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Vive La Démocratie: France Bans Pro-Palestinian Protests

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Vive La Démocratie: France Bans Pro-Palestinian Protests

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On May 13th, France imposed a ban on pro-Palestine demonstrations amid the escalating situation in the West Bank.

This is allegedly due to concerns that previous clashes and riots that took place in Paris over half a decade ago could happen again.

“Serious disturbances to public order were noted in 2014. Instructions were given to the Prefects to be particularly vigilant and firm,” Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said on Twitter, noting that he had directed Paris police to ban the demonstrations planned on May 8th against Israel’s conduct in Mount Temple.

Elsa Faucillon, a communist party senator who has been at the forefront of condemning the French government’s silence to Israeli attacks against Palestinians, called the justification for the move bizarre.

“Demonstrating is a right that you should be the guarantor of. And in this case, given the silence of our country on the reasons for the attacks, it even seems a duty to me,” she said.

Darmanin’s statement came in the wake of a last minute cancellation of a national rally organized by the France Palestine Solidarity Association (AFPS) on May 12th.

In a statement, the AFPS said demonstrators gathered outside the Invalides metro station in Paris had also been fined.

“These facts are totally unacceptable and show that this power is trying by all means to prevent our voices of solidarity with the Palestinian people.”

The group demanded the government “put an end to these repeated and scandalous attacks on freedom of expression and demonstration.” It has since vowed to hold gatherings across various cities and towns in France in the coming days to pressure France to act to “protect Palestinians in Jerusalem.”

More than 60 French MPs wrote to President Emmanuel Macron to initiate large-scale diplomatic action to reiterate to Israeli authorities Palestinians’ right to live in East Jerusalem, the letter said. France, along with Germany, Egypt and Jordan, is pushing Israel and Palestine to resume dialogue to de-escalate the ongoing deadly conflict, Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian announced in the Senate.

As such, the country famous for its democracy and protests has quickly turned to denying those fundamental rights.


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Franc complice if aprtheid state


Mister Macron is more dangerous than covid19

Trap Is Not Gay

The countries controlled by Jews:

1) USA

2) France

3) Germany

4) Britain

In other words, the “democracies” full of blacks.

Porc Halal

There are pletora of so called states which they are controlled by international jew elite. The ones you mentioned are just the big fishes…


There are many other countries controlled by them. Russia and China are friendly, rather than hostile toward jews and Israel.


Most if not the whole world is currently under their control; whether directly or indirectly, physically or metaphysically. Anywhere from centuries to 2,000-3,000 years of spiritual and cultural subversion.

Johnny Wu

From the actions of the france government, the government itself shows to all people in france and around the world, that it is nothing but a zionist resp. anti-french marionette government, totally enslaved to its zionist masters. That is why they forbid pro-palestinian demos immidiately. True muslims and christians will never accept these criminal restrictions. Because we fear only God, and nobody else!

Now the muslims and the christians in europe need to decide. Do they want to be ruled, enslaved and exterminated even further by mosaic zionist criminals, who infiltrated and took over all the governments, large corporations, banks, universities and media in europe, or will they do what is needed, put aside all differences, unite in this battle and fight side by side against this most evil satanic enemy of mankind – the satanic zionist beast, that – in our days – now attacks and terrorizes every god-fearing human on earth, eighter by its various institutionalized henchmen and corporate military proxies, or by injecting lethal M-RNA-ratpoison into the bodies of millions of people including children.

A soulless zionist beast, which does all this while its zionist worldwide medias are spreading dispictable lies about everything 24 hours a day. Spits out restrictions, satanic rules as well as endless perversities and disgusting godhating dirt.

It is time for upright muslims and christians in europe, to unite against this core evil of the so-called “modern world”, which is the enemy of God and whole mankind – the mosaic globalist Zionist beast ! Only if muslims and christians fight side by side and tear and burn down all zionist desinformation temples resp. the media channels and towers and 5G antennas etc. only then the zionist regime will end. One needs to first break the brainwashing-machine of the zionists, break the hypnosis, and with it you will break the backbone of the Zionist beast !

concrete mike

To trap.is not gay

Black people are not scapegoats you racist prick.

A frenchman is a frenchman regardless.of.color


“A frenchman is a frenchman regardless.of.color”

Another subversive Marxist lie that everyone is a shapeless cog with no inherent identity.

They are generally more violent, considerably more ignorant and less intellectually capable on average. This is plain for anyone to see, isolated exceptions are extremely rare and usually politically motivated attempts meant to distort perceptions of reality.

twitter. com/wayotworld/status/1380586379160252420

This doesn’t change the fact that blacks possess a verifiably smaller cranial index:

imgur. com/a/ssqEmBd

thuletide. wordpress. com/debunking-race-denialism/ thuletide. wordpress. com/2020/08/01/racial-crime-statistics-lots-of-infographics/

Communists first used the term to denigrate Slavophiles, jews pretend to promote “human rights” only to advance jewish interests by harming the collective identity of White peoples so they can be slowly deconstructed in a carefully calculated plan of rendering the White race extinct through defamation, miscegenation, sterilization, contraception, murder and endless war.

They want to destroy all racial identities, except the jew’s own identity in favour of a highly compliant, somewhat competent population to function as the jew’s perpetual slaves. The jews want to become the new “Brahmins”, a ruling class of priestly demigods which demand they be worshipped and obeyed without question. Their rabbis are by no means enlightened priests, they are dark wizards that utilize black “magic” to con the unsuspecting “goyim” with their silver tongues and stolen coins.

In Search of a High IQ African Population – Do Sub-Saharan Africans Really Have an IQ of Only 70?

archive. org/details/youtube-RxAhwYoZQKU

The Origin of Races by Carleton S. Coon: archive.org/details/B-001-001-289

ostarapublications. com/?s=Gustave+Le+Bon&post_type=product ostarapublications. com/product/the-races-of-man/ ostarapublications. com/product/iq-and-race-the-complete-overview/

Leon Trotsky (real name Lev Davidovich Bronstein) was the first to invert the term ‘racist’ in 1927, giving it a sinister connotation.

The Psychology of Peoples: Its Influence on their evolution | Gustave Le Bon :

bitchute. com/video/zFqZH3XFZpOA/


The notion that being French is no more than a passport has only been around for 60-70s years, all of history before then states otherwise.

Trap Is Not Gay

@concrete mike France turned into Africa. The first African country outside Africa.


More Arabic I think.


Fog of War

Why did Putin not prevent this? Proof he’s a zionist shill.


-mike. Africans are not frenchmen you commie cunt

jens holm

Everyone in Danmark is danish including turks, kurds, albanians, muslims, africans, asians, goats and tomatos. Even Swedes they are also danish. and of course Jews we love them very much. Wee are open people and wee open our hands and legs to everyone:) As wee say: you can milk the goat but you can’t milk tomatos.

Zion Ion

@jens Are russians and conservatives danish too?


Vive la france! Very good bc that’ll be or decay into some Muslim affair an they could get lost with their judaism 2.0 islam

jens holm

Zion wee accept Russianz only if they love Nato-Navalny and hate Russia. conservative Danes are in prison until they are reeducated and start to think properly like mee. Then they change their names to Jens Holm and they change their gender. I waz one of them until I realized how wrong I waz when they cut off my testicles and half of my brain. Democracy it is. Now only happy thoughts.I love Israel. I love USA. I love NATO. See, I am very free now. Free like a tomato. Not like goat. French must be free like us. US.


France knows that these “demos” are excuses to riot and loot. Has nothing to do with exercise of free speech. And everyone here knows it too.

Tommy Jensen

Palestine’s eternal rebuilding has lasted 75 years by now. Enough is enough!

With my democratic voice I urge Israel and Palestine to enter into a dialogue with each other and talk it over! At the same time I recommend France to ban any public manifestations and posters for peace as a national security for global freedom. There can be no peace without war and there can be no war without peace. Stop the frog eating, listen and think!!


I highly doubt Israel will do that without being forced to at the barrel of a gun.

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