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JUNE 2023

Wagner Fighters Took Control Of Zaliznyanskoe Near Bakhmut

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Wagner Fighters Took Control Of Zaliznyanskoe Near Bakhmut

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Russian assault on Bakhmut is ongoing and Wagner fighters declare new victories in the region. Despite the official claims of the AFU commanders and Kiev officials about the upcoming counter offensive, Ukrainian units continue to retreat. 

On March 15, the head of the Wagner PMC Yevgeny Prigozhin claimed that the village of Zaliznyanskoe came under control of Wagner units. The village is located on the north-western outskirts of Bakhmut. Russian control of Zaliznyanskoe strengthens Russian claw around the Ukrainian grouping in Bakhmut.

Wagner Fighters Took Control Of Zaliznyanskoe Near Bakhmut

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Ukrainian military sources confirmed the loss of the village.

“The Russians continue their assault in the area of the E40 highway, as a result of their operations, they occupied Zailiznyanskoye and gained a foothold,” Ukrainian sources claimed.

On the western outskirts of Bakhmut, Wagner assault groups are already storming Bogdanovka. Russian forces also launched the mop up operation in the village of Khromovo. They are approaching the last road to Bakhmut and the village of Khromovo is the last Ukrainian stronghold on their way.

At the same time, Wagner forces are bypassing Bogdanovka, advancing to the west, storming Dubovo-Vasilevka. Control of this village will allow Russian forces take the road to Bakhmut-Chasov Yar under fire control.

On the southern outskirts of Bakhmut, clashes are ongoing along the road to Konstantinovka near the village of Konstantinovka.


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jens holm

I like mens, but I also like womens, in my country Danmark normal. Naturen we born bisexuel, Ukras, rustikas, americans ,all


Stop drinking the content of condoms found in the trash. And volunteer in the Jewkrainian army.

jens holm

YUri gaglagarin wrote that.I hope he, she or it will follow Your hint.

Buford T Justice

You’re a two legged pig , in no way normal.

jens holm

Its a Russian graveyard. Soon they will have to use vertical coffins.

I wonder if the feet will be up or down. Up maight be the best. They can have their flag between their toes, if any are left.


How many dead Ukrainian soldiers since the US overthrew the Ukrainian govrernment in 2014, Jizz-rag?

jens holm

Many many.

I just comment the onesided version Russians hardly loose any as well as equipment. If not they had won many many monts ago.

And You keep the style well. What happend before Maidan – thje reasons – are censured away.

And of course the 82% Ukras there cryed for help.They got it as promised too. They have it today no matter what.

And USA in this? You called them in. You grew nazis to arm there too. And 141 countries has just confirmed Rusticans should retreat.

Some 17,8% Russians should not remain as a state in the new state. Today we see what they are used for: To take back Russia/USSR. Ukriane was taken by the Bolsjevics like that or worse too.


The more the ukros got theyr arses kicked, the more the Hasbara and nato trolls spreading braindead bullshit and moronic provocations. A pure Signal theyr all in deep shit.

jens holm

I see none of that.

V for Victory

The real Jens Holm is even more idiot and moron than the fake Holm (commento N.1)

jens holm

No. Im a western and mainly write my own oppinions and western perspectives.

When You name me as “moron” or “idiot” is because You live in a very limited world runned by very few in Rustiaca.

I/we has many more sources then Yours. We also use them.

When I see comments about that from Your kind You always use our propaganda sites as facts. We dont. We see they are propganda and use the many more others.

I mail Putin and get You from Facebook to Meduza back. PÅurin himself had the same kind of fantasies or nightmares for Ukriane. Still there are no hip hip urrahs as wel as statues.

Christian Chuba

I guess this means that western MSM is going to say that Bakhmut has no strategic significance again.


Sure. But they will not say why than 10.000 ukros died there and still die.

jens holm

Ukras has been determinant and with open face. They rather die then be members of Rustica/USSR again.

You seemes to have a very slow and limited internetconnectíon. And You might be able to read but not to understand and remember.

Chilrren born yesterday and seniles of course are excused.

jens holm

Try guessing again.

Both says Bakmut is political.

An dont say westerns here and there. We are many and has many oppinions as well as right to debate about them.

And the militaries and other experts have many versuions for what might happen next too. Ther are at least 10 well argumented scenaries. You can put them in a high hat and choose.


Ukros amassing few Brigades in chasiv yar, time for a few foab or carpet bombings there.

jens holm

Russians dont have so many carpets. Thats why they have contacted Iran.

Buford T Justice

Meanwhile , Zelensky and Biden are happily sending Ukrainians to their deaths in the meat grinder , Not a care , helping the Russians demilitarize Ukraine.


On to Kiev!


Ukro have to hold Bakmut at all cost as Chin.a arrive to freeze the front with fake peace talk (minsk 2.0 or 3.0 after fake peacetalk of march 2022). If ukro lose Bahmut before fake peace talk, the front will move by 100km to the west.. Whereas if they hold they can rebuild both military and defense line


Who told you that? This is opposite to China’s goals.

Last edited 2 months ago by Антон
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