC Funding


Council of Foreign Relations


Foreign Nations Spending on US Government


Medi links to council of foreign reltions.


Media-owned-by-6-corporations https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/73d96ba2fae1268f61938cf12ddb418ab4f2acee472b4441e8844f75a7cd930f.jpg


‘“To forgive terrorists is up to God, and my job is to arrange the meeting.” President Putin


The WSJ really must think its readers are stupid or something. FUKUS threatens Assad, after two previous missile strikes, that any chemical attack, no matter who does it basically, will be met by more cruise missile attacks. What is the logical response for what the WSJ perceives as a card board Hollywood villain dictator? Authorize chemical weapons strikes!

The utter contempt for the public that drips from this lazy ass narrative is astonishing. It’s like they’re not even trying to come up with something original any more. Assad is on the one hand a mastermind who is winning the war in Syria, and then on other hand a moron who chooses suicide by Trump by opting for a easily traceable to him chemical weapons attack. Putin is an evil genius who on the one hand masterminds US and EU elections for basically peanuts, and on the other hand a moron who tries to kill a very unimportant Russian traitor, using an easily traceable to him nerve agent, delivered by the Russian equivalent of Laurel and Hardy, using a perfume bottle that they lost, and the only thing missing is a signed confession to him by Putin that says I Putin, supreme ruler of the Russians and potential Evil Overlord of the World, ordered this! It’s like the Powers That Be have concluded that we’re too easily confused by anything remotely intelligent, so therefore the casus belli has to be so dumbed down so it has even less depth then a Michael Bay Transformers movie.

I used to think that watching soaps like the Bold & the Beautiful would damage my IQ. Hell even being a room that had soaps like that on the telly was enough to lower my IQ. But the MSM has lowered that bar even further.

David Pryce

Ye the US public must be afraid of the all conquering Assad. He’s faced down the worst the scum of NATO could throw at him, and his army and allies have only idlib and its infestation of rats to deal with

You can call me Al

A very accurate and excellent comment, nice one.

Concrete Mike

Bwahahaha michael bay…good one

David Pryce

We’re was this humanitarian care in Raqqa where 85% of housing stock was destroyed Sheep’s are so clueless it drives me mad ?

northerntruthseeker .

The problem is the Jew spew media is still believed (sadly) by the majority of the dumb ass sheep out there!

Tommy Jensen

If the US government want us, and pay us, to do it, we f…… have to do it man. Either you believe in your country, or you believe in some f…heads.


NoO…. these Fake Chemical Attacks including Skripal-Case are to Cover-Up your Involvement with the Headchoppers in Idlib FUKUS…!! You want to distract People like you have done for Centuries… but those days are Over… Hahaha…Your S.A.S Troops are Embedded with Al-Qaeda and all the other Shit Heads in the Region…. I hope they all Die… https://youtu.be/xrOoi7Bz9-o



As credible as Novichok story


Yeah that’s what I mentioned: Fake False Flag Chemical Attacks & the Skripal (Novichok) Case


Along with NATO soldiers that Russia want to save and a NATO member don’t since NATO is crumbling and Russia is so humanitarian :)))


Nope Russia wants to make pictures together with these Special Forces Folks…. Always good for Future Negotiations…..

I’d rather see them Go Home in a Coffin….


Anyone would want to see that – if could be possible, a NATO country to give their ally soldiers to Russia, that’s pretty childish hope


Yeah something like this ISIS-Member would be very nice…




And this is related to what? The site is uglier than the pic, must use antivirus when visiting that spam.


This is about the Relations between ISIS & IsraHell & the U.S. & Lapdog Wahhabistan

Look Uncle Satanyahoo shaking hands with a Headchopper… in an Israeli Hospital… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/dcb15970b96b891eb78b6c7597d801cd3dca2a5d3a1381d9875cd49a96afa2df.jpg

The Warm Relationship between Al-Qaeda-ISIS-Muslimbrotherhood & The U.S. & IsraHell…

















I can understand they want save their Last Headchoppers in Idlib….would be a waste of Intelligence if they got Wasted


Yes, everybody knows that, but how is that remotely related to the “200 NATO soldiers which Turkey let be killed or captured by Russia” bullshit? I didn’t even said they are not there but how they reached/been supplied Idlib if not through Turkey? the smelly smell…


Russia offered to get the S.A.S and other Western Operatives out of Idlib… The U.K. didn’t want Russia to get them out….


Where is this gossip come from?





Isn’t a bit retarded to post the same thing again and again?

Show me the source of the information not a random dude with a Youtube channel telling fairy tales.


The Only Ones telling Fairy Tales & Lies are: the U.S.A. IsraHell, the United Kingdom, France, NATO & their Lapdogs….


But you are ready to believe that Turkey is ready to give NATO soldiers to Russia…

…just because some random guy from the internet says it


I never said Turkey was going to give NATO Soldiers to Russia… you did…


So you actually don’t believe what the dude from the video says, that Turkey rejected to take in the USA and UK soldiers from Idlib.


Turkey could easily have refused them to cross the border…yes…why not?


Because it is a NATO country and those are allied soldiers in danger to be captured by Russia?


Russia offered to get them out of Idlib


Is that official? or a dude from Youtube says it





First link is an article about around 250-300 US and Brit troops trapped in Aleppo, written in 2016 by the eldest brother of “Mr Bean” – which was possible since Aleppo was surrounded by then – but Turkey is not mentioned.

The second link is of a free wordpress.com blog, written by someone that won’t spend 10 bucks on a domain. Is that a credible source for you?



John Whitehot

Bomb Wall Street.

AM Hants

Bet they will not interview Senator Black. Brilliant interview, over on Sputnik, which so needs sharing.

Staged Gas Attacks & US Shortcomings: US Senator Tells Sputnik About Syria Trip… https://sputniknews.com/interviews/201809101067877625-us-senator-black-syria-interview/


Champ, thanks for sharing.

John Wallace

Well they are right that a gas / chemical / novichok attack is about to happen soon in Idlib and that the white helmets will be doing it . oh sorry .. I mean will be hosing down the deceased and throwing the survivors on the back of a Toyota for burial. This is an article preparing the blind to expect this attack and too expect the expected resulting bombing of Syria by the ” Good ” guys in response. It is not an article for anyone who has half a clue as to what is going on but for the sheep who are sleepwalking and too busy too read the braille at the top of the article which states ” For all you dumb sheep The Truth doesn’t matter as we will make it up as we go” Already our news is of barrel Bombs in Idlib killing children and babies and expect worse to come soon. Did Shakespeare not say ” Cry Havoc and unleash the dogs of war “” ( spoken by Marc Antony in Julius Caesar ) What the f … has the truth got to do with it..


I consider that SourFront must stop to reproduce stupidities of other newspapers. Even more, if this news is intended to make it widely distributed all over the wold.

Concrete Mike

No southfront job is to show te doublespeak of the msm and how we in the west are being led into war.

Southfront you are doing an admirable job.

The censors will be coming soon lol.

neil barron

Where going to accept a story from the Wall Street journal now when they haven’t written a word until now. Go Fock yourself with your special source for a lying story. It hasn’t happened.

leon mc pilibin

WAR STREET JOURNAL,there needs to be an update on the status of war criminals spewing out lies that can result in untold deaths among civilians,and fighters.These Zionist scumbags think its just a game,to try to influence the direction of a just war against terrorists, in favour of the terrorists and their backers.Enough is enough of this satanic tribe of war mongering thieves and genocidal maniacs.

northerntruthseeker .

So let me get this straight…. We are all to suddenly believe that the Syrian government will defy all logic and all common sense while they are winning their war against the US led “terrorists” and winning their nation back for the Syrian people, by suddenly “gassing” their own people??

Either we all live in a world of ultimate retardation and stupidity, or the Wall Street Urinal is lying their asses off with this measure of pure stupidity!

David Robertson

I thought the quote from Sun Tzu at the beginning of the article was very apropos and hilarious! The Russians, Syrians and Iranians won’t stop now. I believe the West will restrict their opposition to bellicose threats and possibly economic sanctions. It is not time yet for the attack on Iran. At least that is my hope.


You might think the Wall Street Journal would be embarrassed to publish such self-evidently fraudulent stuff.

But you would be wrong.

Despite some fairly quality journalism on certain limited topics, the WSJ’s editorial and commentary practices have been an embarrassment for as long as I can remember.

Truly, I’ve seen pieces that were the exact equivalent of what you might have expected in Pravda in about 1960.

The most outrageous right-wing nonsense is regularly spewed out.

And it always, always supports wars, America’s imperial wars. No exceptions.

A cheerleader for the Pentagon and secret security agencies.


WSJ cites US officials -and how do they know what Assad’s doing? They obviously don’t know enough to make a deal , or stop him.

Tommy Jensen

Because when Assad has been interviewed by US officials and US media, Assad always said he would f…… use chemical weapons everytime US tells him not to do it, because Rambo Americans should f…… not tell him what to do in his own country.

Thats why they know it for certain that Assad will do it.

chris chuba

The incredible shrinking presence of Al Qaeda.

I love how in the entire province of Idlib we only have 10,000 Al Qaeda fighters. Weren’t there at least 5,000 at Aleppo alone who were relocated to Idlib? So the SAA let 50% of Al Qaeda relocate on the blue buses when they had them in their clutches. Yeah, I’m certain that is true. The Al Zinki group alone has 8,000 and they are literally a bunch of cut throat Jihadists.

Carol Davidek-Waller

Ridiculous claptrap. Chlorine gas isn’t really a chemical weapon. It stinks and you walk away. There isis no motive. Assad and his allies have won this war by conventional means. Now as the last battle looms, using an ineffective weapon they don’t need, that would invite US aggression makes no sense. However there is a nation involved in this conflict that repeatedly acts irrationally. It’s name begins with a u and ends with an s.


Stop claiming there is three million people in idlib province. That number is a fiction. Before the war it had only 1.5 Million. The war , and terrorists plundering has depopulated the province to one third. That’s a best estimate, as there is no possible way to get an accurate count. But in no imaginable scenario could there be three million people there.

Tommy Jensen

Your troll figure 1,5 million is after Russia and Syria have bombed Idlib. It means Assad and Putin will kill 1,5 million people in Idlib out of 3 million. This is genocide.

We from the free and civilised world cant allow that. I hope everybody understand that.

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