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Vladimir Putin Interview To FOX News After Meeting With Donald Trump

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An interview of Russian President Vladimir Putin to FOX News after a meeting with US President Donald Trump on July 16.

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This interview with President Putin put the partisan Fox News talking shit head in his place :)

All MSM Western corporate ‘news’ outlets attempt to ‘move swiftly on’ when the answers to their biased questions do not accord with their neo-liberal fantasies.


I enjoyed watching Mr. Putin knock a couple of layers of stupid off of him. :-)


Would loved to have seen Wallace’s face when President Putin gave some of those ‘inconvenient truths’…’deer in the headlights’ kind of moments.


Yes I agree.
We seem to be on the same wavelength :)


One of the most outstanding things about Mr. Putin is his patience and unflappability. Wallace and his agenda is easily seen for what it is. This is the same for all of US media. They are nothing but media hit-men. Where is this tactic when discussing (if ever) Seth Richs’ murder, Muellers lies, DNC shenanigans and any other topic that should be important to US citizens? Oh, that’s right , these are off the board for serious discussion or investigation. Only propaganda induced subjects, littered with innuendo and outright lies is fair game. Wallace’s main objective was to introduce subjects, interrupt answers to those questions in attempts to ruin Mr. Putins train of thought and to upset him into making mistakes, which Wallace would then try to capitalize on. This did not happen. Mr. Putin is not a weak-minded individual with much to hide, as are US politicians. It was very noticeable and apparent that when Mr. Putin answered questions that got too close to home, so to speak, he was immediately interrupted by Wallace who attempted to divert the conversation. Every so-called western reporter has done the same thing when interviewing President Putin…they are rude, constantly interrupting when the answers or topics turn toward revelations that the MSM would never on their own breach, much less actually discus. The answer about civilian deaths and Mr. Putin’s inclusion about Raqqah is a very good example. Wallace immediately interrupted and tried to change the subject, but Mr. Putin prevented that to make his point… then Wallace changed the subject immediately. I think that we will see less and less of President Putin interviews from western media. Sooner or later they will realize they are dealing with a person that has a brain and chooses to use it. Every time they interview him, he lets more cats out of the bag that US citizens either know nothing about or have been lied to about. Regardless, these interviews are bad for the MSM and their objectives and good for the people, all of them, save politicians who fear the light. In the end, all they will accomplish is creating envy among Americans towards Russia…for they have a real leader, not a compromised criminal with dark secrets who is controlled by Zionist infiltrators.

pappa gone

you centred the issue. all the world is controlled by assassins, criminals, mafious and evil people, specially from jews race and their ideologies

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