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Wa-Harid Al-Mu’minin Summarizes Results Of 20 Months Of Operations

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Wa-Harid Al-Mu'minin Summarizes Results Of 20 Months Of Operations

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On June 16, the al-Qaeda-affiliated Thabat news agency released an infographic summarizing the operations carried out by the wa-Harid al-Mu’minin operations room in Syria’s Greater Idlib during the last 20 months.

According to the infographic, the operations included 298 ground attacks, 140 artillery strikes, 73 sniping attack and 36 ambushes.

Thabat claimed that the operations resulted in following losses:

  • More than 950 pro-government fighters were killed;
  • More than 375 pro-government fighters were injured;
  • 12 vehicles were destroyed;
  • 12 unmanned aerial vehicles were shot down;
  • 10 pro-government fighters were captured.

Thabat also claimed that the operations room repelled 27 offensives by pro-government forces and mentioned a recent prisoners exchange deal with Damascus as an achievement.

Most of the claims in Thabat’s infographic appear to be exaggerated for clear propaganda purposes. Many of wa-Harid al-Mu’minin operations were a failure, including the last attack on June 8.

The wa-Harid al-Mu’minin operations room was formed in October of 2018 by a number of al-Qaeda-affiliated factions, most prominently Horas al-Din. Earlier this month, a new operations room dubbed “Fa Ithbatu,” was formed to succeed wa-Harid al-Mu’minin.


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Lone Ranger

CIAisis infographics….
Powered by Disney CGI solutions….

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Why does SF keep calling them “wa-Harid al-Mu’minin operations room” the first part of the translation is ‘rouse the believers’, so it’s the ‘Rouse the Believers Operation Room’.
At least this time they didn’t add HTS into the article and conflate the 2 groups like they usually do, which is good, HTS and the Rouse the Believers Operation Room may be allied on the same side but they’re acting more like enemies than they are allies. :]
HTS and Al Nusra Front are both designated as terrorist organizations, and both are predominantly ethnic Arab groups, HTS has Uighurs and Chechens that are pro Turkish though, and Al Nusra Front has many ethnic Turkmen militias as well, but the breakdown goes like this, HTS want’s an Arab government in control of the occupied territories, – the Salvation Government -, and Al Nusra Front is just as happy to have a Turkish led government in control – the Syrian Interim Government -, but all the legitimate opposition groups like the National Front for Liberation [NFL], the Syrian Liberation Front [SLF], the Syrian National Army [SNA], and the Free Syrian Army [FSA], all only want the Turkish Syrian Interim Government in control, and most of them are ethnic Turkmen.
All but one of the Rouse the Believers Operation Room militias are designated as terrorist organizations according to the Russian/Turkish Astana agreement, and the only one that isn’t is the National Front for Liberation [NFL], they’re actually designated to be legitimate opposition force according to Astana, and yet here they are working alongside all the designated terrorists doing as much harm to the SAA as they can.
Of all the legitimate Turkish backed opposition groups this group the NFL gets the best of the best from Turkey, the best weapons, the best equipment, the best training, and the most funding, and guess what they do with all their old weapons and equipment, they give it to all the other Rouse the Believers Operations Room militias.
They may be a terrorist organization but there’s a direct link to Turkey via the NFL, the Rouse the Believers Operation Room is acting directly on Erdogan’s orders, and Erdogan’s orders are to disrupt Assad’s plans for northern Hama, he wants to starve the Syrians if he can, burning Syrian crops is also some of his latest handywork, and he definitely doesn’t want Assad to transform north eastern Hama into Syria’s new food bowl, and neither do the Rouse the Believers Operation Room.
Come on SF, if I can do it you can do it too, start joining the dots for those of us who can’t or won’t do it for themselves.

Concrete Mike

I stopped reading when you said NFL is legitamate opposition.

Your out to lunch buddy.
There is no legitimate opposition in Syria, just tools of the empire, war on the cheap because the people in the west do not want war, so its just subbed out to contractors instead.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Out to lunch hey, you do realize it was actually Russia and Iran who legitimised the NFL, SNA, SFL, and the FSA in the first place, you may not heard of the Astana agreement but if you care to read that article it will explain everything perfectly.
The Russian and Iranians were very precise with their designations, and they both said the NFL, SNA, SFL, and the FSA were to be designated as legal opposition, as opposed to designating them a terrorist organization.
But both Assad and I think they should’ve been designated as terrorists, but disappointingly the Russians and Iranians said they weren’t terrorists, they instead signed a piece of paper that called them legal opposition.
So why are you having a go at me for calling them legitimate opposition, go tell Russia and Iran they got it wrong, I agree with you they are terrorists, and president Assad also says there terrorists, but since the Russians and Iranians say they aren’t terrorists and are instead legal opposition, you me and Assad can’t really argue with them, they don’t listen too us.

I don’t like calling them legitimate opposition either but if the Russians and Iranians call them legitimate opposition it’s going to make me look like an idiot if I keep calling them terrorists.

You and many other should read everything I write, I may not get things 100% correct all the time, but I at least try, SF doesn’t tell you all the facts and hides the truth, otherwise you wouldn’t be complaining about me calling the NFL legal opposition, go read the Astana agreement and find out for yourself who it is that designated the NFL, SNA, SFL, and the FSA to be legal opposition.

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