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Vladimir Putin to Erdogan: You ain’t worth my time anymore


Jonas E. Alexis & Mark Dankof provide their vision of the Russian-Turkish relations.

Vladimir Putin to Erdogan: You ain’t worth my time anymore

“Erdogan, when you stop your diabolical deal with ISIS, then you’ll have my attention. Until then, stop wasting my precious time.”

Originally appeared at VT

Putin was too smart for Erdogan. He avoided the trap the Turkish prime minister had set for others interested in drawing the Russians into something in Syria designed by the United States/NATO/Israel/Saudi agenda in that country.

Alexis: It has been reported that Erdogan is really desperate. Russia has strategically shut down Turkey’s economic stronghold and Erdogan is hopelessly trying to find a way out. He has recently sent Vladimir Putin a letter stating that he hopes to resume friendly relations with Russia. The letter said in part:

“Dear Mr. President. On behalf of the Turkish people, I congratulate all Russians on Russia Day, and hope that the relations between Russia and Turkey will rise to the deserved level.”[1]

Newsweek has said: “there is a sense of strategic desperation that made Erdogan take this step. Turkey is frozen out of the equation in Syria, cannot stop the expansion of the Kurdish forces there and can’t even fly a plane for fear it would be shot down by Russians.”[2]

At the same time, Erdogan refuses to apologize for bringing down a Russian fighter jet. The Kremlin responded by saying that Erdogan’s letter warrants no response largely because it appears to be insincere.[3]

If Erdogan is interested in friendly dialogue, Russia seems to be saying, then it would behoove him to stop his terrorist activities in Syria and in other regions; he would cut his essentially diabolical deal with ISIS and other terrorist cells, and he would genuinely apologize for attacking Russia. Newsweek has been demonizing Russia for a long time, but they are partially right here:

“Turkey is desperate for a speedy normalization of ties with Russia and not just for economic reasons. On the economic front, the loss of tourism revenues in the absence of nearly four million Russian tourists is devastating to Turkey’s tourism sector, which is already suffering due to ISIS (Islamic State) and PKK (Kurdish Socialist Worker’s Party) attacks.”[4]

Newsweek could never report that Erdogan, who resembles J. R. R. Tolkien’s Gollum, is in bed with ISIS because that would ruin the Zionist ideology. VT has been reporting for over a year now that Turkey and ISIS are basically concentric circles. Gordon Duff and Jim W. Dean in particular have written numerous articles exposing Turkey’s terrorist activities.

Moreover, Zionist outlets such as the Daily Beast, the International Business Times, and the Jerusalem Post have said the same thing.[5] In fact, Newsweek itself had an article back in 2014 saying that “ISIS sees Turkey as its ally.”[6] David L. Phillips—Director of the Program on Peace-building and Rights, Columbia University’s Institute for the Study of Human Rights—showed conclusively that Turkey and ISIS are brothers.[7]

Erdogan proved beyond any shadow of a doubt that he was sleeping with ISIS by attacking ISIS’ enemies, the Kurds.[8]There is more. It was recently reported that ISIS fighters were “brought to Turkey hospitals in pick-up trucks.”[9]

“Islamic State militants are frequently transported across the Syrian border to Turkish hospitals for treatment, according to eyewitness accounts… Their crossing was allegedly ensured by Turkish officials.

“Both Islamic State (IS, previously ISIS/ISIL) and Free Syrian Army fighters were able to cross the border from Syria into Turkey en masse and receive medical help – only to then be allowed to go back to resume fighting in Syria, the head of a local doctors’ association told RT’s Lizzie Phelan.”[10]

Obviously we have a situation here. If the US were in the business of fighting terrorism, then Erdogan and his henchmen would have been wiped out from the pages of history long ago. I presented this contradiction to a Zionist friend of mine a few weeks ago because he kept saying that the US not only needs to fight terrorism but that countries like Iran “can never be democratic.”

As soon as he uttered that statement, I immediately started smiling because the 1953 coup in Iran came to mind. In any event, what did he say about Turkey and Saudi Arabia getting involved in terrorist activities? “Well, we cannot go to war with Saudi Arabia right now.” “So, you are you going to recant from saying that we ought to fight terrorism?”

There was no answer because his weltanschauung wasn’t formed on the basis of practical reason. His so-called war on terror was dug in an ideological system which does violence to the political order and ultimately the truth.

No one with an ounce of common sense can honestly say that the United States is fighting terrorism. If that were the case, then we would be supporting the Syrian government, which is now fighting against ISIS in Syria. If you don’t think that US officials can really be funny, then listen to this:

“Bucking current US policy, dozens of State Department officials have reportedly signed an internal document calling for military action and regime change in Syria, claiming it is the only way to defeat Islamic State and end the war.”[11]

So, the best way to stop ISIS is to fight against ISIS’ enemies! If that is not really dumb—and quite frankly diabolical—then I don’t know what is. Why wonder why Roosevelt didn’t apply that principle in the 1940s. Why didn’t he attack Germany’s enemy, the Soviet Union, in order to destroy Germany itself? Why didn’t Bush attack Saddam Hussein’s enemies instead of invading the entire country and destroying it? Does that make sense at all? Can you help us here, Mark Dankof?

Vladimir Putin to Erdogan: You ain’t worth my time anymore

Alexander Solzhenitsyn with Vladimir Putin

Dankof: That Erdogan is overtly working with ISIS in Syria and on behalf of the United States/NATO nexus, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and GCC states is not in doubt.

A few of the salient facts include: 1) the involvement of his intelligence service in the assassination of Press TV reporter Serena Shim in October of 2014 on the Turkish/Syrian border, within days of representatives of his government issuing direct overt threats to Ms. Shim;[12] 2) the demonstrable role of the Turkish oil firm BMZ, Ltd., with direct links to Mr. Erdogan and his son, Bilal, in allowing ongoing two way tanker traffic into and out of Turkey from ISIS controlled territory in Syria, bringing millions of oil profits to the Erdogans and their cronies; 3) the direct involvement of Mr. Erdogan’s daughter,  Sümeyye, in managing a Turkish medical operation on the Turkish side of the Turkey-Syrian border attending to ISIS wounded subsequently reintroduced into the fighting in Syria; and 4) the criminal actions of Erdogan in sanctioning the shoot down of a Russian aircraft in Syria involved in anti-ISIS operations. These are only the most obvious instances of Erdogan’s overt pro-ISIS, anti-Putin, anti-Assad operations in alliance with the aforementioned players.

Putin was too smart for Erdogan. He avoided the trap the Turkish prime minister had set for others interested in drawing the Russians into something in Syria designed by the United States/NATO/Israel/Saudi agenda in that country.

Putin’s economic squeeze on Turkey is now extracting serious blood from the Erdogan regime. At the same time, Mr. Putin’s chess-playing diplomacy and strategic vision conveys a larger truth to Mr. Erdogan and the Bigger Boys working with him inside Syria and against both Russia and Iran. Mr. Putin will choose the time, the place, and the methods for engaging Russia’s enemies on terms which favor Mr. Putin and his country.

And just as Erdogan rues the day he crossed Mr. Putin, so will all of the Neo-Conservative, Zionist, and NWO Globalists trying to provoke the Russian President now. That is my take on the tragic endgame unfolding to the ultimate destruction of these players and those who mistakenly follow their lead.

Alexis: Your assessment is right in line with what Alexander Solzhenitsyn said about Putin.[13] Peter Eltsov of National Defense University says that Putin’s “favorite guru” was none other than Solzhenitsyn.[14] Solzhenitsyn said of Putin:

“Putin inherited a ransacked and bewildered country, with a poor and demoralized people. And he started to do what was possible — a slow and gradual restoration. These efforts were not noticed, nor appreciated, immediately. In any case, one is hard pressed to find examples in history when steps by one country to restore its strength were met favorably by other governments.”[15]

Putin returned the favor by saying:

“We are proud that Alexander Solzhenitsyn was our compatriot and contemporary. We will remember him as a strong, courageous person with a great sense of dignity. His activities as a writer and public figure, his entire long, thorny life journey will remain for us a model of true devotion, selfless service to the people, motherland and the ideals of freedom, justice and humaneness.”[16]

The International Business Times admitted in 2014:

“In October 2010, after it was announced that Solzhenitsyn’s works would become required reading for all Russian high school students, Putin described ‘The Gulag Archipelago’ as ‘essential reading’: ‘Without the knowledge of that book, we would lack a full understanding of our country and it would be difficult for us to think about the future.’

“Although one might justifiably lament the usurpation of the rights of parents by central government in the setting of a common core for education, whether such usurpation takes place in Russia or the United States, it must be said that the inclusion of a moral and literary giant such as Solzhenitsyn in Russia’s common core serves to highlight the relative trash and trivia included in the common core in the USA.

“At least Russia’s common core offers real meat and gravitas, whereas American kids are being fed a thin gruel of nutrient-free nonsense. The former is health food for the mind and soul, full of nourishing traditions; the latter is fast food and junk food for the soulless and the mindless. In June 2007, Putin signed a decree honoring Solzhenitsyn (who died in 2008) ‘for exemplary achievements in the area of humanitarian activities.’”[17]

Dankof and I agree with that assessment. In fact, nearly all Western leaders have rightly praised Solzhenitsyn as a courageous and thoughtful individual and a brilliant thinker and writer. But the same Western leaders turn around and lambast Putin and call him a Hitler, which is really weird. But we are not surprised at all, since weirdness has become the nuts and bolts of the New World Order. In any event, Jim W. Dean was correct when he said that:

“Putin continues to slay Western propaganda and leadership reputations almost every time he gives a talk.”

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  • Same shit coming from the same corrupt family. Putin is to smart to fall victim to the same Shemites who murdered the Royal family of the good Christian-Russian people.

    • Omar

      This isnt the right way to see things.

      Muslims and Christians have a common enemy, the Zionist Jewish entity called Israel. Comparing Islam to Judaism is what the tribe wants, a war between Muslims and Christians so they kill two birds with one stone.

      ISIS and similar groups are nothing but Mossad and CIA agents, most of their victims are Muslims.

      • dutchnational

        I am a christian and Israel is not an enemy of me and mine.

        On the other hand, Islam is.

        Most westerners think like me on this subject.

    • Who am I_4

      shut ur garbage, TROLL.
      I Have seen u around Mr. Racist.
      I would love to pummel ur non existing brains, NEO lover…
      Comparing Saudi royals with islam or Zionists with true Judaic people.. huh !

  • wimroffel

    Let’s not exaggerate Turkey’s economic problems. They still expect their economy to grow 3% this year.

    • dutchnational

      In local valuta after inflation of say some 8percent.

      This means a crimp of 5% in real money.

      • wimroffel

        inflation is never included in economic growth figures.

        • dutchnational

          Right. So the growth will be different in international valuta. A country with a runaway inflation could claim, in local valuta, to be the fastest growing economy in the world while crashing in purchasing power.

  • Omar

    Turkey and Russia should see a common goal : stopping this stupid idea of a Kurdish state in Syria. This could bring Turkey, Iran, Syria and Russia together while distancing Turkey from the EU and NATO.

    Putin is a smart man, but he will see this as an opportunity, I think Erdogan will do the same.

    • chris chuba

      We don’t even know what the Syrian Kurds really want. The one who have cooler heads may very well be satisfied with some form of federalization within Syria like the U.S. has with its states. There is a lot of advantage for the Kurds to remain part of Syria, collective tax revenues, collective defense, access to ports. There may be some die hards who want full fledged independence but I am not certain that they are in the majority.

      • Omar

        Of course, I am not blaming the Kurds in Syria (who are Syrians and part of the Syrian Arab Republic) – just the idiots fighting with the American soldiers. All these divisions in the Arab people are a creation of Western powers to divide them – like they did in Lebanon during the Civil War.

        The best option for all Syrians is to be united under President Bashar, regardless of these alien Western divisions. Syria should remain an Arab country and a Socialist and secular one.

        • MIch

          Kurdish people should be the ones who decides for themsleves not you guys here! At the end if the day Kurds were the ones who have been murfered, gassed and beheaded by isis, saddam hussein irnainan and Turks! Ni one has a rigjt to tell them what to do sinxe they havent been supported against any of those barbarism until collapse of safdam in iraq and otehr 3 parts of kurdistan until now..arabs have 22 countries so Kurds have the same right to do.. let not forget arabs have always watched and never protected their non Arab neighbour kurds while slaughtered by their propel..

  • chris chuba

    Europeans would have to be insane to tour Turkey in the present day climate. While the MSM reports of ISIS attacks in Turkey, look who actually gets hit in Turkey by ISIS, 1. German tourists, 2. Kurdish protesters, 3. Israeli tourists.

    It is obvious that while ISIS wants to punish Turkey for their partial cooperation with the U.S. that ISIS is also treating the Turks with kid gloves. Any future terrorist attacks in Turkey will likely follow the same pattern. If I was a Russian, I would not want to be in Turkey. It just does not make any sense.

  • falcemartello

    Voltaire Net has been reporting it well before