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Wagner Declared Full Control Of Soledar (21+)

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Wagner Declared Full Control Of Soledar (21+)

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On the evening of January 11, the head of the Wagner PMC, Yevgeny Prigozhin, announced the complete liberation of the city of Soledar in the Donetsk People’s Republic. 

According to the head of the PMCs, Wagner fighters have completed the mop up operation on the streets and begun to mop up the salt mines located under the city. Some Ukrainian militants may still be hiding there.

Mr Prigozhin joking with his fighters in the salt mines:



According to Prigozhin, civilians were evacuated from the war-torn city. Those Ukrainian servicemen who did not surrender were destroyed. The Ukrainian military lost about 500 people.

Mr Prigozhin assured that there would be no humanitarian corridor for Ukrainian prisoners. This option cannot even be discussed.

Graphic content (21+):

Wagner fighter showed the buildings, where Ukrainian soldiers were hiding, using civilians as human shields:



The 46 separate assault brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, part of the airborne assault troops of Ukraine, was among the Ukrainian units which held the defence of Soledar. It was considered one of the most trained combat units of the Ukrainian Army.

The 46th Brigade of the AFU was formed in 2016-2017 with the active assistance of NATO instructors. For many years, the military personnel have been actively trained, including at foreign military bases abroad. The soldiers of this brigade were prepared specifically to conduct assault operations in the Donbass area. They who were supposed to be among the first to attack pro-Russian militia in the LDPR according to the plan of a large-scale offensive of the Ukrainian military in 2022. However, the plans were thwarted by the Russian military.

As a result of fierce battles against Wagner fighters, only 10% of the personnel of the whole brigade which reportedly numbered up to 2,000 soldiers managed to escape. The other 90% were killed, wounded or captured by Russian forces.

Ukrainian soldiers from the 46th brigade attempted to escape from Soledar  but were ambushed. The first Ukrainian vehicle ran into a mine-explosive barrier, the second which turned out to be a French VAB armored personnel carrier,came under fire of Russian large-caliber Cord machine gun:



On January 11, the acting head of the DPR Denis Pushilin announced the success of Russian forces on the front lines in Donbass and claimed that the liberation of Soledar and Maryinka would be a turning point for the liberation of the entire region. Russian victory in Soledar threatens the Ukrainian garrison in Bakhmut. The collapse of Ukrainian Seversk-Soledar-Bakhmut defence line began. The Ukrainian military is expected to retreat westward and prepare new line of defence in the Slavyansk-Kramatorsk area in the near future. Battle for Slavyansk and Kramatorsk may become the final battle in Donbass; but it is not sure if it will be the last battle of the war in Ukraine.



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Congratulations to the Wagners proved to be true experienced fighters.


28 meters a day the last 5 months

Michel LeBlanc

When you have to shoot 1000 men per meter it does take a long time, thank you capitaine obvious.

V for victory

That Ho(l)moron should think that 28 meters is what the winner from NATO had lost in the last 5 months, daily i mean. But hey, he is happy to loose ground.

Jens Holm

I compare with taking Ukraine within a month.

We are not there. If so there were no russians feet there dead or alive. Russians has not met Our attack capabilities at all.

I think we are too nice.


Who is “we”? As the saying goes, do you have a turd in your pocket?

Jens Holm

We are the 35 to 40 donators and partly EU.

Ahmed the muslim Cocksucker

These so much nonsense about the Wagner group. They are not Front Line forces. They are rear forces. They only come for cleanup. They are like National Guard or Civil defense.


Chechen Muslims are putting their dingus in your Ukronazi mingus

Col Bach

Wagner PMC is conducting some great music in Ukraine. DeNazionafication at its best…



Yes, especially if we compare what amount of weapons the US was delivering to Stalin in WW2, and which amount of troops they pumped into France Normandie etc. from 1944 on. For example: Into France they pumped up 40.000 US troops each single day for weeks over weeks.

And for Ukraine they give some 12 Himars, some old BMP and hand-held anti-tank weapons. And Europe training 20,000 Ukrainian troops now ready to go into the fight. 20,000 in over 6 months, that’s laughable at best. Enough maybe to wage a low-level but brutal guerilla war in some parts of Ukraine but for sure not enough to fully kick out the ruskie invaders and hold the then freed ground. So it is clear US& NATO are not fighting Russia, that’s just russian propaganda to legitimize the invasion and occupation of a foreign country.

500 Himars and other medium and long-range missiles-systems, 1000-2000 battle-tanks, 5000 Bayraktar and Reaper drones, 50-100 old US F-16 planes + training of ukr soldiers on these, a program to recruit US, canadian and european and south american, and australian prisoners into new set up special military trainings programs, to bring them, as a strong support force, into the Ukrainian international Legion, as troops on the ukrainian side. And this in an amount to match the russians latest mass-conscripting and recruiting waves (so about 300.000 the number needs to be)… that’s what’s needed by Ukraine, to drive out the Ruskie invaders from the Ukrainian territory.

In addition there needs to be an US-European organisation recruiting civilian helpers who will work in the food, construction, energy and mining (building tunnels) sector, so that whole regions of Ukraine can be prepared for getting their energy production, and weapons production capacities transfered into underground, missile-secure places, facilities and installations. These underground installations are needed, and all major and even medium towns need to get vast underground tunnels and networks which enable troops to be smuggeled in and out, without need to do movements on the surface (what will make it brutally hard for any invader to take town. No cauldron-building possible anymore. Because at day the invader “captures the town”, but at night the enemy is suddenly back among them massacring them, so then again they will have to storm the city and so. on and on.)

With that at least medium kind and number of US-EU-NATO support, and small switches in Ukrainian preparations (see tunnels and industrial production and electricity production re-settled underearth), Russian invasion will break apart within the next 6-12 months and invader be driven back to their own borders within max. 2 years. No question about that. But without that, Ukrainian official military will be driven back and get grinded and crippled within – I guess the coming 1,5 – 3 years completely and large strays of territory will be lost to the occupiers, needlessly.

Another easy way to cripple the Russian invasion of Ukraine, would be – to simply open a new front in the Caucasus, US drone kill the anyway hated anti-muslim son of a dog Kadyrov in Chechnya, let Ukraine claim that they did it (can even let them indeed do it, and just give them the green light and the drone to do it), and then start supporting the islamic guerilla factions in Chechnya, Georgia, Ingushetia, Dagestan, Ossetia, Abchasia, which will immediately become fighting hotspots and the whole Caucasus will go up in flames, drawing finally also Kazakstan, Aserbaijan, Turkmenistan etc. (at least as muslimic support bases to the conflict), and will force the whole russian military into an extraordinary bloody downward vortex. And Turkey already now supplies Bayraktar drones to Ukraine and wants its deserved Ottoman Empire back, and has by treaty of Lousanne from 1923 the right for its old territories, which include northern Syria, in 2023. And not forget that the Tartars are the true native people of Crimea not the Russians, so also that should be used in an effective way. So it is clear for which side Turkey will opt in the end, let alone that they are already a NATO member state anyway.

And Russia – and that’s for sure – cannot win a two front-war, in which they are forced to overstrech their military in different ways and areas, and will have to spent trillions to hold territory which they cannot – because its too big. Same as even the mighty German Wehrmacht couldn t hold such vast territories like half of Russia, Northern Africa and whole of Europe at the same time. Taking – is one thing, but holding -> no.

That’s why I (would I believe in this war being indeed a war between two real foes) would advice the US to immediately open the second front in the Caucasus. But as I already said, this whole war is fake anyway, and USA, EU, Russia are all since long jewish-run and are fully infested with communist-jewish agents and crypto-jews and collaborateurs as politicians, which in fact, hidden from the public, all work perfectly together ahnd-in-hand and are in cahoots which each other. Often even sharing the same freemasonic lodges. The war is just well-played global theater, so that there – in fact – is no real battle to win territory or a war at all. It’s just a gigantic hoax to get christians and likely muslims too, to go to war and kill each other in the millions, and to start World War 3. Which will of course again bring millions of dead. Dead under which the jews plan to easily hide their monsterous anti-human global earth-de-population ratpoison corona-vaccine genocide and the hundreds of millions of deaths from that satanic act.

Last edited 2 months ago by Boohootin
Jens Holm

You seemes to forget a lot we send as well as support for the civilians.

Those Bradleys also is a part of a package adding german and french ones to it.

It makes no sense to make another front ny any. I see no global theatre in this. I see the USSR empire colapsed and the vakuum has to be replaced with something else.

Something else is states deciding themself. In that is the infecte Stlain/krustjov construction. USSR is attacing what never should have been made.

Jens Holm

2) So I vote and support for they has the right to defend whatever they are and can get their changes to the better from anywhere else they wish.

BUT its a something for something. To raise their country and livingstandards they have to produce better for themself and also export what they can and by that also buy the stuff, they for good reasons cant produce.

By that beomes a part of the world trade and also affiliated to the western economics. Our western edconomics work but others might be partners too. I see China might grow some crops there for pay. They need food.

And whatever You write about it and who is ruling the world, Our parts are doing much better then most. I have no probælems being runned by Your socalled free masons as well as jews as long as they are dpoing things very well for us.

Kev not Kiev

Nothing is going to drive the Russians out of their own front yard. NOTHING.


You say very casually ‘underground tunnels and misil-secure places’ you forget about Kinzhal and specially the AVANT GARD hipersónicos flyer. Did you know that the avant gard, if it is not forced to do manouvers to avoid defense systems, it can reach Mach 27 speed? It doesn’t need to carry a nuclear weapon, the kinetic energy is enough 👍🏽

Jens Holm

3) You dont get how things are in the world. People fx cant get rich if we dont buy their stuff. By that they have to pay us. GET IT.

It makes no sense for proleras to share, when nothing to share is produced. Here there are incitaments for it.We also live longer and mot likely better as well.

“Those people” are mainly not hidden at all”. You even can look most of them on scorecards.

next You dont understand that most parts of the productions are owned by that shareholders. My pension by the state is in. My private pension fond is with many 100.000 others and on the stockmarket. I also has private shares.

Jens Holm

4) So You are right but also very wrong because I get profit every year from it and its even taxed by the state, so I can get my pension, free hospital. If I cant have my own home, they have one for me for free

Before that I has free school and free education to high midleclass level. By that I was able to pay for the next generation and didit in honor and respect.

Very much of the Kapitalistic world is like that. Its not some few running things beingthieves and criminals. Its me too.

But You dont write that. Grab a chair and see the world better.


Strangely, you’re correct in most things (except for the Jew part you always rant about). But you just repeat NATO’s propaganda claiming that Crimea’s (Tauris’) “true native people” are the Tatars, when history and genetics show that they’re the Greeks who speak Rumeika and Urum (Romaic) and were saved by the Tatars persecuting them by Catherine the Great who resettled them to Mariupol and surrounding lands.

Jens Holm

So how ancient people would you like to involve. The Tzars first took the Tatars(affiliated to the Osmans) from Potemkin Rostov.


Very interesting. I saved your text and may quote you in future.


HAHA , come on … Prigozhin is not insane to risk his life and go to Soledar. That picture is from some salt mine in Siberia or who knows where, i doubt he is insane and take any risks.

Jens Holm

I hope You are right.

Kev not Kiev

So clever Jack… Not everyone is a super spy like you, not everyone has snuck into his house to put tracking devices in his favourite socks like you, so they have to just take his word for it. But you’re smart, you know better…like the time you made all that money on crypto when it crashed…


Vamos deixar de mentira, não conquistaro Soledar, estão ocupando uma área. Putin destruiu a Rússia, os bobos e tolos russos são facilmente enganados por Putin.

Isser Harel

Death to Nazism wherever it is found.


Means death to dicksucker Prigozhin hiding in bunkers like his nazi idols 😆😆😆

V for victory

I am really disappointed that you was not in that VAB machine-gunned.

Jens Holm

I hope You are no twin

V for victory

Learn to speak english correctly, you son of a nazi-gheisha.

Big Ol' Alligator Tear

I guess I missed it. Did he have a swastika on his charm bracelet like Zaluzhny?

Last edited 2 months ago by Big Ol' Alligator Tear

So we won again. Not yet? Are we waiting fot new year or what?

Proud Ukronazi Azov

Wagner Declared Full Control Of Soledar and I declare you full of shit.

Anglo Suckers

Zelensky said Soledar is not important. Don’t worry. Ukraine is winning. Western dogshit media said so


In Karson Russian forces left the area without injuring own soldiers while Zelenskey instruct own forces to defend solidar, so now Zenenskry all forces in Solidar are now dead.


wagner nazi soldiers = scum of the entire humananity


Sticks and stones, li’l Nazi.


Russia lost tens of thousands of deadbeat inbred drunks for a little town ????? EH


Elensky is calling you to participate in the nasal exercise.

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