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‘Vladimir the Terrible’ US Deep State Desperately Needs a Russian Villain to Cover Its Tracks

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‘Vladimir the Terrible’ US Deep State Desperately Needs a Russian Villain to Cover Its Tracks

Conventional wisdom would have us believe that Russia became America’s sworn enemy in the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election. As is often the case, however, conventional wisdom can be illusory.

In the momentous 2016 showdown between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, a faraway dark kingdom known as Russia, the fantastic fable goes, hijacked that part of the American brain responsible for critical thinking and lever pulling with a few thousand dollars’ worth of Facebook and Twitter adverts, bots and whatnot. The result of that gross intrusion into the squeaky clean machinery of the God-blessed US election system is now more or less well-documented history brought to you by the US mainstream media: Donald Trump, with some assistance from the Russians that has never been adequately explained, pulled the presidential contest out from under the wobbly feet of Hillary Clinton.

For those who unwittingly bought that work of fiction, I can only offer my sincere condolences. In fact, Russiagate is just the latest installment of an anti-Russia story that has been ongoing since the presidency of George W. Bush.

Act 1: Smokescreen

Rewind to September 24th, 2001. Having gone on record as the first global leader to telephone George W. Bush in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Putin showed his support went beyond mere words. He announced a five-point plan to support America in the ‘war against terror’ that included the sharing of intelligence, as well as the opening of Russian airspace for US humanitarian flights to Central Asia.

In the words of perennial Kremlin critic, Michael McFaul, former US ambassador to Russia, Putin’s “acquiescence to NATO troops in Central Asia signaled a reversal of two hundred years of Russian foreign policy. Under Yeltsin, the communists, and the tsars, Russia had always considered Central Asia as its ‘sphere of influence.’ Putin broke with that tradition.”

In other words, the new Russian leader was demonstrating his desire for Russia to have, as Henry Kissinger explained it some seven years later, “a reliable strategic partner, with America being the preferred choice.”

This leads us to the question for the ages: If it was obvious that Russia was now fully prepared to enter into a serious partnership with the United States in the ‘war on terror,’ then how do we explain George W. Bush announcing the withdrawal from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty just three months later? There are some things we may take away from that move, which Putin tersely and rightly described as a “mistake.”

First, Washington must not have considered a security partnership with Moscow very important, since they certainly understood that Russia would respond negatively to the decision to scrap the 30-year-old ABM Treaty. Second, the US must not considered the ‘war on terror’ very serious either; otherwise it would not have risked losing Russian assistance in hunting down the baddies in Central Asia and the Middle East, geographical areas where Russia has gained valuable experience over the years. This was a remarkably odd choice considering that the US military apparatus had failed spectacularly to defend the nation against a terrorist attack, coordinated by 19 amateurs, armed with box cutters, no less. Third, as was the case with the decision to invade Iraq, a country with nodiscernible connection to the events of 9/11, as well as the imposition of the pre-drafted Patriot Act on a shell-shocked nation, the decision to break with Russia seems to have been a premeditated move on the global chessboard. Although it would be hard to prove such a claim, we can take some guidance from Rahm Emanuel, former Obama Chief of Staff, who notoriously advised, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”

So why did Bush abrogate the ABM Treaty with Russia? The argument was that some “rogue state,” rumored to be Iran, might be tempted to launch a missile attack against “US interests abroad.” Yet there was absolutely no logic to the claim since Tehran was inextricably bound by the same principle of “mutually assured destruction” (MAD) as were any other states that tempted fate with a surprise attack on US-Israeli interests. Further, it made no sense to focus attention on Shia-dominant Iran when the majority of the terrorists, allegedly acolytes of Osama bin Laden, reportedly hailed from Sunni-dominant Saudi Arabia. In other words, the Bush administration happily sacrificed an invincible relationship with Russia in the war on terror in order to guard against some external threat that only nominally existed, with a missile defense system that was largely unproven in the field. Again, zero logic.

However, when it is considered that the missile defense system was tailor-made by America specifically with Russia in mind, the whole scheme begins to make more sense, at least from a strategic perspective. Thus, the Bush administration used the attacks of 9/11 to not only dramatically curtail the civil rights of American citizens with the passage of the Patriot Act, it also took the first steps towards encircling Russia with a so-called ‘defense system’ that has the capacity to grow in effectiveness and range.

For those who thought Russia would just sit back and let itself be encircled by foreign missiles, they were in for quite a surprise. In March 2018, Putin stunned the world, and certainly Washington’s hawks, by announcing in the annual Address to the Federal Assembly the introduction of advanced weapons systems – including those with hypersonic capabilities – designed to overcome any missile defense system in the world.

These major developments by Russia, which Putin emphasized was accomplished “without the benefit” of Soviet-era expertise, has fueled the narrative that “Putin’s Russia” is an aggressive nation with “imperial ambitions,” when in reality its goal was to form a bilateral pact with the United States and other Western states almost two decades ago post 9/11.

Now, US officials can only wring their hands in angst while speaking about an “aggressive Russia.”

“Russia is the most significant threat just because they pose the only existential threat to the country right now. So we have to look at that from that perspective,” declared Air Force Gen. John Hyten, commander of US Strategic Command, or STRATCOM.

Putin reiterated in his Address, however, that there would have been no need for Russia to have developed such advanced weapon systems if its legitimate concerns had not been dismissed by the US.

“Nobody wanted to talk with us on the core of the problem,” he said. “Nobody listened to us. Now you listen!”

To be continued: Part II: Reset, or ‘Overcharged’

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The Soviet era expertise will be embedded in everything Russia comes up in the field of arms development for years to come as well as the the space industry and nuclear power production and use. The rest of the technology used for oil and gas extraction as well as cars and consumer goods is imported. So Mr Putin stop bragging, the reason you exist on earth as a strong nation and state is because of USSR

Promitheas Apollonious

the technology USSR had was the one given to them, from western zionist controllers to the zionist controllers of USSR. The difference then from now was only in the workmanship that always USSR countries had over the west. And something ignorant people as you, is what the russians build, can not work on the old technologies of west, as the base.


Are you a neo-nazy follower?

Promitheas Apollonious

no idiot I am just not a retard as your self and have more then the 2 second thinking span you seem to have.


In Greece neo=nazy party “Χρυση Αυγη” followers support Putin like you idiot

Promitheas Apollonious

keep jerking off moron.

New Israel is Muslim

let all the neo-nazis have jewish handlers/leaders like Hitler or zionist handlers/leaders like Trump and Putin. It is good, the jews know what they are doing to control the white nationalist idiots.

Let the Middle East be free from such lying jewish zionist handlers.

There is not much difference between the hateful neo-nazis and hateful jewish nazis. If you are not one of them, they want you enslaved or exterminated.

New Israel is Muslim

And the later version of the USSR was better than Putin’s zionist Russia. The USSR had no embassy with Israhell for over 20 years and was a far better handler of the old Soviet era client states than Putin could ever be.

The jew took down the USSR because it stopped killing Russians and stopped supporting Israhell. The USSR started to really care about the Russian people and then the jew supported the theft of Russia with Yeltsin. Putin is the compromise. Nationalism for Russia but Russia must be zionist.


I may not agree with all you write here, but one thing is for sure, Putin supports Russian oligarchs and most of them are Jew

Manuel Flores Escobar

Herodes kingdom ( Israel) dont build pipelines and dont sanction Russia like western countries do it…..thats why Putin have good relation with Netanyahu….nothing else!…Israel support the US military-Industrial complex as well as the US Entertaiment industry…both are de Deep State…while Putin support the Russian military complex!…

Tudor Miron

Let me ask you – are you simply misinformed or deliberetely try to misinform others? What happened to Berezovsky, Khodorkovsky, Gusinsky etc? In short, “Semibankirshina/Семибанкирщина) – oligarch system created by UK/US in Russia in Eltsin’s time, when 7 people controlled more than 50% of Russian economy was destroyed in Putin’s time.


I agree with what you write and still a few oligarchs control Russian economy in Putins time

Promitheas Apollonious

you do sound like a syrizeos, is that why you been trying to associate me with GD with your stupid side kicks?

S Melanson

Good retort.

I paste below my response to a poster claiming Russia is greatly influenced by Israel. Given many comments that go so far as to claim Putin is a Zionist puppet, I thought it worthwhile to examine that with some rigour rooted in actions and facts. I welcome any comments or challenges to my conclusions.

I have noted many comments over the past few months that claim Putin is a Zionist puppet or at the very least, as you say, Israel exerts strong influence over Russia. You speak of the importance of actions, so let us examine actions.

If the foreign intervention into Syria is part of the Greater Israel Project (Yinon Plan), then Russian intervention in Syria on the side of Assad would be very unwelcome by Israel and it is notable that the intervention took everyone by surprise including Israel. It would not have been possible for Putin to be a Zionist puppet while at the same time engage in a surprise intervention that would be unwelcome by Israel. And further, If one examines Russian actions since their intervention in Syria, it would suggest Israeli influence over Russia is quite limited, for example:

September 21, 2016 – Southfront reports on a Russian Kalibre Cruise Missile strike on a command centre in Aleppo killing at least 30 intelligence agents including Mossad. The Russian action was retaliation for a US ‘accidental’ bombing of Syrian troop positions that led to significant casualties, followed coincidently by an attack on the bombed positions by opposition forces (terrorists). This was supposed to be a secret command post and the strike came with no advanced warning. The 3 Kalibre Cruise Missiles all hit the target, killing all inside, including at least 8 Mossad agents.

Russia has been resistant to demands for regime change and have stood behind Assad to the displeasure of Israel.

With the Geneva talks going nowhere, Russia initiated the less ambitious but successful Astana initiative with Turkey and Iran. The result was a roadmap to reduce hostilities in jointly monitored deescalation zones. The success of the Astana initiative increased Russian prestige on the world stage as well as enhanced Iran’s standing by giving them a prominent place at the table. This was a diplomatic disaster for Israel.

Russia has drawn a line regarding intervention in Syria – any attacks that put in danger Russian forces in Syria will be subject to Russian military retaliation. The Russian cruise missile strike on the intelligence post in Aleppo would serve as a good reminder of how effective Russian retaliation can be.

Russia has taken a more active role in Southern Syria by embedding Russian military police in liberated areas. This limits intervention options unless Israel is prepared to get into a fight with the Russians – clearly they do not and have so far intervened in a very limited way that has had no impact on the Syrian operations to clear militants in Southern Syria. What is happening is the militant held areas bordering the Israeli occupied Golan Heights are being cleared of terrorists, removing the buffer Israel enjoyed.

If Israel did demonstrate influence on Putin, it would be regarding Iran’s presence in Syria. However, even here Israel is not getting its way as Iran and Assad are intent on keeping an Iranian presence in Syria to safeguard her sovereignty and Russia is largely acquiescing to this state of affairs. Note Israel has rejected the Russian proposal of a 100km buffer zone that Iranian forces will not be permitted to deploy. To me, Putin is interested in ending hostilities, not appeasing Israel as a Zionist puppet.

Lastly, Putin’s statement that the 1974 agreement between Syria and Israel is to be strictly followed has deep repercussions. I have posted on this but will say here that the agreement in the context of other UN resolutions is a roadmap for the return of the Golan to Syria. In my opinion, Putin has accepted the fact that Syria is intent on retaking the Golan from Israel whether by peaceful or military means – with the expected help of Iran and Hezbollah. I am sure Israel understands this as well.

I do not see it as plausible that Putin is a Zionist puppet. I also view Israeli influence over Putin as quite limited. Israel has been taken by surprise several times by unexpected Russian actions and the surprises were for the most part, rather unpleasant.

Promitheas Apollonious

agree 100% with your analysis.

Promitheas Apollonious


here is from the jews mouth what he think, with all that goes with this thinking and implying.

S Melanson

I read the article and comments, thanks, good find. Funny they give themselves away by protesting so strongly a statement that named ukraine tartars then Jews as possible culprits.

Ukraine stands out not Jews. But the title of the article changes that as it focuses solely on Jews and so, tsk tsk, the guilty reveal themselves.

Tudor Miron

Good points. Many are simply not mature enough to realize that convulsive actions most often lead to undesired outcome. Russia needs stability to be able to develop. This requires stability in the world around. That’s Putin’s course if making it short and simple.

S Melanson

Yes, and his actions show a person that actually cares about his country – a Russian nationalist with knowledge, brains and finesse – these are the kind of qualities the cabal hates and fears as men and women like Putin are a threat to their rule. Good.


Best comment ever. One has to just compared a battle map of today with one at the beginning of Russia’s intervention to see that Russia is not helping Israel achieve the Oded Yinon Plan.

Tudor Miron

Starlight is that you? Get lost anyway. Your old zio tricks of accusing others of your own crimes do not work here. Where are you from? I’m from USSR, born in 1970.
Yes, there were some good things in USSR but sinse 1953 it was slow degradation that culminated in 1991.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Not at all..that statement is valid for Ukraine, Belarus,Georgia,Moldova,Kazajistan,Azerbajan…etc…all of them were part of the USSR…but nowdays these countries are unable to made Military sophisticate equipment, aircrafts, warships, missiles..etc…while Russia has the technological means and the capacity!


Ukraine was developed, they were producing rockets, planes , ships and now what they produce. As for Belarus they also had a great industry and still have as a Russian satellite The rest of the countries were underdeveloped even as USSR. I do not insist that the communists were right on everything. Their mess is also because of the choices their leaders made after the collapse of the USSR

Manuel Flores Escobar

…”were producing rockets,planes,ships”…yeah but during Soviet Union…Nowdays Ukraine dont produce anything with Sophisticate Tech..


Exactly, today Ukraine produces nothing, and again jew oligarchs are stealing the country


They produce only chaos now.


“Their mess is also because of the choices their leaders made after the collapse of the USSR”

Agreed, the Soviets should have launched a massive nuclear strike at the USA.
If they had, the world would be enjoying a true renaissance, instead of this continual decline into poverty.

Promitheas Apollonious

what world you think it existed after a full nuclear exchange to be enjoying true renaissance as you put it? Think before posting. When you launch a massive nuclear strike you will have a similar response, with victims in the billions.


If the US goes first, Russia will intercept many of the missiles in atmosphere, and Russia will respond.
If Russia went first, most missiles would hit their targets, and the American ability to respond would be severely curtailed.
An America first scenario would result in a lot more radioactive material in the atmosphere than a Russia first scenario.

If the US starts WWIII, a lot more people, in many countries will die, than if Russia started the war.

America will not go quietly, if they think they can no longer rule the world, they will start a nuclear war, yes they are insane.

PS the idea that all life would die after a nuclear war is just another conspiracy theory, yes many would die, but not all. The reason the planet is dying, is humans bread like a virus, we need to be culled.

Promitheas Apollonious

to hit and destroy, air -sea and ground nuclear carriers and submarines is next to impossible. I never said all life will go so try and answer base on what someone says and not how you translate it in your head.

I said who want to live in a world after a global holocaust and what will remain after it. And last I check russian are not psychopaths, to start a global holocaust. On the other hand americans are but no longer believe they can win russia and the sco alliance and survive so…… holywood scenarios based on IF dont really apply in real life.

S Melanson

I sent you an email – my email tutor4youtoronto@gmail.com

So giving you a heads up and also to check junk/spam in case.



I like you never said all American nukes would be destroyed, the submarine based nukes are probably the hardest.
But if you were Russian, would you just let the US destroy you?
That is and always has been the American plan, destroy and enslave Russia,and the whole world.
America is preparing for a nuclear chemical and biological war right now. Whenever something goes wrong with the American economy, they kill people, it’s their natural reaction to not getting what they want.
Next crash, either Russia or Iran gets the Iraq/Libya treatment.
That next crash seems to be approaching.

Who Dares Wins.

Promitheas Apollonious

Is different to fart all the time and another story, what you farting from the mouth to put in action.


Just for the sake of conversation check the date this unauthorized missile was deployed.

The claim is that it was shot down by a F-16 with Specialized weapons package.

The claim is that it was deployed as Trump was on his way to NK.

If substantiated? This is America also trying to avoid WWIII.
comment image

Tudor Miron

Wait a minute…are you serious? Do you really think that nuclear war between USSR and USA would help the world?

Tudor Miron

Than why other ex USSR republics (souvenir/sovereign) states are in such a mess – nothing new developed and what was left from USSR degraded and lost?

Promitheas Apollonious

you wasting your time on a commie idiot that who ever dont agree with him automatically is a neo nazi according to him. If I fugue him right is also one with many accounts. Is been hassling me before too.


You should ask yourself why. Russia was dominating the USSR even then.
but don’t blame USSR for what their leaders do following the collapse of The USSR


“Russia was dominating the USSR”. Bwahahahahah!!


War distorts a nations priorities.
The USA has been threatening Russia since 1918, and only paused its aggression towards Russia during WWII.

Russia has been building its defenses to stop an American attack for a long time, so the emphasis was on rocketry to shoot down the American bombers and ICBM’s. Self sufficiency was also a high priority, because US sanctions would not allow Russia to buy from other countries.

Exactly the same thing has occurred in Iran, constant American threats to bomb, has caused Iran to specialize in rocketry.

It’s called cause and effect.
Even the mighty USA is hostage to its actions, the US has almost zero defenses, because nobody invades the USA, the USA is the invader.
The USA builds ships planes and troop carriers to attack others, but is quite backward at defense.

On another level, Russia only has 140 million people, and small populations usually specialize. As for Putin bragging, I’ve never seen it, although he could. Whilst western economies have declined or stagnated, Russia has had good growth, and the standard of living is rising.

Promitheas Apollonious

k you better learn a bit of historical fact. Like who financed and executed the so call russian revolution that was anything but a revolution by russians as well understand who since the 16th century controlled europe and the colonies.

in your mind it maybe west and east but you fail to comprehend that both sides was controlled by the zionists, who created both realities.

Now back to what you saying and i agree with some of your conclusions. beside you promoting a russian attack against US. I dont think russia is a perverted psychopathic country that will initiate an attack that in order to win must basically kill 80-90% of the north american population. My personal opinion.


I don’t think Russia would initiate an attack either, and that is the reason the US is so successful, they have no moral boundaries, and those they attack do.

Promitheas Apollonious

where are they successful? Times have change my friend and living in the past and the myths they created for themselves, dont help you understand the real situation globally. They took advantage of the period Russia was in transition and created some de facto events now they are paying for it and are going down the drain very fast. Watch and learn and stop assuming.

You have a lot of catching up, so do your home work.


You are looking at this from a rational perspective, the US is not rational.
They use war to stimulate the economy via arms sales, and stimulate voters with blood and gore.
Yes it is destroying their country, but they don’t seem to care, just like an ice addict doesn’t care when he has a psychotic episode.
Using rational thought is pointless, the US is rabid.

Promitheas Apollonious

kid you think you know what you talking about, but already proved to me you speak from ignorance and assumptions, so spare me the lectures and do what you been told. GET EDUCATED on reality.

As to how I analyze events and global reality you dont have the capacity or the know how to fathom it so ……. in any case I know US much better than you know it, from your couch and your keyboard.

Now go and do what you been told. Do your home work and educate yourself. And while you are at it, learn also why they do the wars and has nothing to do, with money. Money is an illusion they given all of you, so they control you.

Now read your posts to me and figure out where you contradict yourself.


If the Russian revolution was financed by the Jews, why have the Jewish controlled states of UK and US been trying to destroy them since day one?

The idea that Jews are behind every atrocity is American. Americans can’t believe their nation is so consistently evil, so they find a patsy, to take the rap, the Jews.

Promitheas Apollonious

as I said learn and then come and ask questions. and there is no IFs in historical fact.

As for the atrocities you mention, I agree if no willing participants exist, then none of it will be happening but then when you mix all races together what you get is bastards and we see the results in the americans, as they call themselves.

New Israel is Muslim

Trump: “Hillary is terrible”. Hillary and Trump are on the same zionist team.

Deep State: “Putin is terrible”. Deep State and Putin are on the same zionist team.

Promitheas Apollonious

Dont be so sure of your conclusions.

New Israel is Muslim

I would love to be wrong and Putin do something to defeat Israhell. But sadly, I am not. Putin is like Le Pen, in bed with the jews. But Le Pen is literally in bed with the jews, she goes to bed at night with her jewish boyfriend. Le Pen, like Putin, is a supporter of zionist Israhell.

Promitheas Apollonious

I think something you all missing is that Putin try to avoid WW3 not to start one. I am not an admirer of him, or any other politician and especially head of powerful states, as they will never do what is right, or even honest for others, beside play politics and chess. If they are patriots they do the best for their countries, if not what is best for their pockets.

As for the rest you saying you just parroting one idiot or another and I think even if your life depend on it, you will not be able see farther than your nose. and you do sound strongly as 95% of the global population that think someone else have to do for them what they refuse to take the initiative and the responsibility to do themselves.

S Melanson

Would like to frame your second paragraph and put on my wall.

jade villaceran

We dont care about your religion wether is pro anti muslim or pro muslim, we are here about humanity, ill tell you that putin doesnt suppport any religion wether is orthodox or islam, putin support humanity, so dont fell so special about yoyr religion because its useless


You hate Putin, because he won’t destroy Israel and exterminate the Jews, anyone who disagrees with you is a Zionist, or a Zionist supporter.
As for records in the blood and gore section, the USA has the record, 5 million yellow people during the great Asian vacation.

Do you use ice?


True, true! Good article!


Netanyahu takes US$10 billion from US, US$4 billion from UK and US$10 billion from Saudi and UAE governments. This is total US$24 billion. FO.

Cheryl Brandon

Statistics: more than 600 000 people from #Ukraine came to Russian #Crimea since the beginning of the 2018.

@StateDept and @SecPompeo don’t forget to issue “Ukraine Declaration” to prohibit Ukrainians from visiting Russian Crimea.

New Israel is Muslim

comment image?w=732



Putin’s Russia on Israhell:

“This visit to Israel has once again reaffirmed for me that
the strong ties of friendship binding our countries and peoples are not
just words, but are a real and solid foundation upon which we are
building fruitful political dialogue, a multifaceted partnership,
successful bilateral cooperation and work together to help resolve
the biggest issues facing the world…We have agreed to expand our
cooperation in space exploration. Russian rockets will carry Israeli
spacecraft into orbit, and our specialists are developing satellite
communications systems for our Israeli partners.” — Meeting with Prime Minister of Israel Binyamin Netanyahu, 25 June, 2012

We also talked about the need to join ranks in countering
international terrorism. Israel knows first-hand how to fight terrorism,
and, in this sense, we are unconditional allies. Our countries have
considerable experience in combatting extremism. We will continue
strengthening contacts with our Israeli partners in this area.” — Statements for the press and answers to journalists’ questions following Russian-Israeli talks, 7 June, 2016

President Putin Has “Many Personal Ties With People Who Live In
Russia And Israel”, Including A “Major Political Figure” In The Latter:

“I have many personal ties with people who live in Russia and in
Israel. One of them became a major political figure in Israel…” – Opening Remarks with Representatives of US Business Circles, 23 September, 2003



Yet, “Israeli lawmaker says ‘hatred of Jews’ lies at the root of Putin’s claim”

New Israel is Muslim

Putin has said jews were the main Communists killing Russians during the Soviet Union, but still obeys the Chabad.

He said this with his jewish buddies around.

This is the nationalism that the jews all Putin to have, he still serves Israhell.


Trying to make sense of the actions of the USA is pointless.
The USA is a pay to play system, Government will do whatever a high bidder wants.
So you have the MIC, who want to sell more arms greasing the palms of the right people to start wars.
At the same time you have oil companies, bankers special interest groups such as AIPAC etc paying to have their agenda implemented.
There is no real American foreign policy, the USA is not a country in the conventional sense, it’s more like a company, or the Mafia.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x