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Virginia Task Force Drops Gang Database After Complaints It Has Too Many Minorities In It

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Virginia Task Force Drops Gang Database After Complaints It Has Too Many Minorities In It


A tolerant country needs tolerant databases

The Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task Force would stop using the GangNet database that catalogs thousands of gang members and gang-affiliated persons in the DC Metropolitan area over complaints that the database includes a ‘disproportionate number of minorities’.

According to the Washington Post, it will be the first law enforcement entity in the area that would stop using GangNet.

The database is widely used by more than 120 law enforcement agencies in the greater Washington, DC area that includes densely populated counties in both Maryland and Virginia. GangNet had been in use for about 10 years and has about 7,800 gang members in its database.

The database is used for intelligence purposes and can’t be used for the basis of probable cause to arrest someone. Nonetheless, collecting the data about any crimes that may involve the ‘disproportional number of minorities’ appeared to be too much for the new neo-liberal era in the US. It may soon appear that the entire concept of the ‘ethnic crime’ can appear to be banned in the US because it is not enough tolerant.


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Guy Metdrapedes

Anti-corruption task force drops ?database after complaints it has too many ? in it.

Fog of War

No, not in this case. I guarantee you they wouldn’t dare put any of the ” chosen ” on there. As a side note, the US is circling the drain at an ever faster rate. Pure insanity.

Assad must stay

Its definitely a failed lost cause, and well on the way to being a violent racist shithole only made worse by trumpenstein. It will probably eventually dissolve in a similar manner as the USSR did

Fog of War

You must have never been in the US because if by ” violent racists ” you mean the non-white population then you would be correct. The White population there is already a minority, if you ads up all the none white groups, and you wouldn’t believe the ” mine fields ” whites have to navigate now not to lose their jobs, get assaulted, raped or killed. Check out US crime statistics broken down by race then you’ll understand. I wouldn’t wish these ” peaceful, calm, well educated, non-violent ” groups on your nation nor any other.

Assad must stay

haha the white population isnt entirely innocent either

Harry Smith

Nobody says whites are angels. But if you will look at crimes statistics, you can observe that non whites have share in crimes bigger than non whites share in all USA population. Saying white I mean Europeans and not Caucasians.
Anyway, last racial research in USA proclaimed Slavs as color people. Being ethnic Russian, so partially Slav, I don’t know how to react on this. Saying Slavs are colored makes me laugh, but considering that colored people got power in the USA this makes Slavs privileged group. So maybe I should stop laughing and start to consider all the opportunities, shouldn’t I? ROFL.

Harry Smith

In USSR, population had no such big quantities of civil guns. In case of USA it will be a disaster. Lack of food in big coastal cities and hostility of fly-over states population will lead to a catastrophe much more disastrous than USSR deconstruction.

Assad must stay

Its the ghost of the ussr striking back from beyond the grave lol

Harry Smith

It all was planned in the end of 20th century. Like Soros “Crises of world capitalismL or Schvabe “The Great Reset”.


Trump merely exposed the cracks that are already present.

Take this GME run that threatens the stability of the US financial markets. The system was built for elites to skim off the real economy in a vampire like fashion. Stable markets, to them, meant the skim continues. Now reform might happen because the normies found out we can use their tools against them when they try to crash a company.

Assad must stay

Yes i love it how they did that!!!!!


Mexic will decide they want to build a bigger wall.


US is indeed a promised land (for non white criminals).

Assad must stay

Hahahahaha what the fuck


Reality is often disappointing for those who refuse to live in it. They just decided to live in an imaginary reality instead.

John Wallace

Next Police will be unable to question anyone regarding a crime because it would be unfairly targeting them. Is this shit done by design to totally turn the US into an ungovernable cesspit by the untouchable super rich.

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